Selfies Best Download || [Lavie Tidhar], Selfies, Lavie Tidhar, Selfies Selfies by Lavie Tidhar is a creepy little horror tale about the fate of a young woman who makes the mistake of a lifetime when she buys a new phone in the local mall Selfies Best Download || [Lavie Tidhar] - Selfies, Selfies Selfies by Lavie Tidhar is a creepy little horror tale about the fate of a young woman who makes the mistake of a lifetime when she buys a new phone in the local mall

  • Title: Selfies
  • Author: Lavie Tidhar
  • ISBN: 9781466879881
  • Page: 238
  • Format: ebook

Selfies Best Download || [Lavie Tidhar] Selfies Best Download || [Lavie Tidhar] - Selfies, Selfies Selfies by Lavie Tidhar is a creepy little horror tale about the fate of a young woman who makes the mistake of a lifetime when she buys a new phone in the local mall

  • Selfies Best Download || [Lavie Tidhar]
    238Lavie Tidhar

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  1. Lavie Tidhar

    Lavie Tidhar was raised on a kibbutz in Israel He has travelled extensively since he was a teenager, living in South Africa, the UK, Laos, and the small island nation of Vanuatu.Tidhar began publishing with a poetry collection in Hebrew in 1998, but soon moved to fiction, becoming a prolific author of short stories early in the 21st century.Temporal Spiders, Spatial Webs won the 2003 Clarke Bradbury competition, sponsored by the European Space Agency, while The Night Train 2010 was a Sturgeon Award finalist.Linked story collection HebrewPunk 2007 contains stories of Jewish pulp fantasy.He co wrote dark fantasy novel The Tel Aviv Dossier 2009 with Nir Yaniv The Bookman Histories series, combining literary and historical characters with steampunk elements, includes The Bookman 2010 , Camera Obscura 2011 , and The Great Game 2012.Standalone novel Osama 2011 combines pulp adventure with a sophisticated look at the impact of terrorism It won the 2012 World Fantasy Award, and was a finalist for the Campbell Memorial Award, British Science Fiction Award, and a Kitschie.His latest novels are Martian Sands and The Violent Century.Much of Tidhar s best work is done at novella length, including An Occupation of Angels 2005 , Cloud Permutations 2010 , British Fantasy Award winner Gorel and the Pot Bellied God 2011 , and Jesus the Eightfold Path 2011.Tidhar advocates bringing international SF to a wider audience, and has edited The Apex Book of World SF 2009 and The Apex Book of World SF 2 2012.He is also editor in chief of the World SF Blog , and in 2011 was a finalist for a World Fantasy Award for his work there.He also edited A Dick and Jane Primer for Adults 2008 wrote Michael Marshall Smith The Annotated Bibliography 2004 wrote weird picture book Going to The Moon 2012, with artist Paul McCaffery and scripted one shot comic Adolf Hitler s I Dream of Ants 2012, with artist Neil Struthers.Tidhar lives with his wife in London.

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  1. In the last picture, I m deadis is one of the best covers that these delightful tor shorts have produced so far, but in this case, the artwork is better than the story don t get me wrong, it s not at all bad it s a great idea, but i just thought its execution was a little unfocused i loved the fact that the story was mostly told in shuffled snapshots the descriptions of the selfies one girl took with a spooooky camera forming the shape of the narrative and i thought the demonic compulsion to tak [...]

  2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum In some cultures they believe that every photo takes away a little bit of your soul Yep That bout sums it up.You can read this for free HERE.

  3. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

    In some cultures they believe that every photo takes away a little bit of your soul My father says this all the time as a joke, I think, than anything He, like his daughter, hates having his photo taken This short is strangely written It s jumpy and obscure in a way that could be very awesome but isn t The writing is too choppy for my liking and there is little to no character development If you are trying to spook me, Tidhar, you have to first make me give a shit Two stars because the concept [...]

  4. Something is standing outside under the lamp.I pull back the corner of the curtain and I don t look out but I take a picture.In the picture something with my face is standing outside and it s looking back at me and it s smiling.Wasn t really scary but I like how the author made something unique out of the ordinary.

  5. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestMirrors have always vaguely creeped me out, helped in part by such delightful films as Mirrors and Occulus There s just something about the idea of something stealing and perverting your image into something demonic or evil that s, well, creepy When you think about it, cameras are much the same SELFIES takes that concept and runs with it in a creepy short story about a girl named Ellie who buys a phone from a kiosk in the mall and starts talking lots of selfie [...]

  6. Selfies is a short story on Tor A friend reviewed it on here and I thought it sounded interesting I liked the story though it was a bit disjointed to me since you start at the end then jump to the beginning and work your way to the end again I gave it three stars since there seems to be a bit of an homage to Lovecraft in it Farnsworth the collector struck me as Lovecraftian That s the main reason I gave it a three star instead of a two star rating It s a good story, but not a great story, though [...]

  7. In the picture something with my face is standing outside and it s looking back at me and it s smiling.Weird little story, a quick read but difficult to follow The numbers are out of order days events selfies taken Someone else is after the fun although I don t know who or why There s a lot of questions left at the end of this one.

  8. A strong, experimental short, non linear and effective Yes, this kind of thing has been done before, but this is a fine execution of the premise regardless, premise being that a teenager gets a used camera phone, starts taking selfies, bad things happen Would also make a good J horror esque short film.

