[PDF] Read ✓ Fire Beach : by Toby Neal, Fire Beach, Toby Neal, Fire Beach Hawaii is cane fires lush jungles and feuds that won t die until everyone s dead Detective Lei Texeira stalks the shroud killer on her own terms as Michael Stevens finds himself engulfed in the flames of a case with tangled consequences In this eighth of the bestselling Lei Crime Series Lei and Stevens find out just how far hate and love will go [PDF] Read ✓ Fire Beach : by Toby Neal - Fire Beach, Fire Beach Hawaii is cane fires lush jungles and feuds that won t die until everyone s dead Detective Lei Texeira stalks the shroud killer on her own terms as Michael Stevens finds himself engulfed in the flam

  • Title: Fire Beach
  • Author: Toby Neal
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ Fire Beach : by Toby Neal [PDF] Read ✓ Fire Beach : by Toby Neal - Fire Beach, Fire Beach Hawaii is cane fires lush jungles and feuds that won t die until everyone s dead Detective Lei Texeira stalks the shroud killer on her own terms as Michael Stevens finds himself engulfed in the flam

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Fire Beach : by Toby Neal
    235Toby Neal
Fire Beach

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  1. Toby Neal

    Toby Neal was raised on Kauai in Hawaii She wrote and illustrated her first story at age 5 After initially majoring in journalism, she eventually settled on mental health as a career and loves her work, saying, I m endlessly fascinated with people s stories Toby credits her counseling background in adding depth to her characters from the villains to Lei Texeira, the courageous and vulnerable heroine in the Lei Crime Series, to the wounds and psychological implications of the heroes of the Scorch Series.Get TWO FREE full length Toby Neal books by signing up for her newsletter here subscribepage TobyNeal

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  1. I ve been hooked on this series since the beginningThese are the proverbial books you can t put down The storylines are always thrilling Neal really is a master of the craft She knows how to engage a reader by giving just enough information to make them feel a part of the story, but still keeps the element of surprise That is a gift of timing and patience and, in my opinion, is the hallmark of a fine writer She shows the same exquisite restraint with relationships, especially Lei and Stevens Not [...]

  2. Once again a great mystery and a compelling story from Ms Toby Neal Lea and Stephens are faced with then any two should and come out the other side scorched and hurting As always the setting is breathtaking and the emotions run high

  3. Another guilty pleasure read I adore these books and anxiously await each one Fire Beach starts off a little different with the focus off of Lei and Stevens for a moment but only that As Stevens and his partner try to figure out who is setting fires to the sugar cane fields, Lei once again runs off half cocked to try to find the shroud killer under the guise of another investigation The end is heartbreakingly good I can only hope that the next book in the series continues to build the intensity. [...]

  4. Scorching hot FIRE BEACH is the latest of Toby Neal s Lei Crime series novels, and it s her best yet It has her usual mystery thrill ride, coupled with relationship issues we can all relate to, and introduces some new characters who I d personally like to see of Lei and Stevens relationship is tested, as Lei makes a decision that puts not only her career on the line, but her life I can t wait to see what s going to come next in this series.

  5. As others have said, each book in the series is better than the last I am looking forward to adventures with Lei, Stevens the rest They have begun to feel like my Ohana I want Lei as my Facebook friend so I can keep up with her

  6. This is another solid entry in a series that continues to engage.Lei, the main character, has steadily put her abusive past further behind her as the series has progressed Here it s only a blip on her persona as she moves forward in her relationship with her husband, Michael This evolution of her progress makes her a much realistic and believable character than one who suddenly sheds whatever burdens he or she has been carrying.The emotional stakes are a little higher in this book than in some [...]

  7. Each time I read the next book in the Lei Crime Series, I think they can t get better, but they do Now that Lei and Wayne are married, life takes different twists and turns for them as a couple and as individuals Lei, as a strong willed, independent female, strives to protect her growing family Stevens doesn t always like or know about her plans, but she is determined Her independent spirit sometimes gets her in trouble but it does keep us all guessing what will be next for them The study of the [...]

  8. Fire Beach is a beautifully constructed book by Toby Neal that kept me on the edge of my seat, needing to continue reading There is soooo much in this book and no let up Total roller coaster It is book 8 in her Lei Crime Series I have read all of her books so far and this one, I just couldn t put down and read it in record time There s so much action and suspense You just barely recover from one thing and there s something else happening that takes your breath away If you have been following the [...]

  9. There are very few books that I ve read lately that encourage me to read longer than I feel I have the time to do, but this one did it Best in the series far The author really has a handle on her characters and makes them seem very real, flaws and strengths It s interesting to observe the conflict between Lei and Stevens, as they struggle to maintain their love and devotion with their personality quirks And talk about in the face of adversity I enjoyed the arson aspect explored in this story, es [...]

