[PDF] Shimmy for Me | by Ë DeAnna Cameron, Shimmy for Me, DeAnna Cameron, Shimmy for Me One passionate night Two lost souls A whole world of trouble Juggling two jobs to keep her belly dance studio afloat keeps Abby Anderson s mind off her shattered love life until a reawakened pain sends her into the arms of an anonymous stranger she plucks from the audience of her tribal belly dance show No names no strings no romance She tells herself it s a harmlessOne passionate [PDF] Shimmy for Me | by Ë DeAnna Cameron - Shimmy for Me, Shimmy for Me One passionate night Two lost souls A whole world of trouble Juggling two jobs to keep her belly dance studio afloat keeps Abby Anderson s mind off her shattered love life until a reawakened pain send

  • Title: Shimmy for Me
  • Author: DeAnna Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780990814610
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Shimmy for Me | by Ë DeAnna Cameron [PDF] Shimmy for Me | by Ë DeAnna Cameron - Shimmy for Me, Shimmy for Me One passionate night Two lost souls A whole world of trouble Juggling two jobs to keep her belly dance studio afloat keeps Abby Anderson s mind off her shattered love life until a reawakened pain send

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  • [PDF] Shimmy for Me | by Ë DeAnna Cameron
    292 DeAnna Cameron
Shimmy for Me

About "DeAnna Cameron"

  1. DeAnna Cameron

    DeAnna Cameron writes contemporary romance and historical fiction, including the award winning California Belly Dance Romance series Her stories feature feisty heroines transformed by true love and belly dance, one of the oldest and most exciting dance forms in the world Her work has been translated into three languages and has been praised by RT Book Reviews, Historical Novel Review, and others.Before turning to fiction, DeAnna worked in print journalism, writing and editing for several Southern California newspapers and magazines She s a member of the national Romance Writers of America and its local chapter When she isn t writing, she can usually be found making jewelry which she sometimes sells HERE , obsessing about her Fitbit steps, and counting her lucky stars She lives with her family in Orange County, Calif.For , visit DeAnnaCameron.

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  1. 3.5 Passion, Traditional Stars 1 2In today s world, it is so hard to be able to do what we really want to as a career we may feel a calling for something deeply but it may not be what will pay the bills So how do we decide we throw all of ourselves to what we truly want or do we conform and plow ahead on a path we know we will never be passionate about Or do we become crafty and live in both worlds the everyday world and also the passionate oneThis novella presents this question and shows how im [...]

  2. I never write reviews with spoilers and here I am writing two spoiler y reviews in one day But the thing is, I can t properly review this book without spoiling the hell out of it.You know how you can t watch a sci fi movie with a scientist because they sit there and critique the science and the behavior of the scientist characters Well, it s the same way with a belly dancer reading a belly dance themed romance novella.It s not even that this book gets the details of belly dance wrong the author [...]

  3. DNF at 66%.I liked the writing style It was clean and expressive I liked the heroine and the premise and was looking forward to reading this book.But the development of the relationship was really bad The main problem with this book is that the author spends a lot of time detailing useless shit like what the heroine was doing with the reports or her making cappuccinos, etc and then just kind of magicks up relationship developments The stuff about her job would have been fine if the author had de [...]

  4. I absolutely loved this novella Abby and Derek s love story is a delicious tale that will make you smile long past their happy ever after Abby meets Derek when she is performing as her bellydancing goddess alter ego Zenina Sparks fly and they share an exquisite night together They meet again and Derek doesn t recognize the exotic Zenina and the straight laced Abby are the same person I look forward to the next story in the California Belly Dance series and I hope Abby s best friend, Melanie, fea [...]

  5. Shimmy for Me is a fantastic contemporary romance Read full review in the 2015 June issue of InD tale Magazine.

  6. i knew it was short going in I mean pb was only listed at 117 pages , but it felt even shorter than that, took me less than an hour to read would loved it if it were a bit long

  7. 3 3.5 starsThis was an enjoyable story I like Abby and Derek and liked their story This is the first book I ve read by this author and I liked it well enough that I d consider trying of her work in the future.Abby is a temp at a Newspaper when the story begins but that s just the job to bring in money Her true occupation and love is a belly dancing studio she took over a year ago when her teacher decided to retire It s been tough and Abby has had a hard time making ends meet Abby had a boyfrien [...]

