Duval and the Infernal Machine Best Download || [Michele McGrath], Duval and the Infernal Machine, Michele McGrath, Duval and the Infernal Machine Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B CL MAYSBefore they try again Based on the real life attempt to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte in Invalided out of the French Army Alain Duval joins the Ministry of Police in Paris led by the infamous Joseph Fouch Newly appointed and off duty he is strolling through the city when he sees a crowd waiti Duval and the Infernal Machine Best Download || [Michele McGrath] - Duval and the Infernal Machine, Duval and the Infernal Machine Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B CL MAYSBefore they try again Based on the real life attempt to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte in Invalided out of the French Army Alai

  • Title: Duval and the Infernal Machine
  • Author: Michele McGrath
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Duval and the Infernal Machine Best Download || [Michele McGrath] Duval and the Infernal Machine Best Download || [Michele McGrath] - Duval and the Infernal Machine, Duval and the Infernal Machine Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B CL MAYSBefore they try again Based on the real life attempt to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte in Invalided out of the French Army Alai

  • Duval and the Infernal Machine Best Download || [Michele McGrath]
    284 Michele McGrath
Duval and the Infernal Machine

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  1. Michele McGrath

    Award winning author, Michele McGrath, was born on the beautiful Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea She has lived in California, Liverpool, France and Lancashire before returning home Living in Paris and Grenoble taught her to make a mean ratatouille and she learned the hula in Hawaii Michele is a qualified swimming teacher and manager, writing self help books on these subjects.Although she writes in many genres, her real loves are historical romance and fantasy She has won numerous writing competitions, had second places and been short listed many times She has had tens of thousands of sales and downloads.

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  1. Generally I don t like narratives written in the first person because it usually marks a deficiency of style and depth of prose The latter is especially true in the case of this novel It was a quick and easy read but I would have enjoyed it a lot had the events been developed a little slowly and in detail Take the Aristide Ravel mystery series by Susanne Alleyn for example, which is similarly set in a post Revolutionary Paris yet evokes the day and age in a much comprehensive way On the othe [...]

  2. A Fast Five Star ReadI became an instant fan of Michele McGrath when I gobbled this book at one sitting It is a historical romance blended with suspenseful police action set in post Revolutionary France, and a thumping good read It would make a terrific movie All the characters are multi dimensional, even the cameos, such as the feared Minister of Police, a Jacobin regicide I m totally hooked by the unassuming hero and first person narrator, an injured French soldier returning from service in Ge [...]

  3. This was a little disappointing but I enjoyed this mystery set in Napoleonic Paris It was a disappointing because the title, for me, hinted towards all sorts of mysterious inventions Nothing like that happened It was a straightforward police procedural albeit set in early 1800 s Paris.

  4. Okay historical mystery Set in Napoleon s Paris, this first book of a series tells the story of an ex soldier who joins the police department The mystery is political in nature and since the story is written in the first person, it reads a bit like a memoir, especially when Duval talks of his personal life That s not my favorite POV for a story, so I probably won t be reading the sequels Just personal preference, and not a critique of the author s skill

  5. Really enjoyable read.I ve just finished reading the first of the Duval novels and I will definitely be reading the others.I m a bit of a fan of historical fiction which makes me picky but I enjoyed this The author has very skilfully woven the story of her fictional characters into known events of the time and I loved her descriptions of Napoleonic Paris and it s inhabitants She keeps the story moving and kept me interested enough to want to know the outcome.I want to know about Duval but I m g [...]

  6. Historical crime fiction is a genre I particularly enjoy, so my interest was piqued right from the start and, being something of a Francophile, I was intrigued to find myself plunged into the murky world of Napoleonic Paris, where danger lurked around every corner The author almost makes you feel as if you are there yourself, alongside the central character of rookie police agent, the likeable Alain Duval who has recently arrived in the capital, as he works to uncover a plot to assassinate Napol [...]

  7. This was a quick, enjoyable read Although I thought this would be an historical mystery, it really falls into an historical romance suspense genre, but that s OK The character of Duval is engaging, likable, and believable, and I liked the idea of an early 19th century procedural I have no idea how the Paris police in the early years of Napoleon s reign actually solved crimes if they did at all Despite all the good parts, I felt let down at the end expecting a bigger bang I m giving it 4 stars, t [...]

