Unlimited Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke) - by Keith Olbermann, Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke), Keith Olbermann, Trump Is F cking Crazy This Is Not a Joke Witty acerbic hard hitting and timely Keith Olbermann s Donald Trump commentaries come adapted from his hit GQ series The Resistance Since Donald Trump s presidential nomination Keith Olbermann has emerged as one of the web s most popular anti Trump screedists each installment of his GQ web series The Resistance receives nearly four million views Unlimited Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke) - by Keith Olbermann - Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke), Trump Is F cking Crazy This Is Not a Joke Witty acerbic hard hitting and timely Keith Olbermann s Donald Trump commentaries come adapted from his hit GQ series The Resistance Since Donald Trump s presidential nomination Keith Olbermann h

  • Title: Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke)
  • Author: Keith Olbermann
  • ISBN: 9780525533863
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke) - by Keith Olbermann Unlimited Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke) - by Keith Olbermann - Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke), Trump Is F cking Crazy This Is Not a Joke Witty acerbic hard hitting and timely Keith Olbermann s Donald Trump commentaries come adapted from his hit GQ series The Resistance Since Donald Trump s presidential nomination Keith Olbermann h

  • Unlimited Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke) - by Keith Olbermann
    430 Keith Olbermann
Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (This Is Not a Joke)

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  1. Keith Olbermann

    Keith Olbermann is an American news anchor, commentator, and radio sportscaster He currently hosts Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, an hour long nightly newscast of five selected stories with commentary by Olbermann and guests Starting with the 2007 NFL season, Olbermann also serves as co host of NBC s Football Night in America with Bob Costas.

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  1. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThe title is self explanatoryUMP IS F CKING CRAZY is adapted from Keith Olbermann s series, The Resistance, which can be found on YouTube if you re interested I haven t watched it, but from what I gleaned, it s comedic political reporting in the style of Samantha Bee, intended to criticize the Commander in Tweets DT.I despise DT, so obviously one look at this title and I was down Because, you know, as a liberal leaning woman, I m so deep in this echo chamber t [...]

  2. Filthy liberal smut And I loved it Not appropriate to send to your conservative friends they won t think it s nice Because, well, it s not nice But in between the gratuitous but perhaps warranted swearing and the thinks he s funnier than he is jokes though he s decently funny , there are some stark truths here Ultimately, I felt dirty reading this as I said in an update, liberal politics gossip is my version of romance novels total smut but it made me hopeful If bulldogs I mean, people like Olbe [...]

  3. I have been watching Keith Olbermann on YouTube since he began his near daily commentary on Trump, The Closer now The Resistance in September 2016 I was glad to hear Olbermann s voice again, indignant, literate and darkly funny It had been a long time, and thank you to the editor and the folks at GQ for giving Olbermann a platform for the modern streaming viewership.When Olbermann began advertising Trump is Fucking Crazy at the end of his Resistance videos, I wondered if reading the scripts of t [...]

  4. Holy cannoli, this is just a giant ranting echo chamber of anger.Those who agree with Keith Olbermann s assessment of Donald Trump will not find any new material Those who disagree with him and have a positive view of Trump will disagree with him even MORE, and will become solidified in their support of Trump in defiance This book serves to please those in the echo chamber, reinforce pro Trump and anti media beliefs in Trump supporters, and will not change anyone s opinion on anything.Essential [...]

  5. Really enjoyed the YouTube videos, bought this to pass on the love As a book, not the best Ends up being a massive polemic against Trump and feels awfully repetitive Loved the YouTube videos and sad that there will be no Really feed my anger at The Presidency Very Zeitgeist.

  6. RESIST REMOVE peace There is one line that sums up a lot when it comes to Trump that Olbermann says at one point He cannot leave it alone That sums up a lot ive loved Keith s videos on GQ on YouTube and so I loved this book if you ve seen his monologues similar to what he used to do on his MSNBC show in full Murrow in Meltdown mode you know where you stand on him Thank goodness.

  7. This was a tough read The chronological order of the chapters starting from before the election was essentially a horrifying trip down memory lane, with comments like surely this is the end of Trump and there s no way this man will actually win so yeah.essing as hell.Also, Keith is the king of ellipses I m actually curious to know just how many times showed up in this book.Overall, if you are a trump hating liberal like I am, you ll love it.

  8. I couldn t wait to read this seeing that I myself am a NPD survivor of a malignant narc sociopath psychopath This one day read was absorbed quickly but lost steam midway around the 250 mark for me and fell sharply so in this case less might ve been for the readers as many will simply skim the remainder to not give DNT.As for the content from Keith who happens to have his own The Resistance You Tube series out if you re interested.Look I can tell you this from experience living with a narc They [...]

  9. Well written by one of my favorite political journalists Reading this a little over a year after the election, I found it to be an interesting showing of how painfully obvious the issues of both pre election and post are to those not on the far right.

  10. A justifiably loud, angry, acerbic look at absolutely abominable 2016 election and the disgraceful first year of T p s administration In short Fuck Trump, Buy this book.

  11. Way to go Keith THANK YOU for this book I m a purpose driven Millennial who, during the Obama Administration, could not have been excited to see a culture of diversity, innovation, systems thinking, and a commitment to the collective best interest and redistribution of extreme wealth from the very richest to the very neediest it s seriously so refreshing to FINALLY hear someone on the left using passionate, fact based argumentation to acknowledge just HOW f cking crazy and insane the events sur [...]

