Free Read Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1) - by Melissa Ellen, Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1), Melissa Ellen, Redeeming Lottie Billingsley Things I never planned on happening in my life Getting married being a mother to a house full of kids and returning to my small hometown of Billingsley Texas I especially never planned on seeing Tucker Monroe again Sexy smile Country charm A man and a life I left behind for a reason The only plan I had for myself was my career A buyer for one of the largest hig Free Read Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1) - by Melissa Ellen - Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1), Redeeming Lottie Billingsley Things I never planned on happening in my life Getting married being a mother to a house full of kids and returning to my small hometown of Billingsley Texas I especially never planned on seeing Tu

  • Title: Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1)
  • Author: Melissa Ellen
  • ISBN: 9780999859506
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook

Free Read Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1) - by Melissa Ellen Free Read Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1) - by Melissa Ellen - Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1), Redeeming Lottie Billingsley Things I never planned on happening in my life Getting married being a mother to a house full of kids and returning to my small hometown of Billingsley Texas I especially never planned on seeing Tu

  • Free Read Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1) - by Melissa Ellen
    379 Melissa Ellen
Redeeming Lottie (Billingsley #1)

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    I m an indie author that focuses on contemporary romance and romantic suspense A Reason To Stay, book one of the Blackwood Series, was my debut novel I grew up as a book worm, reading anything and everything and still try to read at least a book a week I ve always had an active imagination Luckily, I now have time to put it to good use into stories that are constantly swarming around in my head.When I m not writing, you can find me working on architecture projects, buried in a book with a glass of wine or coffee , playing with my adorable son I m not partial at allhis adorableness is a fact , laughing with my hot husband another fact , or tackling my latest DIY project and by that I mean putting my hot husband to work SIGNUP FOR MY NEWSLETTER melissaellenwritesKEEP UP WITH ME ON FACEBOOK facebook melissaellenJOIN THE ENTOURAGE FACEBOOK GROUP facebook groups 11703FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM instagram authormelisCHECK OUT MY AUTHOR PAGE amzn 2wzQB7t

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  1. 5 Stars OMG, I don t know what hit me This book wasAmazing Although I have finished the book days ago, I can t get it out of my mind I m simply dumbstruck, dumbfounded Don t let the cover full you The cover is so sweet and it s very appropriate But the bookThis book tells Lottie s storyLottie is a young independent woman, very successful in her career She has her dream job working in fashion and she is paid to travel the world Didn t I tell you , Perfect jobShe knows what she wants, or rather, s [...]

  2. Received an ARC at no cost to authorAgain I have found a new author that I wonder why haven t I heard from her before, this book was great This was a second chance romance and boy did we go thru a roller coaster, there were times that I wanted to knock out Lottie, but then you also felt for her and understood where she was coming from Then there was Tucker, oh my I honestly can not tell you because you need to read for yourselfAnd as alwaysEnjoy

  3. Another great story from Melissa EllenI could not put down the book Lottie is a girl who knows what she wants and takes risks to go after her dreams Lottie has achieved the success she wanted Now something has changed Has Lottie been caught up in her dreams that she has forgotten who she is or what she wants Sure Lottie has regrets Are they from missed opportunities or just unfinished business When Lottie is forced to visit her Mom she may better understand herself and those regrets.Melissa has [...]

  4. A sweet, steamy second chance with one hot southern man and a sweet and sassy fashionista Redeeming Lottie will hit you right in the feels Throw in the addition of one adorable little girl with Tucker s niece and you have perfection I devoured this in one afternoon because I couldn t put it down I just had to see what was going to happen next While still having plenty of moments that had me giggling this was actually a lot deeper than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise I was so emotionall [...]

  5. Redeeming Lottie is an extremely sweet, second chance romance It was the first novel by Melissa Ellen that I have had the pleasure to read I thoroughly enjoyed it This book is a rollercoaster There were plenty of moments that had me laughing out loud It was so well written, the characters had such defined chemistry that I couldn t help but feel emotionally connected to them It is a sweet small town, swoony, funny and addictive read I struggled to put down my kindle while reading it Reviewed by C [...]

