[PDF] The Ransom | by ç MaryLu Tyndall, The Ransom, MaryLu Tyndall, The Ransom Family and fortune betrayed her Would fate do the same Port Royal Jamaica Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton To make matters worse with an ailing father and a drunken fool for a brother she is forced to take over the running of the family business in order to survive When a meddlesome suitor threatens to diFamily and fortun [PDF] The Ransom | by ç MaryLu Tyndall - The Ransom, The Ransom Family and fortune betrayed her Would fate do the same Port Royal Jamaica Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton To make matters worse with a

  • Title: The Ransom
  • Author: MaryLu Tyndall
  • ISBN: 9780991092123
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Ransom | by ç MaryLu Tyndall [PDF] The Ransom | by ç MaryLu Tyndall - The Ransom, The Ransom Family and fortune betrayed her Would fate do the same Port Royal Jamaica Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton To make matters worse with a

  • [PDF] The Ransom | by ç MaryLu Tyndall
    393 MaryLu Tyndall
The Ransom

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  1. The Ransom was beautifully written, delightfully engaging with awe inspiring descriptions Reading it was like going on the adventure of a lifetime If you like Pirates, especially one with a heart of gold and Swashbuckling Romance then this book is for you I will be back later to give a in depth review.

  2. Instead of reading The Ransom, I decided to listen to this entertaining novel on audio book The narrator did such a nice job with the reading of this story She used different voices for the various characters and I thoroughly enjoyed imagining the different people who were speaking.This was such a fun story I loved getting to know Juliana, the Pirate Earl, Rowan, Lord Munthrope, and the devious Captain Nichols Wow This book is just packed with interesting people, worrisome situations, lightheart [...]

  3. MaryLu Tyndall s books are fascinating Her stories are unique and well written They re the kind that keep you riveted to the edge of your seat And once again, she has written a tale that is filled with high adventure, intrigue, danger, and of course romance The Ransom , which is the fourth book in her Legacy of the King s Pirates series, takes us on a faraway journey to the city of Port Royal, Jamaica, where one minute you re mingling with high society and the next, you re experiencing the world [...]

  4. The Ransom was a highly entertaining read Pure MaryLu Tyndall at her best with a dashing rogue gentleman pirate with a huge spiritual arc Julianna is a gentle soul but with lots of spirit she s trying to take care of everyone, including her sick father, her wastrel brother, and orphans at a nearby orphanage, and she s running the family business to keep them afloat Lord Muntrope, a dandy who is ridiculous, and the Pirate Earl both offer her differing degrees of support I won t spoil what they ha [...]

  5. A pirate for a guardian angel, the town laughing stock for a fiance and an obsessive naval officer for a rivall have woven themselves into Juliana Dutton s life, and as far as she is concerned, all are unwelcome Step into Port Royal, Jamaica 1692, and experience the extremes of two worlds as one woman faces both with unspeakable courage Juliana must keep up appearances in the glamor of society to save her family, yet, her compassion and a promise she made to her dying mother keeps her reaching o [...]

  6. The Ransom Legacy Of The King s Pirates book four By MaryLu TyndallWow, this is one AWESOME book you will want to put at the top of your list to read It grabs you from the start and don t let go till the last words, then you are saying, I want I have read several of MaryLu s books and I can say that she has out did herself on The Ransom I loved it and I think it is her best one yet, and she has herself a winner The Ransom is book four in the series, but you can read it as a stand alone and not [...]

  7. I m thirsty for You have got to read this book It will catch you from page one and keep you captive until the very end Oh, why did it have to end I truly believe that this is MaryLu at her finest I am so happy that she has once again dipped her quill into the ink of adventure upon the high seas, romance and let s not forget about the pirates The Ransom is Book Four in a series, but no worries if you haven t read the first three This book can totally stand on it s own However, I highly recommend [...]

  8. Dare to take a heart stopping, breathtaking, and hair raising journey with The Ransom to a time and place where fierce and merciless pirates ruled the seas, capturing and plundering merchant ships, and spending their ill gotten gains on women and spirits after anchoring their sailing vessels in the harbor.Ruthless, scurrilous pirates and other depraved miscreants infest the town of Port Royal in Jamaica, causing it to go down in history as one of the most nefarious cities in Jamaica in the late [...]

