Unlimited Denying the Watcher - by Kim Loraine, Denying the Watcher, Kim Loraine, Denying the Watcher Praised by NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken as Spellbinding addicting the second installment in the erotic paranormal trilogy The Watcher by Kim Loraine continues the epic tale of Heaven vs Hell with a sexy side of vampires Five yearsat s all I have left then the Watcher will take control But not before I use him to get what I want It seemed likPraised by NYT Bests Unlimited Denying the Watcher - by Kim Loraine - Denying the Watcher, Denying the Watcher Praised by NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken as Spellbinding addicting the second installment in the erotic paranormal trilogy The Watcher by Kim Loraine continues the epic tale of Heaven vs

  • Title: Denying the Watcher
  • Author: Kim Loraine
  • ISBN: 9781548139568
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Denying the Watcher - by Kim Loraine Unlimited Denying the Watcher - by Kim Loraine - Denying the Watcher, Denying the Watcher Praised by NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken as Spellbinding addicting the second installment in the erotic paranormal trilogy The Watcher by Kim Loraine continues the epic tale of Heaven vs

  • Unlimited Denying the Watcher - by Kim Loraine
    159 Kim Loraine
Denying the Watcher

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    Kim Loraine Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Denying the Watcher book, this is one of the most wanted Kim Loraine author readers around the world.

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  1. Denying the Watcher is the highly anticipated, especially by yours truly, sequel to Waking the Watcher And like it s predecessor it is absolutely phenomenal Set nearly five years later, we catch up with vampire Devin as he shares his body with Watcher fallen angel, Sariel Time is nearly up on the deal Devin has struck with Sariel when he meets small, but mighty Willow There s an instant electric attraction and Devin soon realizes it s not just lust, but that she s THE ONE meant for him So now he [...]

  2. Oh lord, this trilogy It s been so long since I ve read paranormal, although I used to love it once, but this series it consumes me Outstanding Phenomenal I have literally inhaled the book in one day just hours after I finished the audiobook of the first story No, I m not ready to wait so long for the third book to become available, but neither am I ready to let those characters and the world they live in go and the next book will be the last Book one already threw me for a loop one Haha with al [...]

  3. Everyone dies whether you love them or not After reading Waking the Watcher I couldn t wait to get my hands on this story And it was so worth the wait I can t get enough of this riveting series Promises are worth little in a word full of liars and thieves These characters are just incredible I was so glad Galen is still part of the story, and what a turn this story takes for him I enjoyed Devin s character so much And what a spitfire Willow is, she s just a perfect addition Gabriel and Devin s b [...]

  4. I am enad with the realm Kim Loraine has created for us readers This series is truly spellbinding Denying the Watching is book 2 in this series And let me say you will fall in love with these sexy amazing characters all over again I was truly addicted to this story and couldn t put it down I love everything about this series Another home run by this Author If you ve read book 1 you definitely need to grab Denying the Watcher 5 stars from me.

  5. After reading book 1 I couldn t wait to get my hands on this one I almost instantly fell in love with Devin and Willowey are such a sweet couple The chemistry between the characters is absolutely amazing and the story just draws you in without even really trying, it s that good This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this review voluntarily

  6. review KimLoraine2QueenZany 5 Star ReviewDenying the WatcherKim Loraine Denying the Watcher is a spellbinding erotic tale That will seduce your senses, capture your soul and hold you hostage Leaving your mind in an ethereal state Yes, this second installment of the Watcher series blew my ever loving mind away Like, what the ever loving frick I couldn t image that it could better then the first But Kim Loraine proved me wrong She souley changed my perspective of PNR Since I was never fan of it un [...]

  7. Once again Kim Loraine pulled me into her brilliant world of vampires and the fallen From the first page I was glued to Devin s story Devin and Willow were so perfectly matched each with a perfect mix of being tough, yet kind Their story was so incredibly beautiful in the end I was still on the fence about Sariel even after finishing the first book in this series, even a good bit into Denying the Watcher I still wasn t quite sure how I felt about him Now though I need Sariel I can t wait to fin [...]

