[PDF] Bird of Another Heaven | by ☆ James D. Houston, Bird of Another Heaven, James D. Houston, Bird of Another Heaven From the author of the highly acclaimed Snow Mountain Passage this emotional and compassionate novel set both in modern times and in the late th century tells the compelling story of a California woman who became a consort and confidante of the last king of Hawaii [PDF] Bird of Another Heaven | by ☆ James D. Houston - Bird of Another Heaven, Bird of Another Heaven From the author of the highly acclaimed Snow Mountain Passage this emotional and compassionate novel set both in modern times and in the late th century tells the compelling story of a California

  • Title: Bird of Another Heaven
  • Author: James D. Houston
  • ISBN: 9781400042029
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Bird of Another Heaven | by ☆ James D. Houston [PDF] Bird of Another Heaven | by ☆ James D. Houston - Bird of Another Heaven, Bird of Another Heaven From the author of the highly acclaimed Snow Mountain Passage this emotional and compassionate novel set both in modern times and in the late th century tells the compelling story of a California

  • [PDF] Bird of Another Heaven | by ☆ James D. Houston
    221James D. Houston
Bird of Another Heaven

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  1. James D. Houston

    James Houston is the author of 8 novels and several nonfiction books His work includes Snow Mountain Passage and Farewell to Manzanar.

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  1. Look I actually finished a book.I very intentionally dusted off this book from my to read pile last week, because I was going to Hawaii I knew this book dealt with the final days of King Kalakaua, so I thought my vacation would enhance the reading experience and vice versa and I was right The experience of being in Hawaii was ineffably heightened by reading this historical novel Though the story of Kalakaua and his thoughtful consort is fiction, James Houston immerses us in the sights, smells, a [...]

  2. A lovely historical novel about a half Hawaiian, half California Indian woman who becomes the paramour of David Kalakaua, the last king of Hawai i In alternating chapters, it also tells the story of her great grandson, who is currently living in the Bay Area and struggling to understand himself and where he fits into the world That format is often annoying, but in this case it or less works Both halves of the story are interesting and I like the way they finally intersect.

  3. I like traveling to different times and places this suits my goals with trips to the Gold Rush, turn of the century San Francisco and Hawaii Plot is unveiled as a NPR like broadcaster discovers his family history from an unexpected caller Precolonial Hawaii and US history seem to reflect accurately in a well woven fabric of events.

  4. What a slog of a book for me, the first 35% was kind of interesting and then it seemed like it was nothing but history with a touch fictional telling No character study or enough content to keep my interest engaged.

  5. An interesting historical fiction I loved reading about the Valley, the foothills, San Francisco and Hawaii, all intertwined, past and present It felt a bit truncated, but it gave the reader a good bit to chew on Its air of spirituality and mysticism was appealing and it was written well.

  6. What a fascinating book about early California, the last king of Hawaii, and the tribes of the Sacramento valley A pleasant read full of historic facts.

  7. Even though this is historical fiction, I felt my eyes opening as I read it Living in North Carolina, I haven t been as exposed to the culture and history of Hawaii beyond what you see in TV and movies and I wish that I had read this before our last trip to the islands, so that I could better appreciate some of the places we had been.The book bounces back and forth between the past, where it tells the story of the king and his consort, and modern times, where a young man is trying to learn abou [...]

  8. This is an amazing historical fiction story centering around the King of Hawaii, David Kalakaua, and Nani Keala, his consort, and the eventual takeover of Hawaii by the U.S government The setting bounces back and forth between northern California and Hawaii, which was a true delight for me, a northern Californian Although I was already familiar with the Hawaiian history, the relationship between the King and Nani was extremely touching Highly recommend this book

  9. This is my first time reading James D Houston, I will read another This book should be suggested possibly mandatory reading for anyone planning a trip to Hawaii and or San Francisco It took me quite awhile to finish this story it was not a 1Cpage turner 1D Nothing here to be devoured, rather nibbled Lots of descriptive writing within And the history So much research done I kept checking to see if 1Cthis or that 1D interesting tidbit was fact or fiction 13 found to be fact most of the time I love [...]

  10. Bird of Another Heaven by James D Houston book is fascinating It moves from present day San Francisco to the past of Hawaii and the settling of Sacramento Sheridan Brody grew up loving his step father, never knowing anything about his biological father He works as a San Francisco radio talk show host where one night he receives a startling call from a woman claiming to be his Grandmother As they begin to develop a relationship she tells him about her son, a young man who was claimed by the battl [...]

