[PDF] Soldiers Live | by ☆ Glen Cook, Soldiers Live, Glen Cook, Soldiers Live When sorcerers and demigods go to war those wars are fought by mercenaries dog soldiers grunts in the trenches And the stories of those soldiers are the stories of Glen Cook s hugely popular Black Company novels If the Joseph Heller of Catch were to tell the story of The Lord of the Rings it might read like the Black Company books There is nothing else in fanWhen sorcerers and [PDF] Soldiers Live | by ☆ Glen Cook - Soldiers Live, Soldiers Live When sorcerers and demigods go to war those wars are fought by mercenaries dog soldiers grunts in the trenches And the stories of those soldiers are the stories of Glen Cook s hugely popular Black

  • Title: Soldiers Live
  • Author: Glen Cook
  • ISBN: 9780812566550
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Soldiers Live | by ☆ Glen Cook [PDF] Soldiers Live | by ☆ Glen Cook - Soldiers Live, Soldiers Live When sorcerers and demigods go to war those wars are fought by mercenaries dog soldiers grunts in the trenches And the stories of those soldiers are the stories of Glen Cook s hugely popular Black

  • [PDF] Soldiers Live | by ☆ Glen Cook
    200 Glen Cook
Soldiers Live

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    Glen Cook was born in New York City, lived in southern Indiana as a small child, then grew up in Northern California After high school he served in the U.S Navy and attended the University of Missouri He worked for General Motors for 33 years, retiring some years ago He started writing short stories in 7th grade, had several published in a high school literary magazine He began writing with malicious intent to publish in 1968, eventually producing 51 books and a number of short fiction pieces He met his wife of 43 years while attending the Clarion Writer s Workshop in 1970 He has three sons army officer, architect, orchestral musician and numerous grandchildren, all of whom but one are female He is best known for his Black Company series, which has appeared in 20 languages worldwide His other series include Dread Empire and and the Garrett, P.I series His latest work is Working God s Mischief, fourth in the Instrumentalities of the Night series uscmillan author glencook

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  1. This is the Last Instalment in the Series Sob Sob Sob Buddy Read TitLIitSSSSBR with my fellow mercenaries Evasive, Slowpoke and Cleaver Actual rating 20 million stars Yeah, that sounds about right.I m okay This was the last instalment in the best series that ever was and ever will be, but I m okay It s not like I m in mourning or anything Oh no And it s not like my life has been nothing but despair, gloom, sorrow and emptiness since I finished reading this Mostest Gloriousest Piece of Fantastica [...]

  2. This is a buddy read with my Company brothers sisters Cleaver, Erratic, andSlowpoke After all the battles we have been through I would trust any one of them to guard my back in a tight spot Soldiers live He dies and not you, and you feel guilty, because you re glad he died, and not you Soldiers live, and wonder why No matter how many time I read this, the quote above still gives me chills As you can see one of the main themes of the book is the survivors guilt It is brilliantly developed The bes [...]

  3. 5 A buddy read with the most bad ass mercenaries at the BBB Company What an amazing end to a series that had me on a military march from book one in the North, to the wilds of the South and the brinks of the Glittering Stones Plain Croaker, Lady, Catcher, One Eye and Goblin became my friends, family, comrades in arms Even favorite enemies will leave me with an emptiness in my heart now that our paths have to part ways No series I have read has left me simultaneously so sad, empty, but ultimately [...]

  4. Soldiers live And wonder why This is both the title and theme of this very melancholy book which ties up the whole Black Company series arc beautifully, satisfyingly, and oh so heartbreakingly The omnibus edition which contains this book is called The Many Deaths of the Black Company I d hoped that was an exaggeration It wasn t And yet I have no complaints, no regrets Even as I mourn for beloved characters, everything that happened felt inevitable and right, because Glen Cook is such a crazy tal [...]

  5. In the night, when the wind dies and silence rules the place of glittering stone, I remember And they all live again Awww manis is my favorite series, and you know a series has made a major impact on you when you cry at the end of the last book.

  6. Life is never like a canal, flowing gently through a straightforward and predictable channel It is like a mountain brook, zigging and zagging, tearing things up, sometimes going almost dormant before taking an unexpected and turbulent turn.The Black Company returns from the Plain of Glittering Stone, and old and new enemies alike are ready for them The time for the last battle has finally come, and blood and death await before the walls of mighty Taglios.Soldiers Live was far from the best book [...]

