Ù We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin ↠ Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece, We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin, Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece, We Were Not Alone How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin religion Ù We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin ↠ Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece - We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin, We Were Not Alone How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin religion

  • Title: We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin
  • Author: Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece
  • ISBN: 9781570089763
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

Ù We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin ↠ Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece Ù We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin ↠ Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece - We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin, We Were Not Alone How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin religion

  • Ù We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin ↠ Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece
    365 Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece
We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin

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    Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the We Were Not Alone: How an LDS Family Survived World War II Berlin book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia Reece Roper Karola Hilbert Reece author readers around the world.

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  1. UNREAL Well, not really, actually it is too real But hard to put myself there mentally It s incredible how people suffered during WW2, and what survival mechanisms they used This story clearly illustrates the Lords blessings and hand in protecting their family who never ceased to turn to him, in thoughts, prayers, and remembered him in the actions Many times they barely missed death, danger, rape, etc but the good Lord rescued them Since reading this I have embarked on a journey with my mother o [...]

  2. This story is unbelievable It is a true story of miracle after miracle It seems as if it is a story than a real life tale It is an account of an entire family of eight who survives the pre, war, and post WWII It follows the struggles of the mother and her four daughters while her husband and sons are away working or in the German army It shows us that even in the hardest of times, God is with us always He constantly blesses the Hilbert family, who, in turn, blesses the lives of those around the [...]

  3. The writing was not super strong, but it didn t bother me because I read this book like a journal than a novel It is the true account of an LDS family who survived living in Berlin during World War II, despite hardships including air raids, starvation, and family members in the war After reading books recently about Jews and Holocaust victims during the war, it was interesting to read about a family who had an entirely different perspective Although free, they still lived in fear They also live [...]

  4. This book wasn t the best as far as the writing goes but it was great to read about how much the Lord blessed this family It is a true story and takes place during World War 2 They were blessed to know when to leave where they were many times so they would be protected The daughters were blessed each time they were close to being attacked or raped, to know what to do, so they could get away They were blessed because they depended on the Lord and had so much faith that He would help them It was u [...]

  5. Books about the German people are especially dear to my heart, having served a church mission in northern Germany for 18 months I was so happy to be able to serve two months in West Berlin, before the Berlin Wall came down, and hear the stories and to live with the Saints there I loved this book, with the miracles shown in this family s life even as they struggled in desperate circumstances.

  6. This was an amazing and spiritual read I m lost for words, but the faith of their whole family is astounding.

  7. Some of the most influential books in my life, besides my core book, have been The Hiding Place and Left To Tell Both are true accounts, written about the authors horrific experiences in war times The authors were both wonderful, faithful, God trusting individuals who were greatly tried and greatly blessed and endured to the end We Were Not Alone has been added to this list of books To read about the incredible miracles bestowed upon this family through out years and years of unthinkable hardshi [...]

  8. This book gave a very different perspective that you usually find associated with the WW2 genre It wasn t about the holocaust, which in itself is unusual I think there s this idea that there were two kinds of Germans Nazis, and people who hid Jews in their attics This book is about a normal German family just trying to survive The brothers fought in the war because they had no choice, just like many young men do in every war The sisters, in between hiding in air raid shelters, had jobs and wante [...]

  9. I just bought this book for Riles to read for an assignment I m giving her She and I have been reading books on WWII.While I ve recently read a lot of books dealing with WWII, most of them told the story of the Jews This story is of an LDS family living in Berlin The miracles that Heavenly Father blessed this family with were so blatant that they were astonishing Although they were German, they were not Nazi sympathizers Their lives were terrifying The constant bombing and death were physically [...]

  10. Fascinating account of and LDS family who survivied pre, war, and post WWII in Berlin Absolutely amazing and inspiring Very well written I must say it is a miracle that they survived this period of time as well as they did Interesting how some things were even worse after the war ended since they were an occupied people I am thankful that as far as the recorded accounts in this book, the American troops this family had dealings with were good men and that there was at least one decent Russian in [...]

  11. This book was written from a different perspective than many of the other WWII books I ve read It is about a German LDS family and their experiences during WWII The father was sent away to work in a factory and the older brother forced to serve in the army on the wrong side of the war the family was opposed to Hitler and the war This book is about how the mother daughters survived, how their faith was strengthened, and their purity protected during this difficult time I especially loved the LDS [...]

  12. This was a fascinating story I ve read plenty of WWII books, but never one with an LDS perspective I can t imagine how hard it was to live in Berlin during this time It was so awful with the bombings and starvation going on Not to mention trying to protect people from the awful Russian soldiers This family was truly blessed and protected and had such strong faith It was such an amazing story and I m so thankful they ve chosen to share it My friend s mother is one of the daughters in this family [...]

  13. This book is a true account of an LDS family, the Hilberts, who survived living in Berlin during World War II War and terrible acts were committed around them but they had unbelievable experiences as they prayed and tried to help others The father was sent to work in a factory The brothers were called to serve in the war The mother and four daughters struggled to find food and avoid the bombings in their neighborhood They put their trust in God and were blessed along the way This is a story of h [...]

  14. This is an amazing story War is evil, but that does not mean that the results of war in our lives must be all bad This is a story that shows how the Lord protect his people in the very depths of hell and how people who are living with the Spirit can walk through that very hell with their heads high This is a factual account of one family s survival Yet, importantly, it is an account of how a family learned what is of the greatest worth I rate this book among other great accounts of WWII miracle [...]

