The One and Only Best Download || [Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova], The One and Only, Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova, The One and Only Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out but in a family with five brothers and sisters it s easy to get lost in the shuffle A painting mishap gains her some attention but not the kind she s been longing for Being invited to stay in at recess and practice her handwriting earns Maryellen a new friend but what does that mean for her old friendships TheMaryellen L The One and Only Best Download || [Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova] - The One and Only, The One and Only Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out but in a family with five brothers and sisters it s easy to get lost in the shuffle A painting mishap gains her some attention but not the k

  • Title: The One and Only
  • Author: Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova
  • ISBN: 9781609589615
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback

The One and Only Best Download || [Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova] The One and Only Best Download || [Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova] - The One and Only, The One and Only Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out but in a family with five brothers and sisters it s easy to get lost in the shuffle A painting mishap gains her some attention but not the k

  • The One and Only Best Download || [Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova]
    122 Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova
The One and Only

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  1. Valerie Tripp Juliana Kolesova

    Valerie Tripp is a children s book author, best known for her work with the American Girl series.She grew up in Mount Kisco, New York with three sisters She is a reading expert with a Reading Master s of Education degree from Harvard University Since 1985 she has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland Her husband teaches history at Montgomery College She has been a writer for reading textbooks for three decades.Tripp is best known for her work with the American Girl series She wrote all the books in the Felicity, Josefina, Kit, and Molly series, and three of the books in the Samantha series She has also written four of the five Best Friends character stories to date Film dramatizations of the lives of Samantha, Felicity, Molly, and Kit have been based on her stories to varying extents.

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  1. This rating is part protest I am dismayed by the change in format from the previous Historical American Girl books I find it difficult to rate the story because of it The story is perhaps 3 stars worthy, but after re reading some American Girl books in the old format, the new Be Forever format seems sodrab, lifeless The old books feel special with their beautiful artwork The full page images were almost always beautifully done and along with the various small illustrations throughout the text an [...]

  2. In addition to keeping track of books on , I also write a notebook list When I recorded this book and its sequel, I wrote heavy quotation marks around classic I don t care if this is an addition to the classic American Girl line and gets the same cover title treatment as their revamp a book is not a classic at the moment of its printing The way the American Girl series has gotten redone annoys me immensely The old books are repackaged with three in one novel and three in another, which is comple [...]

  3. This book was a little boring at first but when you get into it it goes by fast I liked that it was set in the 1950s that was why I wanted to read it My cousin was so awesome to let me borrow her book so I could read it So sweet And so was this book if you want to read a kids book that has a lot of historical fact in a fun way and you can read fast up that reading challenge girl then read it It was sweet Not my new favorite American girl or anything but it was pretty good

  4. I enjoyed this way than I had expected Maryellen is endearing and well intentioned I guess it says something when you start identifying with the mom in the stories

  5. This book crammed what would ve been Mary Ellen s meet book, her school book and her Christmas book into one with just a bunch of chapters and no dividers between where the different stories would be So I felt like each storyline didn t really get the depth it would ve gotten if the books were still written the way they used to be I was also disappointed in the lack of pictures of Period scenery and clothes I would ve liked to have imagined all of Maryellen s family dressed and looking like 50s [...]

  6. As a young girl I read the other books in the American Girls series I chose to try this one to see what one of the new girls was like I think the character of Maryellen fits well with the history of the past girls and seems to fill a spot left empty by Molly set in 1944, and my personal favorite whose character was retired by the American Girl company What was new to me, and somewhat off putting is the condensing of three books into just the one The older girls to the series and the older format [...]

  7. ARC from Baker and TaylorSet in the 1950s Florida, this tells the story of a girl growing up in a typical white, middle class family experiencing the typical problems of large family life at this time Maryellen doesn t want to wear hand me downs from her older sisters she wants a brand new felt poodle skirt She wants to be known for some good quality, but it s hard given the homogenization of experience at the time Strengths Very good details about everyday life at the time clothes, family life, [...]

  8. I wasn t particularly thrilled with the new format of the American Girls series two books that are really meant to replace books 1 3 and 4 6 Sure, the older books really did comprise one story arc, but that was one story arc through all six books Chopping that up into two books makes it seem even disjointed All the familiar beats are there, but it lacks a sense of slow development that the individual 6 books had Adults may be thrilled not to reread the previously on this American Girl sections, [...]

  9. Another A G book by Valerie Tripp and this one is really sweet Mary Ellen Larkin, a middle child in a big family, is always trying to stand out as someone special, like in TV or the movies To be the one and only The author captures the peaceful, prosperous 1950 s beautifully and sends Mary Ellen on a trip searching for the perfect Christmas Ellie learns some lessons about herself, others, and what really makes Christmas special A quick, fun read.

  10. Lauren got this book when Santa brought a Maryellen doll, and she asked me to read it to her The American Girl books do an excellent job of describing the time period the girls live in the 1950s in this case I loved the description of Maryellen s Florida home and the trouble Maryellen got into when she wanted to do something extraordinary Later, we could relate to her desire to have a perfect Christmas card Christmas with snow falling and a frozen pond to skate on This book would be a perfect re [...]

  11. I miss the historical notes and photos at the end of the book as they appeared in the earlier American Girl books They added depth and background and made the books useful for teaching a historical period.

