✓ Seti's Heart ↠ Kiernan Kelly, Seti's Heart, Kiernan Kelly, Seti s Heart Cursed by the god who shares his name Seti was an Egyptian king who lost everything his name his kingdom even the man he loved than anything in the world For centuries he s waited in a dusty forgotten sarcophagus until Logan comes along Logan is a graduate student who stumbles on Seti in the basement of a museum and accidentally awakens him Logan figures anyCursed by the god who ✓ Seti's Heart ↠ Kiernan Kelly - Seti's Heart, Seti s Heart Cursed by the god who shares his name Seti was an Egyptian king who lost everything his name his kingdom even the man he loved than anything in the world For centuries he s waited in a dusty forgo

  • Title: Seti's Heart
  • Author: Kiernan Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781603702591
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Seti's Heart ↠ Kiernan Kelly ✓ Seti's Heart ↠ Kiernan Kelly - Seti's Heart, Seti s Heart Cursed by the god who shares his name Seti was an Egyptian king who lost everything his name his kingdom even the man he loved than anything in the world For centuries he s waited in a dusty forgo

  • ✓ Seti's Heart ↠ Kiernan Kelly
    255 Kiernan Kelly
Seti's Heart

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    Kiernan Kelly Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Seti's Heart book, this is one of the most wanted Kiernan Kelly author readers around the world.

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  1. 4.5 starsSeti, an Egyptian King and sorcerer is cursed for defying god 5000 years later, he is awoken in New York City, by Logan, a young assistant curator at National Museum of Natural History who breaks the sarcophagus by accident Soon, Logan and Seti find themselves on the run from people who want the secret of Seti s immortality as well as from the wrath of an Egypt god who curse Seti in the first place.Kiernan Kelly has always entertained me with her stories Her ideas are often original, th [...]

  2. 3.5 StarsReview I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher This has not influenced my review I wanted to read this book because I m on a bit of a mummy Ancient Egypt kick right now, and this turned out to be a fun read with a good story and interesting Egyptian mythology.I m not sure if Seti can really be considered a mummy since, once he reanimated, he seemed to be the same human sorcerer he was before, no special mummy abilities or anything, but the author seemed to have a lot of fun [...]

  3. Setekh, a drama queen God, curse Seti, a big drama queen Egypt king to 5000 years of suffering Logan, a very much drama queen archeology student will broken Seti curse, and well All drama queens will fight, love, laughtI like the story, got confused sometimes with the narration all characters will narrate, and when I said all I truly intend everyone and Most of all, I think some moments the drama queens should get a grip and stop to be so damn dramatic Seti In the underworld Saying to Logan go o [...]

  4. So Seti pissed of the god Setekh and got put in his tomb alive only to be awakened in 5000 yrs Fast forward to the present in the basement of a museum where Logan opens the tomb Tada, instant hot, king, ex mummy man Then they re chased by the bad guys, stolen by Setekh, rescued by Osiris, la, laey live HEA I was hoping for some funny anecdotes about a 5000 yr old king getting along in present day NYC and there was a little bit but I wanted Fun read though.

  5. This just isn t my kind of paranormal, I guess I couldn t decide if this was supposed to be dark and serious, or light hearted And then there s a literal deus ex machina But the sex was hot and the characters were mostly likable and it was enjoyable enough that it flew by quickly This is the first thing I ve read by this author, and I d like to check out something else Maybe something with less mummies.

  6. Talk about age differences between boyfriends Egyptian King Seti is over 5,000 years old and his boyfriend Logan is just out of grad school in New York City It is going to be hard to make this relationship work with the age gap and cultural differences Seti reacting to a pretzel vendor while walking down an avenue in Manhattan was cool as was his tasting of a burger and the beer I wish there was of Seti reacting to the modern world like his fascination with the big panes of glass in store windo [...]

  7. I really enjoyed this story and the only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is that the plot seemed a bit condensed so that it all fit in one volume without being too long The plot didn t really have any bad holes or anything, but things just seemed a bit too rushed in my opinion Otherwise the story was really good and the characters were interesting even if a bit cliched.Logan was an interesting character and very real which made it easy to follow his story and feel for him in his luck good and ba [...]

  8. Okay, I have to admit to a pre existing bias I m kind of an Ancient Egypt nut Combine that with M M and you can pretty much guarantee I ll read it That being said, this book was well worth reading It s the perfect blend of well written sex and romance, and good, old fashioned adventure It reminded me a lot of Anne Rice s The Mummy but better, because both the main character and the love interest were men I loved how possessive Seti was, and I think Kiernan did an excellent job of describing his [...]

  9. Beautiful work Although the storyline might not bring anything new to the reader, it is, however, done as good as it is possible.

  10. Great audio to listen to, really liked this fantasy, well done Good narrator This one was like The Mommy but with a MM twist.Highly recommend it it s very entertaining.

  11. 3.5 Stars Though fun, and a lot humorous than I was expecting, Seti s Heart wasn t quite what I had thought it would be not necessarily a negative, it just threw me for a loop It took me a little while to change gears in my head, and join the adventure I was on rather than waiting for the one I mistakenly thought I would get.See, I went into this story thinking there would be a ton of historical information I was looking forward to the whole ancient Egyptian King acclimating to present day sort [...]

