Murder in the Morning Edition Best Read || [Peter Bartram], Murder in the Morning Edition, Peter Bartram, Murder in the Morning Edition Welcome to Brighton England where they do like to murder beside the seaside Don t you just hate it when you get the afternoon off and then find yourself chasing a train robber with his loot Join ace crime reporter Colin Crampton and his feisty Australian girlfriend Shirley Goldsmith as they embark on a new adventure It all starts when Colin spends a lazy afternoon by Murder in the Morning Edition Best Read || [Peter Bartram] - Murder in the Morning Edition, Murder in the Morning Edition Welcome to Brighton England where they do like to murder beside the seaside Don t you just hate it when you get the afternoon off and then find yourself chasing a train robber with his loot Join ace

  • Title: Murder in the Morning Edition
  • Author: Peter Bartram
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Murder in the Morning Edition Best Read || [Peter Bartram] Murder in the Morning Edition Best Read || [Peter Bartram] - Murder in the Morning Edition, Murder in the Morning Edition Welcome to Brighton England where they do like to murder beside the seaside Don t you just hate it when you get the afternoon off and then find yourself chasing a train robber with his loot Join ace

  • Murder in the Morning Edition Best Read || [Peter Bartram]
    203Peter Bartram
Murder in the Morning Edition

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  1. Peter Bartram

    Peter Bartram brings years of experience as a journalist to his Crampton of the Chronicle crime mystery series His novels are fast paced and humorous the action is matched by the laughs The books feature a host of colourful characters as befits stories set in Brighton, one of Britain s most trend setting towns.You can download Murder in Capital Letters, a free book in the series, for your Kindle or other e reader from colincrampton.Peter began his career as a reporter on a local weekly newspaper before editing newspapers and magazines in London, England and, finally, becoming freelance He has done most things in journalism from door stepping for quotes to writing serious editorials He s pursued stories in locations as diverse as 700 feet down a coal mine and a courtier s chambers at Buckingham Palace Peter is a member of the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers Association.

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  1. I seriously, SERIOUSLY enjoyed this novella so much part 1 of the Morning, Noon and Night Trilogy and a book with a little bang than the other Crampton of the Chronicle stories I have read.It s safe to say that I have fallen in love with the irreverent, dogged character Colin Crampton and his saucy but intelligent piece of fluff, Shirley The fact that the murder mystery series is set in the 60 s only adds to its charm Exceptionally well written which you would expect from an ex journo and paced [...]

  2. Murder in the Morning Edition is a gutsy introduction to an energetic three part serial that sets the scene for an impressive game of chess to be played out in future publications and it s a hoot The characters are a mixed assortment, a bit like your favourite bag of retro sweets some you recall fondly, with others leaving behind a bitter taste.These novellas are the perfect way indulge in a spot of 60s mayhem, courtesy of The Evening Chronicle s unrivalled crime reporter, Colin Crampton James D [...]

  3. Hold the front page At last, a cozy crime caper that delivers the goods OK, the style, setting, and humorous banter could all come from five decades past, but things don t suffer unduly with the passage of time This tale is pacy, engaging, and full of fun Just like a day at the seaside, when I was a lad, whether in Brighton, or further along the South Coast Happy days Pass me an egg sandwich, and the next book in the series, please.

  4. August 1963 and Britain wakes to headlines of a 2.5 million pound Great Train Robbery Further South, local newspaper crime correspondent Colin Crampton, desperate to keep his boss off his back with his own front page scoop has to be content with a rather less than sensational train heist on the town s quaint Volks narrow gauge railway But Colin s methods of getting a story aren t reliant on lunchtime drinking sessions with approachable coppers or villains He d much rather pursue a case with the [...]

  5. The first few pages did not inspire me so much but I looked at previous reviews and thought I d stick with it to see why the book was so loved I m glad I did I was hooked.I needed to know why what happened to Rocker Boy came about, who was the murderous Boss, why had no one called to collect the attach case, who was the mysterious Arthur Crouch and where had he gone and what were Nobby s Novelties Crime reporter Colin Crampton does his best, and it s pretty good, to untangle the mess and join al [...]

  6. Murder In The Morning Edition is the first book in Peter Bartram s Crampton Of The Chronicle Morning, Noon Night trilogy For the most part Murder In The Morning Edition enjoys the same standards of conduct no explicit sex, graphic violence and unbecoming language found in cozy mysteries What I found most pleasing about the book was that the author s focus was placed on investigating the crime posing realistic questions and discovering clues much in the way you would expect an investigative repo [...]

  7. While this isn t his first Colin Crampton story, it is the first time that the author has attempted a mystery as a trilogy In the introduction he even estimates how long it will take the average reader to read His opinion is that this is his detective s most thrilling adventure yet.Elsewhere Peter Bartram calls the book a cosy caper, and I think that is about right I found it engaging reading with just enough mystery in the main plot to keep me interested As a bonus, at the end there is a chapte [...]

  8. Very British And Very Funny This novella is the first book of the trilogy It s a fun book to lighten your heart The story takes place in Brighton, England, by the beautiful sea in 1963 Unfortunately, there is murder also by the beautiful sea Colin Crampton is an ace crime reporter and he s certainly kept busy His girlfriend from Australia, Shirley Goldsmith, are at the beach area when before their eyes a train is being robbed This is a mystery adventure story which is well written and you ll lov [...]

