Carl's Halloween Best Read || [Alexandra Day], Carl's Halloween, Alexandra Day, Carl s Halloween Mom has to go help Grandma but it s Halloween and Carl and Madeleine don t want to miss out on the fun So after Mom leaves they make their own costumes and go out trick or treating by themselves They even stop in at a party to bob for apples before they return safely to their house content from their Halloween adventure and with Mom none the wiser Carl's Halloween Best Read || [Alexandra Day] - Carl's Halloween, Carl s Halloween Mom has to go help Grandma but it s Halloween and Carl and Madeleine don t want to miss out on the fun So after Mom leaves they make their own costumes and go out trick or treating by themselves Th

  • Title: Carl's Halloween
  • Author: Alexandra Day
  • ISBN: 9780374310820
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover

Carl's Halloween Best Read || [Alexandra Day] Carl's Halloween Best Read || [Alexandra Day] - Carl's Halloween, Carl s Halloween Mom has to go help Grandma but it s Halloween and Carl and Madeleine don t want to miss out on the fun So after Mom leaves they make their own costumes and go out trick or treating by themselves Th

  • Carl's Halloween Best Read || [Alexandra Day]
    109Alexandra Day
Carl's Halloween

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  1. Alexandra Day

    Alexandra Day is the pseudonym for Sandra Louise Woodward Darling She is the author of Good Dog, Carl and the rest of the beloved Carl books, including Carl Goes Shopping, Carl s Christmas, Carl s Birthday and Carl s Snowy Afternoon Darling was born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a large and close knit family Painting was a popular family recreation, and almost every family excursion included one or easels and a variety of sketch pads, chalks, paints, and pencils For four years, the family lived on a hundred acre farm in Kentucky Here young Sandra grew especially fond of riding and training horses, and became a dog owner for the first time Living in the country also provided plenty of time for reading, a life long passion.Sandra illustrated her first book in 1983 The Teddy Bears Picnic, a popular children s song by Jimmy Kennedy That same year, she was visiting Zurich, Switzerland, when she came across a volume of old German picture sheets, one of which featured a poodle playing with a baby who was supposed to be taking a nap This image proved the inspiration for Good Dog, Carl The Darlings own dog, a Rottweiler named Toby, was the model for the book s main character Since then, two other Darling Rottweilers have posed as Carl in the seven sequels the late Arambarri, who was named for one of the Darlings favorite jai alai players and Zabala, who currently moonlights as an Our Best Friend therapy dog, visiting hospitals to cheer patients.About her work Sandra says I think that one of the reasons my illustrations have appealed to people is that they can sense my sincerity I know that marvels exist which are just outside our ordinary experience, but that at any moment we may turn a corner and encounter one of them Children also believe this, and because they and I have this conviction in common, we, as creator and audience, make good partners Sandra lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Haroldcmillan author alexan

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  1. Mom leaves toddler home alone with dog Toddler decides to leave the house, with dog They have adventures and help out and go to a party, and make it home just in time for Mom to return and coo over how maybe next year the toddler will be able to go trick or treating alone So apparently that s an established thing for the Carl books, but I just wanted to scream.

  2. I love the illustrations in the Carl books.I would have liked this book if there were words The story in only pictures is harder to follow along for little kids.

  3. Most pages in the book have no words The story is one you have to tell yourself, by looking at the illustrations Not a bad thing necessarily, but my daughter wasn t into it Also, the actual part of the story that is written isodd I can appreciate the idea behind this book, but it just wasn t for us.

  4. Genre FictionThis book would be great for Kindergarten and up, as there is some room for interpretation of the pictures due to no text on some pages One unique feature, as mentioned before, is there is no text on some pages Also, the pictures are beautifully done to look very realistic

  5. This is Halloween week What are some activities you do on Halloween Children respond Look at the title of the book Carl s Halloween by Alexandra Day Who is Carl Why does he have a necklace on him Why do you think it is called Carl s Halloween Children respond Look at the title page What does it show Tell your shoulder buddy where you think Carl and the girl are going Teacher opens to the title page Children respond and predict First, I will activate their background knowledge about Halloween by [...]

