Lip Service Best Read || [Adele Downs], Lip Service, Adele Downs, Lip Service Some ghosts won t take yes for an answer Jack Harris has loved Legs Anderson since they were kids Now that he has her in his bed he has no intention of letting her go Aunt Ada has other ideas even from the graveTTING BETWEEN JACK Orphaned at a young age Legs Anderson owes her Aunt Ada everything The stoic old lady raised her and Ada s warnings about men and theSome ghosts won t tak Lip Service Best Read || [Adele Downs] - Lip Service, Lip Service Some ghosts won t take yes for an answer Jack Harris has loved Legs Anderson since they were kids Now that he has her in his bed he has no intention of letting her go Aunt Ada has other ideas even f

  • Title: Lip Service
  • Author: Adele Downs
  • ISBN: 9781942886327
  • Page: 397
  • Format: ebook

Lip Service Best Read || [Adele Downs] Lip Service Best Read || [Adele Downs] - Lip Service, Lip Service Some ghosts won t take yes for an answer Jack Harris has loved Legs Anderson since they were kids Now that he has her in his bed he has no intention of letting her go Aunt Ada has other ideas even f

  • Lip Service Best Read || [Adele Downs]
    397 Adele Downs
Lip Service

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    Adele Downs is the best selling, award winning author of than 20 romance titles, including those written under another pen name, and a former journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit Winner of the 2016 HOLT Medallion Award for outstanding literary fiction, novella category, HER IMMORTAL VIKING.Sign up for Adele s newsletter atadeledowns newsletter.When not writing in her home office in rural Pennsylvania, she can be found reading a book on the nearest beach, taking photographs, or riding in her convertible.Visit Adele Downs on her website and learn about her books and her photography hobby at adeledownsVisit Adele Downs on her blog at adeledowns.wordpress

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  1. Basically, Legs is a young woman that grew up with her aunt in a small town Ada spent her entire life trying to protect Legs from everyone and everything, especially Jack, whom she thought was a playboy Ada never took Jack seriously, she always thought he d break her nieces heart, and she wouldn t allow that Now that Ada is gone, Jack is desperately trying to get together with Legs, but she s not about to just throw caution to the wind.This was a cute romantic story with some light ghost action [...]

  2. Sexy romance, a guy who has wanted the girl for ages, a girl who s wanted him backd one sometimes downright ornery ghost that just can t let go This makes for a fun, interesting contemporary romance that s also a pretty quick read.Legs Linda I wasn t totally sold on I wasn t too big on how she seemed to be catering to her aunt s ghost instead of trying to assert herself and live her own life on her terms Jack though, he is pretty darn awesome I d fall for him in an instant, and I like how determ [...]

  3. Captivating From the first page, I was captivated This is my first time to read a book by Adele Downs, so I m not sure if this is the working formula for all her books, but I ve got to say the structure is unique and refreshing The author first shows us the hero and heroine from a third person point of view, then we zoom in to the story from their points of view, before we zoom out again toward the end back to Cloris, who started it all.Legs, also known as Linda heh , has been in love with Jack [...]

  4. 3.5 stars Lip Service by Adele Downs is a sexy contemporary romance with paranormal elements that centers around Linda Legs Anderson and her complicated relationship with Jack Harris Despite a sizzling sexual connection, they can t seem to deepen the relationship into anything permanent, not only because of Legs fear of commitment but also because of her Aunt Ada s opposition that is continuing from beyond the grave Jack is going to have to use all of his considerable inventiveness to win the w [...]

  5. Hummm let s see first off I found this book has a nice steady reading pace that one would hope for in a summer read That plot line is interesting without feeling like a hundred other books that I just read not that long ago Which is a good thing for me.The characters were personable and kinds of reminds you of a couple you might know I love that I actually was a waitress in my slightly younger days and did meet a husband that way See what I mean Thanks Adele for the short trip down memory lane.T [...]

  6. Spooky Romance StoryThe beginning of the story leaves you interested to see how this book will turn out By the end of the first chapter, I could not wait to finish the book The author did a good job of drawing the reader in to her world She did a great job of making it very realistic The pace of the story was a steady pace that was not too fast or too slow The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating and believable I liked that both Jack and Legs were not perfect and each ha [...]

  7. A Sweet and Charming Romance This book is Humorous, Sweet and oh so Charming The characters are Amazing You have the little town nosy folk, the hot sexy guy, and the spunky woman who he is crazy about, but then you have a pestiferous Ghost lol Jack and Legs is everyone in Hartsville,Indiana s Sweethearts Legs works at the special T cafe Every morning the sparks fly between Jack and Legs When Jack comes to the cafe And everyone in the whole town turns out to watch the steamy play between these tw [...]

  8. I m already a fan of Adele Downs sweet and humorous romance novellas, and I m a sucker for anything magical and unexplained So with its quirky cast of characters and only a little bit scary haunted house, Lip Service has become my new favorite of hers I was drawn in right away by the authentic voices of the characters, the well imagined small town setting, and beautiful Victorian home which is the center piece of the action Nor did it take long for the simmering heat and obvious deep feelings be [...]

  9. Favorite Quotes When their eyes finally met, you could almost see the smoke curl above their heads The air around Jack and Legs crackled like pressurized, high intensity erotic fuel that could singe the hair on your arms at three paces Old Man Benson had a five dollar bet with Clifford Jones that one day they d detonate, rip each other s clothes off, and make love like mad across a caf table Who cares about fart smells I can live with that I have four brothers The preschool teachers at Let s Exp [...]

