[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Bone Tree : by Greg Iles, The Bone Tree, Greg Iles, The Bone Tree New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles continues the electrifying story he began in his smashing New York Times bestseller Natchez Burning with this highly anticipated second volume in an epic trilogy of blood and race family and justice Southern prosecutor Penn Cage is caught in the darkest maelstrom of his life The heartbreaking but seemingly straightforward de New York T [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Bone Tree : by Greg Iles - The Bone Tree, The Bone Tree New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles continues the electrifying story he began in his smashing New York Times bestseller Natchez Burning with this highly anticipated second volume in an epic

  • Title: The Bone Tree
  • Author: Greg Iles
  • ISBN: 9780062311115
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Bone Tree : by Greg Iles [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Bone Tree : by Greg Iles - The Bone Tree, The Bone Tree New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles continues the electrifying story he began in his smashing New York Times bestseller Natchez Burning with this highly anticipated second volume in an epic

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Bone Tree : by Greg Iles
    278 Greg Iles
The Bone Tree

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    Greg Iles was born in Germany in 1960 He grew up in Natchez, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1983 He was active in a band called Frankly Scarlet , but quit after realizing that the touring lifestyle was not conducive with his family life Once no longer busy with the band, he turned his attention to writing.Greg s novels have been translated into various languages and are published in than 20 countries In addition to his popular novels, he wrote the original script for the movie 24 Hours later renamed Trapped.When not writing, Greg spends some of his time playing music He s a member of The Rock Bottom Remainders , which includes other authors Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Stephen King, Scott Turow, Amy Tan, Mitch Albom, Roy Blount, Jr Matt Groening, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, and James McBride.Greg still lives in Natchez, Mississippi, with his wife and two children.

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  1. The Bone Tree by Greg Iles is a 2015 William Morrow Publication For two years, this book has languished in my TBR pile I have started reading it on three different occasions, and abandoned it all three times, for many reasons the main one being that these books are usually pretty dense, and I don t mean that in a bad way It just not the type of book you can read on autopilot, and since the book is so long, I decided to wait until I could give it the attention it deserves However, now that the la [...]

  2. This is the first time I m reviewing any book in I liked the first Penn Cage book I read so continued with the series I thought Natchez Burning was too long and had no idea it was part one of a trilogy til I was done and the story was left unresolved I wasn t thrilled with it but decided to continue because I was interested to see how the story would end As I read The Bone Tree, I felt completely manipulated by the author forced to read an overwrought story just to try to get some resolution The [...]

  3. The Bone TreeYou will never find a better writer than Greg Iles and this series proves it This is the second book in the series that started with Natchez Burning and it is spell binding I have never read anyone that can write about the South in the 1960 s the way Iles can The only thing I hate is having to wait for the third book to come out.

  4. Loved Natchez Burning But Disappointed In The Bone Tree I ve been a big fan of Greg Iles since his first book, Spandau Phoenix, which was published over 20 years ago One of my favorite of Iles books is Natchez Burning, which is the massive sized first installment of a trilogy In my 5 star review of Natchez Burning I considered it to be a mostly captivating, richly entertaining, highly memorable book and viewed it to be his most ambitious novel to date in that it not only delivers the suspense, a [...]

  5. It takes immeasurable talent to follow up a massive page turner the first of a planned trilogy with another massive page turner that picks up immediately where the first left off and doesn t let you go until eight hundred pages later It s exhausting to read, so I can t begin to imagine what went into writing it And I mean exhausting in the best possible way.Greg Iles could have just made this book, this trilogy, about the deep seeded evil racism in the Southern town of Natchez Mississippi How ea [...]

  6. Top 30 Books of 2015 Best Modern Southern Trilogy Southern storyteller, Greg Iles continues the powerful and compelling saga of Penn Cage, deliveringTHE BONE TREE,a hard boiled explosive multi layered follow up after sensationalNatchez Burningwhich landed on myTOP 30 BOOKS OF 2014Again, Greg does not disappoint his fans, with this complex and emotional conspiracy of greed, power, politics, civil rights, and racial injustice spanning across history and generations Let me start by saying,the lengt [...]