  9. Even though I have not had the pleasure of reading the previous pirate themed novels in this series, I was than eager to review this fourth installment as I had already thoroughly enjoyed some of MaryLu Tyndall s other works And I was so pleased that I could jump right into the story line and not be confused as this is book number four Definitely easily read as a stand alone, I am looking forward to reading the previous novels, too There are some mentions here and there that would refer to thos [...]

  10. Re reading July 2015 and enjoying all over again For some reason, I m not enjoying this book as much as I did the first time Still a great story, but not grabbing my attention like I thought it would.Wow, this book had my FULL attention from the first page This is definitely a MUST READ for 2014 and a definite treasure for my bookshelves I didn t consider this book to be a page turner and I took my time reading it as the story was so utterly enjoyable for me Juliana is an amazing woman, but she [...]

  11. Shiver Me Timbers With quill in hand, MaryLu Tyndall has crafted a swashbuckling, seafaring adventure set in the wicked city of Port Royal, Jamaica, where nefarious villains and pirates roam the streets and where an unescorted lady dare not Juliana Dutton is the daughter of one of the wealthiest shipping merchants in Port Royal With a drunken gambler of a brother and an ailing father, Juliana must keep the business afloat single handedly all while trying to help a fallen friend, and work at the [...]

  12. I was so thrilled to learn that MaryLu Tyndall was writing a sequel for the Legacy of the King s Pirates series the trilogy that introduced me to her work and made me fall in love with her writing The Ransom is a great sequel to the series, as Tyndall never fails to pen engaging stories full of adventure and heart.At the beginning, I confess I was a little put off by the dialogue I m not sure it s all that different from her first books, but for some reason it hit me the wrong way this time, lik [...]

  13. Secrets And surprises.Those two words sum up everything I love about MaryLu Tyndall s new release, The Ransom, the fourth in her Legacy of the King s Pirates series Disclaimer I was given a free e copy of the book by the author in exchange for my review Set in the Caribbean Port Royal, Jamaica in the late 17th Century, The Ransom is a story of identities and the roles we play to survive in whatever society we find ourselves in After the death of her mother, Juliana Dutton is left to run her fami [...]

  14. A profound tale of a young woman striving to survive, abandoned orphans, earthquakes, and a preacher turned pirate I found myself captivated by Marylu Tyndall s new book, The Ransom and went on an adventure not to be forgotten.The adventure of Julianna Dutton, who strives to keep her ill father s business running while her lazy brother gets drunk and gambles away their money She helps some forsaken orphans and a friend who has fallen into despair and wonders why God is letting so many bad things [...]

  15. Review on review R35UKBF4Review on my blog to be posted 3 11 christianbookshelfreviewsMaryLu Tyndall knows how to write great pirate novels I haven t read the first three books in her Legacy of the King s Pirates series, but I still greatly enjoyed The Ransom I loved how the main character, Alex, had two personas one the acclaimed Pirate Earl , the other gentlemanly Lord Munthrope This resulted in some humorous scenes, since Juliana didn t know they were the same man.I really enjoyed the story [...]

  16. The Ransom by MaryLu Tyndall e bookThe Ransom is book 4 in the Legacy of the King s Pirates series set in1692 Port Royal, Jamaica.However, it can be read as a stand alone book When Juliana Dutton s father becomes seriously ill and her twin brother is continuously out all hours of the night drinking and gambling, she has no choice but to secretly run her father s shipping business in order to survive In a desperate attempt to keep an unwanted suitor, Captain Nichols, from learning her secret Juli [...]

  17. About ten years ago I discovered the amazing fact of Christian pirate stories through the books of Linda Chaikin I honestly thought that after I had read all of her books that my days of sailing the Spanish Main were over and then I discovered MaryLu Tyndall s Legacy Of The King s Pirates series and once again I was walking the decks and smelling the salt breeze.I have enjoyed each of the MaryLu Tyndall books I have read, and The Ransom was no exception There are great characters, an intriguing [...]

  18. Welcome back to the Caribbean MarLu Tyndall has outdone herself with this signature piece Returning to The Legacy of the King s Pirates series, the characters that propelled her on her writing career, she reminds us of her special touch Port Royal, Jamaica, is a haven for the lost, and Juliana has a heart to try to save them Unfortunately, her heart to help the poor lands her in a heap of trouble While she wasn t surprised at being attacked by pirates, she wasn t expecting being saved by one Spa [...]

