[PDF] Siege of Praetar | by Ï David Kristoph, Siege of Praetar, David Kristoph, Siege of Praetar The red giant Saria is dying Praetar a sand blown planet lies occupied Its people are buried and beaten forced to toil for the Melisao Empire that prepares to flee their star Hyken a Sentinel pilot in orbit around the planet is faced with a moral dilemma that forces him to choose between his co pilot and their mission Mira a factory worker on Praetar struggles toThe red gia [PDF] Siege of Praetar | by Ï David Kristoph - Siege of Praetar, Siege of Praetar The red giant Saria is dying Praetar a sand blown planet lies occupied Its people are buried and beaten forced to toil for the Melisao Empire that prepares to flee their star Hyken a Sentinel pilo

  • Title: Siege of Praetar
  • Author: David Kristoph
  • ISBN: 9781311690203
  • Page: 202
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Siege of Praetar | by Ï David Kristoph [PDF] Siege of Praetar | by Ï David Kristoph - Siege of Praetar, Siege of Praetar The red giant Saria is dying Praetar a sand blown planet lies occupied Its people are buried and beaten forced to toil for the Melisao Empire that prepares to flee their star Hyken a Sentinel pilo

  • [PDF] Siege of Praetar | by Ï David Kristoph
    202 David Kristoph
Siege of Praetar

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    I live with my wonderful wife and two not quite German Shepherds I m a fantastic reader, great videogamer, good chess player, average cyclist, and mediocre runner I m also a member of the Planetary Society, a patron of StarTalk Radio, and an amateur astronomer and general space enthusiast.Feel free to contact me at David.Kristoph gmail, as long as you re not a spam robot trying to sell me penis pills.

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  1. This book allowed me to escape reality for awhile and it will do the same for you You will be glad you don t live on Praetar My only complaint is that I would like to have known what happened to a few characters who slipped from the story I will not write spoilers but read and see for yourself.

  2. This was a fantastic read.The work is split into three different stories, three different perspectives of the harsh world of Praetar The characters are well written with realistic motivations David Kristoph has a real talent for world building he has created a real, living place The red star of Saria is dying, and the Empire is on an exodus to elsewhere The inhabitants of the war torn Preatar also want off their destitute planet, but the oppressive Empire has other ideas.Part One The Sentinel, i [...]

  3. Tales of a Dying Star is split into three installments, each of which looks at the same conflict from a different perspective The Sentinel, part 1 of the series, shows the life of a soldier serving the Empire and enforcing a blockade of the planet Praetar While it can be slow moving at times, the characters are very realistic and The Sentinel sets up the conflict beautifully Part 2, The Mother, is where Kristoph really shows his skills The world of Praetar, wonderfully reminiscent of Frank Herbe [...]

  4. I approach reading any self published book with a little skepticism With Siege of Praetar, my fears were completely unfounded Let me say up front, before I even talk about the story This book is professionally done Very well written, very well edited It reads at the very high end of self published works, and even better than most traditionally published books.The book itself breaks into three parts, each featuring a different POV, each related in the end The first section is good, but the second [...]

  5. One of the best things about Science Fiction is the ability to tackle real world social and political issues without riling up the various ideological camps on said issue We live in a world with corruption, greed and some of the worst behavior humans are capable of.These issues and one of morality are addressed in this book, and that s wonderful Any story that can get a response from me is a worthy story to read After all, that s what books are for challenging the reader s world view by taking i [...]

  6. Siege of Praetar was an exciting introduction to what could develop into a great space opera It took a little while to get oriented into the new world I am still not sure where my loyalties will lie in the politics of Praetar, as I identified and felt empathy for multiple, diverse characters I was happy to win this book through First reads and I look forward to following the development of the series to see what comes next.

  7. Siege of Praetar is excellent and vivid the characters are believable, and some of them I love to hate Parts of the book read like a space age Les Miserables, but that s no insult I definitely wish the novel had been longer, and I d love to read by this author as he continues his career I recommend this book to anybody who enjoys a gritty space opera with high energy and great writing mechanics.

  8. Loose EndsI was becoming interested in the story, but then it ended with way too many loose ends I m not sure I would give a sequel a look.

  9. This is the story about a star coming to the end of its life and what the civilization surrounding it does to survive The Siege of Praetar gives a brief overview with how the Melisao is evacuating and preparing to save those it can, and then focuses on three specific characters and how they are coping with these end times.In the first part, The Sentinel, there is a ship of the same name hovering near orbit on guard It s duty is to watch freighters leaving Praetar that have to be a specific weigh [...]

