The Skull Collector Best Download || [Paris Singer], The Skull Collector, Paris Singer, The Skull Collector In a world in which children are exploited monsters are saviors and dark magic is constantly at play a little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her lost ones After the disappearance of her parents a heartbroken child is sold to the Doll Maker who promises to revive them In return she is to travel from cemetery to cemetery unearthing graves and collectiIn a w The Skull Collector Best Download || [Paris Singer] - The Skull Collector, The Skull Collector In a world in which children are exploited monsters are saviors and dark magic is constantly at play a little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her lost ones After the disappearance o

  • Title: The Skull Collector
  • Author: Paris Singer
  • ISBN: 9781513704500
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback

The Skull Collector Best Download || [Paris Singer] The Skull Collector Best Download || [Paris Singer] - The Skull Collector, The Skull Collector In a world in which children are exploited monsters are saviors and dark magic is constantly at play a little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her lost ones After the disappearance o

  • The Skull Collector Best Download || [Paris Singer]
    111 Paris Singer
The Skull Collector

About "Paris Singer"

  1. Paris Singer

    Paris Singer was born in Brussels, Belgium He has lived in the U.K and in various places in Spain, where he currently resides At university, he studied English law and Spanish law He didn t like it He then studied translation and didn t like it, either Currently, he is an English teacher in the south of Spain He has far too many interests, he s told, a few of which being sports, playing his old guitar, learning Japanese, painting, reading and cooking Not a day goes by, however, where he doesn t write something, be it under a palm tree or on a bench at a bus stop somewhere.

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  1. Paris Singer invites you to enter his world his giveawayWin TWO of his novels INTL Click on Banner to Enter Ends January 25, 2016Be prepared to enter the world of The Skull Collector by Paris Singer, because once you step in, the darkness will be complete.Her life was filled with color and love, until her parents disappeared and she was an orphan, sold to the Doll Maker He promised he would return her parents if she did his bidding and this is her dark and horrific story So began her treacherous [...]

  2. A Dark Macabre Fairy tale the stuff of nightmares.Book received in exchange for an honest review.Probably best suited to older children or those of a strong disposition as it may evoke bad dreams.The blurb simply draws you in The back cover tells you about the little girl who has lost her parents and is sold to the sinister Doll Maker who by the way lives in the depth of the Midnight Forest The Midnight Forest known to contain terrible things beyond the mere imaginings of mortal beings He makes [...]

  3. I really enjoyed this story It was fast paced with a very sinister environment What I found interesting was you never find out the little girl s name The longer I thought about it you didn t need it I thought the descriptions were imaginative but left enough up to your imagination The only thing I would change is making it longer I wasn t ready to leave these characters I would definitely read from this author.

  4. Collecting seems to bring out that primitive instinct for the hunt in some of its devotees, who stalk their prey with skill Alicia Craig Faxona little girl is overwrought with grief and despair over the disappearance of her parents alone, miserable and lost, she finds herself sold to the Doll Maker who promises to reunite her with her loved ones in exchange for collecting skulls this was such a dark and gripping tale of innocence lost, exploitation and betrayal the creepy setting, the macabre ta [...]

  5. An unusual tale which follows a little girl as she collects skulls for the doll maker It was well written, although at times the dialogue was a little off putting Overall though a good read.

  6. Title Eerie and Engaging The Skull Collector by Paris SingerReviewed by M Windholtz6 20 1611 20 a.m The Skull Collector follows an unnamed little girl who becomes the assistant of a sinister Doll Maker In exchange for her work, the Doll Maker promises that he will bring her missing parents back to life During the day, she cooks and cleans for her new master At night, she goes to the cemetery to collect skulls for his dolls Throughout the novel, the little girl becomes engaged in a war against th [...]

  7. I was given this book in exchange for a honest review 5 cups of tea I enjoyed it so much I bought a kindle copy I will be posting a video review for this.The Skull Collector by Paris Singer follows a little girl who is sold to a doll maker when her parents go missing The doll maker promises to re unite the little girl with her family if she does as he says The little girl begins working for the doll maker her tasks include cooking, cleaning, gardening and collect skulls from graveyards Making fr [...]

  8. Really enjoyable taleReally loved the story line totally worth your time if you like an underdog Had it figured out early on but still read it threw.

  9. Two Sentence Plot Synopsis In a world where morals are meaningless and dark magic runs rampant, a little girl goes to harrowing lengths to be reconnected with her loved ones.She finds hope in the macabre doll maker who promises to fulfill her wish as long as she collects enough skulls for him from surrounding cemeteries, but many perilous obstacles stand in her way.The most enjoyable aspect of this book is the world building.The world where this sad little orphan girl exists is a dark and myster [...]

  10. Creepy,dark and fun to read This had somewhat of a Series of Unfortunate Events feel to it It was perfect to read at night in bed the dark I really enjoyed thisc and already recommended it to a good friend of mine.

  11. This book is a page turner It takes you back to the old fairy tales, not the sweet Disney ones everyone knows Lessons taught, or should I say scared into you In this almost fairy tale, after a little girl loses everything and the town turns from her, she follows a stranger into the woods He tells her that he is taking her to someone who will help Deep in the woods, that no one will enter because of the stories told, lives the doll maker In exchange for letting the little girl stay, she has to do [...]

  12. The Skull Collector was a perfect Halloween time read It was spooky, original and very fast paced I adore the descriptive nature of the story as the author weaves a tale of Old English characters living in gloomy, impoverished villages on the perimeter of the terrifying, enchanted forest I would dare to say that the Skull Collector is a modern approach to intermingle the poetic stylings of Edgar Allen Poe with the magically evil style of the Brothers Grimm or Washington Irving.The relationship b [...]

  13. I m on the fence with this one I got it because I absolutely adore the cover, and in the beginning it seemed like the story would live up to what the cover promised In parts, it does, and you ll find beautiful language of an almost poetic quality, paired with a truly sinister atmosphere In other parts, not so much Sometimes the language simply appears strange, the sentences too simple, and the story repetitive It felt a bit as if the author couldn t quite decide whether he was aiming at grown up [...]

  14. A sad, dark taleI found this book to be a gothic tale It seems written for young teens than adults The characters were interesting and sad The story definitely held my interest, as I hoped the child would find some kindness and peace If you enjoy gothic, this is for you If, like me this is your first book of this type, it s a good way to see if this genre is for you I would give this author another try.

  15. I suppose this is what you call bitter sweet A great story with a protagonist you can cheer But with an ending that will break your heart The antagonist got everything he deserved and that took a bit of the sadness from the end I gave it 4 stars because I needed to read the last couple chapters over a couple times to be satisfied with the ending so I really need to give it at least half a star back

  16. This story illustrates a young girl s unfortunate predicament of losing her parents and working for an eccentric old man in hopes of being reunited with them It has a gothic and somewhat ethereal feel that reminded me of a dark and unique fairy tale.

  17. Thank you Mr Paris Singer for offering me a chance to read this Actual Rating 4.5 starsRTC This was such an intriguing and surprisingly enjoyable read

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