[PDF] Nobody's Lost | by ☆ Kallypso Masters, Nobody's Lost, Kallypso Masters, Nobody s Lost A standalone novel about two characters with very minor mentions in the earlier books Ryder Wilson returned from serving multiple deployments but can t leave the hell of combat behind him Frustrated and ashamed of his inability to function in the world as well as the veterans he served with he retreated choosing to engage only with those he trusted When retired MasterA standalone n [PDF] Nobody's Lost | by ☆ Kallypso Masters - Nobody's Lost, Nobody s Lost A standalone novel about two characters with very minor mentions in the earlier books Ryder Wilson returned from serving multiple deployments but can t leave the hell of combat behind him Frustrated a

  • Title: Nobody's Lost
  • Author: Kallypso Masters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Nobody's Lost | by ☆ Kallypso Masters [PDF] Nobody's Lost | by ☆ Kallypso Masters - Nobody's Lost, Nobody s Lost A standalone novel about two characters with very minor mentions in the earlier books Ryder Wilson returned from serving multiple deployments but can t leave the hell of combat behind him Frustrated a

  • [PDF] Nobody's Lost | by ☆ Kallypso Masters
    373 Kallypso Masters
Nobody's Lost

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    Kallypso Masters is a USA Today Best Selling Author with half a million copies of her books sold in paperbacks and e books since August 2011 All of her books feature alpha males, strong women, and happy endings because those are her favorite stories to read After dabbling at writing since high school a very long time ago and hoping to become a Romance writer about as long, she s living the dream and has been since May 2011.An eighth generation Kentuckian, Kally is excited to embark on the new Bluegrass Spirits series with stories set in some of her favorite places in her home state Kally has been living her own happily ever after for nearly 34 years with her hubby, known to her readers as Mr Ray They have two adult children, a rescued dog, and a rescued cat And Kally lives for visits from her adorable grandson, Erik.Kally is also the author of the USA Today Bestselling Rescue Me Saga series featuring emotional, realistic Erotic Romance novels with characters finding alternative methods for handling and healing from past traumas and PTSD She also has published two Rescue Me Saga spinoff books Western Dreams Rescue Me Saga Extras 1 and Roar, a standalone with familiar secondary characters from the main series Roar will serve as the bridge to a future Romantic Suspense trilogy with Patrick, Grant, and Gunnar To contact or interact with Kally, go to Facebook, her Facebook Author page, or Twitter kallypsomasters.Keep up with news on her Web site KallypsoMasters by subscribing to her newsletter or signing up for text alerts.You can e mail her at kallypsomasters gmail, or write to her atKallypso MastersPO Box 1183Richmond, KY 40476 1183

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  1. I just couldn t connect to the MCs in this one.talk about some major insta love and a proposal after only a couple days, just what Feeling like a brat I think I ve hit the lowest of book funks

  2. Lovely and emotional read just like the rest of the series Not as heavy on the sexy stuff The focus is on healing and the maturity that comes with accepting the past and realising that asking for help is not a weakness Both of the main characters carry their own baggage and that makes them that much human The female protagonist Megan is easy to relate to and is someone I would like to be friends with in real life There were a few mentions of the characters from the other books but as a whole th [...]

  3. Following his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Marine veteran Ryder Wilson is ensnared in the depression and self loathing of survivor s guilt He served with Adam Montague Top , Damian Orlando, Marc D Alessio Doc , and Grant all characters from previous Rescue Me Saga books Now Ryder lives in a New Mexico desert, far away from city noises and people that trigger his severe PTSD.Megan Gallagher is Adam Montague s younger half sister and the sister of Patrick Gallagher, who is also a Marine Sh [...]

  4. Loved this newest addition to the Rescue Me series from Kallypso Masters The book was intended to be a novella but ended up being like a novel and we are all the better for it Megan and Ryder made a perfect couple I ll also add that this book made me curious about Grant and I was glad that we got to see a bit of Megan s brother Patrick.

  5. I just love this series, and this book was an unexpected surprise while waiting for Luke and Cassie s story Ryder is so broken from his service in the military He has basically become a hermit in the mountains and avoids as much contact with people as possible His nightmares and terrors have such a huge impact on his life He is hurting and guilt stricken His friend, Carlos, is the only person who seems to be any support for him, but that is also because he has isolated himself and basically made [...]

  6. I love all the research that Kally does for her books I learn something from each one Whether it is about the military, or PTSD or BDSM or in the case of this book vision quests and purification by Native Americans As this was just a novella the cast of characters was much smaller but the impact of the story was just as powerful as a full length book Ryder Wilson was a Marine that served with Adam and the team during that ill fated mission years ago He also served with Gino D Alessio earlier who [...]

