[PDF] Halfway to Heaven | by ☆ Susan Wiggs, Halfway to Heaven, Susan Wiggs, Halfway to Heaven At a glittering White House gala Abigail Cabot discovers the man of her dreams Only he s not interestedt So the gifted lady astronomer whose passion for measuring stars has left her woefully lacking in social graces seeks someone to educate hermeone who is a master at the art of seduction Jamie Calhoun s handsome looks and easy charm have made him as populaAt a glittering Whi [PDF] Halfway to Heaven | by ☆ Susan Wiggs - Halfway to Heaven, Halfway to Heaven At a glittering White House gala Abigail Cabot discovers the man of her dreams Only he s not interestedt So the gifted lady astronomer whose passion for measuring stars has left her woefully lackin

  • Title: Halfway to Heaven
  • Author: Susan Wiggs
  • ISBN: 9781551668376
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Halfway to Heaven | by ☆ Susan Wiggs [PDF] Halfway to Heaven | by ☆ Susan Wiggs - Halfway to Heaven, Halfway to Heaven At a glittering White House gala Abigail Cabot discovers the man of her dreams Only he s not interestedt So the gifted lady astronomer whose passion for measuring stars has left her woefully lackin

  • [PDF] Halfway to Heaven | by ☆ Susan Wiggs
    341 Susan Wiggs
Halfway to Heaven

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    Susan Wiggs s life is all about family, friendsd fiction She lives at the water s edge on an island in Puget Sound, and she commutes to her writers group in a 17 foot motorboat She serves as author liaison for Field s End, a literary community on Bainbridge Island, Washington, bringing inspiration and instruction from the world s top authors to her seaside community See fieldsend She s been featured in the national media, including NPR s Talk of the Nation, and is a popular speaker locally and nationally According to Publishers Weekly, Wiggs writes with refreshingly honest emotion, and the Salem Statesman Journal adds that she is one of our best observers of stories of the heart who knows how to capture emotion on virtually every page of every book Booklist characterizes her books as real and true and unforgettable She is the recipient of three RITA sm awards and four starred reviews from Publishers Weekly for her books The Winter Lodge and Passing Through Paradise have appeared on PW s annual Best Of lists Several of her books have been listed as top Booksense picks and optioned as feature films Her novels have been translated into than two dozen languages and have made national bestseller lists, including the USA Today, Washington Post and New York Times lists The author is a former teacher, a Harvard graduate, an avid hiker, an amateur photographer, a good skier and terrible golfer, yet her favorite form of exercise is curling up with a good book Readers can learn on the web at susanwiggs and on her lively blog at susanwiggs.wordpress.

341 thoughts on “Halfway to Heaven”

  1. It had been a long time since I d read anything by Ms Wiggs, and I cannot recall why I never sought her out, but I mean to rectify that situation I wasn t sure if would get into this, as I ve been on of a contemporary romance kick, but I got so caught up in this book I stayed up half the night reading it The setting is 1870s Washington DC Virginia, and the story centers around the Pygmalion like relationship that develops between Abigail Cabot and James Calhoun, with a dash of Cyrano de Bergera [...]

  2. uma historia bem engra ada que Susan Wiggs nos apresenta algum sentido de humor, mas acima de tudo com o realismo que afinal toda a historia de amor tambem deve conter.Abigail Cabot, filha de senador, mas com alguma incapacidade para o social enfrenta nesta historia um desafio a todas as conven es e a sua falta de auto estima.Por outro lado Jamie Calhoun, com um passado secreto, assume o papel de professor de Abby no sentido de a tornar irresistivel e em contrapartida ter o apoio politico do pai [...]

  3. Abigail Cabot, awkward and dowdy, loves nothing than astronomy One night Abigail happens upon a lovers tyst and becomes friends with the thwarted lothario James Calhoun Calhoun befriends Abigail to get into the good graces of her father Calhoun decides to assist Abigail in her transformation in order to attack her love interest Except somewhere along the way, Calhoun Abigail unexpectedly fall in love.With a cast of fun and interesting characters, Wiggs tells a story that is part romance, part c [...]

