[PDF] Read ☆ New Beginnings: Abel's Journey : by Nicky James, New Beginnings: Abel's Journey, Nicky James, New Beginnings Abel s Journey TRIGGER WARNING self harm depression anxiety substance abuse Life is beyond our control It can bring joy laughter and happiness then turn around and rip your heart out of your chest without warning Abel Matheson received a cold dose of life s reality six months ago when the man he loved most lost his fight against cancer Free spirited easy going Abel doesn [PDF] Read ☆ New Beginnings: Abel's Journey : by Nicky James - New Beginnings: Abel's Journey, New Beginnings Abel s Journey TRIGGER WARNING self harm depression anxiety substance abuse Life is beyond our control It can bring joy laughter and happiness then turn around and rip your heart out of your chest without warn

  • Title: New Beginnings: Abel's Journey
  • Author: Nicky James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read ☆ New Beginnings: Abel's Journey : by Nicky James [PDF] Read ☆ New Beginnings: Abel's Journey : by Nicky James - New Beginnings: Abel's Journey, New Beginnings Abel s Journey TRIGGER WARNING self harm depression anxiety substance abuse Life is beyond our control It can bring joy laughter and happiness then turn around and rip your heart out of your chest without warn

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  • [PDF] Read ☆ New Beginnings: Abel's Journey : by Nicky James
    370 Nicky James
New Beginnings: Abel's Journey

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    I live in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada and I am a mother to a wonderful teenage boy didn t think those words could be typed togetherrprise and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn t think I m crazy.I have always had two profound dreams in life To fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, not bogged down by technology and to write novels Since only one of these was a possibility I decided to make the other come alive on paper.I write mm romance novels that take place in fantastical medieval type settings and love to use the challenges of the times to give my stories and characters life.

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  1. I think I m ready for a new beginning Firstly,can this be a standalone Possibly but I would strongly advise reading No Regrets to really understand Abel s story.I would say to anyone that has read No Regrets and is a bit apprehensive about reading this one,don t be.Abel lost his husband,Landon,six months ago when this book opens and to say he s struggling is an understatement.The Abel here is nothing like the happy go lucky,endearing,pushy character from No RegretsHe s struggling with every aspe [...]

  2. Word of warning if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, unresolved grief, have recently lost someone, or have ever had suicidal ideations or lost someone to suicide there are parts of this book that may trigger you They are written very realistically and I found myself cycling into anxiety as Abel was experiencing each symptom So, please heed this warning I can t imagine the hurt I ve left behind I never wanted to bring you sadness There was a reason I was so determined to walk th [...]

  3. If you by chance read my incoherent review for No Regrets by Nicky James then you know it devastated me I was hurt, distraught, angry, and just an emotional mess I swore I wasn t going to read New Beginnings But when I saw the book up on GoodReads I requested it I had to see it through I had to see Abel get his HEA His selflessness and loyalty to Landon demanded I read it Sometimes characters get under our skin and into our hearts, and they become than just names and stories in a book We connec [...]

  4. be aware of mild spoilersI think I was reserved to start with this oneter No Regrets it would make it all real and definitive, I didn t know if I was ready but thank god it was written naturally, with so much love and consideration it was good Massively loaded with heavy emotions but what to expect when your parter is gone forever.The spiral is turning down, Abel can t cope without Landon He is constantly drinking to numb and not succeeding because the pain inside him is killing.His therapist ad [...]

  5. New beginnings is one of those books that I have eagerly awaited.It is the continuation of No Regrets One of the best books I ve read Ever.The topic is difficult And I know that a lot of people are afraid of it for different reasons I must say that I have never regretted it But on the contrary I am really glad to have accompanied Landon and Abel s journey a little way And something else Nicky James managed to leave me with a smile No regrets that I jumped over my shadow.In No regrets we leave Ab [...]

  6. YAY it s mine 3 The continuation or specifically, the follow up to No Regrets I want this book 3 When this one is in my hot little hands, I might just have to crack open book 1 3

  7. This was so beautiful Abel s journey to happiness was so painful His grief was unbearable and it was slowly killing him.How happy I was for him that he found a friend in Kieran Kieran who understood him and stood by him in his grief And to see them develop feelings for each other, it would ve pleased Landon so much I ll never be far from you Just close your eyes and put a hand on your heart That is where I will live eternally You gave me than I ever could have hoped for You stood by my side thr [...]