  7. 3.5 stars round up to 4The fifth book starring former prosecuter Mayor Penn Cage is awell written, enthralling Southern drama that continues the intensity of its predecessor, Natchez Burning Penn is still fighting to rescue his fugitive father from an eager FBI agent with Kennedy assassination theories and his fiancee Caitlin is trying to break the journalist story of the year A lot has happened in this series and new readers might find it confusing there are tons of characters if they haven t r [...]

  8. A stellar follow up to Natchez Burning One of the best middle installments of a trilogy I have ever come across The heart of these books is family not just one family several And the deceit and lies they tell and the lengths they will go to love and protect their own The Cage family one that has been prominent in several books written by the masterful Greg Iles , is revered by most in Natchez even when their choices are not understood while the Knox family incites fear in women and men alike Goo [...]

  9. After finishing Natchez Burning, I needed to take a bit of a break from this series These books are long I mean, really long This one is over 800 pages Sometimes this can be an asset I loved the first book The length made it feel like an immersive experience and I got lost in the grand narrative of the characters The detail made it seem like history than fiction, especially as the plot was hung on significant events in America of the 1950s 60s For the most part, the story remained focused and r [...]

  10. TRIGGER WARNINGS Hate crimes, racism, rape, racial slurs, child abuse.If your book is over 400 pages, every bloody page should deserve to be there.Greg Iles s The Bone Tree is just over 800 pages Australian trade paperback edition And I m sorry to report that an entire plotline didn t work for me at all This is awkward because the interesting bits are awesome, but an entire plotline bored me so much that my attention was near nil.The bothersome for me subplot involves political figures from the [...]

  11. 1.5 stars rounded up It was, in parts, okay.First and foremost, thank FUCK that is over I started reading this on April 23 and I am just now, today, June 5, finished reading it Considering I finished the other books in ten days or less, I gotta say my pace here is telling This book is a padded mess of inconsequential bullshit, and I would be the worst kind of fanboy if I ignored the hundreds of pages of filler here and five starred this train wreck of a novel But I think the WHY of the matter is [...]

  12. What a great story Would have given than 5 stars if possible Greg Isles is a masterful writer of suspense and mystery Penn Cage is the Mayor of Natchez, Mississipi He s caught up in a fight for his life as well as his father s He and his fianc e barely make it out alive from s burning mansion just before a multimillionaire is about to kill them Before they think they re fate is sealed, the millionaire tells them a story About how a local group named the Double Eagles were the centerpiece for th [...]

  13. Somewhere in this sprawling, rambling mess is a good book Unfortunately, I couldn t find it amongst the contrived angst and melodramatic dialog Too long, too repetitive, as was the first in this trilogy Never been a fan of conspiracy theory books and this one takes one the nth degree As for the ending, way too contrived and ridiculous, somewhat anticlimactic.

  14. Never let it be said that if I read a first book by an author and I love it that I ll give up trying to find something just as good by that the same author Greg Iles is the best example of this tendency in me I read BLOOD MEMORY by him a few years ago and just loved it It should not have worked but it does work so very well I truly love that novel and would place it within the top half of my 100 favorite novels of all time Yet since reading BLOOD MEMORY, I ve flown through Iles backlist while aw [...]

  15. I ll start with full disclosure I am a Greg Iles fan I have read or listened to most of his books I m slowing going back and reading or listening to the ones I have not consumed All of his books are page turners , intelligently written and have interesting storylines Sometimes he gets a little over dramatic or his star character survives situations or timelines that would kill a mere mortal As with prolific writers, some books are much better than others I also tend to read him in the summer bec [...]

  16. Once again I feel completely worn out after finishing a Penn Cage book Not only because I was stayed up way past my bedtime to do so but also because this book just takes it out of you There is plenty of action, although not as much as in Natchez Burning What this one does is sucker punch you Right in the gut This overall story is actually being told over the course of 3 books The first two have been 800 pages each and I have not been bored once That should tell you something about what a great [...]

