Veso Best Download || [Laurann Dohner], Veso, Laurann Dohner, Veso Drugged and kidnapped by Vampires presumed dead by his clan powerful VampLycan Veso must rely on a creature he dislikes almost as much as the suckheads who nabbed him if he hopes to escape a human But when Glenda proves resourceful than most of her kind he agrees to see her safely through the Alaskan wilderness He ll have to fight an overwhelming attraction to thDrugged and kidnapped by Va Veso Best Download || [Laurann Dohner] - Veso, Veso Drugged and kidnapped by Vampires presumed dead by his clan powerful VampLycan Veso must rely on a creature he dislikes almost as much as the suckheads who nabbed him if he hopes to escape a human B

  • Title: Veso
  • Author: Laurann Dohner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Veso Best Download || [Laurann Dohner] Veso Best Download || [Laurann Dohner] - Veso, Veso Drugged and kidnapped by Vampires presumed dead by his clan powerful VampLycan Veso must rely on a creature he dislikes almost as much as the suckheads who nabbed him if he hopes to escape a human B

  • Veso Best Download || [Laurann Dohner]
    418 Laurann Dohner

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  1. Laurann Dohner

    I had a rather short area here telling a little about me but then I had than a few people ask me to expand it so here goes LOL I m a full time home supervisor which is a nice word for saying I m a housewife I m married happily, I met my dream guy 20 years ago, and we have 4 children I live in Southern California and I can t function without iced coffee I believe in romance, I ve always been a daydreamer, and I m a HUGE fan of books, always have been.No, I didn t know that I always wanted to write I inhaled books as a child I read entire series Pippi Longstocking, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, Trixie Beldon, The Borrowers, etc in a matter of days at a time By the time I was nine years old I had an adult library card where I visited often I moved on to John Saul, Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Agatha Christie, and then found romance I was hooked I wrote poetry in my teens and then moved on to short stories My first book was started after I read a real bomb of a book that ticked me off with really horrible characters and a plot that was shabby at best and I thought I could do better LOL.I wrote my first book which will probably never see the light of day in the early 90 s I wrote a series of a few books from it I m a series fan I kept writing for fun, wrote MANY books and then in 2009 I decided to try to get published I wrote my first Sci Fi romance and Ral s Woman came to be I submitted it and with a little tweaking, Ellorascave sent me an acceptance letter It was kind of a Cinderella experience for me It s been a terrific ride so far and I m really happy that I finally had the time to commit to writing full time It s a dream come true.

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  1. The story started in the previous book Lorn , when Veso was kidnapped by vampires In this book we learn why he was kidnapped Veso is drugged and forced to breed with a human The human is Glenda who has been also taken unwillingly from her home by a ruthless master vampire Apparently she is the last of his line who is female of breeding age and carries a family resemblance The master wants to marry her offspring because Royal bloodlines should marry There is adventure, romance, outdoor running an [...]

  2. 3.5 This was fun It was what I needed right now, a cute shifter story with a pretty good plot and interesting characters.I really liked the heroine, she was bad ass and fun and exactly what I want in a PNR.The hero was pretty good as well, I d even say he was lovable Didn t really make me feel too many stuff why the 3.5 rating but it was definitely worth the read.The plot was interesting but the ending was a bit rushed, I wanted to see a bit bloodshed and guts and stuff, so it was a bit of a di [...]

  3. I think this one was the best in the series Obviusly, there re smexy times, but they are few and interspaced with a lot of interesting action The MCs are running from deranged Vampire Master This reads like an adventure crossing rivers, hiding in holes during the night, scaling mountaines, etc.It s fun to read how a simply human heroine, Glen Glenda, but she hates her name because of the good witch LOL manages to survive and help a strong superhuman vamp lycan, Veso LOLVeso is a misogynist beca [...]

