[PDF] Read ð A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green : by Thomas Cahill, A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green, Thomas Cahill, A Saint on Death Row The Story of Dominique Green On October Dominique Green thirty was executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Texas Arrested at the age of eighteen in the fatal shooting of a man during a robbery outside a Houston convenience store Green may have taken part in the robbery but always insisted that he did not pull the trigger The jury which had no African America [PDF] Read ð A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green : by Thomas Cahill - A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green, A Saint on Death Row The Story of Dominique Green On October Dominique Green thirty was executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Texas Arrested at the age of eighteen in the fatal shooting of a man during a robbery outside a Houston co

  • Title: A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green
  • Author: Thomas Cahill
  • ISBN: 9780385520195
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ð A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green : by Thomas Cahill [PDF] Read ð A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green : by Thomas Cahill - A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green, A Saint on Death Row The Story of Dominique Green On October Dominique Green thirty was executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Texas Arrested at the age of eighteen in the fatal shooting of a man during a robbery outside a Houston co

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  • [PDF] Read ð A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green : by Thomas Cahill
    120 Thomas Cahill
A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green

About "Thomas Cahill"

  1. Thomas Cahill

    Born in New York City to Irish American parents and raised in Queens and the Bronx, Cahill was educated by Jesuits and studied ancient Greek and Latin He continued his study of Greek and Latin literature, as well as medieval philosophy, scripture and theology, at Fordham University, where he completed a B.A in classical literature and philosophy in 1964, and a pontifical degree in philosophy in 1965 He went on to complete his M.F.A in film and dramatic literature at Columbia University in 1968.In anticipation of writing The Gifts of the Jews, Cahill studied scripture at Union Theological Seminary in New York, and spent two years as a Visiting Scholar at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where he studied Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible He also reads French and Italian In 1999, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Alfred University in New York.Cahill has taught at Queens College, Fordham University, and Seton Hall University, served as the North American education correspondent for the Times of London, and was for many years a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times Book Review Prior to retiring to write full time, he was the Director of Religious Publishing at Doubleday for six years He and his wife, Susan, also an author, divide their time between New York and Rome.

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  1. Dominique Green was on Death Row in Texas until his execution in 2004 This book was published in 2009 During his time there he taught himself and learned the skills of life that no one had ever taught him He had to decide the purpose of his life when his execution seemed to be a certainty The evident turn around in his life has been obvious to people who had contact with him If rehabilitation is the goal, he was a success story by most accounts Green said I didn t know, after being condemned, if [...]

  2. This is a curiously tepid account of a compelling story From my own experience representing a death row inmate in post conviction proceedings, I need no convincing of the futility, and ultimately, the barbarity and inhumanity of the death penalty I need no convincing of the racism inherent in the death penalty as applied I need no convincing of the inherent unfairness of the system in many parts of Texas from the appointment of inexperienced or incompetent counsel to defend capital cases, to egr [...]

  3. This book was short and could have been much longer It gives a relatively high level explanation of the case surrounding Dominique but doesn t get much into the trial and says very little about appeals aside from the fact they were rejected This is mostly a political book While I agree with a lot of what is said and agree that Dominique should not have been executed, this book left me feeling terrible for Dominique and uncomfortable with the author seemingly using him for gain Overall it was int [...]

  4. I saw Cahill give a speech on this book and one of the most important things I took from it was how he was still affected by Green s death he broke down visibly at times during his speech and his thoughts regarding how irrelevant it is if Green was actually guilty or not As Cahill said in the book, he believes Green wasn t the shooter but is not certain whether he was there or not, involved or not, and if so how much These facts for Cahill are not important as he felt Green was not the same pers [...]

  5. Wow what happened to Dominique Green was both a tragedy and a true miscarriage of justice And yet, sadly, his case is representative rather than unique Thomas Cahill s book detailing his sad life and eventual death is both compelling and heartbreaking, so gripping in fact that I stayed up all night and read it in a single sitting.Don t get me wrong, I m not a huge fan of Mr Cahill s prose or, at times, the way he chooses to frame and or recount some situations, but his storytelling is top notch [...]

  6. One thing I learned is don t mess with Texas This was a compelling story Having just read The Green Mile, although fiction it makes me wonder how many innocent men and women die on death row My heart really goes out for this young man who was dealt a really bad hand in life Growing up on the streets of Houston he chose dealing drugs as an alternative to other criminal activities He had a horrible childhood with a crazy mother who abused him even shot at him on several occasions and an indifferen [...]

