[PDF] Read ☆ Dvarca : by Madhav Mathur, Dvarca, Madhav Mathur, Dvarca ONE NATION ONE RELIGION ONE WAY OF LIFE Welcome to a land called Dvarca At the turn of the nd century the world is a mess of warring factions surprise The powers that be have fought insanity with an equal and opposite insanity India has been remodelled under a new bicolour flag and a State religion called Navmarg Anyone who does not belong is a threat MadhONE NATION ONE RELIGION ONE WA [PDF] Read ☆ Dvarca : by Madhav Mathur - Dvarca, Dvarca ONE NATION ONE RELIGION ONE WAY OF LIFE Welcome to a land called Dvarca At the turn of the nd century the world is a mess of warring factions surprise The powers that be have fought insanity with a

  • Title: Dvarca
  • Author: Madhav Mathur
  • ISBN: 9788175993853
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ Dvarca : by Madhav Mathur [PDF] Read ☆ Dvarca : by Madhav Mathur - Dvarca, Dvarca ONE NATION ONE RELIGION ONE WAY OF LIFE Welcome to a land called Dvarca At the turn of the nd century the world is a mess of warring factions surprise The powers that be have fought insanity with a

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Dvarca : by Madhav Mathur
    145 Madhav Mathur

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    Madhav Mathur Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dvarca book, this is one of the most wanted Madhav Mathur author readers around the world.

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  1. I added Dvarca to my wishlist considering it as mythological fiction, but when I interviewed link to interview post Madhav Mathur two months back on our blog I read few reviews and blurb To my surprise, Dvarca was a dystopian book I consider myself lucky that I got a copy of the book from the author in exchange for honest review It was my first read in the dystopian genre, yes you heard me right I haven t read 1984 yet and I call myself an avid reader bookworm The 22nd century of Dvarca is 1970t [...]

  2. FingerPrint publication is one of those in the industry that never talks much but keeps on doing their job perfectly by releasing one great book after another This time I picked up one of their recent releases, Dvarca written by Madhav Mathur, whom I have never read before I had read many people comparing this book with the classic 1984 and now that I am done reading this book, I can say that this one of the rarest books that you will get to read by an Indian author This is not a simple and stra [...]

  3. Dvarca is a stunning book It is fearless and boldly takes the reader into the dark recesses of a frightening dystopia based on very real events of today The mood of the novel shifts often from action to introspection and between world building and sharp satire, but it always holds your attention It finds its own space somewhere between what our shops call literary fiction and thrillers Though this is not a traditional thriller at all The family at the center of the story is complex, as everyone [...]

  4. Deeply engrossing and intriguing Reminded me of The Handmaid s Tale, Brave New World and of course 1984 But most of all, this book reflects what is happening in the world today Almost all the characters start out in in this book as pawns, at the mercy of the State and that is what makes it so unique There is a band of rebels fighting the Government but they are not the focus of the story The focus is on so called insiders who are also abused and mistreated in amazing ways The atmosphere of this [...]

  5. On the surface, Dvarca may look like one of the dystopian series, that is on the mushroomatic rise in international forums.Or it may look like an abridged translation or adaptation of one or the other You can picture it as a sci fi movie as well.But once you complete it, it will stand out with its originality and thought provoking mechanism Throughout the story, illustrated descriptions and lucid writing takes you to the verge of utter shock and awe It helps you to create the imagined stage for [...]

  6. Dvarca is a work of outstanding originality it is easily one of the most innovative works to come out of India in recent times I am guessing that it was conceived well before its launch year of 2016, and before the idea of a Great Leader running a homogenized society somehow became less far fetched Though I still think a Dvarca like situation is impossible in India, it remains an interesting thought experiment, and it is very easy reading for some kinds of readers.It helps that the novel seems t [...]

  7. What would happen if the Hindu Rashtra that some people want, became real What would happen if the world becomes and like the demons it is fighting today This book offers audacious black humour, big changes in main characters and a plot that offers no simple resolution Binaaydi , Shahtooti Anjeer , V Labs me great new ideas fill this book There is even a book within the book that explores the dangerous thinking behind this new world My only complaint is that the pace slacks in some placesbut i [...]

  8. From the first pages, Dvarca is gripping The reader is caught up in the dynamic rhythm of the novel s pendulum from scenes of suspense, grand myths and aggression to moments of domesticity and introspection In reading Dvarca one explores a new fictional world rich in fascinating detail while encountering startlingly familiar questions common to all of us sharing in the human condition.Dvarca is an ambitious and, at times, a heartbreaking exploration of the costs of the pursuit of universal happi [...]

  9. Read the full review at Elgee WritesAs it says on its back over, this book can be the perfect mix of 1984 and Meluha series Dvarcais a dystopian fiction set in the 22nd century where the Indian nation is governed by a single religion called Navmarg The State watches every move of the citizens, controlling their schedules including their sleep and food habits It chooses their life partner, when and how to procreate as well And anyone who didn t fall in line was considered outcasts and stranded wi [...]

  10. Disclosure 1 Madhav is a friend of mine from school and was also my quiz teammate2 He sent me a first draft to look through before it was published The published book has grown a little from that.The Good , the Bad, the Ugly 1 This needed better editing Too many uncorrected errors of grammar and punctuation.2 I think he sent the first draft to me in 2013 or so Since then, the NDA3 government has been turning the book from a possible dystopia to a very likely one.3 I had said about The Long Way t [...]

  11. I finished reading this book on March 19th 2017, and I can say without a doubt that this author can see the future Dvarca gave me goose bumps, as i was reading it at a time of frightening political change in Uttar Pradesh Everything that is written in the book is coming true Communal forces who want a Hindu Rashtra are working very hard to make it, and they are succeeding Hats off to Madhav Mathur for seeing this before it happened and for writing so beautifully about it Dvarca is a must read St [...]

  12. Fascinating as hell The author s mind is a thing to marvel as within pages you are thinking about defense sciences, Eugene Delacroix, Amar Akbar Anthony and IVF The transitions are seamless and still surprising Thoroughly rewarding reading experience, though a tad bit slow in parts It made me come here and write about it Dvarca is a much needed and powerful satire, especially during times of anti national Vs national debates 4.5 stars for me, rounding up to a full 5 because I don t want to be a [...]

  13. I was given a foray of books, new arrivals, from Fingerprint Publishers, and I was to choose from them to review They were mostly non fictions, this batch I reverted back informing, as always, that we were not particularly into non fictions and we would love if there were any fictions out there, that s when we were offered this.Though the title wasn t so appealing, the plot got me gripped I always been an obsessive fan of apocalyptic stories those where the human race has gone almost completely [...]

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