[PDF] Disgraced: Chosen Few MC | by » Nessa Connor, Disgraced: Chosen Few MC, Nessa Connor, Disgraced Chosen Few MC A determined woman Toni Dubois has been shouldering adult responsibilities since her mom got sick when she was fifteen She s raising her younger sister and struggles to provide a good home for her on a server s income Sexy biker Luc St Pierre may intrigue her but she s wary of men after being harassed by a creepy regular at the bar A disgraced man Luc was wronglA determin [PDF] Disgraced: Chosen Few MC | by » Nessa Connor - Disgraced: Chosen Few MC, Disgraced Chosen Few MC A determined woman Toni Dubois has been shouldering adult responsibilities since her mom got sick when she was fifteen She s raising her younger sister and struggles to provide a good home for her on

  • Title: Disgraced: Chosen Few MC
  • Author: Nessa Connor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Disgraced: Chosen Few MC | by » Nessa Connor [PDF] Disgraced: Chosen Few MC | by » Nessa Connor - Disgraced: Chosen Few MC, Disgraced Chosen Few MC A determined woman Toni Dubois has been shouldering adult responsibilities since her mom got sick when she was fifteen She s raising her younger sister and struggles to provide a good home for her on

  • [PDF] Disgraced: Chosen Few MC | by » Nessa Connor
    150 Nessa Connor
Disgraced: Chosen Few MC

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    Nessa Connor Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Disgraced: Chosen Few MC book, this is one of the most wanted Nessa Connor author readers around the world.

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  1. Title DisgracedAuthor Nessa ConnorSeries Chosen Few MC Book 3Release Date October 12, 2016Genre MC RomanceAudiobook Narrated by Andy E RossI tried, I really did, but I just could not connect with this book I ve been trying to pinpoint exactly what didn t work for me I ve decided it s a toss up between the narration and the execution of the story This is not your typical MC Romance and that may work for some people, but it just didn t work for me My failure to connect doesn t mean the book is bad [...]

  2. ARC provided by the author, Nessa Connor, in exchange for an honest review.If you are a 20 or 30 something reader, you will really enjoy this book Me, I m a 60 something reader and I gotta tell you this is not Nora Roberts land by any stretch of the imagination There was a lot I liked about this book kick ass literally heroine making ends meet with a low paying job the information about the internet and its dangers What I didn t like was that the hero lacked respect for the law and did some thin [...]

  3. I have read about all kinds of bikers but I have to say that this is a first for a biker who is the computer geek of their club Thinking about it now it makes total sense because these clubs need to make money and what better way than to have a guy on board who can make things happen at the stroke of a key Luc was just that guy for The Chosen Few MC and good thing for Toni because he was just who she needed after getting on the bad side of one of her customers at the bar she worked at Perry was [...]

  4. The story of a young barmaid employed at Sam s bar, raising her teenage sister At work Toni Dubois , is harassed by a local patron , a computer geek who fancies himself hot shit and doesn t understand why Toni isn t returning his attentions One evening after being rejected, Perry, the computer geek, witnesses Toni making conversation with a tall, lean motorcycle club member, wearing MC colors Perry is furious and begins a series of actions aimed at Toni for said affront These attacks include hav [...]

  5. 4 1 2 stars An action packed, suspenseful romance that will have you on the edge of your seat With an intriguing storyline, interesting characters, slow build romance, intense situations, and surprise twists, it s a great book that you won t want to miss Definitely my favorite of this series Luc s intelligence and love of computers not only allows him to work from anywhere, but he s also the club s treasure He has a dark past but doesn t let it define who he is After seeing some of the brothers [...]

  6. 3.5 stars for the story and the narrationAnother good addition to the series This is the third book in the Chosen Few series I have listened to, an it was just as enjoyable and entertaining as the first two installments This was a milder story for an MC book Which was actually nice for a change That s not to say there isn t any action or suspense, there is.Luc and Toni were both really good characters Really like how Luc interacted with Toni s little sister.Toni has her mind made up to never get [...]