  8. So here s the thing, you know how I m always saying you have to be careful with books even when they say standalone because sometimes a person s journey in a book really starts before the book you re reading I m telling you this now and you should listen But you don t have to if you don t want to But it will be your loss Second thing I want to touch on before I tell you about the greatness in this book is the TRIGGER WARNING pay attention to it, k The author put it there for a reason, soOkay the [...]

  9. I m not sure if I can do this book justice with this review but i ll try.It s the follow up to No Regrets where we met Abel and LandonThis takes place about seven months after Landon loses his battle with cancer.Although his death and funeral are not on page, throughout the story you can just feel how hard it s been for Abel It s broken his heart, it s breaking him down and he s losing his battle with life as he succumbs to alcohol to try and numb the pain Help from an unexpected source is a rel [...]

  10. I thought book one, No Regrets, was a sad book, but read together back to back with book two EVERYTHING HURTS This story takes place several months after the ending of book one view spoiler Landon has passed away and at this point, Abel should have grieved, should have moved on, but he hasn t Instead, he numbs himself by regressing back to his previous vice, one he had before he met Landon We experienced life through Landon s eyes in the previous book, but the story here is one where Abel learns [...]

  11. 5 Stars New Beginnings Abel s Journey is book 2 in the series, although it can be read as a standalone, for the full emotional experience, I recommend reading No Regrets first I m well aware the theme might put some readers off, but truly, you re missing out on a fantastic, if angsty read if you don t read it.I ll be honest, No Regrets just about broke me and I imagined New Beginnings would be filled with angst as well and I wasn t wrong However, where with No Regrets we re left with a HFN that [...]

  12. After reading No Regrets and looking at the description of this book, I almost decided not to read it I knew who that unexpected person was going to be and it pissed me off I was invested in Abel and Landon s relationship from the previous book and my heart broke for them.I m glad I got over myself and read this follow up about how Abel was able to cope with his loss It was so raw, and real, and emotional By the end I was fully routing for this new relationship.Nicky James is fast becoming one m [...]

  13. OMG where do you even begin to review this book another devastatingly heartbreaking love story My heart was in my mouth and tears in my eyes for most of this story Abel was sinking into a black hole of despair after his husband Landon lost his fight with a terminal brain tumour six months earlier His life was quickly spinning out of control that is until Kieran his husbands ex comes back into his life and becomes his anchor He forces Abel to not run from his feelings but to embrace them, share h [...]

  14. Once again, Nicky James takes on an incredibly difficult and sensitive subject and handles it with such respect and tells a truly beautiful story Abel is drowning after the death of his husband, Landon He knew it was coming, knew it was how their story would end But, despite his promises to Landon to move on and not despair, his life is falling apart around him He s flunking out of school, he s struggling with money and his job is in peril as his depression gets worse and worse He s turned to al [...]

  15. In this sequel of No regrets, we get to see of Abel after the passing of Landon.This book was a wonderful, heartbreaking and thankfully heartwarming read I loved it from first page to lastLike the first one, this book make me sob I had my Kleenex stock ready and made me fall in love by it from the start.I still wanna hug Abel and shelter him from all the pain he went thru.Don t miss following Abel in his journey to happiness he really deserved his HEALoved it

  16. WARNING this author will make you cry And I mean full on ugly crying, it s just another amazing book.This one was just so sad and I absolutely loved Abel.Plus it didn t have half as many spelling or tense errors as the first Only a small thing, but it can be distracting Overall an amazing book X

  17. I want to hug Abel that could be my entire review, but wow, this book did his character justice I was pleased to see how she approached this topic and I can say, BEAUTIFULLY I loved No Regret, but damn, I loved this one too.

  18. Damn, what a gut wrenching story I actually started this book a few months ago put in down because my heart just couldn t take it I re started it today read it all in a day It broke me Abel s story will truly break your heart before if puts you back together again He goes through such a tough time you feel it all with him So glad he got his HEA He deserved it.I highly recommend.

