[PDF] Kayzon's Wish | by ☆ MicheleMills, Kayzon's Wish, MicheleMills, Kayzon s Wish Kayzon of Twenty Six is beastly Small offspring cry at the sight of his hulking frame and the vicious scar that bisects the right side of his face Banished from his home world and deemed unworthy of a Bride his mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of most beings Except for one fierce tiny female She alone is unafraid Kia is astonished when a sexy Xylan WarriorKayzon of Twenty [PDF] Kayzon's Wish | by ☆ MicheleMills - Kayzon's Wish, Kayzon s Wish Kayzon of Twenty Six is beastly Small offspring cry at the sight of his hulking frame and the vicious scar that bisects the right side of his face Banished from his home world and deemed unworthy of a

  • Title: Kayzon's Wish
  • Author: MicheleMills
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Kayzon's Wish | by ☆ MicheleMills [PDF] Kayzon's Wish | by ☆ MicheleMills - Kayzon's Wish, Kayzon s Wish Kayzon of Twenty Six is beastly Small offspring cry at the sight of his hulking frame and the vicious scar that bisects the right side of his face Banished from his home world and deemed unworthy of a

  • [PDF] Kayzon's Wish | by ☆ MicheleMills
Kayzon's Wish

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  1. Alien to a faultHe thinks that she should leave him because he was damaged and banished She thinks he s the most heroic and honor bound man of her dreams Their both not seeing eye to eye with the cultural differences on social and mating practices

  2. First let me state, I received an Advance Reader Copy, ARC , but this in no way influences my review I always leave an honest review.Excellent story Kayzon is scary looking because he s scarred so others fear him He s on New Earth when an alien attack occurs and he saves Kia, a human bounty hunter, they accidentally touch hands and he knows he s found his bride mate Another Gr8 story I recommend this read 5 Thumbs up.

  3. Kayzon s WishI really enjoyed this story just as much as the first book Kia and Kayzon are a wonderful couple that had loads of action and adventure The world building was fantastic and I really enjoyed reading about other the species I highly recommend this series.

  4. It was entertaining for the genre I found the idea of New Earth, basically a holding pen planet for humans destined to be used for medical research or sex slavery for a physiologically similar species, to be unique.

  5. Not sure how i feelI read all 3 books so the first one had a decent story line but the end of this book I felt like I read the same story 3x with just a few different things It was almost like the first book was an outline or template for the next 2 There is so much repetitiveness in this third book I found myself skimming Also I m not sure how to feel about the importance placed on the character s skin colors I think this book was just as much about racism and prejudism as it was a love story.

  6. Definitely worth reading this great storyI totally enjoyed reading this book I know that it is the 3rd in a series, but I have only read this one so far and I thought the material was fresh and inventive I loved the world building of this desolate planet and the secret the Kia is trying hard to hide Kayzon is a cool character, he has been let down a lot and expects that as his due Their pairing is perfect in my opinion I loved the detailed fight scenes, picturing Kia pulling some sweet Jackie Ch [...]

  7. Captivating SeriesThe third book was just as great as the previous two and they seem to get better as each one comes out They capture your heart because of how the wife and sons are paying for their father s betrayal There is action, family drama, romance, and a story that will not disappoint in anyway Truly a must buy and highly recommended.

  8. Wonderful This three book series was a wonderful read but I loved this one the best the only thing that would have made better was a way at the end to reunite all of them Enjoy reading this series

  9. Book Review Kayzon s WishThis book is the 3rd in the Alien Bounty Hunter series and ends in an HEA New Earth is a terrible place of oppression The humans who live on New Earth are kept to an almost primitive level by the aliens who run the planet Kia is a human on New Earth trying to help makes ends meet for her family Her father is missing and women are not thought highly of Kia has a secret strength that is unusual in most humans She desires to become a Bounty Hunter and sees one in the market [...]

  10. Okay, I accidentally started this review the exact same way I started my review for the last book in the series So, CLEARLY, I m partial to big, surly alien bounty hunters who find their special someone on a distant world, under terrible circumstances, and nearly mess things up in the worst way before everything clicks.If nothing else, you can definitively say I am constant in my affections I like aliens I like grouchy bounty hunters I like sweeping space romance.Kayzon and Kia give me all those [...]

