☆ Hunter ✓ Erin R. Bedford, Hunter, Erin R. Bedford, Hunter She got her happy ending or did she IsabelIt was like a fairy tale A handsome misunderstood prince with money than he knew what to do with and he wanted me A plain country bookworm with a penchant for numbers I should be happy right Then why couldn t I get that cocky grin out of my head and my heart JasonI made a mistake We all make them But this one cost me tShe got her happy ending or ☆ Hunter ✓ Erin R. Bedford - Hunter, Hunter She got her happy ending or did she IsabelIt was like a fairy tale A handsome misunderstood prince with money than he knew what to do with and he wanted me A plain country bookworm with a penchant fo

  • Title: Hunter
  • Author: Erin R. Bedford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Hunter ✓ Erin R. Bedford ☆ Hunter ✓ Erin R. Bedford - Hunter, Hunter She got her happy ending or did she IsabelIt was like a fairy tale A handsome misunderstood prince with money than he knew what to do with and he wanted me A plain country bookworm with a penchant fo

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  • ☆ Hunter ✓ Erin R. Bedford
    343 Erin R. Bedford

About "Erin R. Bedford"

  1. Erin R. Bedford

    Erin Bedford is a new fantasy romance author, a computer programmer by day, and a hobby hoarder.Creating fantastical worlds have always been a secret passion of hers and she couldn t imagine writing any story without some kind of lovey dovey or smexy goodness in it.Join her mailing list to get all the latest on her new releases, giveaways, and ARCs erinbedford newsletter

531 thoughts on “Hunter”

  1. I received Hunter as an ARC in return for an honest review I m sorry to say that it was not at all my cup of tea, for two reasons The first is that the main characters seemed to have little to them besides sexual appetite I love a good bit of sex as much as anyone, but I like to see complex people involved in it The second reason relates to the first, in that the book feels like the outline for a much longer and involving novel Some back story, some feel for how and why Isobel fell out of love [...]

  2. Isabel had no choice but to break up with Jason after it became obvious that they both wanted something different from their relationship Isabel started working for Vincent Vincent is a werewolf and he owns a casino Isabel s father has a drinking and gambling problem, which got him in trouble and he lost a lot of money Isabel is trying to solve her father s problems and is now living at Vincent s house She thinks that this kind werewolf might be the man she needs to finally get over Jason In a s [...]

  3. This one just went by to quick, I realize that it s just 150 pgs and shouldn t expect a lot depth, however some 150 pg stories have surprised me, just not this one I did like the plot but I felt no connection to the characters I m sure if it was a little longer, and if have contained a little of the history I would feel so lost, It felt like I was missing part of their story I can say this, with the little amount of reading about Izze Belle, I knew she was going to be difficult to swallow I did [...]

  4. Ok when I read short books of the romantic kind , I understand that things have to progress fast But when someone accuses you of something and you run out and go do it within 24, nay, make that 8 hours, you are not doing yourself any favors This piece really bothered me, even though the guy was wrong in all the wrong places I felt set back as a woman and that s why I couldn t like the story .

  5. Contains spoilers HummmI have mixed feelings about this one I wanted to really like it, because it s a different take on what happens after Happily Ever After and that got me excited However, this is a light novella, so it s far too short, and feels like it needed to be a full novel to fully understand the story I think it would have been a much enjoyable story if it started at the beginning where Belle and Jason broke up, the stuff with her dad, and how she met Vincent I m not sure if there is [...]

  6. I loooove fairy tale retellings but twisted fairy tales are harder they can be disappointing when the author goes too off subject or makes up something you just don t buy Erin Bedford nailed it with Hunter It was refreshing to read about something in the town golden boy s point of view I didn t think there was any way to end up liking that character but here, you like him right away and you also wanna slap the Beast and Belle, too, for being with him I really enjoyed it Erin uses my favourite ba [...]

  7. I just finished it and I have to say I couldn t put it down This was a very good book and an interesting spin on fairytales It s got huntsmen and werewolves From the first page, I was hooked This was a short story but will worth the read I would love to have the world building fleshed out There are so many things I want to know about, like the supernatural council for one It s an interesting world filled with fantasy mixed with modern innovation I received this ARC for an honest review I defin [...]

  8. True love prevailsThe saying It s the quiet ones you need watch out for is quite true But it could go either way, they either turn out to be the best thing that happens to you or the worst In this case it was both, but for different people Isabel was the best thing that walked into, and out of, Jason s life In my opinion they were great together They made me laugh and love The made sparks together.For Isabel, Vincent was the quiet one Does she find this out too late Can she move past this If you [...]

  9. 3.5 Super cute quick read.Super cute quick read with a sexy alpha hero who just wants his girl back Set in a world where supernaturals have come out Jason has to get the love of his life away from her new werewolf fianc The was a safe read He was celibate during the 9 mo separation I m going to check out Pirate next.