  8. Although this book may be classified as paranormal, it is nothing but true honest romance Devin will do anything to save Willow and he proves that numerous times throughout the story This book is filled with true soulmates, hotter than hell chemistry and just enough angst to make the pages fly by Another awesome read that I highly recommend.

  9. At the end of Waking the Watcher, Devin took on his Watcher and was given 5 years to live it up vampire style before he goes into the nothing and the Watcher takes over Unfortunately for both of them, they didn t anticipate Willow, a vampire hunter to enter the scene and make things difficult.Ms Loraine started this trilogy as a short story based on Catholic dogma of the fight for heaven between the angels loyal to God and the Fallen, luckily for us the original characters Galen and Reese had a [...]

  10. These are always the hardest reviews to write because I hate giving spoilers so I feel like I can t do the book justice without giving away what happen in the first book but hell if I m not going to try With most trilogies the middle book is often the least liked, with readers preferring either the beginning of the story or the end Putting an end to hating the middle child is just what Kim Loraine did The beauty of The Watcher Triolgy is that each book focuses on a different character but the he [...]

  11. 5 Stars are not enoughFive years after sacrificing himself for his friend Devin is all about having as much fun sex as he possibly can before he runs out of time He doesn t believe the one exists for him She does, but there is a huge obstacle in their way Sariel has found his true love but she is engaged to another As with Waking The Watcher this is a story of epic love and the lengths we are willing to go for their friends and soulmates It is a smart, witty, heart wrenching, hot book that tugs [...]

  12. Devin won friend of the century in Waking the Watcher, but that s a different story Nothing can satisfy his hunger, and with his deadline approaching he s accepted his fate, until her Now Devin is trying to win something else, and he s going to use everything he s got to get it Even if that means his body, heart, and soul are on the line If he doesn t win the battle everything he cares about will be gone The threat of their HEA is getting to close to home Like the saying goes The path to happine [...]

  13. Wow Kim Loraine, this story is so amazing I literally had a hard time putting the book down This book made me laugh out loud, cry and fan myself due to the hotness factor all within a span of a few minutes Devin is such a swoon worthy hero that you can t help but instantly fall in love with him Willow is a strong minded heroine who doesn t let anyone stand in her way or bring her down, especially not a vampire or a fallen angel This is by far one of the best paranormal romances that I have read [...]

  14. I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Denying the Watcher is a great paranormal read This book truly has it all vampires, angels, fallen angels, incubus, succubus and humans of course This story focuses on Devin, Sariel and Willow Devin and Sariel is of course sharing a body, and then Willow comes into the picture, along with Selah making an appearance I honestly have to say that I did not read the first book in this series and yes, I might have missed some key moments [...]

  15. Take two on the epicness that is Kim Denying the watcher is the story of Devin, vampire best friend of Galen, the sexy vampire from Waking the Watcher Now Devin is a no nonsense it s all about me vampire until he meets Williow, a tough as nails woman who is out to get vengeance for her family Could this be the one Devin is spend so many years looking The only way to find out is pick up the book and start reading you will be glad you did

  16. 5 out of 5 stars for Kim Loraine Denying the Watcher is the second book in the Watcher series by Kim Loraine You meet Devin in the first book Waking the Watcher and you learn he has been a vampire for 200 years To save his best friend he takes the Watcher from Galen with the hopes he can finally to have sex after 200 hundred years Devin has his world turn upside down in a matter of one night The battle for heaven and hell is unleashed and this book will keep you on the edge of you emotions as yo [...]

  17. I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review Another PNR for Ms Loraine This is what I have come to expect from this author a well rounded book with great drama and just enough push and pull to make me love it As always she has characters that I love and hate to see go I love this take on vampires angels one of the best PNR I have ever read Even if your not into the romance aspect of books but like paranormal this book is for you.