  7. Although I don t like the death penalty though I will admit that there are some people I have no problem ending their life for egregious, well documented offenses , and am fully aware of the unfair bias in the American judicial system that is weighed heavily against the poor, especially minority, accused and that it should be as hard as possible for the state to take a life, providing sufficient time for the convicted to appeal and introduce newly discovered evidence and that humans being humans [...]

  8. The true story of Dominique Green, an African American man who as a teen was involved the story never really conclusively explains how in a crime that led to a death The book mainly focuses on the attempts made by Green and others to get him off death row, with the whole thing being rather exacerbated by the fact that Green will never come clean about just exactly what happened that night because that would mean snitching on the real guilty party I think anyone with heart would have theirs go ou [...]

  9. This is the story of a young man I promise you will never forget after reading his story A subject we don t like to think about but must as it is a stain on our nation that is so generous and yet we allow this barbarianism called the death penalty, a severe form of human cruelty The first question we should ask is not was he guilty, but did he receive a fair trial There are no millionaires on death row Had Dominique Green not been poor and black he would not be on death row A slim but powerful 6 [...]

  10. Such a fascinating account of the short life of Dominique Green, the lives he touched, his grace, his intelligence and his maturity, and how his life was doomed before it was started If you didn t like Governor Rick Perry prior to reading this book, you will like him less Let s hope he never runs for president of the US If you didn t like George W Bush prior to reading this book, you will like him less also Each person, as governor of Texas, wanted to have the most executions to his credit durin [...]

  11. A very poor, lightweight book which focused on religion than anything else.I was hoping to read a book which was a detailed analysis of Dominique Green, and the circumstances surrounding his death sentence Honestly the crime itself feels brushed over in a rather amateurish way, and the case is given even briefer consideration.Green s background and family are again given far less attention than would have been desired, with barely any quotes or details from anyone who knew Green in his early li [...]

  12. This is a very important book Its a book that changes the way we see the world and can potentially save lives I hope It deserves to be a huge bestseller that everyone is talking about When we settle into our belief structures we often move through life looking for assurances that those beliefs are correct and give us peace of mind But one of the gifts of being human is we can challenge our thought processes by reading or having experiences that can lead us to possibly see the world in a new ligh [...]

  13. I agree with many other reviewers below who work in the criminal justice system Regardless of which side of the death penalty debate you re on, Dominique s story was very interesting and certainly worth learning about The excerpts about the trial certainly concerned me and I think there could have been a lot of material there I think Cahill really short changed what could have been an excellent story and teaching tool I m surprised to read some of the other reviews that suggest Cahill did an ex [...]

  14. Cahill makes a good case against the death penalty I don t think I got a clear picture of Dominique Green as a saint, but one can clearly see the abused child who truly had a sense of responsibility and a good heart when it came to taking care of his younger brothers The mother who abused him had also been abused, passed around from male relative to male relative for their own personal use of her when she was small, so this prisoner s life, except for the benevolent intervention of a grandmother [...]

  15. This was a short but it inspirational book The personal and spiritual transformation of Green is something we should all strive for The book is about Green who was executed in Texas for a crime he did not likely commit But prison allowed him time to read, study, and write, and grow in ways he could not in life outside its walls He accomplish things many of us on the outside never do Like truly reaching out to others,and making true friends While it is a good read if your trying to look into the [...]

  16. This book is nothing special or unusual, in that it is just one of the numerous accounts of a human being on death row and the questionable circumstances that led him there Dominque Green grew up in poverty, in a very abusive home with an alcoholic mother He was raped by a priest and given a gun by his father at 9 years old Although there was no definitive proof to put Dominique on death row for his accused crime, he was nonetheless condemned The system failed him as a child, waited for him to g [...]

  17. This is a well written anti death penalty book regarding a particular inmate who was not given a fair trial, and committed the sin of being who was poor and black in Texas Some may have trouble with the occasional comparisons between Dominique Green and Jesus and find this hyperbolic I did wince at some of that , but Desmond Tutu visited Mr Green and told the author that he thought his descriptions of him were not hyperbolic but accurate His time in solitary confinement did seem to make him a e [...]