  6. This is a cute, fun, country romance that pulls on your heartstrings Lottie is very confident and knows what she wants when it comes to her career, but has know clue what she wants when it comes to romance Melissa Ellen writes this book from both main characters perspectives, which I loved This allowed you to understand what they were both thinking and feeling After years of running away from her hometown she has to return and leave her fancy, worldly dream job Then she has to face her past Tuck [...]

  7. Got an advanced copy and couldn t put it down I loved these characters, the country imagery, the comedic momentst to mention the steamy dreamy cowboys Makes me want to move to a small town and live the simple life This writer is truly progressing with each book she writes and I can t wait for the next series promised I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance, a good laugh and a great read Cowboy up

  8. Redeeming Lottie was a true delight and was one of the sweetest stories that I ve come across in quite a while It was such a feel good read I m talking about the type that leaves you all mushy at the end thinking Oh my gosh, that was so sweet and wanting to share with everyone With fun and feisty characters and its story laced with small town charm, I enjoyed everything about this incredibly sweet and passionate second chance romance The characters really gave me the full gamut of emotions throu [...]

  9. A Heart Melting Second Chance StoryThis fantastic book is a must read It will definitely make you laugh, swoon, cry and want to smack someone to knock sense into them Small town second chance story with loss, secrets, regrets and a whole lotta love Lottie left her small Texas town after graduation and Tucker along with it She hasn t been back for twelve years until news of her mothers passing and doesn t want to go back now Growing up with her parents destructive relationship Lottie refuses to g [...]

  10. Lottie left her small hometown of Billingsley, Texas as soon as she was able, and never looked back Now she has a very successful career in fashion, that allows her to travel the world, and that s all she has time for Until tragedy strikes, then she finds herself going home for the first time in 12 years to face the past that she left behind And that includes the man that she loved, Tucker Monroe, who she never got over, but has always hoped he found happiness As they come face to face again, sh [...]

  11. What a wonderful read, this is a standalone but I so hope that the author writes about the other characters in this book Hannah, Billy and Wes all need their own stories and wouldn t mind Leighton s story either You will not want to put this book down, such a great second chance romance Lottie left her small town in Texas for Seattle and hasn t been back in the twelve years since she left She doesn t believe in marriage and love except to her job and she never stays with any guy long enough for [...]

  12. If you love second chance romances with a strong heroine and a sweet, sexy hero who doesn t , then you will NOT WANT TO MISS REDEEMING LOTTIE Melissa Ellen has definitely secured her spot on my authors to one click list, with her Blackwood series and Redeeming Lottie was no disappointment I loved this book so much, I can t say it enough It had me laughing out loud within the first five minutes, crying through the middle, and sitting on the edge of my seat toward the end it was so good Lottie wha [...]

  13. 5 Stars OMG, I don t know what hit me This book was Amazing Don t let the cover full you The cover is so sweet and it s very appropriateBut the book The book is hilarious, the characters are amazing, very well contoured, the whole story is well written, sweet and at the same time hot and dirty Sometimes it takes just that, just a simple book to make your day and feel good.I highly recommend Read Mary s full review on DirtyBooksObsession

  14. A second chance with that first love that got away Well Lottie like ran away from Tucker She had witnessed an unhealthy relationship and had decided that she wasn t risking her heart When her mother passes away suddenly, she is forced to return home and face the man she left behind Can Tucker convince her to open her heart I got where Lottie was coming from but she had closed herself off from love for fear of hurt Living in fear is worse than living having failed Tucker, despite being left behi [...]

  15. This is such a sweeping, emotional story encompassing life, loss, love, and second chances I loved Tucker Loved, loved, loved Tucker Lottie made me mental I realize she has a lot of baggage and history that tell her there s no such thing as a forever love , but the lengths she goes to in order to avoid any meaningful connections with other living human beings made me scream at my reader I loved that she s independent and accomplished and so capable of taking care of herself, but I hated how hard [...]