  10. SIEGE OF PRAETARDavid KristophCreateSpace 2014 ISBN 9781503128088Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views 09 15 Article first published as Book Review Siege of Praetar by David Kristoph on Blogcritics Siege of Praetar, Book One in the Tales of a Dying Star series by David Kristoph, is an intriguing science fiction tale about the people of the planet Praetar Praetar s star, Saria, is dying, and the Melisao Empire is making preparations to flee the planet The story follows three people, each caugh [...]

  11. Humans survived a dying sun once before and now the decedents of this race of beings face this challenge a second time, many millennia in the future What happens when the genetically superior plan an exodus only for the elite and bash heads with a religious sect determined to exterminate the non believers These and other tales are a part of The Dying Star series keeping your eyes glued to the page and your thumb twitching to click to the next page What I love most about Kristoph s universe is ho [...]

  12. So far I have to say that I am addicted to this story and can not wait to get to the next part My only complaint being that the first installment was way to short In the first book you literally follow three different characters and get a feel of them and who they are You have the loyal empire servant pilot, the desperate mother and the kingpin Godfather type The stories of the three individuals intertwine just a tad in this book but I have a feeling they are going to be woven a little tightly [...]

  13. I am a big sci fi fan, especially books that is set in a dystopian world A friend had referred me to this book so I thought to give it a try The cover of the book immediately caught my attention I started to read It didn t take me long to get into the flow since the book is very well written Soon, I was hooked David is an engaging storyteller He has created an unequivocal cast of characters with exquisite imagery of a forsaken planet engulfed in sand The barren landscape is vividly painted and b [...]

  14. Tales of a Dying Star Book 1 Siege of Praetar is the first in a series that I have had the privilege to read and review I like David Kristoph s writing style for science fiction It s entertaining and informative without going over the top into hard sci fi The plot is not only solid, its colorful and well developed as it pulls the reader into a very believable world of life above and on the planet Praetar where the red giant star that it orbits Saria is dying I started to feel for Mira a woman of [...]

  15. I received this book through a giveaway.I am so glad that I won this book The characters and plot are original and the way the story is presented through the eyes of three individuals, each with different interests and motivations, is amazing The Siege of Praetar is story about the miserable planet Praeter whose sun is about to die The Empire of Melisao is the ruling government in this universe They control the lives of the extremely poor people on Praeter The story is told through the eyes of t [...]

  16. Kristoph has introduced a grand cast of characters in his debut novel Three people, all unrelated, find themselves at the mercy of an empire s overbearing will The novel was divided into three sections, lending itself to a voraciously quick readthrough.The biggest flaw in Kristoph s writing is that he s too damn good The prose is fluid, the story is tight, but it leaves me wanting Who are these extra characters we don t delve into How did Praetar come to be the way it is How does the empire hav [...]

  17. When you re just waiting to get your hands on book II and hoping the sucker gets it As one who was conscripted himself to the military, I can safely say that David captured the mood of conscription perfectly in his opening scene The same dilemmas faced by conscripts basically civilians in uniforms with a twist of sci fi This got me hooked.I ll try to put this as spoiler free as possible while giving the gist of it Part I made me anxiousPart II made me desperate for the protagonist of the partPar [...]

  18. Kept me up late reading.I like the way David integrates his characters into his story He goes into each characters story and where they are in the story When I read a book I m always wondering what the other characters are doing, how they fit into the story David does a good job of giving you those answers Love the complexity of the plot to, its not just one simple plot The only reason I deducted one star is some editing could be done If you re into sci fi and or futuristic stories grab this on [...]

  19. Exactly what I neededWell developed characters whose motivations fit the premise I was drawn in by the challenges and different motivations to escape a planet that appears to be near dead And action galore I immediately bought the next book in the series and am plotting my next me time where I can escape husband and doggies to read it uninterrupted and then rejoin my pack for some earthly activities

  20. Crisp, concise, emotionally satisfying science fiction with excellent world building detail Each set of characters provides a different perspective on the same incident, with smooth transitions between them The little specifics are imaginative As other reviews mentioned, it is on the shorter side, but stands quite successfully on its own as well as serving as an introduction to the larger story of the series If you re looking for new spacefaring sci fi, pick it up

  21. While my rating says 2 stars it is actually closer to 1 1 2 This was a mildly entertaining novella that jumped around in an attempt to keep the reader guessing at a plot that wasn t particularly difficult to figure out I am not ruling out reading the other novellas in the series but I think that boredom would probably lead me to do so.

  22. This book was an easy, enjoyable read The characters were well conceived The book began to build a world that leaves me thinking about it I look forward to the next books in this series.

  23. Wonderfully interconnected, I loved how everything came together at the end I also loved the Red Sox easter egg hidden in Mira s storyline

  24. sigh Yet another series that has captured my interest More books for the wishlist Even though its shorter then most books I read the povs of the different characters were quite fun and engaging.

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