[PDF] Read ↠ Small Town Christmas : by Magdalena Scott, Small Town Christmas, Magdalena Scott, Small Town Christmas USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott invites you to Come to Serendipity and believe in the magic of Love Melissa is moving back to Serendipity Indiana to raise her young son and run her new business in spite of her own painful childhood and the fact that the man who broke her heart years ago still lives in their hometown With his dad s death the work of thUSA Today [PDF] Read ↠ Small Town Christmas : by Magdalena Scott - Small Town Christmas, Small Town Christmas USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott invites you to Come to Serendipity and believe in the magic of Love Melissa is moving back to Serendipity Indiana to raise her young son and run her new

  • Title: Small Town Christmas
  • Author: Magdalena Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ↠ Small Town Christmas : by Magdalena Scott [PDF] Read ↠ Small Town Christmas : by Magdalena Scott - Small Town Christmas, Small Town Christmas USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott invites you to Come to Serendipity and believe in the magic of Love Melissa is moving back to Serendipity Indiana to raise her young son and run her new

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Small Town Christmas : by Magdalena Scott
    367 Magdalena Scott
Small Town Christmas

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  1. Magdalena Scott

    I m a romance writer, so you won t be surprised to know I m in love.But you might be surprised to learn I m in love with my hometown.My profile picture was taken on the grounds of one of our historical sites, and you can see a bit of small town in the background.Small towns are a great place to be born, to grow up, to spend your daysd even to die.My husband of 30 years was raised in this small town, too He loved it, loved the people, and lived a life of giving back to the community In December 2009 he was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor, and it seemed that everyone in our town walked that hard path with us I threw him a party a few days after the diagnosis, and hundreds of people came for a pitch in dinner to share stories, to give him and our family hugs, to sing, to laugh and to get teary eyed.When he died three years later, I threw him another pitch in dinner Hundreds of people came, and brought food for twice as many We shared stories, hugged, sang, laughed, got teary eyed.This is what small towns are They are your support when things go well, and when things are hard Small towns are full of wonderful, generous people It s not Mayberry, and we have our share of problems But we do small town best when we pull together.That s why I m in love with my hometown, and why I love writing novels set in small towns like it I hope you ll find that my stories touch a place in your heart.Magdalena

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  1. Unfortunately, this Christmas novella didn t work for me at all The story didn t seem to unfold naturally to me Instead, I felt like I was getting fed bits of information here while the main character told us about her daily life in Serendipity in what felt almost like point form.There with nothing around it to really allow me to immerse myself into to the story In my opinion, Jim was not a lovable character He was kind of a selfish jerk with not many redeemable characteristics And the plot twis [...]

  2. I don t like to write bad reviews I know how hard authors work on their books and I respect that But this book just didn t do it for me.In the beginning I was leaning towards a 3 star rating, but then the author threw in a twist towards the end of the book One that just didn t sit right with me and the I thought about it the it bugged me.I was looking for a sweet winter romance and in my opinion, there s not a lot of that in this book I felt like the book dealt a lot with the Standish family [...]

  3. This was this was the next to last book in The Sweet Christmas Kisses bundle I enjoyed reading this book The mother in this book, had returned to her small town, and bought a house she had loved as she was growing up She wanted her son to be brought up in this town She had friends, and a family that loved her, and helped her take care of her son The family lived on a Christmas tree farm, and had a Christmas shop The story was full of all the lovely Christmas traditions, decorations, cookie bakin [...]

  4. This was a short, pleasant read although I found the end difficult to believe I get Christmas magic and all that but this just seemed too far fetched I also wasn t completely sold on Jim as the hero He did nothing to endear me to him Truthfully, he came off as rather selfish, only thinking about himself I enjoyed the small town and Melissa s coming back to the place where she grew up I also liked the close friends and the way they ve always kept in touch.

  5. Love this bookThis is a wonderful second chance romance Melissa and him were high school sweets that separated in high school They go their own way He ends up back in Serendipity and helps in the family farm She comes back to the house she always wanted She has a son now She meets up with his family who she is still friends with and they call in love with her son Love all the ups and downs during their time of getting back together Love the family and This book.