  7. Another great book in this series Ms Master s does a great job with representing our servicemen women and the struggles they have coming home and dealing with PTSD This book was just amazing the characters, the kink, the chemistry That was a little different side of Grant that I wasn t expecting Oh, that was not near enough of Adam and his Kitten I really want to know about their brother, Patrick Now, maybe I can wait patiently for Nobody s Dreamh it March yet

  8. 5 million stars for the book 5 in the Rescue Me saga Kallypso did a great job once again No matter what I say, I won t be able to do it justice You really really should read it for yourself, the whole series really The book might not have been planned, but turned out perfect and fitting into this saga.Kally knows what she writes about when it comes to BDSM, PTSD and the Marines A big deal also plays vision quests and purification by Native Americans and their believes If you follow Kally on soci [...]

  9. 5 Star Review Nobody s Lost Rescue Me Saga, 5 This saga is one of my all time favourites I was not disappointed by the latest addition to the saga Every book I have read by Kallypso Masters has touched my soul The way the author layers the storylines is amazing Although this is a stand alone book, I personally feel that it was beneficial but not necessary to have read all the previous books in the Rescue Me Saga This book started out as a novella and as such there is a brief mention of other cha [...]

  10. Kallypso Masters strikes again I can t believe that after beating her cancer, she managed to write such amazing, compelling story Not just that, but in only in 5 weeks of work That s INSANE With this book she took me from to break my heart as she never done before, to make me laugh so hard I got to say that I ADORE Megan She became my favorite heroine in the series so far, not that I don t love the rest, because I do, they all are strong, amazing, and brave women Megan know what she wants and sh [...]

  11. I hate to say it but I didn t love this like the rest of this series, there were just too many things that didn t work for me.The first thing was yet another 26 year old virgin and a nearly 40 year old man, I hate this scenario now and this is the second one I have read in a freaking week It is just old and tiring let the man find someone his age or hell even older for once, it would be interesting at this point since this is so worn out Not to mention her reason for being a virgin was just not [...]

  12. I love Kally s books, and this one is no exception Ryder Wilson is living a shadow of a life, hiding in the mountains of New Mexico and trying not to check out for good He hasn t been able to pull it together since he left the Marines He gets an unexpected call one night from Adam Montague, his former MSGT, asking him to check on Adam s sister who is living not too far away Megan is trying to get her new photography career off the ground after recently graduating from a masters program at UCS Sh [...]

  13. Sadly this story didn t grab me as hard as the others It started off great but then became unrealistic and a bit desperate I m all for love at first sight etc etc but marriage immediately and straight into a BDSM lifestyle after knowing someone days, er, I don t think so especially given Megan s virginity and inexperience.I did love the emotion brought out through Ryder s struggles with PTSD though It was heart wrenching and painful to realise that it s all too common I have a huge amount of lov [...]

  14. Another excellent installment in the Masters at Arms saga In this one we have the story of Ryder, one of Adam s marines, and Megan, Adam s newly discovered half sister The story is set in the desert of New Mexico, away from the club and Colorado I loved the native American traditions and rituals that Kally has included in this book, making this very different from the other books of the series The characters stories are every bit as powerful though an ex marine fighting guilt and PTSD, and a wom [...]

  15. December 11th to December 12, 2014I loved this surprising, unexpected story about Megan and Ryder I knew from the website it was coming and I really enjoyed the journey This was a beautifully crafted story about a very misunderstood condition that so many people suffer with I love the attention to detail that the author brings forward with group help information I loved the magical, mysterious Native American aspect of healing and heritage that was brought forth I find these things absolutely in [...]

  16. HmmI enjoyed the story overall, but felt that it was a little short It s probably because I am used to Kallypso s being very long I felt that I didn t get enough background or depth to the characters.Because of this it was harder to believe their budding relationship and personalities for me, I think.Megan was amazing at helping and supporting Ryder She shows almost an unconditional love from the start.Ryder has some demons to work through before he can think about interaction with people, let a [...]

  17. Another Great story by Kallypso Masters This book is a Stand Alone but once you read it you will want to go back and read the series if you haven t already Megan might be in danger and her brother sends in one of his ex marine buddies to protect her when her house is broken into Ryder will do almost anything for his old Master Sergeant, even if it means getting out of his comfort zone, but when he meets Megan he knows it will take all he has to not act on the attraction.Megan and Ryder s story i [...]

  18. This is the story of Ryder and Megan Their story might not have come to fruition but for the intervention of others human and spirit Like all the other books in this particular series, this is an emotional book I found myself crying and sobbing while on lunch hour mind you , laughing, hoping, believing, and loving both the Hero and Heroine Such strong characters who are willing to learn and love All books in this series are emotional and powerful reads, giving the read much than a love story Gr [...]

