Ð Rock Star's Girl ↠ J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell, Rock Star's Girl, J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell, Rock Star s Girl Emily Watts just wants a weekend break from the workaholic hours she s taken on to keep her business a popular fashion snark web site up and running What she gets is overnight celebrity and a career killing media scandal While taking time out to attend a concert in support of friend Jesse Cinder a struggling musician Emily meets Cory Sampson the lead singer of a chEmily Watts j Ð Rock Star's Girl ↠ J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell - Rock Star's Girl, Rock Star s Girl Emily Watts just wants a weekend break from the workaholic hours she s taken on to keep her business a popular fashion snark web site up and running What she gets is overnight celebrity and a career k

  • Title: Rock Star's Girl
  • Author: J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Ð Rock Star's Girl ↠ J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell Ð Rock Star's Girl ↠ J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell - Rock Star's Girl, Rock Star s Girl Emily Watts just wants a weekend break from the workaholic hours she s taken on to keep her business a popular fashion snark web site up and running What she gets is overnight celebrity and a career k

  • Ð Rock Star's Girl ↠ J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell
    191 J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell
Rock Star's Girl

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  1. J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell

    J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Rock Star's Girl book, this is one of the most wanted J.F. Kristin Jennifer Farwell author readers around the world.

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  1. Emily Watts was just minding her own business, running her website, writing as a fashion critique and was being a good friend to band guitarist Jesse Cinder of Ashes of Brooklyn When a certain lead singer from another band, Cory Sampson of Blistering Twilight managed to score a dinner date with her, suddenly, famous showbiz insider Wally Hood of Hollywood took a shine on Emily and she became a celebrity overnight Turned out, C Samp was a news magnet rumors about his dating lifestyle swirled acro [...]

  2. I m quite surprised that this has such low ratings It s actually a pretty sneaky book that had me pulling at my hair trying to figure out who s real and who s fake I m taking a wild guess it s because of the ending that doesn t agree with even my own expectations, but that s why I loved it It was realistic.The author makes a good point showing you just how much the rumor mill can destroy someone s life.Emily is a wonderful, independent, incredibly smart, and unfortunately a very, very naive youn [...]

  3. You know how some book titles just sound familiar, well for me I am a book hoarder at least on my Ipad it appears For some reason, this title sounded familiar to me and I had actually purchased it back in December 2011 but had still to read it , so this tour gave me the kick in the pants I needed and I read it and I ummed and aahed during this book as it is a struggle to read In Rock Star s Girl we meet Emily who is a style blogger on a website and is best friends with Jesse Cinder a lead singer [...]

  4. I really enjoyed this book It was interesting to read a story where the main character is 26 years old This book has that young adult feel, but is set around adult characters They have jobs, responsabilities and their judgement is not clouded by their teenage hormones.Emily Watts is a lovable character She s a strong woman who has a head on her shoulder I felt like she could ve been one of my friend The love interest is everything you d want but with a touch of reality, meaning that he is far fr [...]

  5. I have to admit, I didn t expect much from this book going into it I got it because it came up in my recommendations on and it sounded like a fun read for a vacation, plus it was super cheap.As it turns out, I was in for a bit of a surprise I actually really liked the book It was entertaining, engaging, and funny The characters were well rounded.Though, I was also a bit surprised considering that this is a book about a girl who dates rock stars that there was no sex, drugs, and rock roll anywher [...]

  6. So, there were some things I really liked about this story I loved the idea, plot, the sorta triangle, the dialogue, the headlines.But there was way I found disappointing For one, it contained way way way too many boring, tedious details More action More romance Second, I never really felt like Emily had real feelings for Jesse or Cory either And while I felt her angst, I wanted romance And the ending Unsatisfying.

  7. Cory I loved you You ve been an ass and I HATE you to the last letter I thought Emily would end up with Jesse but the author decided something else, which is wise Good on you Emily Would you say it s realistic Yes, I think it is Never really had or experienced the Hollywood life.Would you recommend the book Yes, to people who fancy a change.

  8. Rock Star s Girl is an entertaining tale that follows twenty six year old fashion website owner and freelance writer Emily Watts as she gets caught up in a love triangle with two hot rock stars.Emily has been friends with struggling musician Jesse Cinder for four years, somewhere along the way she has developed feelings for Jesse, but he wants to only be friends While attending Jesse s band Ashes of Brooklyn s show at a local club, Emily meets Cory Sampson, the lead singer for the up and coming [...]

  9. Emily Watts is an over worked yet still struggling writer who tries to keep a social life with her workaholic schedule While taking a break from her fashion website, Emily attends a concert for her friend Jesse Cinder, a struggling musician searching for his big break Emily has been friends with Jesse for years, but is wondering if maybe they shouldn t be When Jesse turns her down, Emily feels humiliated but quickly rebounds when she meets Cory Sampson, who is the lead singer in a popular band [...]

  10. I really enjoyed this story about a normal girl whose life turns completely upside down when she starts dating a celebrity and, according to the gossip columns, two celebrities The main character, Emily, was extremely easy to like as she was very down to earth and stable and not someone you tend to see on the cover of gossip magazines I liked that she was vulnerable enough to let herself fall for the wrong guys and become distracted from her work yet, strong enough to know when it was time to mo [...]

  11. Spunky n Sassy Rating 5.0 Tracy s Review Emily Watts is a Blogger who attends her friend Jesse s Rock Show and meets another musician Cory and feels a connection She then begins to date him and then everything goes horribly wrong Who is using her Is it her long time friend using her as a stepping stone Or could it be Cory the man she is having feelings for and hope for something Emily finds out that being a pawn in a Hollywood Media blitz isn t all it s cracked up to be, will she survive being [...]