  15. The title is perfect for this book While war and the terrible atrocities that go with it were happening all around this family they were protected, clearly by the hand of God, because of their faith and prayers If you need to believe in miracles read this book If you need your faith strenghtened read this book If you need to know that God cares about His children read this book It s not for young children, however, as violent acts against the German women and even young girls by the Russian sold [...]

  16. This was a truly inspiring book Miracle after miracle kept these family members safe, and I have to admire them for recognizing their blessings in the face of their suffering This is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone The book addresses the family s faith in God and their reliance on prayer, but it does not get into many of the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints aka Mormon So if you believe in God, you ll identify and be strengthened by the story of faith If [...]

  17. A rare memoir of an LDS family s Berlin existence during WWII The mother s reliance on the Lord during these months of horror is an inspiration.One thing I m trying to figure out After the Allies divided Berlin, why were the defeated Germans only safe in the American sector Why were there wide spread autrocities committed by the Russian soldiers, but rarely by the American soldiers I love the Russian people I love Americans What caused such a difference in behavior between so many of these two c [...]

  18. This excellent account of survival of a German LDS family in Berlin during and after World War II gives such a good picture of what it was like to be German during that war The book presents with drama and immediacy the fight for survival during the bombing and after the war ended, when food was scarce and Russian soldiers were a horrific threat, especially to German women The faith of the family mother and how it lifts and encourages her family is inspirational and amazing The family shows, thr [...]

  19. Wow This is an amazing World War 2 autobiography written by a woman who was the youngest of 6 children in an LDS family in Berlin during the war I was continually amazed by the faith shown and the miracles experienced by this family Despite the 2 brothers serving in the army, the father publicly proclaiming loyalty to God and not Hitler, contant bombing raids, months of severe hunger, and attacks by Russian soldiers, this whole family survived the war and narrowly avoided the Russian soldiers nu [...]

  20. I love most books about true stories of people that dealt with the devastation of the Holocaust I see the strong characters that had these unbelievable experiences as extremely inspiring This book was no different.This story deals with a German LDS family who was forced to be involved in a war that they didn t want to be a part of At the risk of giving away to much, I ll just say that they had real life struggles that were difficult and life changing for them This description doesn t do it justi [...]

  21. Very interesting true story of a family surviving in Berlin before, during and after World War II The account of near starvation during the post war occupation is dramatic It is a faith affirming story of a Mormon mother and her three daughters who struggle against what seem often to be insurmountable odds I d give the story itself a four probably However, this book desperately needed editing Cliches, jarring metaphors, sentence fragments, problematic grammar It s hard to get past that.

  22. Amazing story about the Hilbert family They experienced many miracles living in Berlin during World War II Very fast read This book made me ponder many things, one of them being the importance of food storage I need to ramp it up We bought food from farmers for whatever price they asked, but we realized it was really begging for food The farmers didn t need any money, or anything else The saying The farmer s cows have no room for Persian rugs in the barn was uncomfortably close to the truth Pe [...]

  23. One of the best WWII chronicles I ve read, this nonfiction account follows a typical German family trying to survive the emotional and physical terrors of living in Nazi Germany and standing up for what is right The best part of this book is that I could really relate to several of the characters I can scarcely imagine what it was like living in a internment camp or fighting in battle, but I can relate to the everyday plodding, hunger, and struggle to stay maintain faith that this family deals w [...]

  24. Not the best writing, for sure, but what an amazing story All about how this family survived in Hitler Germany and what conditions were really like there Because of their opposition to Hitler, they faced some serious consequences But when the bombing began, that s when things REALLY got bad Worth reading if you are LDS, and recommended if you want another look at conditions inside during the war.

  25. As the Nazi party is rising to power, Karola s father is asked to join the party and responds, I serve Jesus Christ, not Adolph Hitler This is a memoir of the Hilbert family members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints who survived World War II Berlin Rated PG violent situations are handled well and the emphasis is on blessings that came in the midst of the horrors of war

  26. A wonderful story of the hope and faith of an LDS Family in WWII Berlin I loved the part when the Father was being pressured to join the Nazi party and swear an oath to Hitler he said, I have chosen whom I will serve, and his name is not Adolph Hitler, but Jesus Christ I do wish that a few details were shared about the war and how they felt about what was going on inside Germany Overall a very uplifting read that truly shows that faith and love can overcome all challenges.

  27. This is an incredible story of faith during a time when the family had every reason to be full of fear, anger and hatred It is a story of a Mormon family living in WWII Berlin and many miracles they experienced that helped them survive A remarkable book that left me filled with a desire to develop the faith exhibited by the Hilbert family so that I can stand as strong should I ever be called to face such great trials.

  28. This book was fascinating and inspiring It wasn t that well written, but the woman who wrote it is not an author She is a real woman giving an account of her and her families lives It was well worth the read I can t even imagine living through the things they did It made me grateful to be a member of the Church with the direction we have, yet made me wonder if I would be able to be so inspired as this mother was I would hope so What a legacy they have left for their family.

  29. I love learning what things were like for all kinds of people in different situations It gives one a better perspective of this world This is a view from a German family who were forced from Dresden to Berlin and were there during the Berlin bombings and the take over by the allies It is about a family that puts their trust in God and how they are blessed along the way, including being just over the dividing line into the American section when Berlin was divided Awesome read.

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