  16. I really enjoyed this story, you got to love second chance stories I was hooked from page one throughout I kept wondering and hoping for what would happen And I wasn t disappointed.I loved Tucker, he is sweet, caring and has a big heart He is alpha male through and through He may seem like he is angry, but he has a kind side to him He is selfless, and cares about his family.I didn t like Lottie at beginning, she seemed selfish, and only cared about one thing herself But she redeemed herself, lik [...]

  17. 4 1 2 StarsI m still shaking my head at Lottie This small town, second chance romance will make you laugh, want to cry, and want to shake your reading device as if you could shake some sense into peopleLottie The main characters have a lot to go through, including Lottie herself, but it all comes together beautifully Melissa has really written this story well, and her characters are well developed So, without giving anything else away, I m just going to say Go buy this I m sure you won t regret [...]

  18. This book had it all and it was absolutely a pleasure to be able to read it The best way to describe it is that once upon a time I was just like the woman in this book and had alot of hard choices to make just like her In this one we have to just believe that life has a way of telling us what to do and what not to do Just listen to your heart and it will lead you in the right direction This is a must read ad I happily give it 5 stars I voluntarily reviewed this book as an Advanced Reader s Copy

  19. This is an amazing second chance romance, which had me intrigued and hooked from the very beginning Lottie is a feisty, independent yet insecure woman, and Tucker is a sweet, caring and sexy male This storyline is emotional, humorous, and about loss and love This author had written a truly beautiful story, and I highly recommend her work for all readers, and look forward to reading from her.

  20. I loved this heart felt second chance romance Tucker is an awesome character He has a lot of love and patience especially when dealing with Lottie Tucker is the type of man that women would give their hearts to hands down Redeeming Lottie will have you laughing, crying and wanting to shake some since into Lottie We know that she has baggage but come on I voluntarily agreed to receive an ARC of this book for an honest review

  21. Sweet and amazing This small town romance story will definitely give you the swoons and sighs as you get to know its adorable characters From the backstory, to the satisfying conclusion, I have been glued to my reader non stop Lottie and Tucker is what I can call a second chance romance who will have a lot of things going against them, including Lottie herself, in their road towards their forever But it s all worth it in the end.

  22. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of this book that I received for free.Lottie, a buyer for a major high end department store, gets some unsettling news and must make her way back to her hometown Tucker, owner of a construction company and Lottie s first love, finds himself volunteering to help Lottie on a project while she is home As the story progresses relationships are renewed, missteps lead to misunderstandings, and secrets left alone for years come to light Redeeming Lottie is a great real [...]

  23. Omg Melissa Ellen you have captured me with this read I love a woman who knows what she want regardless of her insecurities in other areas I just loved Lottie and hated her at the same time as for Tuck I loved him from the get go I just loved him and I couldn t believe how this all went my heart wept for him and joyed at the same time I just adored the entire read If you haven t gotten this read you truly are missing out.

  24. The lovely storyline with very likeable characters had me from the very first page I loved the interaction between Lottie and Tucker which made this book a very enjoyable read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  25. I was given this book for a honest review I did enjoy reading Ticker and Lottie s story I was beginning to think they would never get together and was happy with the ending this is a couple who had been high school sweethearts and it took them over ten years to get together Frances

  26. This book is really good I read this in one sitting My goodness, Lottie is an idiot Rest assured that Tucker and Lottie do get their HEA This author seems to like writing about very frustrating heroines I will be reading from Melissa Ellen.

  27. A well written second chance romance between Lottie and Tucker The author does a great job giving well developed characters and weaving a sweet romance with a bit of humor I enjoyed reading their story.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

  28. This was a story about finding yourself after thinking you had it all Lottie becomes stronger than she ever thought once she realizes that her once upon a time dreams just may not be the same any.

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