Free Download Lamentation - by C.J. Sansom, Lamentation, C.J. Sansom, Lamentation As Henry VIII lies on his deathbed an incendiary manuscript threatens to tear his court apart Summer King Henry VIII is slowly painfully dying His Protestant and Catholic councilors are engaged in a final and decisive power struggle whoever wins will control the government As heretics are hunted across London and radical Protestants are burned at the stake thAs Henry VIII lie Free Download Lamentation - by C.J. Sansom - Lamentation, Lamentation As Henry VIII lies on his deathbed an incendiary manuscript threatens to tear his court apart Summer King Henry VIII is slowly painfully dying His Protestant and Catholic councilors are engage

  • Title: Lamentation
  • Author: C.J. Sansom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Lamentation - by C.J. Sansom Free Download Lamentation - by C.J. Sansom - Lamentation, Lamentation As Henry VIII lies on his deathbed an incendiary manuscript threatens to tear his court apart Summer King Henry VIII is slowly painfully dying His Protestant and Catholic councilors are engage

  • Free Download Lamentation - by C.J. Sansom
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  1. C.J. Sansom

    Christopher John C.J Sansom is an English writer of crime novels He was born in 1952 and was educated at the University of Birmingham, where he took a BA and then a PhD in history After working in a variety of jobs, he decided to retrain as a solicitor He practised for a while in Sussex as a lawyer for the disadvantaged, before quitting in order to work full time as a writer.He came to prominence with his series set in the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century, whose main character is the hunchbacked lawyer Matthew Shardlake Shardlake works on commission initially from Thomas Cromwell in Dissolution and Dark Fire and then Thomas Cranmer in Sovereign and Revelation.The BBC have commissioned an adaptation of Dissolution with the actor Kenneth Branagh set to star as Shardlake The rest of the Shardlake books are expected to follow C J Sansom has been consulted on the series, which is in the final stages of negotiation citation needed.He has also written Winter in Madrid, a thriller set in Spain in 1940 in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.Dark Fire won the 2005 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger, awarded by the Crime Writers Association CWA Sansom himself was Very Highly Commended in the 2007 CWA Dagger in the Library award, for the Shardlake series from

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  1. Without doubt, the Shardlake series is my favourite historical mystery series ever Having re read the earlier books, I started the latest with anticipation C J Sansom has created a word so realistic that, as soon as you begin reading, you are back in that era it is all waiting for you, from the Inns of Court, to Shardlake s house with his continuing problems of finding a steward he is comfortable with to the malevolent presence of a King, so unpredictable and feared that most people tend to prac [...]

  2. Another excellent book by C.J Sansom in the Matthew Shardlake series This is one of my favourite historical series Not just because Sansom writes about the period so well with the type of historical detail that makes you visualise the streets of London, the palaces and Inns of Court, but also because he writes such absorbing plots and interesting characters Even though this is a big book, there is never a moment when the pace drops off or the interest wanes.Henry VIII is near the end of his reig [...]

  3. Another remarkable book in this brilliant series This is number six and I very much hope that C.J Sansom is busy right now writing number seven This one may even be the best in the series so far despite the fact that everything that can go wrong does go wrong for our hero Matthew Shardlake Matthew is an unusual hero at the best of times, a hunch back lawyer with very little going for him physically However he is a very honorable man at a time when there was not much honour around which frequentl [...]

  4. Have been saving this one up for a while now as its the latest in the series will leave me upto date waiting hopefully for a continuation in the series.Such a smooth narrator, as we get straight back into the saddle quickly we become reacquainted with the world of Master Serjeant Shardlake a lawyer in Tudor England in the era of the Great reformation You can smell the streets with the authenticity of the writing before you know it you are like 200 pages into the book as it s web draws you ever f [...]

  5. Page 12 So this was Anne Askew, who had left her husband in Lincolnshire to come and preach in London, and said the consecrated wafer was no than a piece of bread, which would go mouldy like any other if left in a box Internet Shakespeare Editions Anne Askew s Examinations defies the constraints of gender and hierarchy, and attempts to expose patriarchal insecurity surrounding female involvement in traditionally male religious subjects.Anne Askew burned at the stake The image is provided by per [...]

  6. It wasn t until I was almost half way through this book that I began to enjoy it The first part of the book felt like scene setting before the plot finally kicked off and we went for a run away ride that was utterly gripping Issues included political machinations and intrigue in high places frightening tales of religious persecution a wonderfully eccentric legal case that Shardlake s law firm was dealing with the gossipy and sweet charms of Shardlake s home lifeThere is also a marvellous immersi [...]

  7. That was most definitely the best book in this series It was a beast, 700 pages of historical fiction But Sansom s writing and Crossley s narration made it a joy to read, just like the others in the series Now that I have read this book I am up to date with this series I m not sure if there are going to be any I ve not heard or seen anything to suggest either that this is the last one or if another will be written and published eventually If one does come out then I will certainly read it I will [...]

