[PDF] The Golden Cord | by ¼ Paul Genesse, The Golden Cord, Paul Genesse, The Golden Cord Death comes from above in the plateau world of Ae leron where griffins and dragons prowl the sky Drake Bloodstone confronts his enemies when a pair of Drobin arrive and he guides them on a suicidal journey to the lair of the Dragon King [PDF] The Golden Cord | by ¼ Paul Genesse - The Golden Cord, The Golden Cord Death comes from above in the plateau world of Ae leron where griffins and dragons prowl the sky Drake Bloodstone confronts his enemies when a pair of Drobin arrive and he guides them on a suicidal j

  • Title: The Golden Cord
  • Author: Paul Genesse
  • ISBN: 9781594146596
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Golden Cord | by ¼ Paul Genesse [PDF] The Golden Cord | by ¼ Paul Genesse - The Golden Cord, The Golden Cord Death comes from above in the plateau world of Ae leron where griffins and dragons prowl the sky Drake Bloodstone confronts his enemies when a pair of Drobin arrive and he guides them on a suicidal j

  • [PDF] The Golden Cord | by ¼ Paul Genesse
    464 Paul Genesse
The Golden Cord

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  1. Paul Genesse

    A toy castle is what sent Paul Genesse over the edge and into madness Dragons and castles gave him reason to live from elementary school through college at Northern Arizona University He loved his English classes, but pursued his other passion and earned a bachelor s degree in Nursing Science in 1996 He s a registered nurse in a cardiac unit where he works the night shift keeping the forces of darkness away from his patients He s also worked as a copyeditor, a proofreader for a small press, and a video game consultant on the Living Arcana iPhone game Paul s ten short stories have been published in various anthologies and the first two of his novels in the IRON DRAGON SERIES, THE GOLDEN CORD and THE DRAGON HUNTERS are out now Both feature covers by world famous fantasy artist, Ciruelo Cabral.Paul loves teaching writing to people of all ages, and is the editor of the free Writers Symposium Ezine, dedicated to Helping Writers Write To sign up for the ezine or watch a video about the IRON DRAGON SERIES, visit him online at paulgenesse.

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  1. Paul Genesse published the first two book so of this series under a small publisher As small publishing houses often do, it fell apart With three books to his arc he did the only thing a modern day author can do He s turned to digital self publishing The first two books and now the third are available at decent prices and the fourth and fifth are presumably on their way Which is good because I m afraid not knowing what happens is going to stress me out.Drake is a hunter from Clifton a city situ [...]

  2. I really struggled with this book The first time I tried to read it I got to about page 40 and then got stuck There were several places where there were difficult POV shifts early on, and I kept being pulled out of the story, so I gave up When I recently picked it back up to finish my reading I found a bunch of things about the book I really liked The world building done by the author was excellent I thought the dwarves, their mission, their abilities etc were awesome Some of my favorite scenes [...]

  3. Engaging characters set in a believable fantasy world make this swords and sorcery dragon hunting series an enjoyable read The Golden Cord follows Drake, a young villager as he matures into a capable hunter, protecting the villagers from dangers, real and imagined But his greatest tests come as he battles with his own shortcomings and commitments to become a true hunter of aevian creatures.Genesse writes well with good pacing with memorable characters in a dangerous world with plenty of cultural [...]

  4. I have to say the only other fantasy book I ve read is Harry Potter 1, and I was not a fan I m just not into fantasy But my good friend Paul Genesse we are nurses at IMC together wrote this book and I bought it just to support him I was nicely surprised when I was hooked in the first chapter I don t know how most fantasy books are but I thought this was great I would recommend it The characters are all captivating and it s an easy read.

  5. Paul writes an incredible story that not only has all the standard action but he also explores the deeper sides of existence He is not afraid to bring the reader face to face with arcane ideals, accepting fate, staring death in the eye and coming to terms with it or the unbreakable bond of honor The Golden Cord is a must read for any fantasy writer who enjoys the adventure but also relishes those moments when you pause to ponder.Lynette White Author of The Enemy Within

  6. I really liked this book of fantasy It s about dragons and Wyverns Hunters and Dwarves It s about a made up land but it has love and fights in it along with long treks If you want to know exactly what happens in the book read it you won t regret picking it up

  7. In the Terry Brooks vein, this is both a relentlessly action packed adventure tale of dwarves and dragons and also a surprisingly tender romance I look forward to the rest of the series.

