↠ If You Dare ✓ A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre, If You Dare, A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre, If You Dare Equal parts Dexter and Shades this is the eagerly awaited new novel from A R Torre author of the award winning erotic thriller The Girl in E The rules are the same I can t open the door I can t leave I can t kill anyone The only difference is I don t set the rules any Guards in grey uniforms do It is everything I never wanted and everything I always deEqual parts Dexter and ↠ If You Dare ✓ A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre - If You Dare, If You Dare Equal parts Dexter and Shades this is the eagerly awaited new novel from A R Torre author of the award winning erotic thriller The Girl in E The rules are the same I can t open the door I can t

  • Title: If You Dare
  • Author: A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre
  • ISBN: 9780316386692
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback

↠ If You Dare ✓ A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre ↠ If You Dare ✓ A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre - If You Dare, If You Dare Equal parts Dexter and Shades this is the eagerly awaited new novel from A R Torre author of the award winning erotic thriller The Girl in E The rules are the same I can t open the door I can t

  • ↠ If You Dare ✓ A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre
    426 A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre
If You Dare

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  1. A.R. Torre Alessandra Torre

    A.R Torre is a pseudonym of Alessandra Torre.

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  1. If You Dare, book 3 of X The continued suspenseful heart gripping journey evolution of an captivating, bad ass reclusive heroine with secrets I d kill for some cash right now, no pun intended All books in the Deanna Madden romantic thriller series are stand alones, but most enjoyed if read in order Book 1 The Girl in 6EBook 2 Do Not DisturbBook 3 If you Dare In Deanna Madden, book 1 and 2 we followed Deanna Madden three years after she cocooned herself in apartment 6E Independently wealthy worki [...]

  2. I need another book partly for Deanna but mainly because I need Mike HE WAS BARELY IN THIS BOOK LIKE WHYYYYY

  3. 4.5 STARSI absolutely love this original, dark and twisty series Deanna Madden, the self imprisoned cam girl with killer impulses living in Apartment 6E is an amazingly layered heroine who I just adore I wished for happy life for a girl who has been through so very much and continues to struggle with her thoughts The assortment of characters in this series were so very well thought out and all play an important role in Deanna s small circle Deanna s actions never failed to completely blindside m [...]

  4. 5 Daring Stars To girls with broken hearts and vengeful souls Go forth and raise hell Alessandra Torre If You Dare is the third book in the Deanna Madden Series In If You Dare, Deanna shocks us once again with her flair for blood, desire for love, and unending quest for normalcy I AM NOT a normal individual I ve known that for quite some time Deanna One year after Do Not Disturb and Deanna has finally found a slice of happiness with Jeremy Although she recognizes she will never have the entire p [...]

  5. Rating 5 The Girl in 6E StarsMy Views Alessandra Torre does not disappoint with this one I thought the The Girl in 6E was my favourite in this series but this book was just AMAZING This is officially my most favourite book that Alessandra Torre wrote till date Things you need to know before reading this one 1 The book takes place in two different time frame the past and the present.2 Something important and bad happened in the past and Deanna does not remember it in present Style of writing Ales [...]

  6. 5 Suspenseful Thrilling StarsGenre Erotic ThrillerType Standalone Book 3 of Deanna Madden SeriesPOV Shifting I am the madness, the demon, the insanity DeannaDeanna Madden attempted to live a normal life by having a boyfriend and going outside of her apartment often on dates with her man Jeremy Pacer She wanted a happy life, she wanted a normal life and Jeremy made her happy and made her want this life This book takes place a year after book two after the crazies happened and now Deanna has work [...]

  7. Story Rating 5 Get Me Out Stars Heroine Rating 5 Don t Mess With The People I Love Stars Heat Level 3.5 Stars Ending 5 Stars Overall Rating 5, I Can t Get Enough Of Deanna Madden Stars If You Dare is the third book in the Deanna Madden series This book took me on a wild ride, this wide ride has a name and it s Deanna Madden I can say without a doubt that these three books are unlike any other series I ve ever read The story is dark, twisted and riddled with violence and you know what I LOVED IT [...]

