Free Download Beyond Carousel - by Brendan Ritchie, Beyond Carousel, Brendan Ritchie, Beyond Carousel All of us wanted to survive whatever was happening Maybe even escape it somehow But than that we wanted to know what it was Nox Taylor and Lizzy have just escaped a nightmare After months of being trapped inside a shopping centre they are finally free Free to roam the streets of Perth and free to solve the mystery of what happened outside the doors of Carousel All of us wanted to Free Download Beyond Carousel - by Brendan Ritchie - Beyond Carousel, Beyond Carousel All of us wanted to survive whatever was happening Maybe even escape it somehow But than that we wanted to know what it was Nox Taylor and Lizzy have just escaped a nightmare After months of being tr

  • Title: Beyond Carousel
  • Author: Brendan Ritchie
  • ISBN: 9781925164039
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Beyond Carousel - by Brendan Ritchie Free Download Beyond Carousel - by Brendan Ritchie - Beyond Carousel, Beyond Carousel All of us wanted to survive whatever was happening Maybe even escape it somehow But than that we wanted to know what it was Nox Taylor and Lizzy have just escaped a nightmare After months of being tr

  • Free Download Beyond Carousel - by Brendan Ritchie
    361 Brendan Ritchie
Beyond Carousel

About "Brendan Ritchie"

  1. Brendan Ritchie

    Brendan Ritchie is a writer and filmmaker from Fremantle, WA.In 2015 he published his debut novel Carousel and was awarded a PhD in Creative Writing Carousel has been critically acclaimed and was longlisted for the 2016 Gold Inky Awards The sequel, Beyond Carousel, is now available.In addition to writing, Brendan spends his time lecturing across a range of creative disciplines.

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  1. I reviewed the first book in this series, Carousel, back in August and I ve been meaning to pick up the sequel ever since but other books got in the way something we can all relate to, I think But anyway, I finally read book two and I enjoyed it so much Even then I did book one This is a super unique series for me, because it s set in the same state that I live in Western Australia represent The first book follows three people, Nox, Lizzy and Taylor who get trapped inside the Carousel shopping [...]

  2. Trigger warnings Animal death I think that s all So I was REALLY interested to get stuck into this book, because while I really enjoyed Carousel, it left me with approximately a million questions that I needed answered ASAP Andis didn t really answer them I mean, it DID But it left me with a whole lot MORE questions Where Carousel focuses on the gang trying to get out of the shopping centre, this focuses on what happens next It features Nox wibbling his way around Perth trying to work out what s [...]

  3. Remember when you were a kid and you read a book loved it s much you had to get a friend to read it too so you could talk about it for ages together That s how I feel, wired, excited buzzing to talk about how much I loved this book Best sequel ever I couldn t put this book down No spoilers but just wanted to say this book did not disappoint, still resolved enough for me to be satisfied left enough unresolved to keep me thinking about it ALOT I have recommended Carousel to everyone as the best bo [...]

  4. While I enjoyed this read and am glad to see how Carousel has come to an end I am still left with so many questions unanswered More than anything I really just want to know if Chess is okay

  5. I really liked how this book expanded upon the narrative which started in Carousel, and explored a broader landscape I think Nox developed a lot as a character in this book, especially after he was split up from Taylor and Lizzy I thought the whole Residency idea was really creative, and a great premise to expand the story and answer a lot of the questions raised in book one I also liked some of the new elements introduced, and connected a lot with the story as it was set across so much of Pert [...]

  6. Was slightly disappointed after reading Beyond Carousel as I had absolutely loved Carousel I felt the plot was much predictable and jumped around in places as some scenes situations were described so well and others were lacking A good book for an easy read.

  7. While this book was a lot better than the first one and the writing style has definitely improved it still wasn t a fantastic read The mystery surrounding all the disappearance of everyone except for artists intrigued me and I was glad it was finally explained and wasn t something generic like zombies I hated the way it ended suddenly and like it wasn t really finished which I should have been expecting since Carousel ended the same way I still couldn t put it down though but I think that way mo [...]

  8. view spoiler This book reminded me of why happy endings are so great I totally wasn t expecting them to see not only Rachel, but ROCKY again hide spoiler This book was definitely better than the last Moved forward with purpose there seemed to be to it If anything, there seemed to be a little too much compared to the last book It s kind of made the whole thing a bit uneven, like the first and second book don t fit together perfectly Whatever.I love the vibe these books have Sort of creepy, but [...]

  9. This review can be read in full at emilypaull 2016 11 booWhen we last left Nox, Taylor and Lizzy at the end of Carousel, they d finally managed to make their way out of the shopping centre which had imprisoned them for eighteen months Now, living in a deserted, post apocalyptic Perth with no power and limited clean water and food, they re starting to think that maybe they were better off where they were Still, outside the confines of the centre, the trio are slowly starting to piece together wha [...]

  10. I bought this book the day it was released so I could find out what happens after Carousel, and it didn t let me down Yay Carousel is set in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophic Disappearance, and Beyond Carousel is set later, when the struggle for survival is intense and visible The book had the expected post apocalyptic difficulties for the survivors, e.g food and shelter, dealing with others, and finding their place in the new world It also introduced some concepts I ve not come acros [...]

  11. The sequel to Carousel I actually gave this one a less favorable review because of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance I don t know what to call it without being heavy on spoilers, so, let s just say the circumstances that lead to them being locked inside Carousel When it became clear what was going on, I was pretty disappointed, because as original as it was, I just couldn t suspend my disbelief enough for this to make any sense at all view spoiler A great contest that disappears th [...]

  12. It s been almost 2 months since I started reading this, and I finally, FINALLY finished it And yeteven though it was almost 2 months, it didn t take away from my reading experience I absolutely LOVED this book.If you read my review from last year on the first book, Carousel, you can see that I struggled with the general concept of the book I thought it was a stand a lone at that point But this book gave me the closure I needed and totally made sense of what happened in the first book.Easily one [...]

  13. Was really disappointed by how this story turned out.Was expecting something mysterious and exciting This was really boring and it took me lots of effort to get through this.Carousel was full of excitement and mystery and how Beyond Carousel tries to explain this but ultimately fails, and most readers I WAS will be let down by the reason they were locked in Carousel it never really gets explained properly.

  14. It s not often that a sequal wows me as much as the first book, but that is what happened here If anything it was better then the first book Action packed, great world building, beautiful written, engaging characters, this book has everything For myself reading this book felt so familiar, as I m a Perth local and a former ECU student, this book felt like it could actually happen.

  15. This book is an entry in the Aurealis Awards for 2016, for which I am a judge Any review will be withheld until the results of the awards are announced.

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed the sequel to Carousal and couldn t put it down Beyond Carousal answered so many questions I had about Carousal and has given me some closure Makes me want to go back and re read Carousal

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