[PDF] Read ✓ All I Am : by Nicole Helm, All I Am, Nicole Helm, All I Am Everything she is Everything he s not Recovering from his time in Afghanistan Wes Stone prefers the company of his dogs and himself People especially of the female variety are difficult He appreciates that Cara Pruitt doesn t treat him like an invalid but hiring the party girl of New Benton to help out with his dog treat business is probably a mistake And when hEverything she is Every [PDF] Read ✓ All I Am : by Nicole Helm - All I Am, All I Am Everything she is Everything he s not Recovering from his time in Afghanistan Wes Stone prefers the company of his dogs and himself People especially of the female variety are difficult He apprecia

  • Title: All I Am
  • Author: Nicole Helm
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ All I Am : by Nicole Helm [PDF] Read ✓ All I Am : by Nicole Helm - All I Am, All I Am Everything she is Everything he s not Recovering from his time in Afghanistan Wes Stone prefers the company of his dogs and himself People especially of the female variety are difficult He apprecia

  • [PDF] Read ✓ All I Am : by Nicole Helm
    374 Nicole Helm
All I Am

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  1. Nicole Helm

    Nicole Helm is the bestselling author of down to earth contemporary romance and fast paced romantic suspense From farmers to cowboys, midwest to the west, she writes stories about people finding themselves and finding love in the process.She lives with her husband and two young sons in Missouri enjoying Cardinals baseball and dreams about someday owning a barn.You can contact her via email Nicole nicolehelm or visit her website nicolehelmYou can sign up for Nicole s monthly newsletter at eepurl V973n

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  1. I found this bookduous read I can see why so many people liked it It has a certain charm It s set in a small farming town and there s a community that exists there It s always an interesting twist when the female MC is the experienced one, the sexually active and adventurous one, the teacher and the male MC is the virgin, the inexperienced one, the student I think I could ve found Cara sassy and likeable I hoped to find Wes redeemably damaged and sexy I justdidn t I think the real struggle for m [...]

  2. A very well done awkward, recluse, bearded, flannel wearing hero Adored him.I liked the heroine too might not have loved the last 20%ish of the book but still def recommend.Review coming

  3. Stuff I loved about this book The hero made this whole book He is reclusive, awkward, horribly shy, and traumatized from war injuries Watching him get his HEA is everything.The dog biscuit pie baking farmers market angle is adorable.Stuff I didn t loveI didn t love the whole town slut thing with Cara And her self doubt went on too long In fact, there was too much deep POV for both characters that s not my favorite thing However, I really loved how the author turned the heroine s doubts and weakn [...]

  4. This review is also posted at Happy Heart Reads happyheartreads 2016 0I had previously read All I Have, the first story in this series starring Mia and Dell who meet at a farmer s market an equally delightful romance in which strapping handsome Dell is known as the naked farmer for manning his booth without a shirt, to the delight of the female patrons I d been anxiously awaiting Mia s sister Cara s story, and for a while there it was up in the air when or whether it would even be released due t [...]

  5. This one was as deep as the author s first book in the series and featured two deeply broken individuals who had their own coping mechanisms they used to escape their reality I really loved it.

  6. This is an unlikely romance between the reclusive Wes Stone, army veteran, injured, reclusive and cough Inexperienced and party girl Cara Pruitt, sister of the heroine in Helms previous Farmer s Market Story.Cara is, shall we say, a little easy She has self esteem issues stemming from her childhood and considers herself a failure in just about everything Except sex She s good at that, even if she gets hurt because her friends use and abuse her.The chance of a job helping Wes with his fledgling d [...]

  7. So, this made me cry this morning, which may have been the book or it may have been the past week It s hard to know But I really liked this, even if it was a hard romance to read Cara and Wes are both pretty damaged people and watching them find ways through that in this book was very powerful Props for ending the book without an engagement or marriage too, because that would have been patently ridiculous Really, really liked this.

  8. I liked this one The 20 something heroine lacks direction and has a reputation The hero is a wounded vet who is fed up with pity and is living like a hermit She convinces him to give her a job and voila I loved the socially awkward hero and I m a sucker for heroines with bad reputations Part of a series but it never felt bogged down The ending is a bit stretched out, but the hero s declaration of love at the end was very nice Solid.

  9. I definitely liked the first half than the second half of the book, The story starts with the vivacious but rather directionless 25 year old Cara, agreeing to work part time for Wes, a wounded war veteran, an almost hermit and a virgin I found Wes to be a very likeable hero His embarrassment, panic and intense anxiety about his virginity was funny, as well as very touching The growing attraction between the two was nicely handled.Half way through , when view spoiler the two finally get together [...]

  10. I loved this book a lot Some of that was because it was just my favourite kind of dynamic wounded, virgin, decent hero, and sexually experienced and kind if a little broken herself woman But that s not to take away from Helm s skilled writing She crafted two likeable characters, and I really enjoyed their journey.Wes is a loner a hermit, even He hates people, and his gruff and grumpy demeanour keeps them away It works out well for everyone, until Cara bursts into his life and starts turning ever [...]

