All the Broken Places Best Download || [Anise Eden], All the Broken Places, Anise Eden, All the Broken Places Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance Suspense SeriesAll of Cate s problems are in her head That may be her greatest strength Cate Duncan is a promising young therapist dedicated to her work But after her mother s suicide she is seized by a paralyzing depression To save her job Cate agrees to enter a programWinner o All the Broken Places Best Download || [Anise Eden] - All the Broken Places, All the Broken Places Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance Suspense SeriesAll of Cate s problems are in her head That may be her greatest strength Cate Duncan is a

  • Title: All the Broken Places
  • Author: Anise Eden
  • ISBN: 9781626819306
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback

All the Broken Places Best Download || [Anise Eden] All the Broken Places Best Download || [Anise Eden] - All the Broken Places, All the Broken Places Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance Suspense SeriesAll of Cate s problems are in her head That may be her greatest strength Cate Duncan is a

  • All the Broken Places Best Download || [Anise Eden]
    401 Anise Eden
All the Broken Places

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  1. Anise Eden

    ANISE EDEN is the author of The Healing Edge Series, winner of the 2017 PRG Reviewers Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance Fantasy Angels Ghosts Psychics Series Her debut novel, ALL THE BROKEN PLACES, won the 2016 PRG Reviewers Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance Suspense Series, and was a finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards for Fiction Chick Lit Women s Lit and the 2017 Best Book Awards for Fiction New Age ALL THE WOUNDS IN SHADOW The Healing Edge, Book Two was a finalist in the 2017 IAN Book of the Year Awards for Paranormal Supernatural Fiction.Before becoming an author, Anise wanted to be a wildlife photographer Unfortunately, a strong aversion to large insects, poisonous snakes, and sharks along with a cat allergy that might well extend to tigers limited that career option Also, Anise always roots for the gazelle, and we all know how that usually turns out Fortunately, Anise s voracious hunger for reading kept her occupied, eventually morphing into a passion for writing quirky stories filled with heart, humor, and imagination Anise loves that through writing, she can live out any adventure she likes without the need for antivenom or antihistamines Visit her online at AniseEden.The Healing Edge Series is available from Diversion Books and e books are free on Kindle Unlimited On amzn 2vqD8Ci

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  1. Paranormal Romance at its pinnacle Oh My What a series A cast selection that you ll get addicted to This fabulous story of a female therapist, Cate who has a plenty of psychological problems on her desk after her mother died She doesn t seem to understand how to stir her life in right direction.What she doesn t want is to encounter with a same personality like her How her story takes pace and progresses is both thrilling and enchanting to watch.This book had me at the first page when the protago [...]

  2. Debut author Anise Eden s book All the Broken Places was easily one of my favorite reads of 2015 This story captured my attention from page one and never let go This is a unique paranormal romance and sets the stage for a great series I really liked heroine Cate She was smart and personable Hero Ben was just as engaging Their relationship brews slowly as Cate agrees to enter a program headed by Ben She has never gotten over her mother s death and it has affected her career and relationships Once [...]

  3. Original post on Reading Addict as part of the blog tour Excerpt and Guest PostSo, I didn t like this book as much as I was expecting and that s sad, because I wanted to love it I had few problems with the novel so I ll mention them in a bit, but first I want to say what I liked, because I have really mixed feelings The idea of the book was the second thing that drew me in, first being the cover, and I was curious to read it, because it s somehow a different take on the ideas people with abiliti [...]

  4. This is definitely one of the original paranormal romances I ve read in a while I thoroughly enjoyed the colorful cast of characters, and the way they contrast the deeper issues of the book.Cate Duncan has carved a life out of being an excellent therapist She has a way with her clients that goes beyond listening to them She doesn t quite know why she can feel their emotions so vividly, or how she can reach out to them when they aren t even in the same room and send them calming vibes When her m [...]

  5. Cate, is going through something, as an empath who wouldn t After her mom passed its hard for her to even leave the house As a therapist, it can be kinda hard to do your job.With that, her boss sends her to a program to help her I understand that Cate has reservations towards it but she learns so much about who she is How she works I got annoyed with her often, I mean just let these people help I think though, throughout Cate really needed them It was almost like she was destined to cross paths. [...]

