Þ Not Your Sidekick ↠ C.B. Lee, Not Your Sidekick, C.B. Lee, Not Your Sidekick Welcome to Andover where superpowers are common but internships are complicated Just ask high school nobody Jessica Tran Despite her heroic lineage Jess is resigned to a life without superpowers and is merely looking to beef up her college applications when she stumbles upon the perfect paid internship only it turns out to be for the town s most heinous supervillaWelcome to A Þ Not Your Sidekick ↠ C.B. Lee - Not Your Sidekick, Not Your Sidekick Welcome to Andover where superpowers are common but internships are complicated Just ask high school nobody Jessica Tran Despite her heroic lineage Jess is resigned to a life without superpowers a

  • Title: Not Your Sidekick
  • Author: C.B. Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Þ Not Your Sidekick ↠ C.B. Lee Þ Not Your Sidekick ↠ C.B. Lee - Not Your Sidekick, Not Your Sidekick Welcome to Andover where superpowers are common but internships are complicated Just ask high school nobody Jessica Tran Despite her heroic lineage Jess is resigned to a life without superpowers a

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  • Þ Not Your Sidekick ↠ C.B. Lee
    467 C.B. Lee
Not Your Sidekick

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    C.B. Lee Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Not Your Sidekick book, this is one of the most wanted C.B. Lee author readers around the world.

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  1. I WANT BOOK TWO RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY GIVE IT TO ME.Ok, I ll try to be coherent now I think this book is fully deserving of 4.5 stars damn you for not giving me half star options and I am utterly in love with it I am a sucker for superhero stories that are against the norm, stories that embrace silliness in superhero tropes and manage to make those stories new even if the conventions are the same And this book is everything I wanted it to be This felt like such a step forward in terms of the LG [...]

  2. As a bisexual girl who didn t know that was a thing until her 20 s I got all emotional wishing this book existed when I was 16 I cannot express to you how wonderful it felt to see a character identify ON PAGE as bisexual as a young adult I understand that some people don t need labels or don t like them, but as a bisexual person you are constantly represented in the media by the oh, she just doesn t like labels or she just likes PEOPLE, not gender etc Not that these are bad things But to have a [...]

  3. Let me introduce to you my new favourite book.Not Your Sidekick is one remarkable, superpowered book It has everything that I want in a book it has superheroes and supervillains, a lovable Asian protagonist, gorgeous friendships, and heart melting crushes Though the pieces of Not Your Sidekick may sound familiar, Lee has crafted a beautifully cohesive story that puts a refreshing spin on the increasingly hackneyed superhero narrative Needless to say, I was enthralled by this book.Nobody may expe [...]

  4. This book was everything I need in my life Jess Tran is a bisexual Vietnamese Chinese young adult trying all her life to find the superpower that is meant for her Having parents as well known superheroes and a sister who basically succeeds in life, Jess feels the massive pressure on her that she s disappointing her family One day, she stumbles upon an internship that sounds just perfect to her but she ends up finding out that the company is owned by the supervillains Well, at least, she is able [...]

  5. Actual Rating 4.5 starsFull review originally posted on my blog Word WondersI ve had this book on my TBR for the best part of a year because it s one of my friend cw s favorite books and she s always raving about how good it is, I also got the ebook around a couple months ago and while I was planning to pick it up right away, it s safe to say I got distracted but I finally read it and I DO NOT REGRET IT It is so so good, such a fun, quick read that has important underlaying themes and I adored t [...]

  6. I really wanted to give this five stars for what it was trying to do For the most part, it succeeded The characters are absolutely wonderful, the tone of the book is light and warm, the overall premise is quite fun Unfortunately, there were some plot elements that didn t quite work as well as they could have.Let s start with the good, though Jessica Tran I adore this protagonist She s, 17, she claims her bisexual label, she s half Chinese, half Vietnamese, she wants to be accepted by both, and s [...]