  8. Atmospheric story of intrigue, danger and love in an uncertain time when France had been torn apart by revolution To seamlessly incorporate a true historical event into a work of fiction is a challenge that has seen off many a good writer, but Michele McGrath has succeeded admirably in a tale of intrigue and suspense surrounding an attempt on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1800 The characters are well drawn, the atmosphere of post revolutionary Paris vividly portrayed, but above all this is a [...]

  9. Interesting historical mystery Set in the time of Napoleon, this book adds the fascinating wrinkle of taking us through a criminal investigation of an attempt on the famous general s life The process gives tremendous insight into what life was like at that point in time in one of the most famous and historic cities in the world The characters are nuanced and relatable and the story moves quickly and, although at times it feels somewhat thin and rushed, it does a good job of avoiding getting bogg [...]

  10. This book was a very quick read I very much enjoyed the main part about the young soldier who joined the police force in Paris I was a little disappointed in the ending It became a mild romance as if the author didn t quite know how to end this book The plot was mainly about the political crime and its outcome The romance and weak ending of the main character as a grandfather just didn t do it for me.

  11. Fans of Historical Fiction Will Enjoy If you are interested in history beyond dates and noted events, Duval and the Infernal Machine is an interesting story about how the everyday citizens were affected by Napoleon s governance Follow Duval as he gives up army life and joins the police inspectors His first days pull him into an investigation of a treasonous plot that demands all his wits.

  12. A beautifully written novel set in post revolutionary France The author, Michele McGrath weaves her characters well and captures the feel of the city, its smells, intrigue and the politics of the times.I love a good fast paced Historical Crime Suspense novel from this time period and this is one for my library I love how the author touched on the lives of the common folk on the other side of the guillotine.

  13. Set in post revolutionary France, Duval and the Infernal Machine captures the atmosphere of suspicion and intrigue that reigned in Paris at the time The author does a splendid job of immersing the reader into the darker corners of the city I m hoping that this is the first in a series of many Duval novels, as the protagonist is sympa but at the same time very human.

  14. A lot better than I thought it would be Ok night the book because of the rave reviews I honestly didn t expect it to be all that good or interesting However, I was pleasantly surprised how interesting and informative the book was McGrath obviously does her homework when writing her novels

  15. I really loved this book It took a time period I am especially fond of and showed me it from a different point of view not some English girl s search for love, but a soldier who d been discharged from the army because of a wound.I found the writing fantastic and the characters entertaining I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

  16. This is the third of Michele McGath s novels that has found its way to my kindle As always a well told and atmospheric story Set in Paris during Napoleon s rule, we find how ex soldier Duval, copes with his new job, corruption finding love in the big city Historical titbits are woven seamlessly into this entertaining story Great read

  17. A lightweight but very enjoyable historical police procedural I liked that it wasn t too long or wordy it made for a nice fast read It doesn t have a hugely complex plot, unlike many detective stories, which made it interesting from the historical point of view, rather than dazzling deductions.

  18. I don t usually read historical novels, but I am glad I read this one Michele McGrath will have you wandering down the streets of France and it will feel like you are there It is an excellent story and well worth the read pick it up and join Duval on his adventure

  19. Love anything around the Napoleonic Wars, and this is set before it really kicks off It s set in Paris, and is about an ex French soldier who joins the police Enjoyed it as an easy read, and will read the follow on.

  20. A beautiful historical romance story, taken place during Napoleon s time A dool leads to a death, two people dance around on how they feel tordes one another, there are traters, and treason You will never be leave how they pass military secrets And A kilte.

  21. This was really enjoyable I lived reading about a true historical event Well written, believable and historically accurate Loved it.

  22. A quick, easy read I like historical fiction, which helped me fly through this book It was a decent read, but nothing I would particularly recommend.

  23. The kind of book you ll want to read on holidayParis is a mysterious and not so glamorous place in this story but thanks to Duval you will enjoy being transported back in time.

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