☆ The Figure in the Carpet ☆ Henry James, The Figure in the Carpet, Henry James, The Figure in the Carpet Did she know and if she knew would she speak The story of an unsolved literary mystery that explores what James referred to as troubled artistic consciousness Introducing Little Black Classics books for Penguin s th birthday Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics with books from around the world and across many centuri Did sh ☆ The Figure in the Carpet ☆ Henry James - The Figure in the Carpet, The Figure in the Carpet Did she know and if she knew would she speak The story of an unsolved literary mystery that explores what James referred to as troubled artistic consciousness Introducing Little Black Classics book

  • Title: The Figure in the Carpet
  • Author: Henry James
  • ISBN: 9780141397580
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Figure in the Carpet ☆ Henry James ☆ The Figure in the Carpet ☆ Henry James - The Figure in the Carpet, The Figure in the Carpet Did she know and if she knew would she speak The story of an unsolved literary mystery that explores what James referred to as troubled artistic consciousness Introducing Little Black Classics book

  • ☆ The Figure in the Carpet ☆ Henry James
    297 Henry James
The Figure in the Carpet

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  1. Henry James

    Henry James, OM, son of theologian Henry James Sr brother of the philosopher and psychologist William James and diarist Alice James, was an American born author, one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction He spent much of his life in England and became a British subject shortly before his death He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the encounter of America with Europe His plots centered on personal relationships, the proper exercise of power in such relationships, and other moral questions His method of writing from the point of view of a character within a tale allowed him to explore the phenomena of consciousness and perception, and his style in later works has been compared to impressionist painting.James insisted that writers in Great Britain and America should be allowed the greatest freedom possible in presenting their view of the world, as French authors were His imaginative use of point of view, interior monologue and unreliable narrators in his own novels and tales brought a new depth and interest to realistic fiction, and foreshadowed the modernist work of the twentieth century An extraordinarily productive writer, in addition to his voluminous works of fiction he published articles and books of travel writing, biography, autobiography, and criticism,and wrote plays, some of which were performed during his lifetime with moderate success His theatrical work is thought to have profoundly influenced his later novels and tales.

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  1. This Henry James short story published in 1896 is a lustrous, clear Tahitian pearl for those of us here on since the first person narrator is a young book reviewer who becomes obsessed with both Hugh Vereker, a much celebrated novelist, and also Vereker s novels It all started when our narrator penned a glowing review of the latest Verkeker and then had occasion to meet the great novelist himself at an evening social Enjoying his magazine review and also recognizing a fellow lover of literature, [...]

  2. I feel like Henry James misunderstood a key component of reading, literary criticism and book reviews This story presents an ideal that for me misses the point entirely.An author has written a book he receives many positive reviews for his work They are all flattering and intelligent However, according to him, none of them see the true majesty of the work None of them pick up on his supposed subtlety and obscure meaning he layered his writing with Indeed, they miss the complex figure in the Pers [...]

  3. In the Figure In The Carpet its boldness of direction shrinks with its characters flailing in a slight porous dimensionality The stage is too small, cramping James skills.Was it the narrowness of the narrator s mind journalistic world that led to an obsession which carried the tale I didn t feel the grip One possibility not to be ruled out is that I don t and never had that kind of relationship to books, the literary world So, I failed to catch the train and watched it with some indifference as [...]

  4. Catching up with the classics 27Well if this story wasn t one of the most frustrating I ve ever read I ll have to think snout what James point was

  5. A trav s de una historia que parece de suspense, James nos plasma el sentimiento que la lectura despierta en lectores, escritores y cr ticos Un telar lleno de misterio en el que se encierra el arte de narrar y la capacidad de ver la figura que el escritor teji en el tapiz.Pero seamos m s mundanos, esta breve historia nos har meditar sobre qu es la creaci n literaria, cual es el papel del cr tico, qu transmite el escritor a sus lectores, qu encierra la magia de la literatura, etc Una novela que t [...]

  6. I don t get Henry James After reading A turn of the screw , I was left scratching my head.After reading The figure in the carpet , I was left shrugging James just gives me the impression of being too clever for his own good Cryptic, too I enjoyed the ride and, na vely enough, waited for a satisfying unveiling of the mysterious figure in the carpet I should have known better In a way, I understand the joke s on me, the reader Perhaps the whole point is that there is no figure in the carpet, and t [...]