  6. This five star read, will not leave you disappointed All the broken places by Anise Eden is the first book in The Healing Edge Series The authors writing in this book is great You will find that there is some slight violence but not offensive in anyway There isn t any sexual content, besides some kissing and sexual references The story is written in the first person Cate, lost her mother to suicide, and since she has felt lost and very alone The only thing that has kept Cate together is her dedi [...]

  7. Really enjoyed this one Review to come 2 19I read this one a week or so back and still can t get the characters out of my head Ms Eden has created quite the story with All the Broken Places and I absolutely adored it.This is the story of Cate An intelligent psychologist with too much grief on her hands and a secret she doesn t understand After the death of her mother, she s told she needs to seek help for her grief What she doesn t expect is to come into contact with a group of eclectic individu [...]

  8. All the Broken Places is such an intriguing paranormal romance book written skillfully by debut author Anise Eden I am excited for this upcoming series titled The Healing Edge, and am looking forward to reading about what comes next for the menagerie of characters she has introduced, here I signed up for an advanced copy of this book because of the book s description, a friend s recommendation, and that slightly eerie cover that gives me cultish , yet, hopeful feelings Anise Eden s writing capt [...]

  9. On the surface, All the Broken Places seems to be a paranormal romance, and it certainly has those elements The romance was key, but, I think the bigger story was Cate s involvement with the MacGregor Group, and finding a place that she would fit in This book was about how our insecurities set us apart That if we embrace who we are, we will find a place to belong Following Cate on her journey of self awareness was fun, frustrating, and emotional A journey I really enjoyed When presented with eac [...]

  10. 4 StarsI didn t know what to expect when I started reading this one I didn t realize it was a paranormal storyline, but I was pleasantly surprised.Cathryn Duncan is still mourning her mother s suicide She has taken a leave from her work as a counselor and has stopped leaving the house because she gets overwhelmed by the emotions of others The boss has told her she needs to see a colleague of his in order to return to work That s how she ends up at an abandoned church and meeting a crazy group of [...]

  11. All The Broken Places, by Anise Eden is the first book in her new series, The Healing Edge Although this is the first book in a new series, there is no cliffhanger There was a mention of something to come but that was never developed, but I suspect that it is a series theme and will continue to develop and play out over the next books in this series As for this individual book, we are not left hanging and Ellie finally finds happiness This book was different and original and not was expecting at [...]

  12. I was asked for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this bookNTAINS SOME SPOILERSI was pleasantly surprised with this book I didn t read the synopsis or any other descriptions prior to reading this book I essentially went into this book blind I loved it from the first page The characters were well developed The empathy shown in Cate was amazing I am just speechless with this book I can t wait for the next book Cate is a therapist The care she gives [...]

  13. All the Broken Places Anise Eden 4 HashtagsA beautiful and fascinating read, which I really enjoyed Cate has special empathic abilities and after the loss of her mother, she is struggling to get her life back on track Her boss refers her for a special 3 week course otherwise she ll lose her job What she doesn t understand is that everyone at her placement has different abilities, which at first she is very skeptical about.I loved Cate s journey with Ben McGregor At times I found Cate quite annoy [...]

  14. All The Broken Places by Anise Eden is a paranormal book written in the first person This book is well written and I loved the characters I was hooked from the beginning and found it to be an awesome story I love empaths and found all the other aspects Like the crystals and aura reader to be super cool.I am very excited to have read this book As an empath myself I sometimes have a hard time being around certain people and I tend to take on anger of others so it was so cool to read about Cates em [...]

  15. To say I LOVED this book is an understatement Her characterization and writing style is detailed yet engaging Cate is flawed and easy to relate to Her relationships in the book were original I love that she didn t give us the old boy meets girl romance plot line, but instead provided something complex But most of all, I love the powers in this book Her treatment of the various abilities is clearly based on research I know Reiki, and the way she described it was accurate without going overboard [...]

  16. All the Broken Places is book one in this series And what a great beginning it is Anything paranormal, I absolutely love reading about But the author gives us a truly unique storyline, not your typical paranormal book.Cate, the main character is an empath She is struggling through life after the death of her mother Her character and the others involved are very well developed Each person has their own special ability The author did a wonderful job making me fall in love with them all Now I m rea [...]