  4. 5 Veso Stars I forgot how much I liked this series Veso kicks off where Lorn finished and even though its been a little while I wasn t confused at all I love the humor and light heartedness of this book Veso sure doesn t make it easy on Glenda But it s the banter that really had me hooked.Both were kidnapped for the master vampires gain He wants a queen and since Glenda was a part of his bloodline he thought she could make him the perfect queen Yeah Vamps in this book are nutty as a box of rocks [...]

  5. 4 1 2 stars, Like the rest of this series I read this book as fast and as much as I could The second I started reading it I was hooked Some of this I know is because I really enjoy this series but I also know that some is because I just love Laurann Dohner s writing, her style of writing always draws me in and I never want to skim of skip the book and I am always sad when they end and then try to find info about the next book weather it be this series or any other I have been reading LD for so l [...]

  6. A day late was definitely worth the wait and I am happy that in a little over a week LD will be releasing Lavos Book 5 Veso was surprisingly even action packed than the previous books in the series and kept me engaged trying to anticipate what would happen next and how they would get out of certain dilemmas I have to say that Lorn is still my favorite, but Veso is definitely second When the audiobook is released I will buy that as well and listen to it for the second time There is less than a h [...]

  7. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Glen 2 5Hero Veso 4 5Plot 2 5Grovel noneCheating noneHEA HFN with an epilogue set 8 DAYS LATER Triggers noneAverage score 3 5Best Line I m not the one strapped to a table about to have an accident Worst Line I felt the need to at least say it once Personal Review An average romance between a whiny woman and a protective vampire werewolf.Random Ramblings It was hysterical that he had to wear her skirt Heights are not my thing s [...]

  8. Most definitely my fave of the series so far Now pretty puhleeeeeze can the upcoming books be like this psssstMrs Dohners im begging you Oh I don t mean identical cause that would bore me to an early grave butyou know keep the guys from being testosterone crazed dicks I think Kraven and Lorn had a teeny bit of that of that prob This one felt like a bit of a NS series book, and I m not complaining one bit.

  9. I remembered my first book, i have to admit it wasn t the best and I was bored then it came the 2nd better but in parallel with the 1st Now we are at 4, it just again better And humor, suspense were there i really enjoyed that misadventure and aome crazyness.

  10. Savannah Richards is the reader again, and I loved her performance.Veso the not as bad ass as I hoped , and Glen Glenda the human that being kinda like a 4 letter word in Veso s pack clan.I remember Veso from the last book and I expected him to be grumpy and snobby and emotionless And he was, but only for the first 25% or so Glenda was a good character and suited him.The story picks up after Veso who wasn t killed but kidnapped by Vampires is tied to a gurney for Glenda Turns out her distant anc [...]

  11. Veso had a lot of suspenseful moments, but sorry in the beginning Veso was a straight up Jerk I felt for Glen but she held her own self perfectly and thankfully Veso wasn t such a jerk in the end Looking forward into what will happen next in the VLG series

  12. 4 1 2 wonderful stars Loved this book much than Lorn s The characters were powerfully opinionated and I dare say, it was really a pleasure to turn each page and discover what this cool community is facing can t wait to read

  13. This series is forgettable for me I much prefer the New Species and Cyborg series by Laurann Dohner I m hoping a gargoyle gets a book next, they seem cool I felt like the hero was dumb because he knew if he changed to wolf form and had the heroine ride him they could make progress in escaping the vampires Yet he doesn t do it because he doesn t want her to fear him.Ummm, you two are fleeing for your lives.

  14. I always like when the characters rub each other up the wrong way It sometimes is so funny to read their banter Like this one if you leave all the gross part out, it s really a fun readD in just a couple of weeks LAVOS comes out DThe first chapter is promising

  15. With each book I love this series I love grumpy hero and Veso was one It was fun and adventurous I couldn t stop myself until finished And I need next book That snippet of Lavo at the end Yeah, I need Lavo ASAP.