  7. Working in Sam s Bar, Toni has a lot of uninvited attention, but she has enough in her life as it is, and a love life would be a complication she didn t need Toni notices Luc the moment he comes into the bar In his 20 s, tall, lean, with curly black hair, olive skin, he wore the biker colours of The Chosen Few even his dark brown eyes have a twinkle in them Luc has come into the bar on a whim, but if looks could trap a man he was a goner It was okay to act like a teenager in love, when you were [...]

  8. Toni is a server in Sam s bar She is a feisty character that takes flack from none of the customers and she does her utmost best to treat them all the same What happens when Perry, a regular in her section, starts to feel threatened by Luc when he shows up one night, in his colors, to the bar for a drink What nonsense does Perry start on about Why does he get so mad about Toni talking to Luc and smiling, getting him his drinks What sick and twisted thoughts start going through Perry s mind that [...]

  9. I received this ARC for review with leaving a honest review of it.I have to tell you that Nessa Connor has come so far as an author and has found her own with this book From reading her first works up to now I am impressed with how quickly she was able to get into her own realm for writing.This is a story about Toni and Luc along with a psycho named Perry While Toni is young, she has taken to raising her sister Mamie since the passing of their mother Mamie, her night terrors keep Toni going with [...]

  10. This fast paced, action packed romantic thriller will have you re thinking you opinion about many subjects, MC s being one, and computer geeks another A bit of a reality check as to how fast life can change, sometimes for worse, others for better, much better Ms Connor has taken the Alpha Biker topic and turned it into a well written, easy to follow tale that will have you falling in love all over again As Toni struggles with the day to day challenges of raising her teenage sister after the deat [...]

  11. I received a copy of Disgraced Chosen Few MC Book Three from the author in exchange for an honest review I have to say that Disgraced had my complete interest from page one to the very climatic end I haven t read the previous two books Cursed and Wreaked but I feel that this book can be read as a standalone quite easily.Toni Dubois works as Sam s Bar trying to make ends meet and still take care of her little sister, Mamie But when one customer Perry steps over the line and tries to drug her drin [...]

  12. Arc copy for honest review.Luc is caring, gentle and understanding He is a biker and as such is big, strong and tough if he needs to be, he is also great with computers Toni is determined to do right by her sister and herself, keeping them safe and secure She has put love on a back burner until she meets Luc I wanted to punch the bar owner almost as much as Perry, neither really gave a dam about Toni or the other girl working there Different reasons of course with one it was much physical and t [...]

  13. I loved the storyline in this book Toni a single woman bringing up her kid sister on her own after her mum died of cancer She was working in a bar to make ends meet When a regular customer Perry a computer hacker geek took an unhealthy shine to her But when a hunky biker Luc steps into the bar and catches her eye, Perry gets angry and diesn t take her rejections very well He starts trying to ruin her He transfers money from her bank account and leaves her with no money He gets all her utilities [...]

  14. This is the first of the Chosen Few MC series that I have read It can be read as a stand alone I absolutely LOVED Luc and Toni s story Toni was a very real heroine She took her responsibilities to her family and her job seriously She is a very warm hearted person and relatively bad ass with her martial arts knowledge She seemed like a woman whose company I would enjoy And then there is Lucoh yes Luc Not what you would expect your typical biker to be He is tech savvy, quiet and intelligent He tru [...]

  15. Having read the previous book in this series Wrecked , I was thrilled to get a review copy of Disgraced Nessa Connor takes the time to let her characters develop both by sharing their thoughts as they cope with the world and by letting them show themselves in their actions So two fairly average Americans, a girl working at a bar to support herself and her sister, and a computer geek motorcyclist, have become real people to us by the time they get to meet each other Touching on a lot of scary sub [...]

  16. after reading the first two books in the series it took me awhile to read this one, although I didn t hate the first two there just wasn t much to them as an MC book, this one though got better and I enjoyed it

  17. I really wanted to like this The plot seemed like it could be so much fun to enjoy The story line, as stated held such promise and was a decent read but it was not what was promised This book claims to be a MC romance but apart from a few references to the gang, there was very little that would identify it as such From the chemistry that the main male protagonist had with the females younger sister, it seemed as if those two would be the likely love interest I did start this series with this bo [...]