  9. This short story marveled me I absolutely loved it It was creepy It was macabre It was tinged in foreboding and insidious intent, everything I love reading in a short horror story.I m not a huge fan of short stories I love writing them, but reading them is completely different for me Usually, short stories lack the luster most novels provide They don t always have character development, sometimes the wording and plotting shudders its way through to the end While this one was not very elaborate i [...]

  10. Selfies was a fun combination of modern day vanity and the old belief that taking a picture of someone captures a part of that person s soul.It wasokay I liked how the story was told in a series of photo descriptions The build up towards the ending is pretty well paced, although the strange break at the beginning where the random kid delivers exposition felt a bit out of place It felt like it would have served better as an epilogue, rather than an opening.My biggest problem was that I really cou [...]

  11. The concept was excellent but the execution left much to be desired This can be said about most short stories it was so great I wanted This one just needed More substance to really bring the fear home Farnsworth was used as a part of the story but he had no substance He came off as just odd The pieces were there but the picture just didn t come into focus.

  12. Another Tor short story God this gave me the creeps It has just the right amount of modern day worries and old mythology, without getting preachy about them young kids and their self chats or whatever.

  13. Listened to the audio version on the Tor podcast and was left underwhelmed The central conceit felt fairly obvious, and the execution wasn t exciting enough to make up for that A couple of creepy images, but that s about it.

  14. 3.5 stars Didn t blow me away, but it was subtly creepy and no I don t ever plan to start taking selfies now.

  15. Some people said that photograph took a little bit of your soul, and what if all of that little pieces of soul get their own living body, with your face The story and concept is creepy by its own, but I believe it still can be explored for Read it twice, but still feels like something missing view spoiler 16th monk s device, supposed there s no camera phone at the time so it s a camera and it shows up again in modern time as a phone camera, oh well, okay hide spoiler

  16. You can read this here, though I m not going to suggest that you actually do it It s not a time waster 10 minutes and you re done So what s my beef It s incomplete I admit I m not the most adept at picking up on subtleties in literature, and often need things explained to me, so perhaps everything I need to know is tucked away in the story, but I was left lost The story is spelled out through descriptions of various photos the narrator took with her phone They don t go in order, which is actuall [...]

  17. I read this twice Tidhar s craft is sophisticated He uses repetition of phrases and images and nonlinear sequencing, building momentum rather than interrupting it, layering in the compelling disturbances rather than simply rearranging them in an attempt to seem avant garde and postmodern I ve been supremely irritated by some of these techniques in other stories I ve read, particularly nonlinear plotting In Selfies, it s a masterclass and a deliciously chilling read.

  18. Originally posted at thebookplank 2014It is only a few weeks back that I read a different but very interesting short story of Lavie Tidhar, Dragonkin I found this story directly to my liking, the synopsis and build up of the story was unique and got me excited by it s less is writing style In the end this story for me had so much going on that I hope to see Lavie Tidhar exploring it even further That aside, now its time for Selfies I think I can now safely say that Lavie Tidhar is an author to [...]

  19. PROS The cover I m not going to lie here, it s pretty cool It s a brilliant concept I think taking something so relevant to today, such as taking selfies, and turning into a horror story is a great idea I think how the concept was written out was what didn t strike me How it s numbered and told by the number of selfies This got confusing later on, but it s still a neat ideaNS I think my main issue with this story is the fact that it s a short story It needs of an explanation You never really kn [...]

  20. A girl buys a phone from a store that isn t there the next time she passes that spot in the mall Each selfie she takes makes her feel cut up inside a modern era demonic camera obscura.A short story from Tor that you can read here tor 2014 09 17 selfies Intriguing I liked the messed up story structure the way it goes forward and back until you reach the point where the spilt occurs and then it goes pretty much straight to the end Clever.I was talking to kid1 as we walked to the mall the other day [...]

  21. A haunted cell phone Or cell phone camera rather Some demonic creature that inhabits the images that camera snaps Or perhaps the people who had their photos taken That is the premise in this at first rather disjointed short story, told as a series of story snippets vignettes related to a series of images taken by our protagonist, Ellie Having bought a cell phone with a camera one practically forced into her hand , she like so many people today, begins to take a series of selfies Only, after a ti [...]

  22. I read this story for free here tor stories 2014 09 seAn interesting take on societies new found obsession with the Selfie and our need to document and broadcast almost every second of our waking lives He said the police could construct her last few months almost moment by moment following the pictures They were mostly selfies But some of them were pretty weird Dan said maybe someone Photoshopped them After a while they didn t even make sense That s pretty vain, though I guess I don t know why b [...]

  23. My ex husband and I used to take monthly drives up the coast to Disneyland, Magic Mountain or some other family friendly destination for a weekend of fun with our little munchkin On Friday nights as we drove to our destination and Sunday nights as we drove back home, I read aloud to my then husband, usually Stephen King novels and short stories, while our little princess slept in the back seat This story felt like one of those suspenseful horrifying King stories we reserved for trip reading.This [...]

  24. I thought the premise of this sounded really stupid which is why I decided to read it In the end the plot was actually really interesting and definitely a little jibe at the youth of today, myself included sometimes.I enjoyed the story and I liked the way it was presented, something a little different to pretty much everything I ve read recently My only problem is that when you segment a story in this way it almost feels like some of the story is dropped and you miss some part of the plot that c [...]

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