  6. Carl, a sweet Rottweiler, and his little companion are going to hand out candy to all of the trick or treaters who will be stopping by the house But when mother leaves them alone so she can help grandmother, they decide to go knock on some doors themselves They dress up and head out for an evening of adventure When they return they carefully place everything back in its place so they won t be found out The Carl books are part of a series that can also be read alone There aren t very many words i [...]

  7. Carl, the lovable Rottweiler, is called on to babysit Madeleine on Halloween night After being told to stay home and pass out candy to trick or treaters, Madeleine instead decks Carl out in some beads and herself in a plumed hat They set off for some trick or treating of their own Spreads show them going door to door with other kids in the neighborhood, sharing their loot with a candy less mother and attending a Halloween party When they see it is almost eight o clock, they race home and return [...]

  8. Although the fact that the mother in the book leaves her little daughter alone at home on Halloween with their huge dog Carl while she goes to help Grandma makes me than a little bit nervous, I was reassured by the presence of the rottweiler Not content to hand out candy at the front door, the two head out to do their own trick or treating, and even end up at a Halloween party The sumptuous, color splashed illustrations show how they get dressed for the occasion with Carl even wearing some bead [...]

  9. No No No No.I m giving this two stars only because I really like the illustrations.I get it I get the premise of the series Carl and baby have adventures when mother s back is turned Carl takes very good care of Baby and so we re not to worry Only seriouslyt only are you LEAVING the baby at home alone with a dog for an evening, you re asking the baby to answer the door and hand out candy to STRANGERS on Halloween Alone This is horrifying parenting that left me triggered and even a bit angry.And [...]

  10. Carl is back in a near wordless adventure that takes place on Halloween Mom is leaving for a while on Halloween night, so it s the little girl and Carl all to themselves Their job is to hand out candy to trick or treaters while Mom is gone but the adventure they create includes some trick or treating fun of their own This sweet book is a classic Carl story that is great for younger readers especially The only words spoken are by adults and there are honestly, maybe, only 30 or so throughout the [...]

  11. While most reviewers found this book to be irresponsible, in the fact that the mother apparently leaves the child home alone with the dog, I found it wildly relate able I m sure my Mom didn t leave me home alone when I was at an age to be considered too young to be home alone, but I do remember being home alone, with just the company of our beloved yellow labrador Dogs, if they are treated as part of the family, can be so protective of the children My dog would walk me to my piano lessons four h [...]

  12. Carl is amusingly divisive the horror of a neglected child The adorable dog child relationship I m in the middle I can suspend my disbelief for a picture book, and the illustrations are lovely, but I m not a dog person so I don t feel that bonus cuteness factor Plenty of fun Halloween related things to talk about as you share with a toddler or preschooler.

  13. Mother leaves baby Madeleine home with Carl while she visits Grandma Carl and Madeleine have a Halloween adventure in the neighborhood Like other Carl books, a silly adventure happens out of view of parents More text than most other books in the series, but still an inviting story telling palette for young children.Wait, mother leaves her baby home alone with a dog Okay, it s a Rottweiler.

  14. I know dog lovers realy like the Carl books But I am not a dog lover So I find these books so so However, I can see how they would very much appeal to children, especially in a lap read or read alone so they can fully look over the pictures and see all that is happening.

  15. I absolutely love the Carl books by author illustrator Alexandra Day Carl is the best dog a child could have and in this special Halloween story, Again Carl shows us why we love him Published by Farrar Giroux Strauss Halloween dog trickortreating funny

  16. I love Carl and this keeps the series going as only Carl can It s amazing what he and baby can get into and how they escape detection As always the pictures are the thing as there is minimal text And I am fine with that.

  17. I really missed a sense of suspense in this tale usually Mother is coming home just as Carl and baby turn tail, raising the stakes, and I missed that one little detail in this Carl installment.

  18. 2.5 starsI love the art, but the story did nothing for me Nowadays, the neighbors would have called protective services if mom had left Madeleine and Carl home alone on Halloween

  19. Carl, a Rottweiler, and his child caretaker, Madeleine go out for trick or treat and attend a Halloween party while Mother is away.Vibrant illustrations A fun fantasy book for pre schoolers

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