  7. This was the cutest superhero story I ve ever witnessed Whilst I struggled with the long chapters I absolutely flew threw the ending because it was so action packed I loved how C.B Lee took the ideas of heroes and villains and turned it on its head I also love how this was like a fun styled superhero story and not all dark and gritty It reminded me of Sky High haha Jess and Abby are the cutesttt And all the rep was so great

  8. aww, this is the wlw superhero story the world needs this was cute, funny and had fantastic representation so it s definitely a win my only slight issue is that it was really predictable and a little cheesy at times i m mostly talking about some of view spoiler captain orion and claudia s one liners and villain monologues hide spoiler but i smiled the whole way through and i can t wait for the next one about bells, hell yeah

  9. This is a fun little superhero story with a cute romance between the bisexual main character and her female crush.Jessica Tran is the daughter of immigrant parents who are the superheros of the town where she lives Unfortunately, she doesn t appear to have inherited any superpowers herself She picks up an extracurricular internship to help with her college applications, but it turns out that the internship is with the town s supervillain couple Also, her long time crush Abby is working there as [...]

  10. While reading Not Your Sidekick I tried to sort my thoughts into pros and cons lists It was difficult to do so because this book was so good I barely wanted to switch from my iBooks app to my Notes app But, here we go Pros from a quick scan of reviews this is great bisexual representation I believe this is an ownvoices novel correct me if I m wrong Great characters Great writing great setting a trans character is featured and I believe that s also good rep s u p e r p o w e r s great characteris [...]

  11. Not Your Sidekick reminded me what I love about YA.This book is damn revolutionary on its own We have a Vietnamese Chinese American bisexual main protagonist named Jess Her identity is part of the story, but it s not driving point of the plot It is a breakthrough for LGBTQ genre who have heightened focus on coming out and other relevant issues the community faces It s lifting and needed to have a story that doesn t tackle the norm, where a bisexual character have a strong supportive system Not Y [...]

  12. I so very much wanted to love this book I love the concept teenage mutant superheroes, with lots of different identities represented but I did not love the execution The worldbuilding was wildly inconsistent We ve got an earth where all the countries are different, where much of the world is uninhabitable, where people with mutant powers now fly through the air and save people, where robots have personalities and everyone has hologrammatic wrist devices But the social norms are pretty much exact [...]

  13. It s a secret identity thing, isn t it You could say that I love superheroes I especially love superhero books where the writing is lively and engaging, and the marginalized rep is easy, inclusive and positive I love Jess drive to find herself and come into her own as a hero instead of standing in her sister s and parents, to an extent shadow I love her resourcefulness and tenacity in the face of opposition and conspiracy from adults, and I love her and Abby s interactions and chemistry I also r [...]

  14. As Jessica Tran nears her seventeenth birthday, she s starting to come to terms with the fact she doesn t have a superpower, so she decides to get a job instead, a paid internship at a local robotics company, where her crush also happens to work.The f f romance is cute, and the characters represent a variety of colors, backgrounds, and sexualities, but the world building is inconsistent and occasionally nonsensical, and the story itself is sloppy even in the finer details, many of which should h [...]

  15. I hardly think we ll ever benormal, but I heard that s overrated Oh my God, I am so in love with this book I m so happy I finally read it because it was truly the cutest thing I have ever read I loved every single character, at first I felt so bad for Jess and just really wanted to give her a hug but eventually I realised she didn t need me hugging her because she has so many people around her who absolutely love her I literally don t have anything else to say about this because I am still on cl [...]

  16. This is an incredibly fun YA superhero adventure The story follows Jess, a bi Chinese Vietnamese American heroine as she tackles every day life with expectations around powers Cont d on the blog paperwanderer.wordpress 2

  17. See of my reviews on my blog the Book DeviantLet me get this out of the way no, this book doesn t live up to the hype.It surpasses it completely.Not Your Sidekick is a fun YA that takes the general superhero idea, and adds a fun twist Being a superhero is a genetic mutation, and it passes from parent to child, to varying degrees Not only was this book a new look at the same old same old superhero stories, but it was also hilarious, diverse, and realistic The world building that Lee put obvious [...]

  18. Actual rating is 2.8So I kinda had to sit down and really think about how I was going to review this story There were things that worked for me, things that did, and things that were neither here nor there FTR, I was really pumped to read this book since I d loved the author s previous novel Seven Tears at High Tide And then I read itOTOH, it s deffo a book I recommend to younger readers Especially those who are POC and or members of the LGTBQ community Because representation IS important and it [...]