  18. A short but amazing story of the personal and spiritual transformation of a man executed in Texas for a crime he did not likely commit Prison afforded him the time to read, study, and write, and allowed him to accomplish things many of us on the outside never do truly reaching out to others, making of our lives what we can, finding compassion amid a harsh world, accepting love when cynicism threatens to overtake us The book would stand well on its own without the unnecessary polemic decrying the [...]

  19. Similar to Sister Prejean s Dead Man Walking, this book exposed the unfairness of the Texas justice system Texas has a panel that oversees death row appeals, but is clearly committed to denying all appeals Dominique Green was unusual in how dramatically he grew intellectually, spiritually, emotionally while he was in prison from age 18 30 His breakthrough happened through acquaintance with Desmond Tutu s teachings on Reconciliation and forgiveness The author shares my conviction that people can [...]

  20. Green s story is heartbreaking, but Thomas Cahill s account of it really only scratches the surface There s pathos here for any reader already opposed to the death penalty, but not really any new information or insight that could sway anyone into changing their mind on the subject More detail about the Green case, its futile appeals process, or Green s spirituality behind bars could have elevated this material Instead, it reads like Cahill expressing his grief over one particular executed inmat [...]

  21. A heart wrenching book A young boy raised in a horrible environment is convicted of murder for being at a murder during a robbery He is the only one given the death penalty despite no physical evidence One of the other individuals arrested was never charged because he testified against Dominique he was the only white guy involved This book raises numerous questions about the death penalty as a whole and the death penalty in Texas in particular Many advocate against the murder of Dominique includ [...]

  22. I purchased this book a few years ago for my son I came across it on our library and decided to read it Mr Cahill promised that once you read Dominique s story you would never forget himd he was correct I cried when I as the book was coming to an end I so badly wanted this story to have a different ending,but as in life, things don t always work out fairly.This is a definite read for a young person and those who are not so young I still think of Dominique.

  23. This was definitely worth reading, though I didn t find it as moving as Picking Cotton or True Notebooks, two other prison stories that have stuck with me over time It s a remarkable story of resilience and courage in the face of American injustice A fair trial is something we think we all have a right to this story proves otherwise Once again, money and power are far important factors than your rights as an American Sad story.

  24. I have to admit, when I saw this book I had a lot of questioon marks wait, Thomas Cahill, the guy who wrote the AMAZING Hinges of History series What, exactly, is this book about It seemed kind of random This is an amazingly powerful story that speaks to social justice and really makes you think deeply about what we really believe and about justice Incidentally Desmond Tutu s book No Future Without Forgiveness is an amazing and powerdul book too A must read.

  25. In some areas of our nation, the phrase criminal justice system is descriptive adjective than attributive noun.Is it always a fundamental tenet that justice, mercy, and forgiveness be rendered one off in application to those most in need, rather than to those in power quite the other way If Texas were to secede, would the U.S drop to fifth in the world for capital punishment

  26. I had hoped this book would be inspiring and passionate, but I found it plodding and not up to the subject, which is a very compelling story You will learn something about how unjust our legal system can be, how a man facing execution can find a kind of grace, and who to contact to take a stand against capital punishment, but if you are looking for a good read I m betting Dead Man Walking is a better choice.

  27. Dominique Greene was one of the youngest boys on Texas death row As a young boy from the streets he finds himself doing things to help his family survive One day things take a drastic turn and he finds himself on death row This story is amazing and the truth about becoming better is a wonderful experience to take on, only if you are willing to live it, and express it to the world Goodread.

  28. Como todos los libros de Cahill esta bien escrito y narra una situaci n muy sensible de alguien que no tiene nada que esperar y pese a ello logra mucho Drama humano que muestra las insensibilidades de la gente y mas especialmente la corrupci n o ineficiencia de un sistema de justicia, que como su nombre lo implica, deber a ser mas justo y eficiente.

  29. As someone not opposed to the death penalty for murder in principle this was a compelling read The blatant unfairness of Dominique s trial made me think again and again Researching the subject further only makes me concur with Cahill s analysis The in justice system in Texas is rascist and unfair through and through.

  30. I don t agree with Cahill s theology, in this or others of his books I also don t completely agree with him politically But I continue to find him a compelling author, nonetheless, because of the way he provokes thought and the way he uses words The story of Dominique Green is tragic from beginning to end, a story that needs to be heard, and Cahill has done a good job in telling it.

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