  12. From September 2016 to June 2017 Keith covers all the crazy of the deranged Orange being in the White House In the way only Keith can he calls out the lies and the lunacy If you watch the news and scream and wish the reporters would say what you know is true you will love this as much as I did.

  13. Screedist isn t a word did you mean writer I do think refusing to accept reality is accurate Certainly this book will be of great interest to those in the grand echo chamber of reality denial.

  14. This is not great I agree politically with Olbermann but this just felt like a book long rant It s made up of articles written from last September on, with the original dates mentioned, and I can see how, at the time they were written, these rants would be relevant Now that the election can t be changed, it feels like these rants are just yelling into the void It s like reading hundreds of pages of an angry Facebook page.

  15. I loved this book even though 5 months passed since it ended with even reasons to dump Trump This man can WRITE

  16. This book should have been published before the election I am not sure if it would have made a difference, but it was a very great read The chronological order of the the essays written for GQ in one book is great Some of the things written about in this book I remember, some I did not Good analogy of things Trump has done Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.

  17. I got through about 3 pages, and found the summary of this numbskull was just making me mad, so I had to put it down.

  18. If there is anything we ought all be able to agree upon about Keith Olbermann, it s that he lets us know pretty darn clearly how he stands on things This book, an assemblage of his GQ Web series commentaries now called The Resistance, certainly won t contradict that opinion.The title of the book says clearly what the theme of Mr O s assembled commentaries holds in focus I was given this book as a Christmas gift because, for the most part, I agree with the heart of Mr O s positions and concerns s [...]

  19. I just couldn t I wanted to read this book, but it just made me so angry The parts of the book I read were filled with ranting, the same ranting we have all be listening to for too long The same rants I have spouted I personally couldn t read 400 pages of the rants I can get that by reading the comment section on an online news article We need a way forward For me, it is too soon to be looking at what happened Instead, we need to look at what we can do to safeguard our elections so it doesn t ha [...]

  20. This is a sentimental look back at the 2016 presidential election and Trump White House from September, 2016, through June 2017 via the author s commentaries written at the time While it is obvious that the author is not a Trump fan, this does not mean everyone should not read it There is a lot of information here that we need to be reminded about, because with the Trump presidency, there are often too many things going on at once to pay attention to them all, even the most important one This is [...]

  21. This book is a collection of Keith Olberman s political commentaries presented on GQ from September of 2016 through June of 2017 Keith spares no niceties in describing exactly how the current administration is undermining the pillars of our democracy by destroying existing s and eroding the faith of the public in their government Olbermann does not aid or abet and calls to task those in the media who do Written almost in a diary format he lays out the case fact by fact of how unfit the current o [...]

  22. Honestly, I wanted to give it stars but overall, if you followed the campaign and didn t just watch Fox News and occasionally watched Keith s videos read posts then there is nothing new here content wise I agree with the facts of the situation that unfolded and is continuing to unfold, I read the paper and current events and it just made this a hard read because it was rehashing information I already knew Keith is very opinionated and I don t think that will win over any new converts from the b [...]

  23. He is, and I doubt you think it s a joke Olbermann s book covers September 2016 to June 2017, but I only had the heart to read up to the inauguration, which is slightly than half the book I felt to go beyond that point would be too depressing Of course this tome is as politically biased as they come, but one can t help but admire Olbermann for his refusal to mince words and calling a spade a spade Even some of the Republicans who have spoken out against Trump in the strongest of terms have stil [...]

  24. 3.5 stars I m going to be completely honest with you I don t like Trump In fact, I hate him So when I first started reading this book and Olbermann was calling him an asshole and a jackass, I giggled a lot While most of the chapters are filled with compelling arguments for why this man is unfit to hold ANY office, let alone the presidency, some of them were just whining rants in which Olbermann reached like hell to make his point I ve always respected Olbermann as a journalist and political figu [...]

  25. Like I said when I started the book, I know this is about as echo chamber as books can possibly get But honestly there is an incredible catharsis to listening to Keith Olbermann rail on against Trump I listened to the audiobook, obviously Basically a collection of readings from the Closer Resistance youtube series, but no less enjoyable unless you are a Trump voter, to which you won t find this book enjoyable at all.Resist.Remove.Peace.

  26. This book is laugh out loud funny, but the facts are sobering.As someone who has lived in NY for 38 years, I have watched the idiocy, the lawlessness, the recklessness, the violations, the bankruptcies and lawsuits that are Trump go on and on.Keith hits the Mango Mussolini High, Hard and Fast.I am an audiobook listener and this was read by the author.Awesome job, Keith A must read, but it s better if you listen to the audio RESIST

  27. Collection of his commentaries from his GQ Web series The Resistance from Sep 12 2016 to Jun 27 2017 Full of his usual bombast and vitriol, these are a fun, infuriating, and fascinating look at the Trump campaign from nomination to after his installation and his many mis speakings, tweets, and outright lies, crimes and misdemeanors.

  28. Needless to say, this title grabbed me as soon as I saw it This was an interesting book no really new info, although there were things I d forgotten about It s a good read, but kind of hard to finish because when all these things are actually gathered, part of you can t believe it s all really happened Still, it was worth the time.

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