  10. It was a short, cheesy story It s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with the beast being a literal asshole of a beast So Jason 98% of all he did in this book was flirt with Isabel, and abruptly leave his store.In the end, Isabella and Jason ride off into the sunset I just didn t feel it But luckily it was short enough.

  11. OMG This was my kind of book A happy ever ending after all I was kind of happy it was a shifter werewolf story, which I love and it turned out better than I thought Good job Erin

  12. This was an okay read I have read Bedford s Underground series and really liked it so I thought I would give her Fairy Tale Bad Boys a shot It s not bad per say but it wasn t is as good as the first book in Underground.This book didn t take the direction I thought it would go in With a series title such as Fairy Tale Bad Boy you would think that the main romantic lead would be one of the big bads from the tales of old but I am sad to say he is not This story is just a bland erotica without much [...]

  13. This is the first book in this series and I really enjoyed it This book is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast Isabel felt like a girl from a fairytale who finally found her prince Only this wasn t a fairytale and her prince turned out to be a bit of an ass Jason made a mistake and it cost him the woman of his dreams Now she is dating a shifter Jason has doesn t care for anyone part of the supernatural community It kills him that his mistake not only cost him Isabel but that she is now with on [...]

  14. I absolutely adore the story of Beauty and the Beast So much so that I have read both the English and the original French tale I took two years of French in high school, and it was just enough that I could translate the French in my mind In my mind, Beast Prince Adam in the Disney cartoon and Belle are the perfect pair.I tried to come into this story with an open mind I enjoy reading tales where the bad guys win, but because Beast and Belle are such a perfect pair to me, I don t think it worked [...]

  15. Okay, I will be honest I m totally in love with fairy tale retellings, so I wanted to love it And this story had me rendered speechless then one time It was confusing, because I actually loved and disliked it.You have to know, this is another twist of Beauty and the Beast, but not in the form you are expecting It actually goes forward in time, so this is the story of Beauty and the Beast AFTER the happy ending The story itself is fun, and hot and swoonworthy, the characters all loveable, fun a [...]

  16. I am also inclined to say the title is misleading with the whole fairy tale bad boy I expected some references to actual fairy tales you a big bad wolf who thinks okay to cheat and then hits the woman he is with because it wasn t alright Then you have the ex who goes to comfort her, sees her in his shirt and basically all comfort is thrown out the window after has a nightmare and asks him to stay Oh yeah, he ll stay but only if he s screwing her I actually didn t mind the character of Jason unti [...]

  17. Jason and Isabel broke up because he wanted kids and she didn t Because of this Isabel hated Jason Not really sure why And she apparently immediately started dating a werewolf When the wolf shows his true colors Jason sees his chance to be the knight in shining armor and get the girl back.This wasn t terrible, just kinda meh I didn t really get why Isabel acted the way she did so it stopped me from getting into the story.

  18. His girl had left 9 months ago, and had been living in the mansion of the Alpha were wolf s son, working a half a million dollars debt, that her father had amassed at the wolf s casino He, Jason, never gave up on the pursuit of her Isabel thought that the were wolf was attracted to her, but found out that the customs of the pack differed vastly from what her idea of a faithful relationship was Luckily, Jason was prepared to go on a wolf hunt.

  19. This was half a book, it was not the beginning half, and it had so little substance and no character development so that it jumped from event to event without rhyme or reason It was a digital freebie that I thought might be a fairytale retelling but thankfully there was so little fairytale to it that I don t have to read it ever again.

  20. Terrible writtenOne of the worst books I ve ever had the misfortune of downloading Zero character development, not much of a storyline either I ve genuinely read YA and children s books that were better Best avoid

  21. So started out strong, loved the opening scene Isabel one of the MC s is a bookish character and I always get excited to read about a fellow bookworm All was going well when it seemed like the author just wanted to get it finished and rush rush rushed the rest.

  22. Not a fan of this book Editing seemed to be an issue in this story I also found the characters views on supernaturals people different from them to be off putting There was zero character development.

  23. As good as a fairy tale While this book is as good as an children s fairy tale it is definitely for the adult who is young at heart While I enjoyed all the characters in this book except one, what I really loved was the surprise ending.

  24. Short and sweet storyThis was a short and sweet story where the beast is not the prince of Disney tales but the true animal of legend The Hero in this story is definitely the bad boy who isn t giving up on his lady No matter what.

  25. A good bad boyI have a thing for fairy tale stories Fairy tale bad boys are even better Hunter and Izzy broke up, and she is now with a werewolf But what happens when the were wolf turns into big bad

  26. I LOVED ITA great story One that will take your troubles away A villain, a desperate female and the handsome ex boyfriend It made for a great story.

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