  7. Soldier s Live is the final book in the Glittering Stone cycle story arc of Glen Cook s Black Company series It lived up to all my hopes and expectations It delivered shock twists and turns, emotional scenes involving some old favorites, and good conclusions to almost all of the long term ongoing story arcs Croaker returns as annalist of The Black Company for the first time since Shadow Games and proves again why he is the best of the Company s many annalists His wry wit and devotion to Company [...]

  8. Soldiers Live is a terrific and thrilling conclusion to The Black Company series It speaks well of the series that I went into the conclusion with only vague notions about how the characters and plot would wrap up if at all , and with no real demands as a reader that certain characters must live or die, or get to a certain place or with a certain person, or meet their justice I feel that this book is best enjoyed with absolutely no expectations about the conclusion Just fasten your seatbelts and [...]

  9. Wow This must be one of the best endings I ve read in fantasy series Mind blowing And I did not see it coming until I was there Kudos Mr.Cook Fitting conclusion to this awesome dark fantasy series This book is filled with action and suspense, grim and exiting events Intense and very hard to put down to the very end.I will miss you my friends Incessant wind sweeps the plain It murmurs on across grey stone, carrying dust from far climes to nibble eternally at the memorial pillars There are a few s [...]

  10. Am I still alive I did not need to ask I was Pain was a dead giveaway Every square inch of me hurt Don t move That was Tobo Or you ll wish you hadn t I already wished that I did not have to breathe Burns Lots of burns Lots of banging around, too Murgen s voice said, You look like they whipped your ass with a forty pound ugly stick, then slow roasted what was left over an open pit I thought you were at Khang Phi We came home Tobo said, We kept you unconscious for four days How is Lady Murgen told [...]

  11. What have I just read I suspect I will suffer a massive book hangover for quite some timeIt s simply a superb conclusion Some events, thoughts and philosophical bits destroyed me a little inside In a good way.I think this book could ve been divided into two or even three if Glen Cook wanted to give a lot of details about some events or give everything a slow approach for dramatic effect Major deaths and events on all sides happened without us being there and really took me by surprise But I gue [...]

  12. Nostalgic is how I feel after finishing the last book of black company.I have started missing the guys from the company already,although Cook has said there are two books for the black company coming out but I think, it has been than a decade since the series has finished, and I find it hard believing that Cook will ever publish them.Cook has managed to tie off all the loose ends in this book superbly, as far as I am concerned this is how a series should end, where in the reader gets the satis [...]

  13. I feel as if I ran a marathon I did it I am happy I am proud I am satisfiedd I never want to do it again It was good It was great It was cool and epic and I am fine with the ending.The very big list of bad guys needing to be killed was taken care of It was not in a Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch manor that I was hoping for, but they get dead, and THAT was the goal.The good guys Well, it is a war so what do you want They can t all have a fairytale ending Soldiers live and ask why Croaker narrates, [...]

  14. Good thing about reading an older series is that you can binge and not have to wait the requisite year or so atleast it seems that way lately until the next one comes out That s about all I have on this series From the 1st book to the last my ratings for it have steadily declined 5 stars for 1st 4 stars for next three rest have been 3 stars Major gripe would be that it is one thing for characters to evolve over the course of a few books or over a few years of story timeline but another entirely [...]

  15. And so it ends, an incredible journey spreading form the Northern part of the World to its most Southernmost tip When finished with the last page of Soldiers Live, you are left with a heavy heart thinking about the wonderful journey you had with the exemplary characters And at the end you are also left with a smile as most characters get what they want The Chronicles of the Black Company is primarily the story of the mercenaries enlisted with different masters and the wonderful plot comes second [...]

  16. And so ends this magnificent journey With Croaker back in the role of annalist, it s in some ways a return to where we set out But this isn t quite the same Croaker that wrote the Books of the North and the first Book of the South, and no wonder considering what he s been through This Croaker is overall serious, though he often reveals the casual irreverence that is his signature as annalist.Very early on I felt a certain mythic weight behind the story that hadn t really been present before, ex [...]

  17. Soldiers Live, and wonder why 4.5 stars.It s hard to review this book without looking back at the previous works in this series but I shall make the attempt.In the stunning conclusion to the Black Company though two books were hinted to be in the works , we re treated the repeated theme of Soldiers live, and wonder why Croaker returns to the position as Company Annalist and Physician, so most of the chapters are from his point of view as he writes in the Annals The Company returns to Taglios, r [...]