  19. The Idea I looooved the idea In case you don t know, this book is related to MaryLu s Legacy of the King s of the King s Pirates series One of my favorites from her Well, this piece is about Merrick and Charlisse s son, Alex, AKA The Pirate Earl AKA Lord Munthrope I really enjoyed the idea of pirate Alex leading a double life as the most feared pirate in the area and fluffy, nonsensical, colorful Lord Munthrope I also enjoyed the idea of Juliana Dutton being forced to take over her father s busi [...]

  20. MaryLu Tyndall s latest novel begins at The Cat and the Fiddle Tavern in Port Royal, Jamaica, 1692.Juliana Dutton meets the man of her dreams when she puts herself in harms way to help a sick friend The hero rescues her but little did she know he is a professional pirate by night, masquerading as a foppish gentleman by day and he has a past that, once she discovers it, will ruin her.In many ways The Ransom reminded me of The Princess Bride Mistaken identity, witty dialogue, heart stopping danger [...]

  21. After three years of publishing the first three books to the series Legacy of the King s Pirate MaryLu Tyndall writes a fourth outstanding swashbuckling novel to this thrilling series, The Ransom Like her other novels, I had a very hard time putting this novel down This exciting adventure takes place in the year 1692 in the meanest city Port Royal, Jamaica Secretly, Miss Juliana Dutton is trying to keep her father s business afloat while her father is extremely ill and her twin brother does noth [...]

  22. I was reading along, la de da de dah, happy with the story, loving the characters, and then the very last line of the book came along and slapped me upside the head Doggone that MaryLu Tyndall I love to hate her sometimes The cliffhanger on this novel is absolutely killing me I NEED the next book in this series Pronto.Whew Now that we ve got that rant out of the way swipes sweat off of brow with the back of her hand THE RANSOM is a satisfying read with all the pirate arrhs, several sword fights [...]

  23. I am such a fan of MaryLu s so was happy that she wrote another book for us to enjoy The way she writes about pirates makes me like the even than I did before, there is something intriguing about a pirate and then when they do something good makes them even appealing This book was full of a lot of twists that keeps you turning the page to find out what is going to happen next MaryLu did a great job of developing the characters in this book and I don t know if I could pick a favorite one There [...]

  24. Port Royal, Jamaica in 1692 must have been a fascinating place certainly not for the faint of heart Swashbuckling pirates, mortar rounds, sword play and even sword fights grace this wonderful story that is hard to put down Shipping is one of the main businesses of the day since an island requires almost everything to come by sea Now, of course, if you are a pirate, raiding the ships is your livelihood The Pirate Earl appears to have picked up where his reformed parent left off, and has continued [...]

  25. Yet another amazing adventure I adored this book as well I found it thrilling, and hard to put down Miss Tyndall is such an amazing storyteller She weaves together so much feeling and love I have not read a book by her I have not liked

  26. It s no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton to live in a city deemed the wickedest in the world With an ill father and a drunken fool for a brother, Juliana is forced to take over the family business in order to survive Trying to keep the business afloat without letting people know is becoming an increasingly harder task as loyal partners and customers become curious about her father s absence Pressure from all sides threaten to crumble everything around Juliana and she agrees to a spurious engag [...]

  27. Time travel may not exist, but MaryLu Tyndall has come close to accomplishing the impossible in her book The Ransom On page one you will find yourself taking a step into a tavern in Port Royal, 1692, and I guarantee you will be enthralled until the last page Juliana DuttonBetrayed by her father s health and her brother s immaturity, Juliana is forced to try to run the family business in order to pay the bills In a world where women are considered a wall flower, not capable of intelligent thought [...]

  28. MaryLu Tyndall in her new book, The Ransom Book Four in her Legacy of the King s Pirates series published by Ransom Press introduces us to Juliana Dutton.From the back cover Family and fortune betrayed her Would fate do the same Port Royal, Jamaica 1692Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton To make matters worse, with an ailing father and a drunken fool for a brother, she is forced to take over the running of the family business in order to sur [...]

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