  10. Title LIP SERVICESeries N ACategory Genre Light ParanormalRecommended for 18 due to sexual contentReceived from Adele Downs in exchange for an honest review Grammar editing ungraded book received as an unedited ARC errors excusedThis is a stand alone story, as are all that Adele Downs has released to date This is not part of a series.Legs Anderson knows that ghosts are real She continues to live with Aunt Ada long after the lady has been laid to rest I thought it was a fun read to observe as Jac [...]

  11. Ada Anderson takes her job as a guardian aunt seriously Even after death.While raising orphaned Linda Anderson, nicknamed Legs , Ava successfully thwarted a blooming liaison between her niece and local boy Jack Harris, driven by a closely guarded personal secret.Ada s victory was short lived.After Legs inherits her dead aunt s house and reconnects with Jack, they set out to rekindle their aborted relationship while renovating what had been Ada s master bedroom.As a departed soul, Ada does everyt [...]

  12. Adele Downs has done it again She has written a tale that is light and full of love The characters Legs and Jack I absolutely love Legs is spunky and full of life Jack is yummy Oh, and in love with Legs I loved how Jack pushes Legs, ever so gently, to move on after the passing of her beloved aunt He s patient and kind with her And we can t forget Aunt Ada She never approved of Jack and even from beyond the grave, she tries to keep them apart Legs and Jack set off sparks whenever they are togethe [...]

  13. Another great story from Adele Downs I love sweet and sensual romances with a touch of the paranormal, and that s exactly what Lip Service is Aunt Ada s ghost, who is determined to keep Legs and Jack apart, completes this oddball triangle Legs and Jack have a sort of Romeo Juliet Stay away from those Harris obstacle, but their feelings are undeniable despite Ada s attempts to keep them apart There s a lot of laughs, but also a surprising amount of sensuality ahem, PAINT I d love to see this as a [...]

  14. This is the second romance I have reviewed this week, but the first from Adele Downs Lip Service is first and foremost a romance, but with some Paranormal activity and a mystery to boot.The story is sensual, but exciting in places There are the usual twists I d expect in a mystery, with a little fear and suspence thrown in What can we ask Linda, who is known as Legs, is a well developed character that is easy to believe in She and Jack could easily by next door It was easy to put Legs s shoes o [...]

  15. I enjoyed this short paranormal read You ll enjoy the humor, characters and the unique storyline You ll fall in love with Legs and Jack Both of them have cared for one anotherbut her meddling Aunt and her own issues separated them Even from the grave her Aunt is still haunting her You ll enjoy the feisty side of Legs She s comical and a wonderful woman for Jack And ll love him He s amazing If you love a short, paranormal read you should definitely pick this up It s one of a kind story D [...]

  16. Enthralling readWhat an amazing story Adele Downs nailed it with a unique storyline and unforgettable characters Jack is a serious hunk, so because he s honorable and steadfast I m glad Legs proved worthy of his devotion, because I would ve been seriously pissed if she didn t man up at the end There was a shocking revelation about her aunt that made sense of her actions in the afterlife This enthralling read ensures you can t stop turning the pages till you reach the end Review copy provided vi [...]

  17. The guy wants the girl They have known each other for ages Girl kind of wants the guy, but there s a little problem Well it just might be bigger than any expect, but it ll be an interesting ride to solve the problem It had fun, wit and a whole lot of unexpected laughs and Jack definitely has his hands full when he tries to get the girl And they did make a rather cute couple, despite the few hiccups along the way So if you get a chance pick up a copy and enjoy.Review copy provided via Reading All [...]

  18. I liked this short and sweet romance It is a small town romance, with a ghost I do not usually do paranormal but this one worked fine.I did feel like I got shortchanged in the backstory I felt like it started in the middle of Jack and Legs s romance I guess it was really about the ghost s ill fated romance than getting Jack and Legs together It did resolve things and I did like that.I received a complimentary copy in return for an honest review I will probably pick up romances by Adele Downs.

  19. I was gifted an ARC by the author for an honest review.This was such a wonderful love story that survived through time Jack and Legs have been in love since they were quite young, but were kept apart because of Legs aunt Lip Service was very entertaining throughout with a wonderful cast of characters Jack and Legs have a wonderful chemistry and know how to steam up a roomue love will them This was an awesome love story and I highly recommend your book

  20. Harris s were trouble Even as a young teen, Legs aunt told her to stay away But the connection was already there It took several years and no matter how protective and controlling Aunt Ada was, there was no fighting the attraction and chemistry of Legs and Jack.Jack tries to push but Ada pushes back Legs is at a crossroad She wants her aunt forever, until her forever is threatened.Can they make it work make it right Its a short charming, humorous and sexy tale.

  21. I received a copy of this book for an honest review Jack and Linda Legs romance was a cute and unusual romance I don t normally read paranormal stories but this one was cute and humorous Linda s aunt Ada didn t want Linda to have a relationship with Jack After Ada died her spirit is still in the house which causes problems with Jack and Linda s relationship A quick read This story was cute, funny, sad, and had very steamy scenes.

  22. This was a great story It has a lot of history woven into some hilarious moments with a ghostly aunt and some steamy bedroom scenes I loved the history of the couple I think this could have been expanded into a full novel to give some background and even of the bedroom fun Take this to the beach with you it s a great, quick read that will intrigue you and leave you wanting .

  23. Small town funThis is the first book ive read by Adele Downs and I loved it I just loved Jacks character and how he was willing to do just about anything for Legs to feel at ease in their relationship I loved all the elements that Ms Downs added to the story.I cant wait to read from her.Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for my honest review.

  24. A contemporary romance with a bit of paranormal to it How do you make the moves on someone when their dead aunt doesn t approve of you Well jack has a hard time of it Legs aunt is a ghost and she does not want them together Its actually quite comical You get some mystery, a funny ghost, and some hot love A great combination of them all.

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