  7. I cannot figure out why I liked this so I dislike short stories and first person narrative in almost all occasions, but this was wonderful It drew me in, it kept me wondering, it gave me joy It was an odd story, but I liked that Written well, in that Victorian style so superbly used then, and giving me faith in this little collection once .Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy

  8. I admit that Henry James got me this time I was waiting for the literary mystery to unveil itself only to realise that there wasn t any I read it as a twisted tale of getting back at his critics, which seems a little childish to me, but to weave it into a Victorian mystery tale is quite clever nonetheless Inferior to anything else I have read by HJ so far, but still entertaining, despite the rather obvious selfish need of the author to get back at his critics The key is always in the written wor [...]

  9. She felt in italics and thought in capitals I don t care much for Henry James writing, but this quote is absolutely gorgeous.I did like this tale better than In the Cage Here, the unnamed narrator becomes obsessed with knowing the secret connection or meaning between all the novels of Hugh Vereker But every person who knows the secret dies before sharing it with the narrator, leaving him clueless by the end I like the idea that Vereker might be lying about his claim authors can boast about secre [...]

  10. The narrator reviews Hugh Vereker s latest novel and is quite baffled when Vereker tells him that he s missed my little point, the particular thing I ve written my books most for, the thing for the critic to find, my secret, like a complex figure in a Persian carpet The narrator tries to solve the riddle even seeking the help of his friend Corvick and his fianc e, Gwendolyn, but to no availWhat is the little point , can it only be revealed to those of a particular status Or is it just specific t [...]

  11. Nobody sees anything shecheerfully announced to which I replied that I had oftenthought so too, but had somehow taken the thought for aproof on my own part of a tremendous eye D

  12. I enjoyed this, but I m not too sure why it was no Turn of the Screw.Our protagonist is a keen book reviewer for a popular periodical After reviewing the work of a pretty famous author, he is lucky enough to meet him at a social gathering The author hints to our protagonist that no critic has ever successfully hit upon the one thing he has peppered throughout his novels This maddens the protagonist, and we join him on a journey to uncover the meaning behind all of the novels.There s a lot to be [...]

  13. A novella about a writer who has a secret intention underlying all his works, whose combined threads make the figure in the carpet The secret is discovered and then lost when all those who know it die.Of course, the narrator and the reader never know the secret This was perfectly predictable from the beginning Any explanation of the secret would have been disappointing.

  14. Less compelling than some of his other stories perhaps because it was so much like The Beast in the Jungle I got restless with it I do like the method our instructor is using in this Mod Fiction classat is reading thematically as opposed to chronologically We ve read 4 Henry James stories and now will follow up with Colm Toibin s The Master which is about Henry James.

  15. The metaphor may be the tantalizing mystery of a central figure obscured yet pulsing through art But the narrative left me chilled It lacks of certain empathic power for this reader to care much about the process of discovery.

  16. Hmm Not for me this one.I didn t enjoy the writing style and the story just didn t keep me interested.Such is the way with the Little Black Classics some work for the reader and some don t I don t think there is an expectation that they will all work for everyone

  17. una novella sulla lettura, sui misteri della letteratura, sul lettore che si ritrova a cercare misteriose chiavi di accesso ai libri simili alle figure nascoste dei tappeti persiani enigmatica e coinvolgente.

  18. Took me a while to understand what was going on, as some of the words were unfamiliar Didn t answer the main question in the story though.

  19. I would not start reading James with this work, he has many very well written others This is mostly bland.

  20. Omaggio a Henry James e anche a Beniamino Placido Se Henry James andasse a SanremoSar certamente accidentale, ma il fatto che questo famoso racconto di Henry James, La figura nel tappeto a cura di Benedetta Bini, sia stato pubblicato proprio adesso dalla casa editrice Sellerio di Palermo pagg 120, euro 7,00 non pu essere dovuto soltanto al caso Anche se del caso noi abbiamo il massimo rispetto, considerandolo come voleva Goethe il dominatore dell attualit Ogni anno che ritorna il Festival di San [...]

  21. Un magnifique roman d Henry James Le narrateur se retrouve devoir crire la critique d un roman et d un auteur Vereker Mais pour son ami Corvick, sa critique demeure en surface et classique Elle n aborde pas LA chose qui rend l criture et les oeuvres de Vereker si sp ciales, le fameux motif dans le tapis Apr s un entretien avec Vereker, le narrateur comprend ce qu il a manqu , mais ne parvient pas deviner de quoi il peut s agir exactement Ce roman est justement la qu te de ce petit quelque chose [...]

  22. I absolutely adored this short story, which is saying quite a lot That s because I can t remember the last short story I really enjoyed I prefer long and intricate stories with a certain amount of closure at the end This, however, was just brilliant We follow a young literary critic who wants to figure out what his favourite author s work as a whole is meant to do Said author teased him that there s a general, big idea behind all of his books taken together, and our narrator goes about finding o [...]

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