  4. I really enjoyed this book I love the character development It is not a true historical because the characters are too progressive but I love the setting and characters.It is about self confidence and relationships.I was very sad in the end with Helena s situation but can t wait to read her story I am glad I don t have to wait for it.There is what I consider mild sex in it references and some detail but not too explicit.

  5. After reading the summary of this one, I wasn t sure I was going to like it However, once I began reading and got a few chapters in, I was enjoying it just fine She kept me guessing as to what Jamie s secret was, and once we learned it, I was horrified at what poor Noah went through I was so worried that she was going to marry Boyd, was so glad she didn t I am curious to see what happens to her sister though after her marriage I am looking forward to book 4 in this series.

  6. well folks this is really a lady s book it is a love story that takes place many years ago when politics was based on who you know and who you can marry off your daughter to get brownie points.To hell to love for your daughter this is a story that you would read wrapped in a blanket on a cold evening with a glass of wine.

  7. I enjoyed this book a lot than I did The Horsemaster s Daughter, as I found the characters in this book a lot likeable I like that Susan Wiggs has given us great heroines in this series Calhoun Chronicles they have flaws, they re not your average beautiful debutante that you find in other historical novels They are painfully shy, unfashionably intelligent or have grown up on a secluded island with only their father for guidance These characters are much relatable I stopped reading historical [...]

  8. History buffs who focus on post Civil War America would like this book Set in Washington, D.C and rife with both political machinations by the men and how women were expected to act, but often didn t embellish this story about Abigail Cabot, 2nd daughter to Senator Cabot He would dearly love for one of his daughters to marry the Vice President s son Abby has been enad of the boy since they were children, but what she thinks of a love might better be characterized as something else Especially aft [...]

  9. I really loved this book Susan Wiggs creates wonderful characters we have two sisters Abagale and Helena and their father is a politican Their mother passed away delivering Abagale The sisters have a very close bond and are always trying to please their father and making him happy Abagale has her heart set on Boyd Butler the vice presidents son and dreams of being with him and looking for her happily ever after Boyd has his eyes on Helena and begins to court her for her hand in marriage Enter Ja [...]

  10. I read this book for the Disney Prince Hopefuls challenge Milo Thatch Read a book that has to do with the legend of Atlantis or a book where the character knows several languages You may also read a book with a socially awkward character or a character named James or Michael.This book was pretty decent, but unbelievable at times and forgettable at others Our nerdy club footed heroine gets together with a new member of Congress her dad is an important senator too to convince the man she idealizes [...]

  11. I enjoyed this book and really would go 3 1 2 stars Abigail is a super smart woman with a deformed foot that she takes great pains to hide She s awkward but has potential which Jamie sees immediately Jamie is a bit of a scoundrel with a tragic past I haveen t read the previous books in the series so maybe it s addressed further there It s a well written book and it was fun to read a historical set in Washington, DC as opposed to The West or Europe A bit too much name dropping, though The book fe [...]

  12. This is another from one of my top 5 authors,the same high quality as all of Susans booksHO this lady must spend a lot of time thinking up plots that are not the sameo,not only plots, but her characters have a well thought out differance too.Maybe it s because she leaves the sex scenes to our imagination instead of the verbatum scenes most authors do nowdays.The first one in this book was described in only a few words but boy did my imagination ever set up and take notice Jaime was just wonderfu [...]

  13. Awkward daughter, who s also an astronomer, of a Senator prefers looking at the stars than catching the bouquet of the bride She s allergic to the flowers, and because of a foot deformity, she prefers not to embarrass herself with dancing backwards, of course Escaping her unease, she meets the dashing Jamie Calhoun, freshman Congressman He offers to tutor her so that she can attract the man of her dreams, but like most romances, love blooms between the two Will she end up with the man of her dre [...]

