[PDF] Secrets in the Shadows | by ☆ T.L. Haddix, Secrets in the Shadows, T.L. Haddix, Secrets in the Shadows This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B ES S U Book One in the Shadows Collection After surviving a traumatic attack as a teenager as well as a disastrous first marriage Lauren Taylor Grant is content with her life So what if she gets lonely from time to time With a healthy beautiful daughter and a successful coffee shop cafe the divorced single mother conviThis [PDF] Secrets in the Shadows | by ☆ T.L. Haddix - Secrets in the Shadows, Secrets in the Shadows This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B ES S U Book One in the Shadows Collection After surviving a traumatic attack as a teenager as well as a disastrous first marriage Lauren Taylor Grant

  • Title: Secrets in the Shadows
  • Author: T.L. Haddix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Secrets in the Shadows | by ☆ T.L. Haddix [PDF] Secrets in the Shadows | by ☆ T.L. Haddix - Secrets in the Shadows, Secrets in the Shadows This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B ES S U Book One in the Shadows Collection After surviving a traumatic attack as a teenager as well as a disastrous first marriage Lauren Taylor Grant

  • [PDF] Secrets in the Shadows | by ☆ T.L. Haddix
    173T.L. Haddix
Secrets in the Shadows

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    T.L. Haddix Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Secrets in the Shadows book, this is one of the most wanted T.L. Haddix author readers around the world.

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  1. THIS IS CURRENTLY FREE ON No matter how many horror stories I read, nothing frightens me as much as people do I never find any creature of the dark nearly as monstrous as I do humans And Secrets in the Shadows only served to drive that truth home Fair warning, this book is not for the faint of heart This book is fucking heavy, man Even though I can t recommend it enough, I understand that the subject matter might be off putting or triggering for some readers Therefore, I suggest downloading the [...]

  2. Homecoming was previously released as Secrets in the Shadows by T.L Haddix Lauren was traumatized by her best friend s father when she was 16 years old Lauren went on to marry and have a daughter, but she was never comfortable around me, her husband included They divorced after a few years, but have remained good friends Their daughter is growing up in two loving homes.Charlie Clark has had his own share of issues that need to be resolved and to his credit, he is trying Charlie is a private inve [...]

  3. Lauren Grant is a single divorced mom who owns a caf in a small town Leroy in Indiana She lives a quiet peaceful life near her parents and is best friends with her ex husband and his wife Due to a horrifying incident in her teenage years that left an impression on her she is unable to form a long lasting relationship in her life but then comes along her parents good looking ex marine neighbor Charlie Clark and his cat Rumble He is sweet, gentle, patient and finally Lauren believes that she might [...]

  4. Where can I get a Charlie Clark with a side of Rumble Ahhh Leroy, Indiana, the fictional little town that comes to life right off the page The town that s so close to my own home town that I wish I had a Charlie Clark and Rumble living right next door This was a fast paced read with a strong character development, with a somewhat convoluted storyline At the heart of the novel is a blossoming romance that is so juvenile, but yet so mature that you can t help but gush Lauren Grant and Margie Verno [...]

  5. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in reading stories about sexy supernatural beings, fairytale endings and demonic monsters, that we push aside the reality that you don t have to have supernatural abilities to be a real life monster The monsters I am referring are like those found in the book one of the Leroy s Sins series, Secrets in the Shadows by T L Haddix These monsters can be your best friend, your next door neighbor, the guy who always smiles and says hello as you pass each other on the stre [...]

  6. Growing up in a small town you learn a few things 1 Don t lie to your mama she will always find out 2 If you plan on skipping school don t forget that your principal lives across the street, and 3 everyone has a dirty little secret they don t want you to know.Small towns tend to be much complex than major metropolitan areas, they represent the stability of family life, while at the same time turn into harbors for those looking for a fresh start, an escape, or often than not a hiding place.The [...]