  9. A cozy murder set in Brighton in the 1960s Newspaper crime reporter Colin Crampton went to his editor and said he wanted a vacation Frank Figgis his editor replied if he could get a series going to cover the paper while he was on holiday, he could have a week off in the sun Now, Colin and his girlfriend Shirley are in a caf on the beach when Shirley and Colin spot the Glove Man and Rocker Boy Death, robbery and murder follow.A humorous mystery set in England in the 1960s before cell phones and f [...]

  10. Part one of a new Crampton adventureColin is on a new story for his newspaper and this promises to be his most exciting and dangerous story he has ever chased after I had the privilege to be part of the proofreading team I enjoyed the chance to be part of the process because I believe in Peter s work and have been reading his books since the first one There is everything you want in a story, danger, adventure, crisp dialogue Colin is witty and humorous without being snarky The stories lie somewh [...]

  11. The latest Colin Crampton tale is set in Brighton in the heat of August 1963 It centres round a train robbery but not the contemporaneous Great one.There are several deaths, including one murder, motorbike chases and lots of dodgy characters Colin and girlfriend Shirley get involved after seeing one of them in a local cafe.Told with the author s usual humour and lightness of touch, this is the first part of a connected trilogy, so there are lots of unresolved issues and loose ends.Most enjoyable [...]

  12. I found this an entertaining read Set in the early 60 s, the slang was sometimes challanging to this American Google was a big help there The only reservation I had was that the story didn t finish at the end of the book I m about half way through the 2nd book and will read the 3rd, too This is my first time reading this author s series but I found it easy to pick up on the few main characters I will probably go to the start of the series and read in order if the 3rd book of this trilogy holds m [...]

  13. A very enjoyable read You need to realize this is tongue in cheek, 1960 s with a large dose of British humour and language If you like that, you ll love this.This is one of those books you sit down with and wish you could keep reading Then you realize he has made a trilogy out of it Very clever I could see this as a TV show Peter Bartram spent his life as a newspaper journalist before venturing into writing novels You can see this in his rich dialogue, scene settings and characters This is an au [...]

  14. Interesting, but very British Since this book is set in England the vocabulary is sometimes hard to understand But, it is a murder mystery, so you can slog through to the end It is rather slow paced, and the mystery is not solved completely in this book, with teasers the solution will be revealed in the second book Not a bad read but I m not sure I d recomend it But choose for yourself.

  15. I DNF this book I read all the way through to 50% and then gave up This is book one of three books in the series according to the author note at the start It s a longer story broken up in three parts There is murder, mysteries, robbery, and a wild chase It is different reading a story in a different time where there were no cell phones and other devices to help solve the mystery I think others might enjoy this book but it wasn t for me.

  16. Once again, Peter Bartram manages the tricky balance of a decent murder mystery and light touch humour This one all starts with a robbery on the boringly sedate Volks Railway and has our hero chasing around Sussex after his story The 60s setting works as well as ever It s the first in a trilogy and you shouldn t really start unless you re going to see it through Although this does stand alone, there are lose ends to follow up in the next two instalments.

  17. A relaxing day at the beach.Take your girl friend to the beach for the afternoon and run into a robbery, a mysterious man in a 3 piece suit and gloves on the sand Add a mysterious case filled with money, a couple of murders, a suicide, and a great story for a newspaper writer Good book but doesn t completely finish in this book Read on for the complete conclusion.

  18. Serial readsUnresolved murder mystery requiring the next book in the series to help solve the puzzle Uses british language and circumstances somewhat unfamiliar to american based readers.

  19. One of the best books I have read on a long time Kept me guessing to the end Fully recommended.I was a child in 1960s Brighton and I was taken back to places I knew and had forgotten about Cannot wait to read all of Peter Bertram s works Please keep writing Peter

  20. Don t Know NothingI liked the book I liked the characters Only thing is I have no idea what it s about Neither do the people in the book It carries over to Book 2 There s two robberies, two deaths and a missing person of interest I guess I ll have to read the next one.

  21. A good start to a trilogyI liked the characters and how the story flowed naturally I especially liked that the main character explained his thinking how he figured things out timely and not waiting until the end of the book to give a long explanation While I ve never been to this location I could picture it clearly Even though the book clearly left you hanging at the end it is a trilogy this story was satisfying.

  22. A good mysteryI like the hero and his girl I found the story moved slowly I liked it and finished it, but never really felt engaged You have to read the next book to know what is really going on I don t plan on buying it.

  23. Great readThis mystery had me gripped from the start pt me guess all the way through can t wait to read the next part

  24. Cracking yarnVery good enjoyed it no end ,funny fast pace well done peter in bringing a very good read out looking forward to book 2

  25. Loved this bookThis review is given freely and honestly, Read it yourself and see Read it from cover to cover in 90 minutes and loved it

  26. Quick readThis was a very intriguing book I really enjoyed it and read it in a few hours time for the second in the series

  27. Lightweight, easy read.A new scam to me Buying a book that just stops, and you have to buy two to finish reading one so so book Disgusting.

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