  8. Richly rendered with his trademark eye for detail in his Tudor based world, C.J Samson s Shardlake series are always a delightful eye opening read In Lamentation, the sixth entry in the series, lawyer Matthew Shardlake is older and grumpier, the losses he experienced in the previous volume haunting him, compounded by domestic imbroglios at home and inevitable troubles at work His current case involves a litigious, viciously antagonistic brother and sister, showing us how even in Tudor times, peo [...]

  9. With his latest Shardlake mystery, C.J Sansom once again paints a vivid portrait of Henry VIII s England This novel is set in the last year of Henry s life during one of the many fluctuations of what is the proper way to worship God Henry is drifting towards the conventional understanding the Eucharist and as a result there is a hunt on for heretics.In the opening sequence of the novel, Shardlake is required by his superiors at Lincoln Inn to attend the burning of 4 people convicted of heresy, i [...]

  10. 7 10It was exciting to learn that a new Shardlake was coming out admittedly in 2014 but it s taken me a while to get around to reading this one and I was looking forward to getting back into the Tudor world and living through the eyes of the lawyer Matthew Shardlake Everything is there that was in the previous novel, the excellent descriptions going into how London looked, felt, smelled during this time period all leap off the page and the characters are outlined so well that it feels like you k [...]

  11. The sixth Master Shardlake thriller was again a breathtaking adventure and immensely enjoyable Master Shardlake is such a likeable character that you greatly fear for his well being and bite your nails in fear that he will be put on the rack in the Tower and left behind to rot Luckily he has friends in mighty high places, but his luck is running very thin at times I think Shardlake invokes such sympathy because he is always forced into all these dangerous adventures by the high and mighty of the [...]

  12. The sixth wife of King Henry VIII, Queen Catherine Parr, has made what could be a fatal error She has written a book, The Lamentation of a Sinner, which contains confessional and radical contents She has also kept this book a secret from her husband, and if he was to find out this almost certainly bring her and sympathizers disgrace and ruination The book has been stolen from a chest in her private quarters and a page was found in the hands of a dead printer in the backstreets of Tudor London Sh [...]

  13. Henry the Eighth is rapidly becoming a defeated man in both body and spirit Shardlake s loyalty and discretion is called upon, once , to assist in uncovering intrigue at the royal court Sansom s Tudor mysteries have been a delight I have shadowed lawyer Shardlake s life and career, his thoughts and vulnerabilities, through the unforgiving streets of old London Attention to Tudor detail, mixed with stories that add plot driven pace make these novels such wonderful, atmospheric reads They offer an [...]

  14. Lamentation is the sixth book in the wonderful Matthew Shardlake series written by the excellent author C.J Sansom Shardlake is a hunchbacked lawyer in the time of Henry VIII This book involves a mystery with the King s last wife, Catherine Parr Parr writes a small book called Lamentation of a Sinner about her personal faith The book, kept under lock and key, disappears which is quite troubling Henry is in a period of regret about leaving the Church and the search for heretics is going strong ag [...]

  15. It is no secret that I adore CJ Sansom s Matthew Shardlake series You all know it My kids know it I should probably start a fan club This book is one reason to get your hands on some Team Matthew paraphernalia.The story in this installment of Matthew s story brings him in contact, once again, with the lovely Catherine Parr Though he claims to desire a quiet life and toys with the idea of moving to the country, the adventures that Matthew gets himself involved in make one wonder if he does not t [...]

  16. So I went back to Henry the VIII land and the lawyer Matthew Shardlake s escapades The King s health is deteriorating, but he is still as viscious and upredictable as ever to a degree, even so, due to pain When Queen Catherine Parr notices that the little book she has written, the Lamentation of a Sinner has disappeared, she is frightened for her life and enlists Matthew s help I m not sure what to think The historical detail is superb and rings true The King is terrifying and I had to quickly [...]

  17. The author has been suffering a serious illness which might explain while some of the incidents seem a little over familiar Shardlake being confronted by the haughty and mighty intricate manoeuverings among the court, fights in filthy inns I also felt that the author didn t capture the feel of Tudor times as he did in earlier books.However from the first paragraph I was gripped These books are galloped through Later one re reads them to admire and analyse the plotting They are also the books tha [...]

  18. And so it endsHenry VIII is dying His courtiers are all watching their steps lest they offend his wavering views on religion, Anne Askew is burned as a heretic, and all England is afraid of what will come next In the midst of this all, Queen Katherine Parr has written a manuscript entitled Lamentations of a Sinner which could seal her fate and see her arrested as a heretic if it should fall into the wrong hands and one day, it is stolen Turning to the one man she can trust, she once again turns [...]