  12. As many American Girl books can be cheesy, I loved this storyline It introduces her timeline well, and is sooo sweet

  13. Either I m outgrowing these books or the BeForever line is simply lower quality I felt all three of the stories were predictable and seemed babyish compared to the last entry in the series Caroline It also felt like Maryellen s adventures could take place today instead of being firmly rooted in their time period The references to the 1950 s seemed like they were thrown in just to remind the reader Hey, this is a historical novel, remember I normally enjoy Valerie Tripp s stories, but this one ju [...]

  14. This book was light hearted and fun There was no real conflict, and everything worked out in the end Maryellen was spunky and fun, and I instantly fell in love with her big family The time period was great Maryellen really discovers the meaning of family, and her outlook on everything changes by the end of the book I just wish that they told us about what happens with Davy, as they did with the Karens and Angela at the geography bee But, there is a second book that I will be reading I love the A [...]

  15. It was pleasant to slip into a new Valerie Tripp visit to the past Hard to believe this book is, literally, a generation after Molly, Samantha and Felicity.Interesting how the six books of the early days have become two books Still, the pattern of Meet the Girl, A School Story and A Christmas Story appears to be followed Book 2 begins with a Birthday story and we ll see if it continues with The Girl Saves the Day and Changes for the Girl Do miss the many illustrations as appeared in the earlier [...]

  16. The One and Only Maryellen Larkin Valerie Tripp has written, The One And Only Maryellen Larkin This book is about a fourth grade girl named Maryellen, and her best friend Davy She and Davy had been friends since as long as she could remember But then Davy soon finds a new best friend that s Maryellen s school bully Afterwards Maryellen finds a new best friend from Italy As time wears on, it starts to become Christmas in Florida Maryellen has always wanted a white Christmas with a real piney smel [...]

  17. The newest American Girl lives in 1950s Florida she s in the middle of six, loves making up stories and pretending to be part of her favorite TV shows and dreams of white Christmases with ice skating and SNOW And she gets her older sister, a HS senior, engaged Um, she basically gets that fourth star for being the American Girl who might have wrestled Molly from my top spot I mean, dude, SNOW And fanfic And poodle skirts And romance Wee Shelley would have tried to crawl into that book Hell, she m [...]

  18. Ever since reading Popular by Maya VanWagenen, my sister and I have been huge nerd for the 1950s Naturally, when we discovered that there was a new American Girl the epitome of our childhood doll from the 50s, we went nuts Her name is Maryellen, and she s absolutely adorable.Valerie Tripp, one of my favorite author as a kid, wrote the books that go along with the Maryellen doll The first one, that I m reviewing today, is called The One and Only Maryellen is a young girl growing up in a Florida s [...]

  19. I read this book aloud to a five year old who received the Maryellen doll for Christmas along with the book We both enjoyed it very much This is the first American Girl book I have read so I have no comparison, but it was a sweet story about a 9 year old girl growing up in the middle of a large family of six children during the early 1950 s She has little mishaps and adventures that were entertaining and when she argued with her friends or siblings I often laughed out loud The historical context [...]

  20. This book is about the new doll character in American Girl, Maryellen Larkin Maryellen is 9 years old, lives in Florida, and yearns to stand out from the crowd But how can she stand out, when her mother still groups her with her 2 6 year old siblings I read this book because I 3 American Girl This wasn t as good as the older stories ex Kit, Samantha, Felicity, etc but it was still a good read I recommend this to a younger kid, around 8 I did enjoy this book, but not as much as some others.

  21. American girl stories are always my favorite And Maryellen is growing up in an interesting time period 1950s right after World War II It was a time of prosperity, growth, and yet just the beginning of the Cold War.Maryellen, is the 3rd of 6 children growing up in Florida She wants to be unique and extraordinary, and experience a Bing Crosby White Christmas But in everything, Maryellen soon realizes the the commercialism of TV can never replace family A good first read to the Maryellen series.

  22. I loved the Maryellen story I m a huge fan of the 50s era the TV, the music, the family values and relative time of peace and prosperity All the characters except maybe Wayne were likable I liked that there was a little bit of feminism brought in, and even a little bit of conflict of racism, though I wish these issues would have been explored a little deeper and not become wrapped up in a happy ending bow so quickly.

  23. This is a great book My cousin recommended this book to me and I love the book When I read the part where she was on the train, I loved it But there were some parts I didn t like, when she was ice skating on the lake and she was homesick.Maryellen is a fourth grader Everything she has is hand me downs When she goes to a expensive department store she thinks she is the only one who shops there, but she soon learns that other people shop there What will she do Read the book to find out.

  24. Pleasantly surprised here This is the first BeForever series that I ve read, and I think Tripp is keeping in the tone of the previous AG Yes, yes, fine, Maryellen s drama is not the drama of the original AG dolls, but I think it is well done, and the character is sweetly portrayed.

  25. I was excited to learn that Maryellen was the newest character The story stayed true to American Girl I also love the mention of polio My only wish is that polio could play a bigger part in Maryellen s stort, though that s just a personal preference.

  26. If Maryellen would have been around when I went through my American Girl phase she probably would have been my favorite.

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