  7. Secrets In The Shadows was a very good read The beginning takes place 13 years earlier and involves incest and rape This was handled delicately and realistically, without a lot of gory details The remainder of the book deals with ramifications of these acts The characters were realistic and people you begin to care about There are a couple of mysteries intertwined though out the book with some twists at the end The writing styled flowed easily, with enough details without becoming wordy I found [...]

  8. 3.5 stars This book centers around various families and their relationships over a 13 year period The book starts with Margie and where she is at as she leaves town at the age of 17 Margie is acting wild and crazy, driving off in a stolen car and leaving her life behind We find out later that Margie is pregnant and was repeatedly raped by her father, who sets her up to drug her cousin so he can rap her too Little does he know that the cousin, did not drink the full drink and get the drug and scr [...]

  9. Interesting readI liked the fact that the characters were flawed as it seemed realistic that way The development of the relationship was slow moving, which seems to be a pragmatic approach instead of that instant attraction scenario I do not recall what the genre this book was classified as but it is definitely not suspense The bad guy was laid out pretty much from the character s introduction as well as the missing cousin, so no real surprise there If someone has an issue with the topic of ab [...]

  10. This book contains graphic material in the form of incest and sexual assault, with a direct focus on the victims as opposed to the actual abuse Reader discretion is advised.Also, this review contains untagged SPOILERS You are forewarned.Summary Lauren Taylor Grant has not had it easy An incident at the age of sixteen has helped set the groundwork for the rest of her life decisions, but she does not allow it to rule her any After a failed marriage at a young age, Lauren is blessed with a wonderfu [...]

  11. I do, you know I do love you Even if you don t return my feelings, I wanted you to know Charlie ClarkOK, yes, I do enjoy romantic suspense In fact, I love it But there are times when I feel like there s something missing, and in this book s case, this was one of those timesLauren Grant will never forget that one fateful summer that changed her life and showed her how cruel the world can really be But she s willing to fight for her happiness Several years later, divorced with an adorable daughter [...]

  12. Secrets in the Shadows by T.L Haddix Book gifted in exchange for honest reviewMY REVIEWYou know the old clich never judge a book and all that Well I never really paid it much attention till now This book was a real surprise, not what I was expecting at all, and I love that it takes a lot to surprise me The story centres on divorced single mother Lauren Taylor Grant who owns a successful caf and is living a quiet but content life She has come a long way since surviving a harrowing, life altering [...]

  13. Format Kindle Edition File Size 1185 KB Publisher Streetlight Graphics Publishing March 29, 2010 Sold by Digital Services Language English ASIN B003ES5S7UThirteen years after a relative attempted to rape her, Lauren is still living with the after effects Her marriage hasn t survived, but friendship with her ex husband has and they share custody of their daughter Just as a new man moves to town and looks to be up to the job of helping Lauren try to face love and intimacy again, disaster strikes a [...]

  14. I have received an ARC via NetGalley A dark, emotionally gripping and almost exhausting read Secrets in the Shadows is not for the faint of heart.The book deals with emotional and physical abuse, showing, that monsters do not always lurk under the bed but also behind a smiling mask of people you trust the most.It covers than 13 years, filled with angst and secrets and I did wonder, how the heroine Lauren, a abuse survivor, would ever get her HEA or if there was one.The author did great in descr [...]

  15. Really 2.5 stars Pretty well written book about the lingering consequences of sex abuse But oh are the characters flat The good people are oh so good and the bad people are bat shit crazy and totally evil Sex abuse is complex the abusers often victims themselves and often filled with self loathing and shame and this book just doesn t go there Not to mention the complex psychological aspects of being married to a pedophile or being the favored child in an abusive family and the emotional safe hav [...]