  19. I would give this book 3.5 5 stars So this is the story of a girl who s parents happen to be the town s superheroes and her sister also has powers and her brother is a genius but she doesn t seem to have anything going for her So she decides to find an internship and she ends up finding a really interesting one that just so happens to be a position working for the town s villains Her crush also just happens to work for them So this story was really cute The writing style was hard to get into at [...]

  20. 4.5 stars Not Your Sidekick is fast paced, captivating YA sci fi ish novel set in 22th century, where meta humans, villains and heroes are everyday life The writing is so engaging and so so good The book is an absolute page turner Jess is the main character, she s a 17 year old bisexual Chinese Vietnamese girl Her parents are local superheroes but by the will of fate or luck she starts working for local villains and the story progresses Jess is an absolutely wonderful character, it s a pleasure [...]

  21. One of the best visions of the future I ve ever seen I really love the romance in this one Lee is a very clever writer One of the few times when the identity of the love interest manages to surprise me.I m very excited for the sequel, which has a trans main character.

  22. Ich f hle mich zu alt xD Not your Sidekick war nett, aber nichts Besonderes Es wirkt irgendwie unfertig, als h tte die Autorin eigentlich noch ein paar Mal dr ber gehen wollen Ich meine, die Geheimnisse , die gegen Ende gel ftet werden, sind kaum verschleiert und wenn man auch nur ein bisschen ein Gef hl daf r hat, riecht man sie schon viele Seiten im Vorraus Die Figuren bleiben zweidimensional, man erf hrt nicht viel ber sie Man kriegt gesagt So sind sie und das tun sie , ich h tte gerne etwas [...]

  23. This book is everything I ve always wanted out of a superhero YA novel Jess and Abby are precious You couldn t ask for a better or relatable protagonist than Jess Tran She s exactly how so many of us are in high school living in an older sibling s enormous shadow, lacking confidence, crushing hard on someone we think will never notice us, and living with the uncertainty of what she is going to do with her future Jess is living a half live almost She s stuck constantly between so many rotating w [...]

  24. 3 totally adorable wlw stars C.B Lee s sopho book, Not Your Sidekick, really has everything from impossibly cute wlw, a bisexual Chinese Vietnamese lead, trans side character who is getting a book next aka Not Your Villain , A.I.s, a grand conspiracy, and, of course, superheroes Overall, it was an enjoyable really cute read I will say that the first half was really hard to get into The writing style wasn t for me it was in present tense which I really don t like Also, it was really predictable a [...]

  25. 3.5 stars, rounded up because the only issue I had with this book was the writing The story was great and I loved all the characters, but it could ve been better written A lot of the plot twists and reveals were very predictable, and moments that should ve been intense and exciting actually didn t feel like it This made me read slower than I should because I d just get bored at various points, but in the end it was an entertaining read anyway.I kept thinking that this story would make a great mo [...]

  26. This is the diverse, fun, and witty superhero book we all deserve It lives up to all the hype great characters who you ll love, supportive friendships and cute romantic scenes Sure its a bit predictable at times, and even a little bit cheesy, but in a way that adds to the book I really enjoyed this, it was a fun, light read And i m in love because the word bisexual was actually used Twice i get overexcited when it comes to bi rep Give me book 2 right now

  27. I am not your sidekick I ve always been in your shadow What makes you think I want to keep doing that I want to be my own person, be liked for who I am, not just for coping you 4.5 DiversityBingo2017 bisexual mc own voices info twitter novelparadise sta

  28. I m pulling the rating down a little, I know, but that s where I find myself At a three star level.There are reasons why I ended up at 3 instead of anything better or worse First off it is a cute story that is readable and entertaining Has some issues like I might even give the book 1 extra star if something gets slipped in to indicate that Jess is actually operating with a lower IQ than other people because then, hey, she did great I say this because Jess, the main character, had clues constant [...]

  29. Jess is a very ordinary girl born in a pretty non ordinary family Her parents are the town s superheroes, her little brother is a genius and her older sister is on her way to become even important than her parents In an attempt to move on from her dream to be a superhero and accept that she ll never have powers, she applies to a well paid but shady internship.I really loved this book It s light and fun and full of tropes, all the characters are well developed and really likable except the ones [...]

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