  18. What a great book It has it all, romance, motorcycle guys, suspense, and a great storyline The author has really done a great job on this one in my humble opinion She has all the elements that really hit the top of my list A sister that gives her all to take care of her little sister, chemistry with a new guy that is willing to take things a slower pace just because it s what you want, and to make the story round out it sadly has a bad guy who tries to take advantage of the girl But the way the [...]

  19. Good But a Better Mix of Inner Voice and Dialogue Needed Toni and Luc were both quite likable characters Toni spends a considerable amount of time worrying that they are from different words, although not much is revealed about her life before bartending, and she even remarks on lacking much ambition So her stereotypes about bikers seem off somehow The sensitive MC club is growing in popularity, and Luc, the geeky but undereducated hacker treasurer, is amazingly fluent with literary references, [...]

  20. I loved this book It was a different spin on a motorcycle novel Luc is a computer nerd who is part of a motor cycle club It makes him approachable He meets Toni one evening while she is working as a waitress at a bar He is her savior because he begins to look out for her when one of her regulars begins to overstep normal boundaries Toni is the guardian of her teenage sister and a homebody She never does anything that could be considered wrong and when she is threatened, she has to reach out for [...]

  21. I just love the Chosen Few series There s a mystery hidden inside this sexy romance or maybe it s a heated love story with a suspenseful element interwoven Whatever it is omg Nessa Connor weaves an incredible tale that had me on the edge the entire time First handsome bike Luc St Pierre meets beautiful barmaid Toni and well they re trying to take it slow but then up pops that suspenseful mystery with another customer who really wants Toni to see things his way Throw in a teenage sister and well [...]

  22. 5 Awesome Stars Toni works at Sam s Bar trying to get by while taking care of her sister, Mamie Then Perry a customer who tries to drug her drink Luc St Pierre from Chosen Few MC helps her pull a switch with Perry Luc St Pierre was out buying parts for a vintage motorcycle decided to stops in at Sam s Place for a beer He saves Toni and Perry s revenge, escalate Luc brings in his brothers to help out and they also helps teach Mamie about cyber security.

  23. Great MC read Toni is doing her best to raise her sister and working at Sam s Bar, she has a lot to deal with including a guy that keeps hassling her at the bar Luc rides with the Chosen Few MC and is willing to be patient with Toni and her trust but can he protect her from her stalker This is a fast paced read with lots of action and drama I loved Luc This suspenseful read had me glued to my seat.

  24. 3 1 2 starsThis was OK A few things were just weird or wtf moments Like in the beginning they both were assuming what the stalker was thinking was weird SPOILERS And the part were at gun point she calls him and he takes his time talking to her younger sister instead of hauling butt to get there Or she is supposed to be a black belt but gets her but kicked Just wtf moments This book has romance and drama and sex.

  25. This was a very enjoyable read A little light on the MC side and Luc being the computer geek and financial guy for the club was a first for me but I really loved his character Luc and Toni were great together and their chemistry was sizzling I loved how Luc handled Toni s sister Mamie and his complete acceptance of her This was a steamy hot read but it had a wonderful romance at the core With a little action thrown in it made a great read I would definitely recommend it.

  26. This was a really great story, there were a number of challenges to focus on, not least Perry s infatuation with Toni, but Luc, saves the day in ways than one The thing that enamours him to Toni, is his relaxed, laid back attitude, despite the fear and intensity that comes with him being a biker A great outcome for all including Mammie

  27. Wowzers what a book Could not put it down Loved how Luc and Toni gradually worked up to a relationship and that Luc and the rest of the club were there when Toni needed them most eventhogh she didn t know them Also loved how it showed the other side of bikers being really good people.I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  28. Disgraced Loved Disgraced Luc and Toni are perfect for eachother Disgraced is the third book in Connor s Chosen Few MC series Happy Reading

  29. This was an excellent read The story line was great and it was a good reminder that you should not judge people by their appearance.

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