  8. The book was too short I liked the characters, the descriptions of places in the story, the relationships of the characters, and the love story I will read of this author s books.

  9. Didn t enjoy this one Abby is an immature brat who is sinking due to her own impulsive decisions and rash thinking or lack thereof Derek was a prick and a brat Insta lust turning into insta hate than into insta love is a weird relationship progression Nothing here worked for me and I won t be reading any from this series.

  10. Abby owns a belly dance studio where she gives lessons and does tribal belly dance shows, however, she is not making any money with this business She tries everything she can think of to keep her business going because she loves her studio and doesn t want to give it up Abby decides she wants one night of anonymous sex so she chooses someone from the audience of one of her shows to hook up with Of course, the man she approaches is all for one night of sex He thinks he has hit the jackpot when sh [...]

  11. Charming Addition to Anyone s LibraryAbby Anderson had one love in her life her belly dancing studio, The Shimmy Shop Her passion for her craft has cost her dearly Abby s Ex had issued her an ultimatum a year ago, him or the studio Lately she begins to question if she d made the right choice The stress of always being alone plus the pressure of working three jobs to keep her studio going is really getting to her Abby misses the warm intimate feeling of being with someone Against her best judgmen [...]

  12. Shimmy For Me is an entertaining book, and I really enjoyed reading it.This is a fun romance that I just didn t want to put down The story is engaging, the characters quickly become your friends, and you root for them throughout Abby is a girl you just absolutely adore, Derek is instantly familiar and real, and you end up wanting to read and about their increasingly complex relationship.DeAnna Cameron builds a sensual world around Zenina, Abby s alter ego, a practical world around Derek, and a [...]

  13. My goodness I ve read The Belly Dancer by DeAnna Cameron many many times and Shimmy For Me will definitely be read again as well Cameron has a way of making you fall in love in all the best ways And makes you love than the hero and heroine and the love story.When reading DeAnna Cameron, you love her heroines They are very real women who are not mopey, beyond repair and they are not high flying care free fairies either Abby is a real woman with real issues and is very vulnerable, yet strong What [...]

  14. This was an enjoyable story Short but full enough to forget its a Novella Abby definitely has multiple plates in the air, just trying to hang on Derek has a similar problem especially after he meets Zenina the belly dancer Their one night together just wasn t enough for him Zenina is the brave, fearless alter ego for Abby The minute she gets into her gear she starts feeling that freedom She loves belly dancing Turns out as she is hiding out from Derek, she ends up pretty good as a Master of Disg [...]

  15. I was given the chance to read an ARC of Shimmy For Me by DeAnna Cameron in exchange for an honest review through Good Reviews on This was a fun, quick and interesting read Abby was down to earth, smart, funny and easily relatable She reminded me of few personal statements I ve said, and heard, many years ago Zenina was, and is, who I think hundreds, if not thousands, of women WANT to be The beautiful, untouchable and completely sexy, belly dancer Strong, confident, and goal driven, make Abby, Z [...]

  16. This was a novella with a whole lot of heart and packed a punch And it gave me a glimpse into a world I really know nothing about, belly dancing The scene where Abby and Derek met, that instant connection was total swoon The pace of the story flowed and I liked the working relationship between Derek and Abby But during the angsty part, I was really wanting a little acknowledgement from Derek in all the misunderstanding he thought about Abby She is such a strong independent character who wanted [...]

  17. Cameron has an amazing command of language and visuals She draws you in with her impeccable storytelling, and makes you a part of her world In Shimmy for Me, we follow our plucky young heroine through her many ups and downs I found myself rooting for her, yet fearing for her self destructive choices at the same time, which reached me at a base level The characters felt very real It tugged my heartstrings when she found herself having to choose between love and everything else she had been workin [...]