  17. Cate keeps fighting the powers that be, and in her case that s her Boss Dr Neilson, her new sorta boss Dr McGregor and her son Ben She can t stand Ben But the team that she is working with and learning from seem to be an okay ragtag bunch of parapsychology mentors No matter how hard Cate works on herself over Hell Week in the program, she can t disconnect from her work, or her clients It s quite literally killing her I enjoyed the book, looking forward to picking up book two Thanks

  18. All the Broken Places is the first book in the Healing Edge Series by Anise Eden, it was a good book and I really enjoyed the story when I finally got a chance to focus on it I m usually not a fan of paranormal stories but this book was one I did enjoy and I do plan on keeping up with so I can see where Cate and Ben end up along with what happens with the others I want of Kai and Pete, especially Kai I would love to have a Kai in my life I liked Cate, she cared for her patients and other with h [...]

  19. This was a very interesting book Not at all what I was expecting Cate has some very serious issues She is fascinated with suicide, since her own mother took her life She is a very strong empath, and is doing herself harm without knowing it.Ben and his mother, run a clinic that helps people who are sensitive Cate is sceptical, but learns a lot about herself and her abilities.There is very little romance until the end It is mostly about Cate learning.

  20. I ve never read paranormal romance before, so I can t say if this fits the genre, but I found the romance part took a back seat to the paranormal part, which was great for me The characters were compelling and fun, the subject matter was sometimes serious but didn t drag, and the treatment of the paranormal elements felt real Can t wait to read the next part

  21. 3.5 5 stars I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review All the Broken Places Book 1BY Anise EdenEmpath healing, crystals, Reiki, acupuncture, precognition and communication beyond the grave not much not to like in the training program Cathryn Duncan is forced to attend by her boss But Cate is not convinced that all that mumble jumbo is scientifically sound To keep her job, she must attend a 3 week program that she is adamant that she does not need and she is NOT happy about it.Good [...]

  22. I received this book from the author for an honest review This book has an unusual yet interesting narrative and I liked it Cate is an empath but she doesn t know how to control her abilities, since her mother s death, she can t bring herself to return to work Her employer refers her to seek help and therefore she finds herself being placed on a three week programme The programme is designed to help her understand her gifts and use them safely.Will she complete the programme The book is slow pac [...]

  23. Cate has really struggled after her mother s suicide She couldn t leave the house with being overwhelmed She is a very dedicated therapist that is really connected with her clients The time off after her mother s death has been hard for her but she s secretly been helping them with her special connections and with the help of another therapist and friend Simone Cate is roped into attending a special training program that will help her deal with her special abilities She didn t even know her abil [...]

  24. I m an old hippie, into anything New Age, so when I read the blurb on this book I knew it would be just up my alley, and it was It was well written a rarity these days with interesting characters And the material was presented in easily absorbed bites However, that was probably my one real complaint I felt at times like I was reading a non fiction book on healing methods I imagine in later books all the groundwork will be worth it, so I m looking forward to the next book I must also agree with a [...]

  25. Cathryn Duncan has lost her mother and has passed through several weeks of grief As a therapist she senses something is wrong but she isn t sure how to handle it and why it is happening to her She finds herself writing suicide notes and then putting them away Suicide is not something she wants to do or is it just a thought to make the pain stop So much pain in her life and she is working so hard to help others Her deep connection to her clients makes her a good therapist, her empathic ability, h [...]

  26. I received a free copy from the author in exhange for an honest review Thank you This book was awesome Specially Kai, he was so hilarious and cute Kai is not the romantic interest Seriously, if you are up to some awkward but funny scenes, mixed with some paranormal, this is your book The writing sucked me in from the first page, as did the plot I hadn t read any books like this before, and was pleasantly surprised And Kai Whenever he appeared on the text, I knewI would laugh, as with his cowboy. [...]

  27. Cate is a therapist, having to work very hard just to survive She hasn t been to work since her mothers death by suicide, and she s having problems going out at all She has some special talents for checking on her patients, and doesn t realize that what she is doing has the power to hurt her Her boss sends her to a clinic for treatment, and she has to be encouraged to follow the program I laughed when I wrote that This is a very good book about contemporary life, with some very unusual folks thr [...]

  28. Looking for a paranormal to read Try this first book in a potential series Instead of the usual werewolves, ghosts, or vampires, instead, it has psychics of all different kinds.Read rest of the review at ismellsheep 2016 08 do

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