  8. This book is one of my favs It teaches courage, love, power, And it teaches that all people must move one at some point An awesome read, and I would read it agian if I could.

  9. It s seldom that a fantasy book can capture my imagination with a strange land while also welcoming me home I was hooked from the start as I was introduced to the characters and landscape of The Golden Cord, The Iron Dragon Series, Book One, by Paul Genesse It is not a warm and inviting place like the Shire Upon reflection I think I d rather vacation in Mordor or the FIreswamp than traverse this place Even the insects and plants are designed to inflict pain and death But there is magic imbued wi [...]

  10. The Golden Cord, book one of the Iron Dragon series, by Paul Genesse is an original take on the classic storyline of a small town boy becoming a dragon hunter Although our hero is not the normally expected dragon fighting knight, he is a man with a crossbow I recently picked up the first three books at a writing conference directly from the author and read the first book The short review is The Golden Cord is a good read There are strong characters in a unique world moving through a story provid [...]

  11. The Golden Cord is one of those books that has been on my kindle forever uh, well, since last spring, anyway and I finally got around to reading it I was super excited to read this because it s about dragons and I m currently writing about dragons I m always a bit spooked about reading other authors who are writing in similar veins as I do, because I don t want to be too influenced by them while I m writing my story But the first draft of Dragon Magic is written I m just beginning the editing ph [...]

  12. The Golden Cord is an adventure fantasy book that takes place in a world quite different than many are used to It is a world where the ruling class are Dwarfs, and Humans have been subservient throughout their entire history You do not run into the standard fare of creatures in The Golden Cord, no goblins, orcs, elves, giants, or many other standard races in fantasy, but is dominated by creatures that control the skies Mr Genesse does a very good job of creating story that is unique to him.The t [...]

  13. This was a fun read.I think Paul does a great job of writing fight sequences It was very visually evocative.Setting The setting is unique The world is set on top of a rather large plateau The plants can be dangerous but also offer unique protections obscuring scents The first half or so of the book is spent in Cliffton, the home of our protagonist The rest of the book is spent traveling to and finding a dwarven mine I thought the whole thing was well explored and I am interested in finding out [...]

  14. THE GOLDEN CORD is the first book of The Iron Dragon series It follows Drake Bloodstone, a young man haunted by the loss of his best friend, as he leads a pair of Drobin Dwarf warrior priests through the dangerous Thorneclaw Forest Drake agrees to help the Drobin when they arrived at his human village despite the hatred most there feel toward their race Drake himself isn t certain he can trust the pair when he and his two loyal guard dogs embark on their journey.Along the way they must constantl [...]

  15. I really liked the world in this book It was very well fleshed out and interesting Paul did a good job of making the world have depth and showing how different parts of it worked together I also liked the main characters in the book They were interesting and I cared about what happened to them I did have issues with a few things, however The flow of the story was a little stilted in places, and the emotions of the characters were very extreme and subject to change immediately There seemed to be [...]

  16. It has been some time since I last read a young adult high fantasy Any high fantasy really And I m not just talking about a story involving dragons Recently I ve felt a lot of the high fantasy is too Tolkien esque and I can figure out the end from the first paragraph In Paul Genesse s THE GOLDEN CORD I was entranced by the story from the very beginning The main character, Drake, is presented with a situation that tests everything he believes in I was really worried that he was going to make what [...]

  17. A little disclosure first Paul Genesse is a long time friend of mine We were college roommates, and we ve been buds since about 94 We re also both fantasy writers, and routinely help each other with our projects I ve seen this book go from roots to branches, seeing it in a variety of drafts and witnessing Paul s fortitude as he pushed the book forward and finally into print As such, I don t arrive at this novel with anything resembling a fresh pair of eyes.That being said, I think that Paul has [...]

