☆ After the Crash ↠ Michel Bussi, After the Crash, Michel Bussi, After the Crash On the night of December a plane crashes on the Franco Swiss border and is engulfed in flames out of passengers are killed instantly The miraculous sole survivor is a three month old baby girl Two families one rich the other poor step forward to claim her sparking an investigation that will last for almost two decades Is she Lyse Rose or Emilie EigOn the night ☆ After the Crash ↠ Michel Bussi - After the Crash, After the Crash On the night of December a plane crashes on the Franco Swiss border and is engulfed in flames out of passengers are killed instantly The miraculous sole survivor is a three month old

  • Title: After the Crash
  • Author: Michel Bussi
  • ISBN: 9780297871422
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ After the Crash ↠ Michel Bussi ☆ After the Crash ↠ Michel Bussi - After the Crash, After the Crash On the night of December a plane crashes on the Franco Swiss border and is engulfed in flames out of passengers are killed instantly The miraculous sole survivor is a three month old

  • ☆ After the Crash ↠ Michel Bussi
    260 Michel Bussi
After the Crash

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  1. Michel Bussi

    Michel Bussi est un auteur et politologue fran ais, professeur de g ographie l universit de Rouen Il est sp cialiste de g ographie lectorale.Michel Bussi is one of France s most celebrated crime authors The winner of than 15 major literary awards, he is a professor of geography at the University of Rouen and a political commentator After the Crash, his first book to appear in English, will be translated into over twenty languages.

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  1. Translated for the first time from France, this book has won multiple awards in its home country A plane crash, two three month old babies on board and one survives while every other being on the plane does not Really Well, stranger things have happened in life, so just go with it In the time before DNA it is almost impossible to prove which baby this was and so two families, one wealthy with connections, one hard working with no connections both claim the baby as their grandchildren A court bat [...]

  2. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible Oscar WildeMichel Bussi, a French award winning author, pens his latest crime thriller, Un avion sans elle, that has been translated into English by Sam Taylor and the English title is called, After the Crash The mystery revolves around the identity of the youngest survivor of a plane crash accident among 169 passengers aboard that happened eighteen years ago, and now in the present, the detective, who was assigned to find out the i [...]

  3. After the Crash by Michel Bussi is a 2016 Hachette publication.Apparently, this book was a huge hit in France a little while back and so has been translated and released in America The premise is certainly interesting A plane crashes, killing everyone on board, save one three month old child The miracle child is claimed by two sets of grandparents one wealthy, one poor A battle over custody of the baby ensues which reaches epic proportions After eighteen long years, the mystery is still unsolved [...]

  4. After the Crash was a piece of excellent storytelling It had many threads, unusual characters and lots of twists and turns Sure, it was completely improbable and a bit over the top, but it had no trouble keeping my attention In 1980, everyone perishes in a plane crash on a flight from Istanbul to Paris except for a three month old baby But there were two three month old babies on the flight, and both sets of grandparents lay claim to the one surviving baby Eighteen years later, the search for th [...]

  5. The basic premise for this book is intriguing A plane crash Implausibly, but not impossibly, a baby is flung from the aircraft and survives There are no identifying marks and pre DNA testing no way to prove the baby s identity, which is unfortunate as two sets of grandparents lay claim to the little girl Equally unfortunately, but conveniently for the plot, no one outside her now dead parents has actually seen the baby oh, except for her possible 6 year old sister, which isn t all that helpful t [...]

  6. Let me put my rating in perspective for you up front I m not a fan of detective fiction It is my least favorite of any genre For some reason, these books consistently annoy the hell out of me so I usually leave them alone However, readers from all over the world are raving about Michel Bussi s After the Crash, using descriptors like extraordinary , richly satisfying , brilliant so I had to read it, right After the Crash is indeed a detective fiction mystery thriller The perspective was interesti [...]

  7. Indulge in an interesting story about an unusual dragonfly, a tragic plane crash and its serious consequences.This is certainly a story which constantly deceives you with its web of lies and secrets which makes unexpected twists This is a book that does not allow you to relax for a moment, because only one moment of carelessness is enough to miss what she s heating up for so long Complex characters and action that is becoming and complicated make this book a great read And then comes the end d [...]

  8. After The Crash is the trashiest of trashy airport thrillers The plot is preposterous in 1982 a baby is the sole survivor of a French plane crash Problem is, there were two identical looking infants from vastly different families aboard, and nobody can tell who the little girl belongs to The ensuing years see a hotly contested investigation into uncovering the true identity of the unfortunate child.The writing is poor well trodden cliches and laughable implausibilities abound And yet I kept read [...]

  9. After the Crash is a really superb mystery thriller one that hooks you in immediately and leaves you hanging on every world while you wait to find out the outcome.So the premise is very clever a baby is the sole survivor of a plane crash Two families claim she is theirs in the days before DNA and with such a young child, how on earth do you work out who she is Especially when there are no real clues The court eventually decides but then begins years of investigation by the losing relatives deter [...]