  6. Small Town Christmas is a heart warming, wonderful book It is Book 1in the Serendipity, Indiana series.Having her heart broken, Melissa left Serendipity, right after graduation 20 years later, Melissa has returned,with her son Matthew, wanting for a fresh start for them both The story is about friends, family a second chance at love I loved this book, really enjoyed reading it A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE

  7. I love all things Christmas and this story is a real Christmas tale to believe in Well written the feelings flow fast and hard Loss with coming home and finding love all over again Characters are life like you can see and feel their fear, sadness and love A must read for this holiday season I can t wait to read the next in the series

  8. You re going to love Serendipity Indiana Great small town, with lots of wonderful people in it Especially Matthew Magdalena is an excellent writer and I can t wait to read the rest of the series

  9. This is the 1st book I read by Magdalena Scott I m sorry I stopped reading this book at chapter 4 because it didn t grab my interest.

  10. SweetA clean romance with heart ache and heartwarming family Community is a great word to describe how this book will make you feel.

  11. I would put this at 3 4 but could only choose either, so erred on the 3 band it was a sweet, well written Christmas story showing that second chance at love can happen.

  12. I liked this story in a lot of ways good dialogue, good pacing and I wanted to see how things turned out The boy Matthew and I often don t like when a child is a big factor in a romance was great But I had three major problems with this book the first one was with why she s angry with Jim for dumping her and two issues related to the ending Also be prepared for a paranormal element that I didn t expect and it is not apparent from the description of the book Knowing this beforehand I might have b [...]

  13. I really liked the tone of this novella It made me really feel with the character and go along the story However I found the plot with the guy somehow lacking It would have helped if heroine actually lets us think she cares for this guy and still finds him irresistable She acted in an I don t care way about him, even toward the readers, so I had no clue she would find a reason and tie up the loose ends with the guy Otherwise I loved not only the style but the characters too, except that there we [...]

  14. I love this book it is such a beautiful romance Magdalena Scott knows how to write a great story that tells a tale you can see as you read the book Melissa left town soon after graduation and vowed never to return Life forced her to come home bringing with her her 6 yr old son She gets to live in the home she admired loved as a child.Jim her high school sweetheart, had moved on, married and became an attorney He also helps out on his family tree farm.Can these 2 broken sweethearts mend their hea [...]

  15. Was a cute romance, holiday story in the Kindle Sweet Christmas Kisses, fourteen novella set I really enjoyed the family connection and influences in this story The characters were real and likable The only thing I didn t like, is that it is the first book in a series I wish these sets didn t put books in as part of series I feel I am being cheated somehow, as I don t have time to read all of these series I really did like her work though.

  16. Another very good book in the Sweet Christmas Kisses collection But now I m going to have to get the other books in the series so I can find out what happens But that is okay When a book is good enough, it is worth having to buy the other books in the series Well worth the time it took to read it.

  17. This book was definitely a page turner, it had a lot of twists and turns that you d never expect, great joy and sorrow to as well as having that little touch of Christmas magic, this is a heart warming christmas read that was well worth my time, even if I m reading it after Christmas I see myself coming back to re read this one

  18. Really Great ReadMagdalena Scott did a really good job with this story.It had me sitting on the edge of my seat cheering for the lead characters,and not wanting it to end.

  19. Great book What a wonderful story of hope and love I loved the characters and am looking forward to all their stories

  20. CuteThis was a cute fast read I love heart warming Stories, especially those set at Christmas time Very nice story full of Christmas cheer.

  21. Goodthis book is one that makes you realize that the Lord is so involved in people s lives and brings happiness

  22. Heartwarming Want a second chances story, finding out the truth stories, and unexpected surprises Then you love Small Town Christmas Another great, enjoyable Christmas story.

  23. This book definitely pulled at my heartstrings I loved this book and I can t wait for the rest of the series to come out

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