  16. Great storyGreat Book can t wait to read of TL s stories The story really takes you into the heart of this small town and the people s lives who live there

  17. I enjoyed this book Enough to suggest that other people should check it out as well.But my main problem is that I have no idea what genre that this book is trying to be Is it romance Healing Murder mystery There was way too much stuff that was going on here, and it left me a little confused, and at times, irritated It s fine to have multiple stuff going on I ve read murder mysteries and legal dramas with the steamy sex in them But the problem was I sort of got the feeling that the author didn t [...]

  18. This is, I presume the first of a series I enjoyed being introduced to all the characters and would be interested in their stories.This story was based on the romance between Lauren Grant, a single Mum, and Charlie Clark a newcomer You also have Charity Vaughn who is somehow linked to Lauren.Someone is coming after Charity and Lauren who is linked to their shared past Can Charlie keep Lauren safe I liked the characters and how this was written but the conclusion was a let down nd appeared rushed [...]

  19. So this book is listed under Romance Suspense Yes this book does have romance but I really didn t find it suspenseful You know who the bad guy is early on in the book and you pretty much wait to see what he does I am not saying the book is bad, I did enjoy it I just didn t find it suspenseful I was intrigued by the all the characters in the book and do wonder what happens with everyone else you meet I believe there is another book after this one that I will be reading Thank you NetGalley for all [...]

  20. As you read this book you learn the importance of forgiveness, family, and love Charity and Lauren are at different points in their lives, both searching for closure and family what happens when everything that you once believed changed in a blink of an eye This was a book that kept the reading at the edge of their seat until the last page If you could be anyone you wanted to be would it really help erase the past Thank you NetGalley and T.L.Haddix for allowing me to read this ARC and write a ho [...]

  21. I obtained this free e book from and I am voluntarily writing a review I DNF this book, after reading 17% I was so confused with the introduction of so many characters some with an alias that I gave up the ship There was a chapter that was out of sequence I felt it should have been the instruction chapter instead of later in the book , may be it would have helped a little.

  22. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  23. Secrets in the Shadows takes place in the small town of Leroy, Indiana Even there, no one is completely safe The first chapter takes place thirteen years before the main story begins Margie Vernon finds herself in a compromising situation Impregnated by her sexually abusive father, and ostracized by her mother, all she wants to do is leave town Margie s father offers her a way out, but only after she does something for him something horrible After Margie held up her end of the bargain, she left [...]

  24. Books 1 4Everyone has secrets Don 19t you Most of our secrets are harmless Sometimes, however, those hidden truths come back to haunt us Sometimes they even kill 26 When long held secrets come to light in the small town of Leroy, Indiana, death and destruction aren 19t far behind Can the residents overcome their pasts, enabling them to rebuild and face the future, or will the secrets lurking in the shadows rise up to swallow them whole Gallery owner Charity Vaughn had a closet full of secrets Hi [...]

  25. 3.5 stars Secrets in the Shadows was an ok read This book was not my usual cup of tea, but I liked the build up and the twists, which were pretty obvious and not much of a mystery I love a good twisted read with a with a steamy romance and great chemistry and a wonderful HEA While Secrets in the shadows was certainly twisted, the romance and chemistry fell flat The H and h just didn t have that consuming love that makes a great happily ever after Though there was a sweet HEA, there was some ques [...]

  26. I finished this book a few days ago, but sadly life gets in the way, so I didn t get the chance to say anything until now.I got it based on a recommendation whoever you are, thank you a million times It s definitely not sunshine and magic rainbows, but it s incredible, nevertheless It deals with real life issues, which most books fail to do these days We or at least I do get caught in the world of supernatural so often nowadays that we forget how difficult real world actually is Secrets in the S [...]

  27. We all have secrets and Ghosts don t we Maybe things we don t want others to know or maybe something that still haunts The characters in this book are no different, especially Lauren Thirteen years ago, after a relative attempted to rape her, Lauren is still living with the after effects Her marriage didn t survive, but she and her husband have been able remain friends for the sake their daughter I was able to relate to her though not the abuse part , but the trust issues with others Like Lauren [...]

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