  16. I m really loving this series.I want to read about the Garlycans too,especially Aveoth s story I m loving him alreadyVeso, you grumpy boy, fucking loved you too 4 stars

  17. VLG 4 Veso by Laurann Dohner is the fourth book in her new VLG series This book covers roughly the same time frame as Lorn VLG 3 and much like, Drantos and Kraven Is focused on two different characters, namely, Veso Glenda.I have to say that though I really liked the book, Veso s bossy, rude and abrasive personality really made me wonder on numerous occasions why Glenda would even give him the time of day I understand that they were thrown together by circumstance, but he truly did rub me the wr [...]

  18. An action packed read.This new installment of the VLG was a non stop thrill ride Veso our leading man is captured by vampires and is held prisoner, there he comes across Glenda a human Having no choice but to trust each other they work together to escape Veso is very anti human and is honest and upfront to Glenda about it from the very beginning, displaying open contempt and disgust to her apparent weakness and fragility because shes human He cant and will not accept that he finds himself attrac [...]

  19. Sisisisissi Por fin aplausos aplausos aplausos Veso es genial Lo es a su manera un poco spera Es el nico que va gradual con Glenda Hay un real desarrollo entre estos dos ella es humana y l no los tolera Aprende a ver que ella es mucho m s de lo que l sab a Y le gusta.Glen hace lo que puede, que es bastante Es una mina com n y corriente, sin habilidades de combate ni nada parecido Ten a un empleo de administrativa, no tiene sangre rara, ni nada fuera de lo ordinario Hasta que el vampiro tarado la [...]

  20. With the first three books it was saliva that healed, now all of a sudden it s bloodG, how many times did Veso tell her that vampires can mind control humans and she s too freaking dumb or something to grasp that The first thing she asks a human that works for a vampire is why he would work for him, like, did Veso not tell just now and a bunch of other times before that Are we just going in circles or what Now she s asking him, again, if he would recognise her in his other form, seriously, what [...]

  21. I found these two highly entertaining damn funny Veso with his gruff, grumpy self and Glen with her sarcastic wit I found these two utterly charming Glen handled Veso so well and gave as good as she got.These two are each captured by a master vampire and his nest, so that the master vampire can breed them and get a future queen for himself The kicker is Glen is of his bloodline of his sisters they would technically be related Yeah, you read that rightd vampire Anyway, Glen helps free Veso, so th [...]

  22. 3.5 Stars MINOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT I liked this book The plot was fast paced and interesting I liked the concept of Veso and Glenda being abducted and having to escape I also liked the fight and hide for survival element.Veso was a little too prejudice for my tastes I understand why he has his misgivings against humans but I felt like he was a little over the top with it I didn t like some of the comments he made to Glenda because she was human At one point he says that she should feel privileg [...]

  23. I really enjoyed this book It was great on audiable too Storyline continues with links from previous characters.Humorous and sexy Wish veal was real ha A light read, and I love the series I really do like Laurann Dohner s books.Drugged and kidnapped by Vampires, presumed dead by his clan, powerful VampLycan Veso must rely on a creature he dislikes almost as much as the suckheads who nabbed him if he hopes to escape a human But when Glenda proves resourceful than most of her kind, he agrees to s [...]

  24. Action and RomanceThis was another great installment in this series It was really action packed, which I love Veso, our hot soon to be ex human hater, is thrown into a situation where he has to depend on a human Enter our heroine I loved that Glen though I hate that name as much as Veso does is a smart cookie Does she run away screaming in a scary situation No She stays with the guy who can keep her alive and safe Genius It s trait that is often lacking in heroines It makes me happy to see commo [...]

  25. I really wanted to smack Glenda What did she think human cops could do to protect her from vampires Come on really Veso said it best foolish Glenda.Aside from that I really loved this story Glenda aka Glen had an inner strength that drew Veso to her the time they spent with each other It was one dangerous situation after another I loved Veso s fighting motto that Glen gave him, off with their heads.I highly recommend this series.

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