  12. Rock Star s Girl by J.F Kristin is set in Los Angeles and shows how the paparazzi can ruin the lives of not only the rich and famous, but those they interact with This has a definite Chick Lit vibe to it with a subtle romantic undertone and an amazingly written heroine Since it was free on Kindle and the blurb really caught my interest, I downloaded it And I m so glad I did I had some doubts about this one because I ll be honest, most of the self published books that are free for a limited time [...]

  13. 3.5 stars Emily Watts is the epitome of a RockStar groupie, but not by choice, her friend, Jesse who also plays into some serious confusion on his part as to if they are just friends, or if they are then that She s a low key runner of a fashion website as long as writing editorals for a magazine But overnight, with the help of lead singer Cory Sampson She becomes a tabloid sensation and her website and column explode with popularity Is dating a superstar all its cracked up to be or will the hea [...]

  14. Emily Watts, 26 year old freelance writer and fashion website owner, just wants to have a fun night out at her friend Jesse s concert Instead, she meets rockstar, Cory Sampson, and after agreeing to go out on a date with him, makes entertainment headlines Soon, Emily is famous, just for dating a rockstar, and does not enjoy being thrust into the limelight When rumors erupt that she s been cheating on Cory with Jesse, she s not ready to face the kickback from Cory s fans, who publicly call her ou [...]

  15. Do you remember being a young girl and having that rock star girl fantasy I do It was Rick Springfield and I didn t care if he was 20 years older than me, I wanted to marry him When Samantha from Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours asked me if I wanted to review JF Kristin s book Rock Star s Girl , I was hooked the second I read the synopsis.I loved this book I found it so fascinating for the little glimpse into the life of a rock star s girlfriend In what appears to be such a superficial world, I loved t [...]

  16. Rock Star s GirlI received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.Emily Watts is a girl living in Hollywood, California She is a successful fashion blogger running a website she started in college named Zeeked She also happens to be friends with up and coming rock star, Jesse Cinder Emily has always had feelings for Jesse, but he has never returned them the way she has hoped While attending one of his shows, she meets one of the most famous musicians on the market, Cory Sam [...]

  17. Emily Watts is a workaholic fashion blogger living in Hollywood, California Between keeping her business online fashion snark blog, Zeeked up and running and the freelance writing work she does to keep herself afloat financially, she doesn t have much time for relationships, or keeping up with who s who in Hollywood I have to admit, I expected this book to be a typical chick lit rendition of nice, normal girl finds rock star boyfriend, gets famous, a few random things happen, but ultimately ever [...]

  18. Emily spends her time maintaining her fashion blog and enough freelance work to just make the ends meet But, she takes one evening off to see her friend Jesse s band preform At the event she meets Cory Sampson the lead singer in another band, which has already had at least one hit and potential for Suddenly, Emily finds herself half of the new it couple on all the celebrity blogs and gossip sites That is not only effecting her personal life, but her professional life, as advertisers and freelan [...]

  19. Spoilers God I hate the paparazzi and tabloids cause they lie and stretch the truth all the time about celebrities lives how do they even live like that Plus to get paid money for that crap yuck but us as the normal and not popular eat it up why Well it was a good but up until the last few chapters that why I gave it only one star Yea I figure Emily was not going to end up with either guy but to sell out and start writing for the tabloid guy Wally Hood disgusting why would she do that he ruined [...]

  20. I forgot to add the review for this book.I actually enjoyed this book through most of it Then the end happened That wasn t an ending to a book, it was barely a beginning You go through this book with the heroine and you learn all the good, the bad, and the really ugly about the 2 men in her life I rooted for one of those men to man up and get his crap together Then the ending occurred view spoiler Which was no ending at all She didn t end up with either guy that you have learned about through th [...]

  21. First off I want to say my rating has nothing to do with how well this book is written It was a pretty good story except I m a love story kind of a girl And this was most definitely NOT a love story This was about a girl who fell for two rock stars and realized that in the entertainment industry publicity is publicity good or bad, and when you are a star or a rising star you WANT either kind even if you have to use the people close to you to get it Unfortunately Emily had to learn the hard way w [...]

  22. Finished Rock Star s Girl 3 it I hated the ending though because she didn t end up with either Rock Stars I wish I had a best friend like hers I thought Cory was the one for her but then she had to go ruin it by telling the tabloids that she didn t love either of them Jesse was a good friend to her but she didn t realize it She just thought that they were trying to get famous when they were really trying to be there for her And when Cory asked if she would take him back and then afterwards brok [...]

  23. I received this book free through First Reads It was my first one ever and was thrilled to receive it It came with a nice little handwritten note by the author and was in trade size, which I like Rock Star s Girl is not the type of book that I normally read but was still pretty good Interesting story line and quick moving, I d say this would be a great book for the beach Occasionally I would have liked the main character, Emily, to be a little forward with some of the jerkier people but in the [...]

  24. Totally not what I thought it would be This statement sums up this book perfectly Emily was a strong character who held it down and did not succumb to stressors caused by the men in her life I definitely dig that however for me, it wasn t exactly clear that the men in her life were playin her While they weren t as innocent as her, it definitely seemed that they were also victims to the series if unfortunate events Despite this, I appreciate the boundaries Emily drew with even her suspicions Most [...]

  25. Emily Watts is quite possibly my favorite Chick Lit character of all time I am finally writing my review only after reading the second book in this series in 2016 That book is even better than this one Emily is smart, funny, and independent You don t find that in chick lit much Really liked the characters in this book and the plot Emily is kind of a celebrity gossip girl who is not enchanted by the celebrities she blogs about If she wasn t making a living doing it, she wouldn t care at all about [...]

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