  18. Ok so here s the scoop I have read one literally ONE PNR since the Twilight series and then I read The Watcher books So so so good Waking the Watcher is definitely a must read before Denying the Watcher Kim takes PNR to another level Sexy and dark and yummy that s what this book is 4.5 star read for me

  19. I have waited for this book and Kim Loraine did not disappoint This is a follow up to Waking the Watcher This is actually 5 years forward, so we get to catch up with Reese and Galen but we get to meet Devin and Willow and wow Vampires, Angels, motorcycles Oh my If you read the first book you will not be disappointed , as the author has definitely raised the bar

  20. What a fantastic ride I had gotten addicted to the first book in the series and this has only gotten better The unbelievable twists and turns has kept me on edge and I can t wait for the last book in the Series Great job

  21. I loved this book it was so amazing kim loraine did a fabulous job you should definetly buy it if you have read waking the watcher and if you ahven t read waking the watcher you should go read that one first melt pull yourself back together and than come read this one.

  22. I received an arc for an honest review i loved this book like all of Kim s books i couldnt put it down i dont want to give any spoilers but i will say that it was worth the wait you will love devin cant wait for sariels story.

  23. Denying The Watcher is the second book in The Watcher Series I loved the first book, Waking The Watcher and this book exceeded my expectations Devin, Galen s best friend from book 1, meets Willow a strong independent woman and falls in love Devin never thought he would meet the one until he met Willow They have great chemistry and are perfect for each other This is a well written series with amazing characters and I can t wait to read the next book in this series I voluntarily reviewed an advanc [...]

  24. I was iffy about reading this book because I hadn t read Waking the Watcher yet I literally have tons of books on my bookshelf that I ve had for 10 years that I have refused to read because they are part of a series, and I just KNOW that if I read them, I ll be hooked and I won t have the whole series to finish I m so happy that I read this book though It was so awesome, and so HOT I m definitely going to have to find Waking the Watcher and the 3rd book in the series, because you guessed it I m [...]

  25. Denying The Watcher is the second book in the series I loved the first book but this one is definitely my favorite Devin is sexy and possessive, Willow is strong, feisty and sassy I loved them They have amazing chemistry and are just perfect for each other I love that these books aren t your typical paranormal vampire reads Can t wait for the next book

  26. Denying the Watcherby Kim Loraine This is book 2 of Kim s Series so I recommend you read Waking the Watcher before diving into DtW.In this books we get to know about Devin s life as a Vampire and what his new endeavors brought him after WtW This paranormal erotica is full of Fire Hot Vampires, Gorgeous Angels, Yummy Fallen Angels,Sexy Womanand lots and lots of steamy sex A great combination to have you drinking cool margaritas and putting the air conditioner in high.Let me give you a comparison [...]

  27. I received an advanced copy in exchange of an honest review.Reading the book was like being on a roller coaster ride of various emotions for me Definitely a page turner, you ll have a hard time putting it down once you started reading Some scenes will have you on bated breath and would spur you on to read faster to find out what happened next.Kudos to Ms Kim Loraine for another well written book I m excited for the next book in the series

  28. Ok So, if you ve read Waking the Watcher, you know that things aren t always as bad as it seemsAs Denying the Watcher progressed, I had a really hard time figuring out how this was all going to turn around Kudos to Kim Loraine for constantly keeping me guessing Most times I wasn t sure whether to scream my frustration or cry angry tears I can t wait for I m rooting for Sariel 5 stars for Denying the Watcher.

  29. This is the second book in the series and I do recommend you read them in order This read takes place 5 years later and the deal Devin struck with Sariel is nearly up He meets Willow and the chemistry they share is off the charts hot and so much Will he be able to leave now that he has found the woman he loves Great paranormal read, I was hooked from beginning to end Looking forward to .

  30. Another wonderful book written by Kim Denying the Watcher is the second book in the pnr series I fell in love with the characters in the first, Waking the Watcher This book focused on Devin Devin was funny and great and Willow was a strong independent woman Loved this book, can t wait for the next

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