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  • Title: The Walkaway
  • Author: Scott Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780345440211
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Walkaway ↠ Scott Phillips ↠ The Walkaway ↠ Scott Phillips - The Walkaway, The Walkaway Fictional Novel Crime Fiction

  • ↠ The Walkaway ↠ Scott Phillips
    263Scott Phillips
The Walkaway

About "Scott Phillips"

  1. Scott Phillips

    Scott Phillips Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Walkaway book, this is one of the most wanted Scott Phillips author readers around the world.

729 thoughts on “The Walkaway”

  1. a prequel to ice harvest , clever, gritty noir straight from wichita if you ve ever BEEN to wichita, this will make perfect sense.

  2. If you read Scott Phillips first novel,Ice Harvest you pretty much have to read this.It s the first appearance of my favorite Scott Phillips character, Wayne Ogden the anti hero heel short cut artist featured inThe Adjustment which pretty much serves as a prequel for this novel.The novel picks up about 10 years after the events depicted in Ice Harvest.An elderly man a former cop suffering from early stage dementia breaks out of a nursing home He has a particular goal in mind If he can just stay [...]

  3. I ve started separating books into three categories ones that grab me immediately, ones that eventually hold my interest but make me work for it, ones that might be great but that throw up a wall too high for me to scale Rereading the first twenty pages of each has helped me think about how the alchemy between author and reader is achieved Scott Phillips s The Walkaway had me on page two A great prologue and as a result I got far less done today than I d planned.

  4. It s hard to know what to expect in a book by Scott Phillips There will be dark humor, and there will probably be a crime, though not necessarily, and whatever crime is committed may not be strictly illegal of a crime against conscience For all the unpredictability, his books never disappoint The you read, the different aspects of Phillips s insight and talent become apparent This is never true than in The Walkaway.The Walkaway begins a few years after Phillips s debut novel, The Ice Harvest [...]

  5. Click off your sense of humor lock up your thirst for the absurd throttle your taste for slapstick do all that and you can still find a satisfying few hours of enjoyment in The Walkaway But if you keep your mind open to life s quirky turns and remember to chuckle at the crazy stuff, you will find a real treasure here Noir let loose to gambol with wacky across Kansas in the company of odd and interesting characters results in The Walkaway Well and tightly written, this is a delight.Recommended.

  6. some books I must write a list of who is who and this book was one of these but I liked it and the story and the characters were authentic.

  7. I m not quite sure what I thought of this book The description of the book talks about an older couple that accidentally kill a man one night, bury the body and take the huge amount of cash he had because there were no witnesses and they reckoned he was a criminal Ten years later, the husband is in a nursing home and has walked out, presumably looking for the money he thinks he buried The book really isn t about that at all, at least, it doesn t talk about the original event much The husband has [...]

  8. I can t really recommend this book I hate to say that because I like the way Scott Phillips writes and I enjoyed both his previous books There were too many characters in this book for me to keep track of One character was using two different names at different times Some chapters were written in the third person and others were in the first person When writing in the first person it wasn t always the same character There were many flash backs also and it was difficult for me to keep track of wh [...]

  9. His second novel from a dozen years back is possibly my favorite thing I ve read from the master plotter and creator of intriguing characters This one is complicated, mixing up details from 1952, 1989, and a little bit of 1979, but boy is it ever a page turner once it gets going Yeah, it s a crime thriller, but it s also a serious story about aging and meaning in actions small and large And it s rip roaringly funny in places, engagingly sad in others, and always compelling I was sorry to have th [...]

  10. It had potential There were just SOOOOO many characters to keep track of After about Chapter 2, I wanted to make a family tree since I knew they were all intertwined and knowing who they were related to should become relevant at some point but.e story would ve been better if there weren t so many people.

  11. Don t try to read this without reading the prequel, Ice Harvest, first Otherwise Walkaway doesn t make any sense The author s third book, Cottonwood is much better.

  12. Scott Phillip s second novel is both a prequel and a sequel to his first one, The Ice Harvest Very entertaining Three and one half stars.

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