  8. Genre Erotic ThrillerType Standalone Book 3 of Deanna Madden seriesPOV ShiftingRating Almost a year has passed since Deanna Madden first attempted to live a normal life She experienced the life she always wanted not fully, but enough to make her realize what she had been missing But just as she thought normalcy could be a reality, the sins of her past caught up to her and made her question what she truly deserved.If there s one thing I would expect from Deanna Madden series is, it packs a punch [...]

  9. 5 I Dare You Stars No, I really dare you as it is Live If you have not read The Girl in 6E review show and then Do Not Disturb review showWhy are you here Go read those books then come back to hear a very special Fairy TaleIt starts like all of the others we have heard as children with Once a upon a time.There were two women who would cross pathsBoth were brilliant,Both were cunning.And both would come together and experience greatnessIt may have caused many to wonder, who came firstAlessandra o [...]

  10. The masterful storyteller strikes again If You Dare is the 3rd book in the Deanna Madden series This series is suspense and intrigue and darkness at its finest.I can t tell you how many times I have wanted to transport myself into Deanna s apartment and just hug her and love her and tell her that she can have normal I believe that Deanna Madden is a psychotherapist s dream There are so many facets to Deanna .her personality and her actions could be dissected for days, weeks, and definitely month [...]

  11. It s LIVE US UK Barnes Noble iBooks Kobo If You Dare is the third story in the Deanna Madden series A suspenseful read that s intelligently written and laced with vulnerability and fascinating characters It effortlessly toggles between the past and present time building the tension and intrigue with each turn of the page It s not a love story but I felt the love through the various relationships lining the pages of this book It s a story that essentially needs to unravel as the reader experience [...]

  12. 5 More F ckin Bacon STARSWell my favourite crazy kick ass heroine returns for another round battling her demons, those she loves, those she loves to hate and just about any one else that gets in her way Deanna Madden is truly a captivating, unpredictable and mind boggling heroine If any woman can keep me on my toes, it s her I am freed yet hunted I wondered how I was going to write this review without giving anything away because you must experience this dark, dangerous and delicious journey fir [...]

  13. Deanna Madden s story continues in book 3 of the series and as soon as the first word is consumed, the action and tension starts to build From the beginning, Deanna seems a bit doubtful about her circumstance and struggles with her past and present Before Jeremy entered her life, Deanna always knew she lived in an abnormal fashion, but now her present is starting to demand normalcy and once Deanna recognizes that she is still so burdened by her past, she starts to realize she cannot be someon [...]

  14. I am left stunned and speechless and without the ability to write a proper review As I write this, I am still at a loss on what to say In sharing with you what If You Dare is about, and what makes me love it so much, I need to be careful as it would be easy to spoil this book I have to say I was a bit skeptical to read this, because I felt like Do Not Disturb Deanna Madden, 2 ended perfectly and didn t need a follow up book It s a damn good thing Torre is the author and not me, because we would [...]

  15. Series review booknerdtan.wordpress 201I m too emotional for that ending Loved this series from start to finish.It s normal to miss characters when you immediately finish a series, right

  16. I inhale air that smells of cigarettes and cheap labor and wonder if this is the end of my story Deanna Madden series is one of my favorite series ever, and is by far on the very top That Girl in 6E have come a long way, and I have always been greedy for of her This is the third installment in the series and after reading Do Not Disturb, I can t wait for November 2015 because I wanted of her But before I started reading, I was in trepidation Call it gut instinct, or knowing but for the first t [...]

  17. I don t even know where to start I m too stunned by the brilliance.Deanna Madden is one of the most complex, fascinating and incredibly disturbing characters that I ve ever read She is the ideal anti hero Her level of dysfunction is absolutely glorious And I adore her Her journey through this third installment of the series had me clutching my chest, clenching my jaw wanting to close my eyes I routed for her, even as she was condemning herself.As fabulous as Deanna is, there is one other charact [...]

  18. Zip ties, one gallon of gas, and a lighter Total 8.52 tax Burn, baby, burn Or zip ties, one gallon of antifreeze, and a funnel Total 9.32 tax Poison, baby, poisonOr zip ties, a razor, and optional aspirin Total 9.29 tax Bleed, baby, bleed Or duct tape and plastic bags Total 7.98 tax Choke, baby, choke Oh Deanna, what are we going to do with youIf You Dare is the third installment in A.R Torre s dark erotic thriller series titled Deanna Madden I felt most connected to Deanna s character in this b [...]