  12. A Joyfully Jay review 2.25 starsThe concept of Seti s Heart is just plain fun I mean who doesn t love mummies But the execution of the book left something to be desired The first quarter of the story is paced well and moves swiftly from a brief prologue in Ancient Egypt to Logan s modern day struggle to find work Seti s sudden return to life is done with some rather overwrought predictability, but it works given the absurdity of the overall the situation Unfortunately, from this point forward Se [...]

  13. The only thing that bothered me about this book was that it was a standalone I would have loved for the story to continue, but let me start from the beginning We start out meeting Logan Ashton, a recent graduate who is trying to get a position at the Museum of Natural History in New York City Through a series of events, Logan ends up waking a 5000 year old mummy Of course, this mummy doesn t look like any regular mummy No, he s got the body of a god And the attitude to match The curse Seti exper [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this book At first I was skeptical about liking this book but I have to admit I really enjoyed this read.It was adventurous and constantly had something new popping up in the form of a new twist This book is not a realistic read but it was definitely enjoyableTI being an Egyptian King from five thousand years ago and being cursed is what steers this story But really that is just the beginning of this book It quickly turns in to a read that you do not want to put down for fear of [...]

  15. 4.5 Stars This was such an interesting read that combines history with modern times in a very interesting way While I m not fond of multiple POVs in books, in this case, in particular, it worked great I loved Seti and Logan, they were really good together Their relationship was a bit instalust and that first encounter treads the non con line at first, but other than that, they worked well as a couple and were undeniably hot together.While I loved Logan s friends, I have to say that my favorite s [...]

  16. This is one of those books where I felt like the author bit of than they could chew They wanted to mix powerful and helpless but didn t quite know how to do it right Mixing gods and mortals is hard either you get something so overpowered that it s unbelievable when the human wins, or you have to dumb them down so much it s a wonder you just didn t make them supernatural humans Seti s Heart kind of does both The romance isn t all that strong either Seti s awake for all of one day before they jum [...]

  17. Why the hell is Seti white The Egyptians were black He is thousands of years old, he would not be WHITE with shitty white people dreds I m not going anywhere near a book that is so flagrantly racist even before I open it.

  18. A veritable whirlwind romance And a believable one too Logan was cute Seti was hunky The villains were appropriately evil The friends were unobtrusive.There was a bit of deus ex machina, but the point of this story is so the romance than the conflict.Very cute.

  19. So good and different and uniqueSo good and diffferent and unique I loved the Egyptian aspect as well as paranormal, exciting and fun, but a bit of danger I can t wait to read from Kiernan

  20. I enjoyed this book but it was left open for a sequel so it felt unfinished to me There is the threat of Setekh hanging over their heads Osiris cracked me up he was funny.

  21. Review It was the narration There were some real laugh out loud moments In fact it reminded me of view spoiler Boris Banenov youtube watch v Ufmph hide spoiler I love to see if the author continues to write the same humor in some of his other novels.

  22. This is a basic romance book with a m m twist We meet Logan who is working for the National Museum of Natural History and is stuck working with a cranky old man in the basement While working he finds the sarcophagus of a sorcerer king named Seti He opens the sarcophagus and breaks one of the urns that hold Seti s heart which wakes him up Soon their adventure starts as they try to avoid a madman with way too much money As they are working to stay under the radar they have a lot of sex Seti had fo [...]

  23. Audiobook Review.I really enjoyed this listen The narrator was perfect for this quirky action adventure mm romance He is the same narrator from Foxe Tails and this listen had a lot of the same elements The basic story is a 5000 year old Egyptian king is cursed by one of the Egyptians gods Our hero Logan inadvertently frees him and love and adventure ensues There is a lot of witty humor as Seti adjusts to the 21st century The dialogue among the gods is pretty funny too There is a merry Scooby gan [...]

  24. 3.5 starsWarrior king Seti was cursed by Setekh when he tried to avenge his lover s death Five thousand years later, he s accidentally awaken by an archaeology graduate, Logan After the first shock, Logan understands the need to protect Seti, but his enemies are powerful, and his budding relationship may endanger not only their lives, but also those of the friends helping them This is an appealing mixture of romance, adventure, paranormal and mythology, all it peppered with some really hot sex s [...]

  25. Started out good, but all too soon it got to sketchy, and too complicated, all too quickly Every character seemed to hold a wealth of emotion and didn t try to hide any of them There were so many characters brought in, in the beginning, that just seemed to have no point or use beyond a gaggle of guys that Logan hangs around with.A stupid thing that really grated on my nerves at one point Seti summons wind wolves well, sorry to disappoint, but there WERE no wolves in ancient Egypt They weren t ev [...]

  26. I didn t really like the bit of clusterfuck of confusion towards the beginning, but it settles nicely.There are times when it s overwrought, but overall, it s a good work.The premise itself is interesting and I was happy that Seti wasn t a complete Jerkass.I liked it It s a nice little piece.

  27. I really liked the characters, especially Seti trying to adjust to the 21st century, Osiris as a hipster god Logan and his friends were well fleshed out It would be nice if a sequel is written about Seti making good on his promise to Osiris and with Leo and or Chris s story.

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