  10. I am a big fan of the series, and this one didn t disappoint at all I couldn t put it down I m never sure just what Lei will do next This was a tough one to read at times because of the deep emotional aspect of it, but I ve come to expect it from Ms Neal With her history in psychology, she s able to bring in of the deeper personality aspects of the characters and you can t avoid being drawn in and with each addition to the series Lei, Michael, and all of the other characters we have gotten to [...]

  11. Emotionally charged with very good ending.I finally got to cry myself to sleep This was extremely well thought out and I am so very lucky to have been introduced to the world of Toby Neal Never had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii but I will try to get there asap I love the characters and their struggles to have a good life They deserve to be able to get ahead with their life and live happily ever after They are strong and so connected I just want them to be able to put the evil behind It is time [...]

  12. The riveting story of Lei and Mike continues in Fire Beach I love this series written by Toby Neal I feel as if I know all the characters in the Lei Crime Series they are so well developed Developed to the point that I would shake Lei for taking so many risks if I could.I highly recommend this entire series If you do read any of these books please start at number 1, Blood Orchids You can jump in with any book, but you get a better feel for the characters if the books are read in order.Enjoy

  13. Kudos to Ms Neal for the exquisite job done on this series I really can t rave enough about it I haven t had this good a time reading a book in quite a while My eyes were glued to the pages and I stayed up much too late in an attempt to find out what happens to Lei All I can say is that it was time well spent and not wasted I highly recommend you giving yourself a treat and indulge in this sensational thriller Book 9 Riptide is coming out this month

  14. Fire Beach Lei Crime Book 8Holy cow It s hard to say anything because I m afraid that in my excitement I may give away too much This was another awesome running out of superlatives Neal book The situations are so believable and the emotions of the characters so raw that you can t put this book down for long if at all The entire family is involved in this harrowing set of events Just read it If I could give it 10 stars I would.

  15. Another exciting rideBy now I feel like Lei and Stevens are family friends I get so involved with the book I need to keep reminding myself that it is fiction Toby Neal does an amazing job with the little details of Hawai i that make the books ring so true and honest Can not wait for 9

  16. Excellent Read Toby Neal has done it again This is an excellent book It can be read alone but I would recommend reading the series Lei and Stevens are such strong individuals that they make a great couple This story line made me cry and sit on the edge of my chair in anticipation I can not wait for the next book

  17. HEAT INSIDE AND OUTSIDELei and Stevens find lots to do to occupy themselves professionally and personally Danger from an unknown direction and from an unknown source fill their days and nights.

  18. Toby Neal great authorHave read all the Lei Crime books there are 9 of them and each one get better then the last Can t wait till the next one in January I would recommend all the Lei Crime books starting with the first one

  19. I like this series Lei has changed so much for the better across all the books Lots of action steeped in Hawaiian culture and scenery Still I wouldn t wanted to be related to Lei as something always happens to her relatives.

  20. Another amazing bookWith such a cliffhanger ending I can t wait until January for the next book So hard to see Lei lost the baby but I hope there will be another in her future Keep up the good work.

  21. Good night readSweet but predictable story of cops in love in Paradise Good to read before retiring, just enough adventure, just enough drama, just enough passion Bravo

  22. Excellent ReadI loved the constant action and building mystery It was hard for me to break from the book until it was complete.

  23. Love this seriesThis eighth book in the Lei Crime series is the best yet Love the characters and the love story between Lei and Stevens Looking forward to 9

  24. Fast paced Love following this police couple thru their work and personal lives The settings on the Hawaiian Islands are fun to imagine.

  25. I think I have read the whole series of Lei and Michael and loved getting to know them and live through their adventures, joys and heartaches.

  26. Mind blowing tensionThis one had me at the edge of my seat until the end Don t want to spoil it for other s, but this lives up to it s reputation.

  27. I ve lost count of how many favorite Lei Crime Novels I have, but Fire Beach was one of them This was one of the most pulse pounding stories in the series, and I was enthralled the entire time Lei and Michael are living in Maui with baby Kiet and Lei s father, Wayne, has come to live with them so he can take care of the child while the police officers works The family is super content living on a sprawling compound together, but the Shroud Killer is still out there, which makes Lei uneasy On top [...]

  28. A reasonable read but not one of her best.These books are easy to read and certainly not high literature, but this story felt weaker than some of the rest of the series I think the one prior to this was a real high point, leaving this a little disappointing There was also some factual flaws with the aircraft s problems in the hijack which really set my teeth on edge those small commuter flights don t fly high enough to need to be pressurised, and don t even carry oxygen Shooting a hole in the si [...]

  29. An arsonist has been active on Kauai, and Stevens is leader of the team trying to find him Then Lei goes to the big island to find the leaders of a gambling operation on Maui with the idea of checking on Terence Chang, who she believes is trying to kill them and leaving shrouds When she confronts Chang, he tells her that he is going straight and his cousins Anela Chang and Ray Solomon are running the criminal activities Meanwhile, Lei s home is burned down Steven s brother gets them out of the h [...]

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