  18. Paul builds a world that is fully believable Danger lurks behind every tree, if not in the tree or on the tree or is the tree Not a world I d want to live in His main character, Drake Bloodstone, is a troubled young man He s also loyal and tormented by his need to keep everyone in his village safe He failed to protect his friend years ago and the failure haunts his every thought His quest, in this book, is a reluctant choice to save the world in order to save his village Or so he thinks It s as [...]

  19. Everyone knows how much I LOVE dragons So when I heard about this book my first thought was ooooh Dragons Then I got lots of other books and put off buying this book forever Last year at LTUE I met the wonderful author and he gave me a great deal on book one and two.Now, the first thing you need to know about this series is thatthe whole thing is the dragon is the villain of the story but, but, but I love dragons.Why would I want to read a book about dragons being the villain Well there is nothi [...]

  20. I really enjoyed Paul Genesse s interesting world It is the classic high fantasy world with dragons, humans and dwarves, yet with a wonderful depth and twist that I found fascinating Sentient intelligence is given to a mighty Dragon, who reigns over the world, forcing humans to live in fear and hiding from the vicious aerian beasts that hunt and kill any humans they find Dwarves are Human s enemies for very concrete reasons, but are forced to work together to try and defeat the wicked Dragon.Whi [...]

  21. Another first novel, and part of a series I d not heard of it, and ran across book 2 The Dragon Hunters on the New Books shelf, at the library As I usually like to start at the beginning, I located this book, and checked it out It was pretty good, but several times I stopped reading, to think Gee, this is extremely melodramatic It s a decent start, to a epic tale of dragons, sorcery, dwarves, humans, betrayal, etc despite the excess melodrama Note, that I ve just started the 2nd book, and it is [...]

  22. I enjoyed The Golden Cord very much The last half of the novel is a real page turner and I couldn t put the book down There is some steamy stuff in there that wouldn t be appropriate for a very young raeder, but if you compare it to the programming on TV that most YA view the writing would be considered fairly tame.I do have one nit to pick This is going to seem odd, but I had a hard time imagining vrelk with six legs Are the legs attached catapillar style to the body, or like the beasts in the [...]

  23. My daughter looooves this books, so I had her write her own review I think it is a precious review for an 11yo Here it is I m the purchasers daughter and I absolutely loved this book When I first got the book from my mom, it looked so boring, but I had nothing else to read Once I started reading I realized it was an amazing book.There was adventure and love drama in the book, and I love adventure and drama it was the perfect balance I love the setting, plot, and all the characters are very inter [...]

  24. This is a good one I thought it had some cool ideas The people all live on plateaus with seas of clouds instead of water all around Everyone lives in fear of big avians dragons, wyverns, griffens, etc I like the main character, I like his development The action was pretty good and it was mostly clean minus one attempted seduction scene, which didn t add anything at all Overall a pretty good book though.

  25. This is a world where dragons and other flying creatures hunt men Where most men are slaves or serfs of the powerful dwarf kingdom What will Drake sacrifice to save his village, family, and the woman he loves And can be ever be free from the shade that walks with him This really is a good first book I m leary of the second book though So many series like this lose what the excitement or mystery that makes the worth reading.

  26. Couldn t do it I just couldn t finish it I got tired of the language D words and S words and the violence was getting to be enough that it made me uncomfortable By the sound of some other reviews, it s a good thing that I quit when I did.I m just so sad I loved the overall story and some of the characters, and I so bad wanted this book to work.

  27. I find dragon hunting books tedious The first few chapters were interesting, then it got dull, so I skipped around In the spirit of disclosure, I really didn t read solidly after the first few chapters, so understand my review accordingly I did smell some weird adult content that was creepy and inappropriate for a young adult book.

  28. Thanks for the recommendation, Marni This is a great fantasy by a local writer, and I genuinely enjoyed it The world it takes place in is really interesting the geography, wildlife, different peoples, etc All very fun And the plot really kept me engaged I look forward to reading the second one.

  29. This was a refreshing and exciting fantasy story The characters felt very real and exciting and I loved how the world was set up The author mixes action with the characters search for answers in a great way that makes it always feel like there s something important going on I can t wait to start the second one.

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