[PDF] Read · Street Dreams : by K'wan, Street Dreams, K'wan, Street Dreams Love Betrayal and Loyalty on the Streets of Harlem Daruis a k a Rio the only child of a singer turned alcoholic feels he has nothing to hold on to except the idea of escaping the ghetto Years ago he took a gun charge for a friend and did some prison time Unable to find a job when he gets out Rio turns to hustling as a way out In the meantime Rio finds escape inLove Betrayal a [PDF] Read · Street Dreams : by K'wan - Street Dreams, Street Dreams Love Betrayal and Loyalty on the Streets of Harlem Daruis a k a Rio the only child of a singer turned alcoholic feels he has nothing to hold on to except the idea of escaping the ghetto Years ago

  • Title: Street Dreams
  • Author: K'wan
  • ISBN: 9780312333065
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read · Street Dreams : by K'wan [PDF] Read · Street Dreams : by K'wan - Street Dreams, Street Dreams Love Betrayal and Loyalty on the Streets of Harlem Daruis a k a Rio the only child of a singer turned alcoholic feels he has nothing to hold on to except the idea of escaping the ghetto Years ago

  • [PDF] Read · Street Dreams : by K'wan
    310 K'wan
Street Dreams

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  1. K'wan

    In 2002 K wan hit the scene with his debut novel Gangsta, under Triple Crown Publications It was the first novel released by the budding house and would eventually become the building block for what is now a multimillion dollar company What started as a therapeutic release went on to become a part of urban lit history and an Essence bestseller, as well as drawing rave reviews overseas After penning his second novel, Road Dawgz 2003 , K wan drew the attention of St Martins press The literary powerhouse quickly signed K wan to a multi book deal, the first of which being Street Dreams 2004 In 2008 he received the Black Author of the year award from Black Press Radio for the novella Blow Since his insertion into the publishing world K wan has been featured in Vibe, Pages, King, Felon, Big News, The Library Journal, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Press, Clutch and most notably Time Magazine, to name a few He was also interviewed by MTV News for a feature on Hip Hop fiction, and a guest on Power 105s morning show as well as NPR national public radio In addition to being an accomplished author, K wan is also a motivational speaker, mentor to at risk children and the C.E.O of Black Dawn, Inc K wan currently resides in New Jersey where he is working on his next novelcmillan author kwan

654 thoughts on “Street Dreams”

  1. With this being my first full fledged introduction to the writing of K wan, I chose to take my time in reading this novel.Needless to say, it was well worth the wait.K wan takes you deep inside the streets featuring the lives of Darius Rio Santana, his lady Trinity and a cast of characters that are loyal, or so one thinks Trying to find a legitimate job seemed to be a dead end for the smart man hustling drugs part time, until the opportunity of a lifetime lands in his lap.Just when things look u [...]

  2. Dreams don t always come true How we set out to conquer them is the ultimate goal we must strive to achieve Nothing in life comes free and one bad deed can shatter everything If you learn nothing else, learn not to stray from your original plan No matter how much you love someone, sometimes the greatest love is to walk away and let the past stay in the past Start today as the first day of your new beginning I enjoyed this book.

  3. I really enjoyed this bookis waz the first book I read by KwanI did not like the endingen again its just me because I m a big fan of sequelsis is def a page turnerd Rio was sexy as hell but dam he did not have much to show fort really feeling that part but he held it down for his chickis is a must read

  4. ladiikeiii.wordpress 2017SPOILERS The truck is a B, lol When he saw The Hound, he said You know what I hope his little snitch get murked And I am glad he got what he deserved too Because he set Cutty up and end up in the cell with Cutty, ha, KARMA s is a mother I tell you Plus the only real dudes was in this book to me was Cutty, Mel, Rio, Prince, Jay, and the kid that Mel hung out with that left It was sad that they all died in the end except Cutty, but still, Rio went out like the G that he wa [...]

  5. I absolutely love this book This book has a whole lot of characters, and I was able to keep up with each one, while also being intrigued by their storylines Not once was I confused, or felt a break or slowness in the plot In this story you meet a great deal of different characters Rio, an intelligent young man, who wants than just a hood life, and is trying to be legit But what happens when he is being groomed to take over something he doesn t want, and a flaw in his plan changes his destiny Tr [...]

  6. E IIJulio C FloresMr Rossi10 18 07pgs 0 50Street Dreams should be read by every student who hates to read because it is a good book that most students would enjoy reading The book deals with a lot of issues that young students are going thru in high school or been thru Also it s a couple of students who are attending high school and the problems they face every day Like an abusive father, suicide, murder, rape, drug dealing, but also it s about young adults trying to make it in life looking for [...]