  19. C J Sansom is one of my favourite authors, and I ve enjoyed reading his Shardlake series, so I opened this massive 615 page brick of a book with high expectations I was not dissapointed how about this for an opening sentence I did not want to attend the burning Set in the final days of King Henry VIII, the tension of his court is palpable and the dying king s dark, brooding presence is a sinister as anything I ve read by Stephen King another of my favourite authors Our hero, Matthew Sharlake, ha [...]

  20. Brilliant mystery as hunchback lawyer Shardlake attempts to retrieve an ill conceived booklet written by Catherine Parr which, if discovered, could lead to her execution A high body count follows as Matthew and sidekick Barak battle many levels of Court intrigue, religious zealots, assassins and the most power hungry men in the kingdom to protect the Queen Wonderful narrative style, complicated but clever plot lines and a most interesting period of English history breathtaking read.

  21. I don t know why, but this Matthew Shardlake series reminds me of the old NBC Mystery Movie series of rotating detective shows that aired in the 1970s Yeah, I m dating myself Matthew Shardlake, the star of this series, is a hunchback lawyer during the reign of Henry VIII I don t suppose there were many with his condition in that occupation back in those days It s that out of placeness that reminds me of the Columbo, MacMillian Wife, and McCloud detectives of the Mystery Movies McCloud for exampl [...]

  22. Published 23rd October 2014Author C J SansomI ve been a fan of C J Sanson s work ever since I accidentally came across his book Sovereign I really enjoy reading and learning about the Tudors and this book certainly did not disappoint Henry VIII was suffering ill health and married to his last wife Catherine Parr who had written a confessional book Lamentation of a Sinner It s up to Matthew Shardlake to find out who has stolen this from a locked chest in the Queen s private chamber therefore putt [...]

  23. What a book, a great history read, great story and a great writer The best in the Shardlake series for me Kept me on the edge of my chair from beginning to end Great suspense and interesting imaginable insights into court life of King Henry VIII, the politics and the religious turmoil, his wife Queen Catherine Parr and the continued strenuous adventures of Matthew Shardlake, hunchback lawyer Now I m sorry I have to wait a long time for the next book in the series Matthew and Elizabeth no doubt I [...]

  24. Once again Sansom has not failed to please with this, his sixth in the Matthew Shardlake series Intrigue, mystery and murder this has it all The Tudor period and the court of King Henry VIII is brought to life as the backdrop to Matthew s newest case and his attempt to unravel another mystery and help Queen Katherine Many of the characters from the earlier books have returned as well as some new faces I m so glad Sansom decided to continue with this series.

  25. Spoilerfrei Zum InhaltDie historische Krimireihe um den buckligen Rechtsanwalt Matthew Shardlake spielt im historischen London mittlerweile bei Band 6 im Jahre 1546 Wieder einmal wird Matthew in die politischen Wirren des K nigshofes verwickelt doch obwohl er sich ein f r alle Mal aus den Intrigen heraushalten wollte, kann er der Bitte einer Dame in Not nicht widerstehen Vor allem, wenn es sich um die hochgesch tzte und von ihm heimlich bewunderte K nigin handelt.Die Schrift des Todes, ein Buch, [...]

  26. I m not a great reader of historical fiction with the exception of titles where it overlaps with crime Perhaps the greatest proponent of that crossover is C J Sansom, and his latest novel, Lamentation, featuring the hunchbacked lawyer Matthew Shardlake, operating in the complex times of Tudor England, is to my mind his best Oddly, this is despite or, rather, because this isn t much of a crime novel Instead what we have here is a full blown Tudor political thriller, with all the twists and turns, [...]

  27. It is all about the history And the history during the time of Henry VIII is absolutely fascinating This is why I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Matthew Shardlake series Now I have finished the latest book Lamentation I am waiting in anticipation for the next book in the series Having also read C.J Sansom s other two novels Dominion and Winter in Madrid, sadly I must wait for probably a few years for the next book No question, Sansom is one of my favorite authors.

  28. Odli an zavr etak vladavine Tudora i omra enog Henrika VIII U ovoj knjizi opisan je lov na heretike i napad na kraljicu zaklju ak misli svoje a javno se moli onako kako ka e kralj, ina e ode glava ili te spale Vrijedi pro itati i povijesnu bilje ku na kraju knjige, Sansom kao pravnik i povjesni ar zaista si je dao truda u prou avanju ovog razdoblja engleske povijesti puno sam nau ila Definitivno se sla em s njim u injenici da je Katarina Parr bila najsimpati nija kraljica, jedina koja je nad ivj [...]

  29. For those of us who have long been fans of this series written by C J Sansom the wait is over to plunge ourselves into the world of Matthew Shardlake once again This time the action has moved slightly ahead to July 1546 and opens with a scene of alleged heretics being burned at the stake with Shardlake being forced to attend to represent his law chamber at Lincoln s Inn The excuse given is that he holds the office of Serjeant, the most senior of the barristers It is also a punishment of sorts an [...]

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