  17. Wow I can t wait for the last of this trilogy I thought Nachetz Burning was good and I wondered if this one would measure up, I wasn t disappointed It was a long book and I found it slow in some places and my heart pounding in others, not being able to read fast enough Greg Iles is a new author for me, I enjoy his writing and the fact that he was raised in Mississippi I m an Alabamian and enjoy reading books set in the South Great job Mr Isles

  18. The past isn t dead It isn t even past William FaulknerAt the heart of Greg Iles Bone Tree lies a mythic old growth cypress tree, deep in the swamps of Mississippi Those who believe in its existence are mostly African Americans who have heard stories of atrocities perpetrated there in the 1960s by the vicious KKK offshoot called the Double Eagles However, Henry Sexton, a local journalist has been quietly researching the Bone Tree and the Double Eagles, and it s as if he s disturbed a nest of kil [...]

  19. Wow This was one of the most intense books I ve ever read.I have come to believe that the United States was founded in atrocity, and that we bear a scar that can never be healed without a full reckoning of the horror of slavery, Jim Crow, the Klan, lynchings, and the tremendous injustices that have been perpetrated on the black community As Faulkner said The past is never dead It isn t even past Corruption has two meanings In the first, it refers to government corruption where the government ope [...]

  20. Attention The Bone Tree is the second book of a trilogy within a series and should not be read if you haven t first read Natchez Burning, the previous book in the Penn Cage series by Greg Iles The Bone Tree begins immediately where Natchez Burning leaves off, with the flames from the last chapter of that book still burning and the sound of approaching sirens heard in the distance.Review 3 starsReaders who have read Natchez Burning will know that Penn and his fianc e, Caitlin Masters, have teamed [...]

  21. So we are getting VERY close now to the finale of the Natchez Burning Trilogy actually containing books 4, 5 and 6 of the Penn Cage series I have been devouring these as they come out although I ve only just realised that I never reviewed this anywhere when I read it last year I simply read it Sometimes that has to be what its about Onto The Bone Tree then and I m not going to say much about it because I m sure some people are yet to start this and I don t want to give TOO much away Suffice to s [...]

  22. Picking up where Natchez Burning ended, Greg Iles tackles one of the great mysteries for the baby boomer generation who really killed JFK and why The novel starts pretty slowly, and lacks the non stop tension and violence of its predecessor However, the racial issues are handled expertly, and there is double dealing and triple dealing as the book progresses The battles between local sheriffs, the Louisiana State Police, and the FBI are top notch The Knox family, led by LSP s Forrest and Double E [...]

  23. I can not wait for book number 3.After re reading the first book again I dove into this one.I enjoyed it very much and all the surprises I SO DID NOT SEE COMING

  24. A chilling and thrilling middle book in the trilogy with a great set up for the finale Some things I didn t see coming happened and for me at least it was unputdownable.

  25. Be prepared to cry and that is the only spoiler in this brief review I have not yet finished the novel and will not pick it up again tonight because I need a brief respite For me one of the signs of a great novel is when the author has made me care so much about his characters that I worry about them and cry when one of them dies.When you pick up of Mr Iles novels you know you are I for a good read and this one is no different Continuing where the previous book ends, Penn will find his life chan [...]

  26. I liked this It was long, but even considering its length, it was a page turner for me I have read a lot of Greg Iles books and have really enjoyed them He creates great characters and adds enough details so that they are clearly seen and understood The story moved along at a great pace It was both gripping and suspenseful Now I will say, it got a little political at times than I like because I tend to mentally check out but it was all wrapped around this conspiracy theory that seemed to keep m [...]

  27. This book was disappointing, maybe it s just me I thought the book was repetitive, meaning it was way too long The Kennedy conspiracy did nothing in my mind to enhance the story I just didn t feel that all the story lines linked together While I believe that Greg Iles has great insight into the southern mentality, he sometimes losses that insight with his story lines I don t think that I ll be reading the last book of this trilogy.This review was originally posted on THE PFAEFFLE JOURNAL

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