  11. Dan Brody, a young Northern California radio host becomes focused on discovering the legacy of his great grandmother, Nani Keala, a half Hawaiian half California Indian who became the mistress of Hawaii s last king, David Kalakaua Through his grandmother s stories and Nani s diaries, a picture of Dan s family history emerges along with the fate of Hawaiian sovereignty The story is split between the past and present and tied together by the search for a wax cylinder with Kalakaua s last words on [...]

  12. Bird of Another Heaven, a historical novel, contains multiple dual story lines Time and location Hawaii, SF and Sacramento in mid 1890 s and today s Bay Area Cultures Hawaiian and CA native Indian and Societial Missionary and Monarch to name just a few The present is narriated by Danny whose search for his family history leads us back through four generations of his ancestors to Keala, a native Hawaiian who comes to Sacramento with John Sutter and Keala s daughter Nani, half Hawaiian and half CA [...]

  13. There is so much about this novel that captivated me I ve lived in northern California than half my life, but I saw its history and topography in a whole new way through the eyes of the characters The emphasis on honoring and saving cultural heritage through storytelling resonated brilliantly, with elegantly drawn connections between and among native cultures Hawaiian and Native Americans fascinating The characters were believable and memorable, and the plot built and sustained tension Outstand [...]

  14. Fascinating to learn about the Hawaii CA link in the 1800 s I subsequently read Two Years Before the Mast, a first person account of 1800 s CA, which also described the Kanakas working in CA I did not quite finish Bird of Another Heaven, got bored near the end My father grew up in the Sacto River Delta south of Sacramento His great grandfather came to CA for the Gold Rush and stayed to farm Dad just told me the other day that the Kanakas helped build the levees in the Delta I had thought it was [...]

  15. Sheridan Brody, a radio talk show host is contacted on air by a woman who thinks she is his grandmother They become acquainted and he finds unknown to him, a rich family background revealing his Hawaiian ancestry This is an historical work of fiction which includes the real last King of Hawaii, Kalakaua The overthrow of the king by the American business community in Hawaii is also detailed The flipping back and forth of the early part of Sheridan s history and the present day was confusing at ti [...]

  16. After attending a book reading by this author I was intrigued with the story concept told both from the past and the present The narrator who is a Bay Area talk show host learns of a great grandmother with Native Indian Hawaiian roots and tells both his story as well as that of Nani, his great grandmother who was a companion to the last king of Hawaii Since I love Hawaii but didn t know enough about its history I was hooked from that story line alone, but the author is an accomplished writer of [...]

  17. The early days of John Sutter s settlement on the Sacramento River, political intrigue in the last years of the Hawaiian monarchy, a missing wax cylinder recording odd corners of history which come to life when Shendan Brody, radio talk show host, takes a call from a woman who claims to be his grandmother and who sets him on a path to recovering his own family history If Hawaiian or Californian history interests you, try this

  18. This beautifully imagined historical novel is partly set in San Francisco, a place I love and where I once lived for over twenty years of my adult life The story encompasses a frame of time that extends from the present to before the turn of the twentieth century The main characters are central to the history and culture of Hawaii, the place where I now live and have lived in excess of twenty years The historical innuendo is dead on The story unfolds like origami A wonderful read.

  19. I love well written historical fiction Most specially about early California This book fit the bill and got me on a James D Houston kick.I didn t know, at the time of reading it, of the early connection between Hawaii and California Kaliponi Mr Houston makes the real life characters come alive, rather than writing about them in a dry, historical sense.

  20. I was hoping this would be sort of the anti Molokai, and it was to the extent that it showed it is in fact possible for a white guy to write a book about Hawaii without turning it into a bunch of exotifying ridiculousness That said, annoyingly Molokai was a gripping read James Houston likes librarians though.

  21. This book combined two of my favorite things Hawaii and historical fiction This was a really engaging book and I tore through it quickly I was disappointed that it ended which is my favorite way to feel when I m done like there s so much to be explored.

  22. i really liked this book, the history part of it than the current day part of it i was sad to think back to the time of the Hawaiian monarchy and how it was lost with Hawaii becoming settled and developed.

  23. Fortunate enough to read while in Hawaii A bit simplistic at first, and I never knew about Hawaiians at Sutter s Fort in my home town, but still very good Better than a book I read at the same time, Honolulul

  24. Center character is a California woman who is half Indian and half Hawaiian and becomes the consort of the last King of Hawaii This story is of her great grandson s search for her truth as well as finding himself Good read amost gave it 4 stars.

  25. The story line is about the history of Hawaii and the ties to California Look on pg 111 for the description of dancing the hula all of our stories must be told.

  26. a story of a modern san francisco man s relation to the last of california s native americans and the last king of hawaii a search for ancestors beautiful prose.

  27. A rather delightful historical fiction set in Hawaii and a little of California, intersecting with modern day San Francisco Very soothing and mildly seductive.

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