  14. This book languished in my mammoth TBR for a long time because I m not wild about political settings That being said, I really enjoyed this story If you re a hero centric romance reader, then Jamie Calhoun is right in your wheelhouse He s a rogue, a charmer, and says all the right things to make a girl swoon I liked that Abby doesn t immediately swoon though, and I liked that these two fall in love prior to her makeover even if they don t admit their feelings for each other until the end A very [...]

  15. Mousy astronomer Abigail Cabot loves Lt Boyd Butler but he is smitten by her older beautiful sister, Helena Helena, however, is in love with the brilliant but poor Dr Rowan, mathematician and inventor Helena, semi literate, is pursued by Butler by letter and Abby answers the letters in her sister s stead Jamie Calhoun, freshman Congressman, assists Abby in her pursuit in a very Pygmalion way Lots of convoluted action but done in a deeply engaging manner Well drawn out plot with an indepth look i [...]

  16. Abigail and Helena Calbot, raised by their wealthy influential widowed father, have only each other for emotional support Helena is stunningly beautiful Abigail is awkward, socially inept, and brilliant Everyone falls in love with Helena except Jamie Calhoun, the Virginia rake who sees past the awkwardness and unfashionable wardrobe to appreciate the wallflower sister Wonderfully written ugly duckling story of two souls finding each other and finding themselves.

  17. Senator Cabot s younger daughter, Abigail, is a brilliant astronomer and a lousy dresser Freshman Congressman Jamie Calhoun decides the best way to win her father s influence is to help Abby romance and win the husband of her dreams So why are neither truly happy when it works For readers advisors character doorway is primary Story and setting circa 1870s or 1880s Virginia are secondary Mild sexual content and swearing.

  18. Good book I read this series entirely out of order and I really wish that I read Enchanted Afternoon after this one, I think it would have made sense.

  19. Really liked this book I really enjoyed the genuine friendship established between Jamie and Abby I think that was the female characters name it s kind of escaping me at the moment Definitely read this AFTER reading the horsemasters daughter, or else it spoils the story of the character Noah.

  20. Los personajes de esta serie con mujeres muy poco convencionales para su poca Quiz no sean tan hermosas pero definitivamente son muy inteligentes y se interesan en temas reservados casi siempre para los hombres Seguimos en los 1860 s, esta vez en el Senado y las luchas de poder, los intereses de los ferrocarrileros y mantener las apariencias.

  21. I haven t read Susan Wigg s historical romances before and was pleasantly surprised as I read this book It was a fun book to read with a plot that was probably implausible, but definitely romantic It provided hours of good escape and the arguments between the two main characters kept me smiling.

  22. Hmmmm kind of similar to the first book and had it s momentsbut i found it dragging at times Characters were okay it had so much potential to be great It wasn t horribleIt was just okay lol but great finish to the series

  23. I expected to like the Calhoun book set in Washington D.C Unconventional women and the men who try to understand them is the focus of the whole Calhoun Series This was worth reading it just isn t as rich as Horsemaster s Daughter.

  24. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, Susan Wiggs has a wonderful style of writing Her characters are gorgeous both central characters and sub characters and her story so engaging, I was turning each page with anticipation Can t wait to read some of her work.

  25. This book is about two wounded souls coming together in the time after the civil war in the USA Improbable plot, with an interesting mix of tragedy and humor Good romantic tension and suspense An enjoyable escape read.

  26. Fun read about an intelligent, awkward young woman trying to find her way and keep her father happy at the same time I thought from the blurb that it was present ish day, so it took me a second to catch up.

  27. Very predictable, but I had to finish it just the same Not what I would normally expect from Susan Wiggs but it was light, easy reading and sometimes you just gotta do that

  28. Aww How I liked this book I adore slow build up for romance and this had it Loved Abbie s and Jamie s friendship and watching it grow into love was so beautiful _

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