  18. A weirdly quiet and sedate ending to the entire series.It s great that we have Croaker back so the series begins as it ended, but the plot is just too odd and incomplete Everything happens too easily I began worrying as I started the book, there were too many loose ends and nothing set up for a grand ending, and that s exactly what happened We have the Black Company at the start overpowered as usual, as it has since Smoky started napping, with the further assistance of an even overpowered demon [...]

  19. Series 11 27 2005 5 10The Black Company series premise was very interesting a gritty dark take on the ins and outs of a military company in a fantasy world It didn t really live up to expectations though I would ve preferred to see of the company rather than the focus on one individual The series definitely has it s ups and downs Some books are decent and others are pretty bad it seemed to get worse as it went on The plotting was pretty poor and the characters were one dimensional and not very [...]

  20. Glen Cook has done it again You can tell, when you see that name and the words Black Company on a novel, that you are in for a good time Mr Cook knows what fans of this series like, and he is able to deliver it, consistently Soldiers Live is said to be the last in the Black Company series of novels I, for one, am sad It s nice that a series actually has a closing, which too few fantasy series have these days However, the Black Company has never been a regular fantasy series It has an edge and a [...]

  21. This is a review of the series The books mainly focus on soldering in a fantasy army The magic system is light on details and the overall knowledge of the world left me wanting I commend the series for its action based approach based on the Black Company point of view Recommend the first few books than the continued saga but I did read it all If you want to read a fantasy series full of romantic intrigue then this is NOT the series for you If you like books about soldiering where it is hard to [...]

  22. Finally finished this I didn t really like how the author casually tossed out all the characters he cherished, it seemed like he really didn t know how to wrap things up I can definitely understand why some people like to pretend that these books don t exist, and that this series ended before they decided to go South.

  23. Wonderful ending to a great series The last page will stay with me for a long time.Side note all through the book I thought the author was making mistakes in viewpoint when he moved away from Croaker and talked about what other people were thinking At the end, you find out why it wasn t a mistake.

  24. Raamatut lugedes tekkis tunne, nagu tahaks autor sarjaga lihtsalt kiiresti hele poole saada Probleemid p him tteliselt lahenevad ise ja suurem enamus tegelasi saavad priski m ttetutel viisidel surma N rk l pp heale sarjale.

  25. Spoilers Duh There was a point in the beginning of this year when I realized half of the books I had completed and noted as having finished on hadn t actually been accounted for in my challenge and I kind of lost interest in notarizing reviewing the new books I finished This almost changed when I began the wonderful series known as the Black Company, by Glen Cook I absolutely loved the first book in the series particularly the fairly nuanced and, well to be honest, lazy writing style Cook used t [...]

  26. First off to Glen Cook and the rich world and characters he gave us in this series WOW Thank you I began this series a couple of months ago and quickly found myself devouring each book They re excellent The character development is fantastic without being overbearing The stories are exciting even when not in the throes of a big battle scene These are the kinds of books you re sad when you re done with one edition because you know you re that much closer to the last book That kind of good.This in [...]

  27. Started Black Company on the 21st of June 2017 Completed all 10 books today I guess that says a lot about the works The characters of this series are just too real You are connected, you feel their pain, their sorrow, their curiosity you feel it all You can relate to them, and that is perhaps the biggest win for the author The world building while not too deep is still at a level that i can respect, the winner here for me is definitely the characters, their interactions, the little snippets here [...]

  28. It is true that there are few fantasy books like these but I find that a bit of a mixed blessing.Refreshingly, there is very little glorification of war and battle and the narrative deals with with critical events in a very matter of fact manner, which works, given that most of the books are written from a soldier s perspective.At times however, I found myself feeling a bit crestfallen, especially if a significant character dies with no fanfare What happened to X Dead Oh well, on with the plot L [...]

  29. This has been the longest series I ve completed so far 10 books and while no one book stands out, the entire series is very memorable I experienced the books through audiobook and really enjoyed Marc Vietor, he was the perfect narrator and the perfect Croaker The ending was great and felt satisfying, it had me unexpectedly emotional Glen Cook tied it all together nicely I ve lived with these characters for a while now and Croaker, Lady, One eye, Goblin and the rest of the Black Company will be s [...]

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