  19. BEST READ FOR 2017 MORE THAN 5 STARSInhale slowly, exhale slowly Remember to breathe That was my mantra while reading Abel s Journey.As difficult as this book was to read, Nicky did an amazing job with telling this story.This is the sequel to No Regrets , and I would suggest that you read it before reading Abel s Journey.Abel has just lost the love of his life, his husband Landon to terminal cancer He is struggling with school, he is struggling with work, he is just STRUGGLING.Nicky writes Abel [...]

  20. 4,5 Ce roman est pour moi une r ussite Ecrire une suite No regrets tait un pari risqu mais c est aussi un tr s beau cadeau fait tous ceux qui ont aim Abel celui de pouvoir le retrouver, de voir comment il se remet de la perte de Landon Et c est terrible, absolument terrible Abel m a boulevers e tant sa souffrance est palpable, c tait une preuve particuli rement prouvante de le voir toucher le fond Car oui, Abel est au plus bas et puis, peu peu, il se rel vera avec l aide d un homme merveilleux, [...]

  21. An enjoyable heart wrenching read with like able and some love able characters as well Love healing and second chances.Able loses his husband only after 7 months of marriage and has been on a down spriral ever sense.Not coping with the loss of his husband he seeks counseling and has been given some homework to seek out someone that he can talk to about whats going on with him and what he is feeling.Abel turns to his husbands ex Kieran as they are both grieving and it helps both to talk about mis [...]

  22. This is the second book in this series though it can be read as a standalone Don t, I repeat don t do it read the first book No Regrets This is a follow up Yes, you will cry, you will be devastated and you will feel the love that Able and Landon had You will understand this and so much Better even Now this book is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time I almost did not want to read it I liked where the previous one was left I knew going in this book was going to be tough This one has so m [...]

  23. 4.5 HeartsFirst and foremost, know that you can read this as a standalone but I do believe it would be a disservice to the whole story behind Abel and Landon plus the first book shows how and why Abel s emotional downfall is as rapid and drastic as it is.Where book 1 was ultimately hopeful and less pain filled, book 2 is mostly pain, grief, recovery, depression, and loss I think those are the things that stuck with me the most while reading Abel s Journey I honestly don t even think Abel realize [...]

  24. I ll start by saying, I didn t read the first installment in this series, but my co blogger read it, so from proofreading her review, which had me in tears, and chatting with her about the story, I knew the gist of what had occurred in book one There is an author s note at the beginning of this book that in effect states for full emotional effect you should read No Regrets before you pick this book up I totally agree with that, because while this book tore my heart to pieces, if I d seen first h [...]

  25. I expected this would be a sad, sombre story, afterall Abel s husband has just died and Abel needs to begin the process of grieving and recovery Only he doesn t really He spirals further and further into depression, alcoholism and hopelessness until finally, he very seriously begins the process of planning his own suicide Do not read this if you struggle with depression, it will drag you down further The first 60% of this novel covers Abel s breakdown The romance part of the story doesn t start [...]

  26. First let me say that the author claims this can be read as a standalone While that may be true, there is no way you would feel the level of emotions of what these characters are going through without reading book 1 If you haven t read it you should Abel is completely different in that book and it really sets the stage for this book Whew folks seriously, heed the warnings of the reviewers and make sure you are ready for this book I was crying during the FORWARD yes, really Abel is not handling L [...]

  27. New Beginnings is the sequel to No Regrets, so let me be clear, it must be read after Book 1, otherwise you will lose so much of this intense journey This story starts out a few months later, with Abel trying to go on with life minus Landon And he s a mess, since he s really not dealing with losing Landon His grades are slipping, his job is suffering, money is tight, and he can t shake the nightmares, when he does sleep, for anything He s so destroyed, that he s shooting himself in the foot, as [...]

  28. It s always darkest before the dawn So now I ve been crying so much it makes my eyes hurt reading these two books back to back It s really heart wrenching reading about Abel after Landons death The smiling, cocky, persistent man he was when he met Landon is totally gone and left is a man who hurts so much that he can t function It s not an easy thing to go along on Abels journey and like Soeren and Kiernan I was so afraid for him when he hit rock bottom.When no one else can even imagine what he [...]

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