  19. I can 100% see why some people would be let down by this ending but I think it makes complete sense for Deanna and for the story character arcs I m so freaking in love with this series and totally ready for Torre s next set of books with Deanna in them Come on already, your hungry audience needs them ASAP I can t say much about this book because even the back synopsis has some spoilers that I avoided all the way up until reading Just know that this is a psychological thriller at its finest The l [...]

  20. If there were than 5 stars, I would give it gladly you fell in love with a girl I playedat is what I did with you I pretended.I pretended until the day when the game stopped being fun.My game killed you, J And I m sorry that I ever asked you to play.It was a fun game And now it is over.Sincerely, the girl in 6Ethose are Deanna s words as she says goodbyee ultimate goodbye and that is exactly how I feel about this book was a journey that Alessandra Torre provided without a safety, I didn t have [...]

  21. 3.5 StarsThe conclusion to the Deanna Madden series was a tough one I liked how the story ended and I really do think that it was the best way to finish with Deanna, even though it wasn t the conclusion that I had wanted My problems came with the story that led to the end I m actually really sad that this didn t stay a five star series for me and that I had some issues with it In If You Dare Deanna s life is spiraling out of her control and handling her urges is getting and difficult She not o [...]

  22. ARC received from publisher author via Netgalley Thought I d have you pay attention first to my reading progress below when I was reading this.Yup, that s the kind of ride Alessandra took me on with this third installment of this series Interestingly enough, I guess this is really like a standalone within the series just because of the focus on this book and the way the events were laid out, almost like an episode within a series, but please do NOT, do NOT, just read this Yes, you have to read t [...]

  23. 4.5 Daring Stars I ve said it before and I ll say it againI ve never met a heroine like Deanna Madden and I ve read a lot of books This series has been filled with twists and turns, suspense, sadness, chaos, murder, lust, sex How can one book have it all And Torre s writing was pure genius as always The way she weaved this storytelling and wrapped it up was incredible, but I love how the ending isn t quite fully wrapped up There s still a little opening there just in case Miss Torre gets an itch [...]

  24. Deanna Madden is the most unpredictable heroine I ve met The trill of not knowing what s going on in her mind is always exciting If you dare is the 3rd book of the Deanna Madden Series And by far, this is the best part for me Deanna tries to be a normal girlfriend to Jeremy Though most of the time she thought Jeremy deserves someone who is normal and who doesn t have a past that challenges her sanity every day The ever dependable Mike works his computer know how here His sense of humor will cert [...]

  25. Oh Deanna Madden, how you have teased and shocked you re reading audience With a bad ass attitude that borders on psychotic, while at the same time showing vulnerability and a sense of bravery with hints of increasing maturity, she has captivated so many This is something that continues in what I sincerely hope is not the final chapter of what has been a great series The story has a fair degree of mystery to start of with when Deanna comes to with a damaged nose and no recollection as to what ha [...]

  26. In this book we find Deanna trapped again but her confinement is no longer of her own choosing This is another thrilling trip through Deanna s world complete with all her favorite things like blood, knives, camming, and her fast car.When I claw at the door and beg for release, the breaking of my soul when the darkness drags it under and suffocates its life.She tasted freedom in the last book but she may have given herself just enough leeway to wind up in trouble than she can get out of She s fa [...]

  27. Literally in love with this book.This series just gets better and better.This book evoked many emotions from me I was angry, upset, on edge and in deep thought all at the same time I couldn t wait to finish it but I didn t want it to end It would be near to impossible to not like this story.My emotions are sort of all over the place now but damn if I didn t love every second of this This book takes a unique turn, where previously we see Deanna being kicking ass and dealing with her inner demons [...]

  28. The rules are the same I can t open the door I can t leave I can t kill anyone.The only difference is, I don t set the rules any Guards in grey uniforms do It is everything I never wanted and everything I always deserved I write to you now, from a prison cell My home for the next twenty to thirty years.That s the going term for murder To girls with broken hearts and vengeful souls Go forth and raise hell Deanna Madden is still haunted by the demons of her past, the loss of her family, her killin [...]

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