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  11. This was a very entertaining tale about a girl, one of two babies on a flight but the only survivor following the crash, who went on to be the subject of a custody battle between grandparents After a short legal battle trying to prove the child s identity without the benefit of DNA it was 1980 , the judge makes his decision One of the grandmothers hires a private detective on an 18 year retainer really , and if nothing else this guy provides most of the book s laughs and mysteries while the jour [...]

  12. A thriller that explores the nature vs nurture issue, After the crash tells the story of a three month old survivor of a horrific plane crash.When, on December 23, 1980, a plane carrying 169 passengers crashes into the Jura Mountains between France and Switzerland, there is only one tiny survivor But given that the plane carried not one, but two three month old infant girls, the survivor s identity is shrouded in mystery and controversy.Because the scientific method of proving identity via means [...]

  13. By accident, almost, her mouth touched his penis He went hard How could he do otherwise An extremely stupid book, seriously tripe This was huge in France, but so is not picking up your dog s shit allegedly However, it s extremely grippinh It needs a warning label on the front Reading this book is highly addictive and leads to loss of brain cells Don t start.

  14. This review was done by KissinBlueKarenI have been thinking about this review for 3 days now I am still conflicted about this book A plane crashes into a mountain in the middle of the night Everyone is killed instantly, except a female infant who was thrown from the plane right before impact The baby is claimed right away by the surviving Grandparents and living sibling The problem is that there were 2 babies on the plane, both girls about the same age The baby has no identifying marks, and this [...]

  15. The characters in this thriller are constantly cursing themeselves for their stupidity, which is not exactly a sign of compelling characterization or competent writing The world doesn t need a French Dan Brown, but it appears we have one Kinda like the literary equivalent of Disneyland Paris, entirely redundant.

  16. I have never had the pleasure of reading a book by Mr Bussi, I believe this may be the first of his novels to be translated into English He is an award winning French author who has written many crime thrillers I can certainly see why.The novel starts with a crash that happened 18 years in the past, letting us into the cabin of the ill fated plane, listening to thoughts and feelings of the passengers and flight attendants who knew it was the end, and then the tragedy of crashing into a snowstorm [...]

  17. I always get my doubts, when a book is translated from another language to English however, it was done very well and I was pleasantly surprised.This is a weird but wonderful concept of a plane crash, the only survivor being a 3 month old child Known as the Miracle Child.A battle of custody ensues from the two sets of Grandparents.Set in the 1980 s they didn t have the DNA expertise as they do today so it wasn t as easy to determine a child s paternity.I just found the twist a little OTT It left [...]

  18. Un avion sans elle est mon premier coup de c ur de l ann e et pas des moindres C est un roman policier extraordinaire qui m a tenue en haleine jusqu la derni re page j ai tout simplement t incapable de le l cher avant de conna tre le fin mot de l histoire.C est le r sum de la quatri me de couverture qui m avait d abord attir e, il y a plusieurs mois de cela Lors d une temp te qui secoua le Jura dans la nuit du 23 d cembre 1980, un avion s crase, ne laissant pour rescap qu un b b de trois mois De [...]

  19. I ve read the Hungarian edition of this book upon a friend s recommendation I m not a fan of crime fiction or detective stories and even though this book had its twists, it still did not grip me The first half of the book bored me to death, so much so, that I put it down and read two other books that was just published and I was dying to read Then I picked this up again, just to see where it all went The format itself did not keep my attention at all Grand Duc s diary was just a rambling mess, I [...]

  20. I have to admit to being a little daunted by the review of this book However, after getting into it, I can state unequivocally that 1 this is definitely a thinking persons mystery thriller, 2 I could not put it down and 3 I did not even try to guess the ending I loved After the Crash It is not a book for those who want to speed through to move on to another book It is one of those books where you need to look back occasionally for a clue or something you might have overlooked while reading the f [...]

  21. Fabulous When I opened this book, my initial reaction was How am I going to get through nearly 400 pages of this No not because the start was bad, or anything related to the story itself, but just sheer practicality the font size of the paperback here in India is pretty small Not a comfortable size at all for me By the time I d read the prologue and the first chapter, I wasn t even noticing the awkward size of the font any It just didn t matter all I wanted to know was what happened next Michel [...]

  22. In the winter of 1980, a plane crashed killing everyone on board except a three month old baby Two families, pole opposite of each other, come forward to claim the baby Their claims lead Credule Grand Duc to an investigation that lasted for eighteen years The detective plans to hand over his work to the surviving girl and then kill himself At the last moment he discovers the last missing piece of the puzzle that uncovers the girl s real identity only to end up murdered Is Lyse Rose de Carville w [...]

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