Economics Best Read || [Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus], Economics, Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus, Economics Focuses on the principles of economics courses Economics Best Read || [Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus] - Economics, Economics Focuses on the principles of economics courses

  • Title: Economics
  • Author: Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus
  • ISBN: 9780072872057
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

Economics Best Read || [Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus] Economics Best Read || [Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus] - Economics, Economics Focuses on the principles of economics courses

  • Economics Best Read || [Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus]
    392Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus

About "Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus"

  1. Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus

    Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Economics book, this is one of the most wanted Paul A. Samuelson William D. Nordhaus author readers around the world.

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  1. Wishful thinking is bad thinking and leads to little wish fulfillment.I ve long cherished the secret dream of becoming some sort of modern Renaissance man My mind would rove over every academic subject, thereby giving me a complete picture of the current state of knowledge in every domain How to do this I could think of only one obvious way to read textbooks in every discipline But over time, my enthusiasm for this project cooled and that is mainly because I realized it was impossible There is s [...]

  2. A couple years ago I started reading this book Soon I realized it wasn t a read it and get over with it book For me it s a reference book Sometimes I read the sections related to what I m studying at the moment or something I m interested in having knowledge.I m going to start taking a degree in Economics in October and I believe it ll be of even use then.

  3. If ever there was a textbook and page turner rolled in one, this is it That this was a labor of love is readily apparent to anyone who has had opportunity to study it in the version I used, Bob Dylan was quoted Come senators, congressmen Please heed the callFor the times they are a changin Indeed they are, and if the G in Y C I G X has stepped up virtually everywhere of late, it is in no small measure due to this book Samuelson died this week his influence will doubtless live a great deal longer [...]

  4. This was the textbook I had in Econ 101 but who didn t It was the classic, standard text out there for a generation or two The old Official Preppy Handbook even listed it was one of the books post college preppies always seem to have on their shelves It s only been in the last year or so that I ve realised going back to re read economics after the global economic meltdown how well written and clearly reasoned Samuelson is Consensus neo Keynesian, yes If you re a Marxist or a Friedmanite, it ll m [...]

  5. As someone who favors the Austrian school of economics, this book was a storehouse of information on the sort of opinions It was fun going through this book and seeing the technical aspects of the arguments of the other side If I was to rate this as an economic text, then I would give it a much lower rating.

  6. I was looking for a revision of economics concepts and reached out to one of the most respected texts on the subject ever written Professors Samuelson and Nordhaus wrote a book that is still very enjoyable and understandable I guess some people may have gone for a recent text, but I think the book is still a very relevant overview of the subject.

  7. When I first started reading Economics, I didn t want to like it After all, it is a text book However, once I got further into it, I found the writing reasonably enjoyable, the style simple yet direct, and the content thorough.My favorite part of the book was in Chapter 26 The author spent some time describing pricing systems in a way that it was very understandable and non biased.

  8. starting my first year as an aspiring economist i was shocked by the apathy of teachers and students in Arabian colleges, so i decided to pursue it on my own this book took some time but proved essential for grasping the basics of modern economics definitely a gospel for economy students everywhere.

  9. This is our book for eco studies in MA course The writing style is good and the examples are clear Easy to learn but there is too much extra information so you have to fish out the important staff.

  10. It is no wonder that this book has been reprinted over and over of course with improvement and update on data It is quite comprehensive on both micro and macro parts, along with Samuelson s own input of thoughts and clever comments

  11. uppose the price of a coommodity was Tk.03 and at the quantity demand was 3250 units but when price increase to Tk.05 demand decreased to 1250 units.What will be the value of elasticity

  12. It gave me a comprehensive picture about the economics system.It is a very good start to study economics.

  13. 6th edition, no better introduction to economic reasoning, no better place to study it than Wharton I have been applying the principles ever since.

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