[PDF] New Beginnings | by ✓ Iris Blobel, New Beginnings, Iris Blobel, New Beginnings The chance to start life all over with the help of a stranger Twenty two year old Sophie Levesque has been guardian to her eight year old sister Mia since their mother s death a few years ago and it hasn t been easy Luck comes their way when they inherit a small house in Hobart Problem is though they don t know and have never heard of Clara Bellinger the testator SeThe chance to [PDF] New Beginnings | by ✓ Iris Blobel - New Beginnings, New Beginnings The chance to start life all over with the help of a stranger Twenty two year old Sophie Levesque has been guardian to her eight year old sister Mia since their mother s death a few years ago and it

  • Title: New Beginnings
  • Author: Iris Blobel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] New Beginnings | by ✓ Iris Blobel [PDF] New Beginnings | by ✓ Iris Blobel - New Beginnings, New Beginnings The chance to start life all over with the help of a stranger Twenty two year old Sophie Levesque has been guardian to her eight year old sister Mia since their mother s death a few years ago and it

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  • [PDF] New Beginnings | by ✓ Iris Blobel
    130 Iris Blobel
New Beginnings

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  1. This is a beautifully written story and I really enjoyed it.Sophie Levesque has been taking care of her younger sister Mia since their mother passed away when Mia was quite young At the time Sophie was eighteen and they had no father to rely on as he d walked out on them when their mother was alive Up to date life has been hard for them not only do they have to cope without their parents, but they will also have to grow up much faster than they wanted to They quickly learn it s not easy and from [...]

  2. Wowwhat a tangled web we weave Sophie has got it coming in all directions with the mystery of the testator These are the type of stories that I lovence it has a bit of everything in it Not only do we get a bit of a love triangle but add some mystery and thriller to it Now, that makes a perfect book by Ms Blobel But let me remind you that this is nothing new since I find myself always wrapped up in this author s writing since she writes with emotion and feelings Whether it be anger, happiness, sa [...]

  3. New Beginnings is about two sisters Sophie and Mia Levesque who lived in poverty in Sydney after their Mother died However, this changed when a wealthy benefactor left them a house in Tasmania Sophie and Mia had no family in Sydney, so they packed up everything and moved to Tasmania New Beginnings follows Sophie, and Mia Levesque journey and intertwine with the blossom romance between Mark O Connor and Sophie Levesque However, like all romances, it did not develop smoothly.New Beginnings is the [...]

  4. Sophie and Mark are an irresistible match from the beginning While getting closer and connected to them individually, as the story progressed I couldn t help but want them to be together This author has a way of endearing her characters and it is easy to fall in love with them An intriguing story with emotion, love and hope A very enjoyable read I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  5. New Beginnings is a very sweet book about Sophie, a young woman struggling to take care of her little sister after the pair of them are orphaned Inheriting a house from a mysterious benefactor seems like a gift from God for Sophie, even if she does have to uproot herself and Mia from Sydney and move to Hobart, Tasmania, for it This was well plotted out, with a completely plausible reason for a stranger leaving Sophie her property which is revealed in a clever and intriguing way Mark O Connor is [...]

  6. I really enjoyed this romance and trust me, you ll need a few tissues Filled with real characters dealing with life s ups and downs, New Beginnings by Iris Blobel is a heartfelt romance Highly recommend My Rating 5 stars

  7. New BeginningsOh this was amazing and breathe of freshness The book had a lot of mystery and sexual indulgence in this story I m delighted to say reading this author s book was excellent ENJOY

  8. I really enjoyed this romance and trust me, you ll need a few tissues Filled with real characters dealing with life s ups and downs, New Beginnings by Iris Blobel is a heartfelt romance Highly recommend My Rating 5 stars

  9. Sophie has been taking care of her sister Mia ever since their mother died four years ago Mia is only eight years old, so she s much younger than her sister, who s in her early twenties Even though life isn t easy Sophie adores Mia All of a sudden their life in crappy apartments is over when they inherit a house The person who s made them the beneficiaries of their will is called Clara Bellinger Sophie has never heard of this woman and she s puzzled why she and Mia have been left the house.At fi [...]

  10. 3.5 StarsBook New BeginningsAuthor Iris BlobelGenre Contemporary RomanceLength Approximately 135 PagesIn NEW BEGINNINGS by IRIS BLOBEL, Sophie, a twenty two year old woman, has been guardian to Mia, her eight year old sister, since she turned eighteen upon her mother s death They ve struggled to keep their heads above water, but they ve always been able to lean on happy moments the two of them have shared.Their luck changes when they inherit a home in a small town from a woman they ve never met [...]

  11. This is an adorably sweet quick read.Sophie is barely a woman herself yet she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders After her father abandons her at a young age and her mother passes away, she s left to raise her 8 year old sister Mia on her own.When Sophie and Mia inherit a house in Hobart, they pack up all their belongings, which sadly fit in a few suitcases and move After meeting with the gorgeous and sweet lawyer, Mark, Sophie and Mia set out to make this their new home.But after [...]

  12. Sophie has been taking care of her younger sister ever since their mother passed away Sophie has struggled alone with no other relatives to help her Sophie s luck changes when she inherits a house from a woman she s never heard of, though happy Sophie worries that it s a huge mistake and the house will be taken off her The lawyer who deals with her case has an instant attraction to her and pulls out all the stops to make her fall for him Throw in a sexy neighbor with secrets of his own, can he h [...]

  13. Newly released and edited, New Beginnings by Iris Blobel is a feel good story centered on love and hope, Sophie s dedication to her younger sister, Mia, is incredible The child is the center of her universe and there s nothing she won t do for her Concerned the recent inheritance is all a mistake, Sophie wants to know about the woman who gave them a home Helping her is a drop dead gorgeous attorney and the handsome, hunky neighbor Sophie s journey of discovery is a beautiful one, and when she g [...]

  14. How many of us would like to have another chance in life to start over Especially if the life wasn t too kind so far I loved this story Not oversweetened , captivating, with likable and believable characters Add to that a little mystery WHY did they actually got that inheritance, and WHO was the giver , little love story well won t say anything , no spoilers here , and the strongest possible, sisterly bond and there you have it A perfect summer or winter, depending where you live

  15. I loved this story it was well written However I was very disappointed that the main character chose to spend the night and bed with a man while having her young sister with them This is not acceptable for a book that is supposed to be Christian fiction, I hate giving it three stars If not for that it would be a five star book.

  16. This is the first book by Iris that I have read and I really enjoyed this book This book is a bit emotional, but it also has romance and a happy ending Sophie has been raising her little sister, Mia by herself since her mother died a few years ago but they haven t had it easy Now they seem to have found some luck They have inherited a small house but the clincher is that they don t know the lady, Clara Bellinger who willed it to them Sophie fears that it is all a mistake and that they will be le [...]

  17. Review from Frank Nolan, VoiceFM and The Courier How would you feel if you were advised quite unexpectedly that you had inherited a house at 46 Chestnut Avenue, Battery Point, Tasmania Then, to add to your surprise, you learn that your generous benefactor is some one you have never heard of In her fourth romantic novel, Ballarat writer Iris Blobel places her heroine Sophie and her young sister Mia in this puzzling but very pleasant situation The mysterious benefactors are eventually revealed but [...]

  18. Feel Good RomanceWhen life gives you lemons, you do the best you can to get by, but sometimes a surprise can solve a lot of problems Iris Blobel has created a beautiful story filled with hope I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

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