  11. The storyline is fun, kudos for very original worldbuilding The emotional drama has a good base, though the H s insecurities are painfully overplayed at times However, my biggest gripe is the ridiculous biology of the pregnancy Yes, it s an alien baby sure, but view spoiler the day old foetus can be viewed on scans and has a heartbeat It was even a plot point for the H s angst that he sees his child on a screen His one day old zygote with shape and form and two hearts that match the beat of thei [...]

  12. I am voluntarily reviewing an Advanced Reader Copy of this book that I received for free from the author.Kia, a human who dreams of becoming a bounty hunter, has taken a job as a guard for the local market on New Earth Kayzon, a Xylan bounty hunter, goes to new earth in search of his latest bounty coming across Kia in the market as Hurlian ships come to take the humans away Kia fights along Kayzon s side and earns his respect and he rescues her when she is snatched up Over the rest of the story [...]

  13. I had high hopes this story would be different from the others but sadly, those hopes were crushed There were even similarities in Kayzon s Wish than in the previous book.Is it too much to ask to write different mating tactics, different outcomes of their mating or different sentences I was really disappointed by this predictability and repetitiveness because, despite these faults, it still was a pleasant read.

  14. I really enjoyed this fun, sexy romance between human Kia and Xylon warrior Kayzon I liked the characters, who I felt had great chemistry, the writing is great, and the story held my attention from beginning to end I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series I am voluntarily reviewing an Advanced Reader Copy of this book that I received through Shifted Sheets Book Promotions.

  15. A Great Series Book 3 Payson and KiaAction The third book in the Alien Bounty Hunters series has action, adventure, romance, twists, turns, and surprises Secrets are revealed and the mystery intensifies but this novel is also a standalone book in the series The characters are well developed and written with a plot that will hold the reader s interest and leave the reader wanting The reader will love this series

  16. On the whole, I was taken by the overall premise Humans are being held captive, and mistreated by the ruling alien species on their planet, far away from the prying eyes of the governing alien races, who would frown upon the abuses the humans face at the hands of the Hurlians Initially, the plot felt dynamic and interesting, however, there was a lack of coherency that reared its head throughout the story.

  17. I got this book in exchange for a voluntary review Kia Cho meets the Xylan Bounty Hunter Kayzon, when the Hurlians attack trying to capture some humans In defending each other, they touch and Kayzon finds his mate in Kia, a human This is a big no because Kayzon is outcast and ha no right to mate Kayzon be able to keep Kia as a mate What about Kia s father being hunted This book goes over the Xylan mating rituals but leaves Kia outside of protection.

  18. Kia was fearless when it came to protecting her family and the oppressed humans living on New Earth Kayzon was an honorable honor less warrior who was dealt a cruel hand through no fault of his own I loved how Kia and Kayzon got to be themselves around each other and their explosive chemistry I enjoyed the twist involving Kia s father I received an ARC of this book and voluntarily reviewed it.

  19. Fierce LoveThis is the 3rd book in this series I enjoyed this book as much as the other two These Xzylan warriors keep finding their mates to be just as fierce, loyal, and honourable as the males Get the book and read and enjoy You can read it within a day.

  20. Wow, this author has quite an imagination I could never think of all those situations very creative I think the main male character is very sexy and I like the idea of a little but extremely strong female main character They make a good pair and the love scenes are super sexy

  21. Good readLike this book, well written and good plot Liked this book better than the first one and skipped the second because this book sounded good to me Might go back and read the second one now Will definitely be reading the next oneright now.

  22. this one i liked better than the other two she was a strong woman but not in that stupid kind of way were they are annoying she was sweet too and inteligent and i liked him a lot, a little stubborn sometimes, but good anyway.

  23. Enjoyable read, although Kayzon is a little stubborn in his thoughts Enjoyed Kia and the story of New Earth despite the giant plot holes.

  24. Sweet Alien RomanceKayzon and Kia s tale is extremely sweet but still action packed I love that Kia would not give up on their relationship even through Kayzon s fears.

  25. Great story loving this series and this book is no exception plenty of action couldn t put it down can t wait for another book from this author.i voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

  26. Fun and eventful Kayzon is definitely an honorable male and a perfect match for Kia I look forward to the next adventure in this world.

  27. Eye of The Tiger Kia, a young Asian woman, lives on the desert planet of new earth, under the rule of the vicious Hurlians Her father has had to go into hiding because he opposes the government Her family s accounts where frozen and they are so poor now that Kia must take a job as a security officer in the open air market She longs to become a bounty hunter.The Hurlians keep the humans like cattle, and about once a month they swoop down in their ships and hovercraft and abduct whomever they cat [...]

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