  19. warning, Not your typical military romance in this series Although each story touched on our veterans and the struggle they go through coming home from war.This book explores on the intense struggles of PTS PTSD and veteran suicide.This is an emotional read One I have the privilege to be able to read freely because so many sacrificed their freedom, time and sadly lifes This story is about Ryder and Megan helping one another, loving one another through different struggles Megan is used to milita [...]

  20. Ryder Wilson has been deployed multiple times serving his country, but he can t seem to get his days in combat out of his head He is ashamed of some of his actions while deployed, he wishes he could fix his mistakes but know that he can t As far as he is concerned lives were lost and it was his fault Frustrated at his inability to function in the civilian world and live a nice life like some of his veteran brothers, he becomes a recluse choosing to hide rather than face the worlds judgements One [...]

  21. Lost Souls Meaningful ConnectionAs a fan of the Rescue Me Saga Series, I knew what to expect from Kallypso, but I didn t know what to expect from Nobody s Lost because I wasn t prepared to have the book pop up in the series The characters of the book had been mentioned slightly but were not someone I had thought would take on a major role, not yet that is But Kallypso did an excellent job of bringing the characters in without disrupting the already established foundation It just added an additio [...]

  22. Kitty s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSAs the horrors of war come home and PTSD is becoming and prevalent, Kallypso Masters brings us heroes who feel they are too broken to survive, let alone love She brings us wounded warriors not only physically, but mentally, shows us what it is like to live with debilitating night terrors and then turns it all around with the help and love of a good woman Then, and only then, does she bring us our happily ever after.Ryder and Megan ar [...]

  23. In Nobody s Lost, Megan Gallagher, half sister to Adam Montague, finds herself the victim of a robbery When she tells Adam about it, Adam calls Ryder Wilson, one of his Marines to check on Megan Ryder is struggling with PTSD and has retreated from society, preferring to live in isolation When Adam calls though, Ryder is unable to tell his former sergeant no, so he heads out for Megan a place Both are immediately attracted to each other but with Ryder struggling with PTSD, can they find love Like [...]

  24. When I read the other 4 books in this series, I read them back to back, and wrote the same review for each one As its been some time since then, I ll review this all on its own, and will do that for any future books.Megan is Adam Montague s half sister We met her previously when Adam reconnected with his mother Ryder is also mentioned in passing in a previous book NOW, it says, that this is a stad alone and can be a new starting point for the series THIS is correct, however, it would be benefic [...]

  25. It never ceases to amaze me how some authors can take an idea and create such a wonderful and powerful story and or series from it Kallypso Masters has that wonderful talent to do so and certainly didn t disappoint with this instalment of the Rescue Me Saga She opens our hearts and minds to the painful reality for many returning service men and women.I love the idea of having two hollow souls find each other only to be able to dig deep and see how fast and how much each helps the other heal Mega [...]

  26. This was my pleasure read for the month and let me tell you what a real pleasure it was.There were moments while reading through Ryder s story that I couldn t stop the tears from falling out the corner of my eyes, but as heart breaking as his feelings and history were With Megan s help he was about to see his self worth and need to heel.I loved that Megan was such a strong independent character She also has some amazing sass Though there are things that she tries to not let hurt her, her heart l [...]

  27. This is number 5 in the Rescue Me Saga It may be read as a stand alone but I don t recommend it YOU DONT WANT TO MSS ALL THESE 5 STAR READS The characters are intertwined as well An excellent storyline full of delicate and intriguing subject matter Thoroughly researched and respectfully written Emotionally filled and thought provoking NO ONE NO ONE writes with such passion Characters that are so spirit filled and adverse in personality Roles that provide the needed support and illustration to a [...]

  28. Kallypso Masters has done it again OMG, this story is just so heart breakingly beautiful Ryder Megan may just have taken over as my favorite Rescue Me couple Ryder is so very broken from his service to his country it just broke my heart Megan is so strong such a wonderful character, even with all of the pain she has inside Megan is Adam s half sister Adam happens to call while the police are at her house sends in Ryder to make sure she is safe until their other brother returns home Ryder doesn t [...]

  29. 3 3.5 starsNot a bad read The storyline was great and reminded me of how much i love this series It isnt just a bdsm erotic romance, but also deals with some serious PTSD issues that are intense and believable.I guess im settling for 3 stars since for most of the story I didnt really feel any romance between the two When they first meet and in the build up to their first kink scene, there just wasnt any chemistry Sure, when Ryder finally succumbed and gave Megan her first taste of kink, it was h [...]

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