Free Read Immortale - by Steven Savile, Immortale, Steven Savile, Immortale From the bestselling writer of Doctor Who Torchwood and Primeval comes a brand new post apocalyptic thriller the walking dead meets the roadA man awakens in a filthy bedroom with no recollection of who he is or how he got there Seeing an old Gideon bible on a nightstand he finds a name to call his own Temple Immortal is the story of Temple s quest for identity and pFrom the bestselling Free Read Immortale - by Steven Savile - Immortale, Immortale From the bestselling writer of Doctor Who Torchwood and Primeval comes a brand new post apocalyptic thriller the walking dead meets the roadA man awakens in a filthy bedroom with no recollection of w

  • Title: Immortale
  • Author: Steven Savile
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Immortale - by Steven Savile Free Read Immortale - by Steven Savile - Immortale, Immortale From the bestselling writer of Doctor Who Torchwood and Primeval comes a brand new post apocalyptic thriller the walking dead meets the roadA man awakens in a filthy bedroom with no recollection of w

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  • Free Read Immortale - by Steven Savile
    334 Steven Savile

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  1. Steven Savile

    Steven Savile born October 12, 1969, in Newcastle, England is a British fantasy, horror and thriller writer, and editor living in Stockholm, Sweden His published work includes novels and numerous short stories in magazines and anthologies.

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  1. Review copyImmortal is about a man without an identity, who wakes in a sleazy hotel room and begins a quest to find out who he really is From a Gideon s bible he finds in the room he takes the name Temple For me, it was the journey that made this such an enjoyable read He s now in a world with silver eyed dead which Temple comes to think of as The Soulless and he refers to the end of civilization as The Fall.In his search for a purpose, a thirteen year old girl convinces him to save her brother, [...]

  2. Brilliant Temple is a man without a past Were it not for the bible in the hotel room where he woke up, he d have no name The story of the journey that follows is emotionally draining, horrifyingly well written and oddly cathartic at the end There is so much depth here Temple is a deep character He doesn t know his past, but he is driven to find it He simply HAS to know Side characters like Nina and Pilgrim play such integral parts Recurring themes like the number four, the name Nina among other [...]

  3. A boy wakens in a rundown room not knowing who where he is picks up the bible chooses a name Temple m, 530120 180049 was learning to adapt to the devastation that now existed in the city he lived in A deadly virus had done some serious damage to human s mind body soul A soup kitchen former Kristus Church was set up to feed those that survived The Gaians owned Hyde Park The Spider Boys Fire Boys ruled the streets Bodies were everywhere that needed to be picked up by the meat wagon.Temple meets Ni [...]

  4. I have many words to describe Steven Savile s writing strong, descriptive, engaging, exciting, intense however, this book pushed it over the edge into brilliance for me Immortal consumed me, not unlike the shadows plaguing the main character, Temple The writing is beautiful whether Savile is describing a forgotten memory, or detailing a gunshot wound to the face would that authors could evoke such emotions from their readers As gripping as madness itself, this book is overwhelming in its dark b [...]

  5. Ambientato in un mondo decadente e nte, racconta del viaggio di Temple alla ricerca di se stesso Beh, il nome inventato, perch Temple non si ricorda chi , e l ha preso dalla Bibbia che ha trovato sul comodino del sudicio hotel in cui si risvegliato Il mio corpo il tuo tempio , da cui Temple.Il mondo in cui Temple si muove ormai quasi arrivato al punto di non ritorno molti uomini sono regrediti in bestie, e quelli che non lo sono stentano a sopravvivere I morti dagli occhi d argento sono dappertu [...]

  6. Too bad there aren t 1 2 stars this would be a 1.5 The story is really good, but the writing is awful Awful to the point of only 1.5 stars Was this book not edited At all Things like he was unphased rather than unfazed , friend s rather than friends twice in the same paragraph no less make this an awful read And such examples abound Though the story itself was good, the lack of editing made it pretty much unreadable Unfortunately I won t be reading anything else by this author.

  7. Despite some rather depressing scenarios and a bleak future we would all happily avoid, I enjoyed Immortal by Steven Savile The setting takes place sometime after what is referred to as The Fall, and we are not given a clear picture of just what happened to cause it But what we do get is a wild ride of an adventure with Temple, as he tries to sort out what is going on and who he is, while protecting the few people he grows close to.Savile s style pulls you in and keeps you turning pages, not let [...]

  8. Don t expect a happy endingI don t read a lot of Apocalyptic fiction Usually when I do, the book finds some redeeming virtue in at least some part of humanity There may be some here, but I didn t spot it here A combination of greed, competition over diminishing natural resources, and cynical manipulation of fear and religious differences leads to total community breakdown Readers will be a bit surprised when the government manipulating the death and hopefully resurrection of a new humanity is re [...]

  9. Post Apocalyptic and extremely intense We have a man Temple who seems to have no beginning , at least not one he can remember.Nina who convinces Temple to help her.Immortal gets its hooks into you and you can t stop As the tempo in the book increased I found my self reading with that same intensity.You are in for a fantastic ride with Immortal There are surprises along the way and especially at the end.

  10. It took me a while to get into this but once i did then I was hooked The writing made a grim and broken world come to life in a very vivid manner i really wanted to know what happenes to the main characters Nicely wrapped up, half way through I got the feeling it was setting itself up for a series of books but it turned out not to be the case Very enjoyable

  11. Loved this book very much, such an enjoyable read Just when you thought it was going one way, it changed completely I really didn t want to finish the book Amazing work once again Steve Look forward to .

  12. While the writing can seem a touch jittery at times short sentences that come along like machine gun bursts , this is a really interesting story.Things blur a little in parts of the book.The end is worth waiting for.

  13. Immortal is an excellent story that is both intriguing and terrifying The journey embarked upon by Temple is intense as he tries to regain his identity and purpose in life This is a bleak look into the future but such an excellent story

  14. I really enjoyed the first half of this book, but it changed halfway through, and I didn t enjoy the ending as much.

  15. DNF 30%This just isn t holding my interest It got my attention by its description, I love The Walking Dead and liked The Road, but I just can t stick with the story.

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