  11. I adored this book I did feel at times that we were stuck in a repeated cycle of the same argument but I m married, and maybe, hate to say it, that s what being a relationship is like stuck together, hoping your problems are at least compatible with each other The ending of the book felt a bit pat but of course, it is a romance and a short one at that And I could have wished for the relationship between Cara her mother, and Cara and her sisters, to be developed or, visible on the page in actio [...]

  12. I loved this book No, I super loved it I can t even.The book spent a lot of time in the heads of the characters Which I know doesn t do it for everyone, but it totally did it for me Bring on the anxious, flannel clad, mess of a man He was sexy as hell It rang all my bells and it will definitely become a re reader.

  13. i mainly skimmed this one I didn t find either character appealing, and they both had way too many hangups for me to buy into the HEA

  14. This one s on the sweet side, and in a good waySeries It is and I think I need to read the first book in the series Sexy times Yes, a few times Nothing over the top At all.Plan on reading by the author ObvsSynopsis This is a broken people story As in issues, issues, issues Heroine comes to this relationship with the baggage of self destruction She ll never be a success She is the queen of sabotage Heroes got some PTSD, physical challenges and a whole lot of anxiety Hero is a virgin as a result [...]

  15. A cute romantic and conservative story about two people trying to crawl out of their respective shells Free spirited Cara has always assumed that she was a failure, while Wes, an introvert, was content on being a mess after his time in Afghanistan The way they fumbled and worked through their attraction in the beginning made me swoon, but I didn t like how they made their issues an excuse to retreat from their feelings right after making a huge leap The first time was understandable, the second [...]

  16. This one was just super duper sweet I often find contemporary romances that deal with real life problems a little tedious I read romance for the fantasy I don t want to read about paying the bills , but this one was really engaging I could understand both the characters perspectives and it was great to see them change through the support they gave each other But where was the epilogue

  17. My copy of this book is found here Harlequin Superromance February 2016 Box Set A Perfect Compromise All I Am Kayla s Cowboy Strength Under Fire.

  18. Seriously, this was one of my favorite reads of the year I m a fool for a damaged hero, but upping the ante by making him a virgin, too That s my catnip This was my first time reading a Harlequin, but it won t be my last and it is definitely not the last I ll read from this author.

  19. Battling expectations and hoping to find love3.5 starsCara helps her sister manage the family farm and helps out every Saturday at the farmers market But, with her sister newly engaged to another farmer, she s not feeling as needed and it s an uncomfortable feeling However, she runs into Wes on a Saturday and she thinks he might offer a pleasant distractionif only she could figure out what s going on in his head Wes doesn t trust people He much rather hang out with his dogs but as his job now en [...]

  20. I found this highly enjoyable very sweet with pretty great characters It made this excellent attempt at nuanced character flaws and believable drama but it struck me as slightly uneven in character development Wes anxiety got suddenly better when Cara s doubts got worse and then suddenly it was vice versa and then it ended All the changes were too abrupt but it was a really great idea and the characters were unique and memorable so it s worth the read.

  21. Nicely plotted, the pace was good My main complaint with this book was how whiny the characters were A great deal of time was spent repeating their issues ad nauseum The author writes in the foreward that the book was originally much shorter and she had to lengthen it by 20K words to fit it into the Harlequin Superromance category It shows.

  22. Loved the dogs, loved how Cara and Wes made each other face the hard things in their lives, liked knowing what was going on with Mia Dell The last few chapters are rough, as Cara Wes are both bull headed and stubborn, and push each other away and freeze each other out, but it all comes together in the end.

  23. Why didn t I read this earlier It was sooooo good and made me all warm and fuzzy, even when the mailman ruined my nice morning by banging on the doorbell and getting it stuck for my neighbor s package.

  24. Yeah, just ok Kind of boring and I really got tired of the MCs insecurities Was hard to find a real connection with the two when there was nothing but doubts and wishy washiness going on in their heads.

  25. GreatI loved this book Beta heroes are my kriptonite Good plot, good character development The ending was a bip too abrupt though.

  26. The second Farmer s Market Story, ALL I AM focuses on two seriously flawed characters Wes tries to hide by staying to himself except when we attends the farmer s market to sell his homemade dog treats and by ignoring the effect of the injuries that still plague him from his time in the military Cara Pruitt hides her hurts by pretending that put downs from her so called friends don t still hurt.When Cara loses her job and is desperate for another, Wes hires her to help organize his office She doe [...]

  27. Mrs Helm generously sent me All I Am She is an amazing writer and is able to bring to life her character, right from the pages of her books This book is a deeper book than the first, exspecially for those who are, have been or have in the millitary This book brings to life real issues that millitary families have to deal with, plus their own personal issues In this book you learn of Cara s background and why she trys to put of the partying fun carefree girl Is that really her or is she hiding b [...]

  28. Omg I just LOVED this book What a beautiful piece of work that features a hero dealing with physical emotional issues that will resonate With you from the beginning When Cara decides to work for wes the story really takes shape with such interesting dialogue situations that had me not wanting to set the book aside When you factor in Caras issues with goals to be reached Wes dealing with his lost dream and new career combined with his pain , you can t help but cheer for their HEA journey that is [...]

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