  7. Five stars all the way I can t believe I ve waited this long to read any of K wan s books K wan is talented in a major way and he brings something to urban fiction street lit which is missing in the majority of books today I could really go on and on about this book but I ll keep it short I loved the characters, most of the time the secondary characters aren t all that developed and aren t crucial to the story, they re sort of like extras in a movie Well, not here In Street Dreams, the secondary [...]

  8. Mainly the book was about a girl name Trinity that lived in the streets of Harlem , and coming up she had a bad childhood which affected her adult life Through that she had a boyfriend name Darius also known as Rio that grew up in the streets and dealt with the streets as well So there was a lot of chaos knowing that her boyfriend was in the drug business I think the book was really good It made me think about a lot of things that go on in life, see things clearer than before.I would truly reco [...]

  9. I really liked this book Rio and Trinity had a special love for one another Even though he did things he called just being a dude , he really loved Trinity and wanted no else He had street swag and smarts but he wasn t really a bad boy After doing a bid in prison, Rio wanted to do things on the up and up but the street life just sucked him in Rio was straight up,fair dude who had dreams of having a better life with the love of his life He was her knight and would do anything for her including ki [...]

  10. this was one of my veery first books of kwans that I read it took me a minute to actually wrap my mind around it it was adventurous, romantic, sick, scary, and real it was enjoyable and I was a sopho in high school when I read it it was bittersweet towards the end because he died with her I want a man like that ever since then, ive been hooked on kwan and I haven t stop reading him since I would love to meet him sooner or later in life he is so inspirational and real thank you kwan for this read [...]

  11. I am on page 82 and there are already been 4 typos and a word not used correctly The book is about 300 pages long so I am guessing I have about another 10 typos to look forward to Okay, so I finished reading the book It turned out to be a great but sad story Wow, the ending, I figured the story would end the way it did but I still held hope for Rio and Trinity Overall, quick read full of action.

  12. This book was a book that punched me in the gut , I really liked it and most of the time my schema relates to this book This book is a number one reccomended book that I want many of my friends to read , and with no doubt will love it Impactful scenes in this book had made me think twice, cry and laugh and when I read that book minutes flew by like seconds This book had cliff hangers within everypaqe that made me want to skip through the book to see what happens.

  13. One of the first books I ever read This book made me cry, it made me ball Such a great touching lively fictional story that comes to mind when thinking of others I love this book, something that a young MAN might enjoy.

  14. OMGGGGI read this book than 7 8 years ago in high school I believe I read it than once This story completely blown me away Every twist and turn kept me on the edge of my seat This author may not be your typical scholar, but he KNOWS what he s doing when it comes to street literature.

  15. This is a must read I thoroughly enjoyed the book The CharactersCharacters were well put together Rio s undying love for Trinity showed throughout the book Shamel s loyalty was real also.Of course Truck got what he deserved His crazy desire to be on top was his downfall in the end

  16. Content warnings Childhood sexual assault, rape, incest, paedophilia, murder, violence, drug use, alcohol use, mentions of blood and goreI think this was the most depressing books of K wan s I ve ever read Justdamn The ending was some Romeo Juliet type shitI had a feeling well before the ending somewhere around 70% of the book that it would be like that but crap on a cracker The last two chapters were the most depressing though the ending of the book last chapter was pretty happily satisfying an [...]

  17. Well another book by Kwan because hey it was at the library and on display for Black History month and I try to read black authors all month but I am repeatedly reminded why this genre gets a bad rap as being clich d and poorly written, I was seriously disheartened by the grammatical errors, the misspellings and just the bad plot continuity.is book really makes me want to become an editor as it seriously jars my concentration to have to reread to try and understand what was being said all becaus [...]

  18. The author told me that I would like this book, and he was not seeing I fell in love with Rio from page 3, and admired his commitment to his relationship with Trinity Many tried to make him stay, he has a slip up or two, but continued to protect her and provide for her He even tried to leave the streets alone, but one fateful night changed all of that, and the rest, as they say is history Once again, K wan did not disappoint his readers with his gift for details and character development There w [...]

  19. The best to ever do it I chose this rating because Kwan is a literary genius It s definitely a gift and not a hobby Every book, every sentence, every plot is so perfectly structured, it s like watching a movie, except you re reading Every character has a face, you love them, you hate them

  20. I have read three of his books so far I have read Gangsta, Hood Rat, and Street Dreams Of the three I have read Hood Rat was my first favorite, Gangsta was my next, and Street Dreams is last Street Dreams is a well written book and yes I read the whole book, but it was just missing something to me I can t quite put my finger on it, but Street Dreams was a hard read.

  21. Ok I dont know why this book was not really a thrill to me, seemed typical love turned tragic story Loved Rio s character, but wish he could have done something with himself and Trinity as well, instead of being another disappointing hood story.

  22. OMG This book was definitely a page turner I truly was rooting for a happily ever after for Trinity and Rio after all the chaos they endured The only downfall of the book was keeping track of way too many characters even though they kept the story line moving.

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