  18. I ve never read any books about belly dancing or belly dancers so I wasn t sure what to expect But this story was a fun diversion Abby was likable and I rooted for her right away, which is always nice Derek seemed like a great guy, then some other things happened in the plot and I began to wonder a little Then I found out things that explained some of the other things and whew, yes, I still want to root for their romance It was fun to read a story that kept you wondering a little, and had a good [...]

  19. Abby and DerekShort read which is always a plus The characters weren t as developed as I d like them to be Plus, it was in third person which always drives me nuts I prefer first person POV.Abby is a belly dancer down on her luck She has a temp job during the day Owns a dancing studio that is about to be closed for good She also dances on the weekends at a restaurant to make money One night she meets a stranger and has a great one night stand with him They didn t exchange names even Both of them [...]

  20. This was a very fun, fast read I enjoyed the premise of the two seemingly very different protags who turned out to have a core emotional issue in common I liked how the heroine created her own world of energy and confidence while in her belly dancer persona, confidence which enabled her to be a stronger person overall and go after her heart s desires The hero was the typical romance novel alpha male, and Ms Cameron did a good job of making him accessible by showing his vulnerability The couple h [...]

  21. At first glance, this is a story line that doesn t always play out well I ll be general to avoid spoilers Guy and girl meet as strangers, have a fling, then end up meeting again in a situation where they can t avoid each other Really, I haven t told you anything Anyway, DeAnna Cameron does a great job of navigating this story line into a story that I read straight through The characters were engaging, the story was engaging, and for a novella, it definitely felt like a full story I enjoyed the s [...]

  22. This is the first book I ve ever read with a belly dancer as the main character The premise of the story was interesting I enjoyed the set up and the writing was really good.My one big complaint about Shimmy for Me was that we didn t get of Derek and Abby Their big one night stand was a fade to black, so we didn t get to see their interaction Even most of their work moments were glossed over What we did get I loved I just wished there was of it.I would recommend this book to readers looking fo [...]

  23. What a fabulous book I couldn t wait to continue reading it each day The descriptions are spot on, particularly the first time Abby gets transformed into Zenina, the belly dancer While she s dancing, her initial contact with a man wearing a suit in the audience, Derek, made me want to go out and buy a suit Zenina and Derek have a one night stand and Abby wants to leave it at that, but fate wont let it happen There are multiple problems along the way, but they all lead to a satisfying ending.I hi [...]

  24. I won this cute little novella from Giveaways The story was engaging and I generally liked both of the main characters I would have liked to feel a little of an emotional connection between Abby and Derek A one night stand does not a relationship make However, having said that, I did still enjoy myself I can tell that the author has a passion for belly dancing and that shines through the pages I look forward to reading Melanie s story.

  25. Derek and Abby 2.5 starsThis book had such potential, but from the first cockblock scenario, it went downhill quite fast Didn t like Derek and Abby will probably fall in love with a brick at first sight, she s so gullible no pun intended Also, I m not a fan of books written in the 3rd person, because it doesn t feel like I connect with the characters at all.Unfortunately it was much too cheesy for me, so I won t continue with the series.

  26. Shimmy for Me by DeAnna Cameron is a light romance with the interesting background of belly dancing And while I would have enjoyed learning about that world, this is a novella and space is short You get the emotional intensity of Derek and Abby s hookup without the blatant sexuality That meeting Leads to some interesting dynamics when their worlds collide A fast, well done read by a talented writer.

  27. Fun Romantic RompDeAnna Cameron has written a fun romantic novella ideal for escaping the drudgery of our comparatively ordinary lives I ve always wanted to belly dance, now even so Unfortunately, unlike the lovely protagonist of Shimmy for Me, I m a middle aged wife and mother whose son would die of embarrassment if I took up belly dancing Well, I guess a girl can dream.

  28. A story with an unusual protagonist, a woman is the owner of a belly dancing studio who works in the corporate world to make ends meet She has a one night stand with a handsome man, only to find out later that he is her new corporate boss Talk about bad luck We should all be so unlucky This was a charming contemporary romance that had me smiling all the way to the end.

  29. Great read I really enjoy this book it was shot but completely captivating from being to the end I am not going to give out any details than was already written up about it because they really say enough You just need to get the book find some place to get comfy and enjoy a wonderful story with a happy ending.

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