✓ Anna Christie ✓ Eugene O'Neill, Anna Christie, Eugene O'Neill, Anna Christie Eugene O Neill s Pulitzer Prize winning drama Anna Christie is the story of a young woman who following an illness decides to visit and spend some time with her father a coal barge captain who she hardly knows During this time she meets a sailor Mat who is looking to settle down and the two fall in love Anna Christie is a gripping drama of a woman torn betEugene O Neill s ✓ Anna Christie ✓ Eugene O'Neill - Anna Christie, Anna Christie Eugene O Neill s Pulitzer Prize winning drama Anna Christie is the story of a young woman who following an illness decides to visit and spend some time with her father a coal barge captain who

  • Title: Anna Christie
  • Author: Eugene O'Neill
  • ISBN: 9781420927986
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Anna Christie ✓ Eugene O'Neill ✓ Anna Christie ✓ Eugene O'Neill - Anna Christie, Anna Christie Eugene O Neill s Pulitzer Prize winning drama Anna Christie is the story of a young woman who following an illness decides to visit and spend some time with her father a coal barge captain who

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  • ✓ Anna Christie ✓ Eugene O'Neill
    235 Eugene O'Neill
Anna Christie

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  1. Eugene O'Neill

    Eugene Gladstone O Neill was an American playwright who won the 1936 Nobel Prize in Literature for the power, honesty and deep felt emotions of his dramatic works, which embody an original concept of tragedy More than any other dramatist, O Neill introduced American drama to the dramatic realism pioneered by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, and Swedish playwright August Strindberg, and was the first to use true American vernacular in his speeches His plays involve characters who inhabit the fringes of society, engaging in depraved behavior, where they struggle to maintain their hopes and aspirations but ultimately slide into disillusionment and despair O Neill wrote only one comedy Ah, Wilderness all his other plays involve some degree of tragedy and personal pessimism.

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  1. This award winning play by Eugene O Neill was brought to the stage in the 1920 s in both New York and London It has been revived several times over the years and was also made into a movie It s the story of a young girl returning home to her seafaring father, trying to rebuild her life, trying to find a safe harbor from a world of prostitution, and maybe even find real love somehow.It won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1923 It also won a 1993 Tony Award in the US and an Oliver Award in England [...]

  2. Most people know Anna Christie as the Garbo movie where the actress demanded Give me a whiskey, ginger ale on the side and don t be stingy, baby The acerbic line comes straight from O Neill s play, but the real salt comes from Anna s father, a cartoonish sailor with lines written in Swedish Chef style dialect he says pooty for pretty Anna s love interest is a nasty lout, and he s plenty despicable A pat ending on top of the 2D characters keeps this from being great O Neill, but like the example [...]

  3. As is the case with Eugene O Neil s plays, Anna Christie is sad, depressing and makes you run for whiskey just like the way Greta Garbo immortalized the line Give me a whiskey, ginger ale on the side and don t be stingy, baby.

  4. Just another one of O Neil s mediocre early works The story is pretty good, although I could have done without the over the top happy ending It gets bogged down by the same problem that haunts much of O Neill s work His insistence on forcing the accents on the page Yes, I understand he is writing a script, not so much something to be read His insistence on writing the accents in so forcibly makes the works almost impossible to read and shows that he lacks confidence in his actors One could simpl [...]

  5. This Pulitzer Prize winning drama from 1922 was surprisingly modern in its language I read this whilst listening to the Librivox recording, which I found helpful for the Swedish Irish accents sometimes I had no trouble understanding the spoken word when the written dialect was difficult.In terms of plot, it seemed strangely similar to Ibsen to me except for being set in America.

  6. 3.5 starsThis ended very abruptly for me The Project Gutenberg copy I was reading said there were 69 pages to go, but the next page was the end of the play I found the phonetic spelling of the Swedish and Irish accents difficult to follow in this play, probably 4 stars without that,

  7. I listened to this as an audio book while following along in my paperback copy that had the TINIEST print WOW I felt this was very well done, but it was a very sad play Very sad indeed.

  8. I absolutely love O Neill s work, and was prepared to give this play 5 stars right up until the end, which fell a bit flat for me The audiobook was really well done.

  9. buy used Four Plays by Eugene O Neill Anna Christie The Hairy Ape The Emperor Jones Beyond the Horizon Beyond the Horizon the Emperor Jones Anna Christie the Hairy Ape

  10. This American play, written in 1921, was one of two little Eugene O Neill volumes that I decided to read back to back.The first scene opens with Chris Christopherson, commonly known as Old Chris, relaxing at a pub, and telling fellow drinkers and friends about his daughter, Anna Christie, who is coming to visit him Chris hasn t seen his daughter since she was two years old, which was 15 years ago Chris ex wife was driven mad by her husband s occupation as a sailor, and came to hate the sea and [...]

  11. It was not my intention to read two plays from different authors at a go My decision was affected by my experience with Thornton Wilder s play Our Town which I really enjoyed In order to deal with the hangover I decided to take the medicine of AnnaChristie which was equally as great Anna Christie is the main character She is the daughter of Chris Chistopherson, a Swedish captain of his crew He spends most of his time at sea The lifestyle has greatly affected his family He looses his wife and get [...]

  12. This is a play without a real ending or resolution, and in that way is incredibly realistic O Neill highlights the ironies of behavior and judgment in this play, and delivers them quite intelligently from the mouth of his heroine, an uneducated and streetwise but slangy protagonist with a past The action centers between Anna, who has come to live with her father the Swedish immigrant Chris, who abandoned her long ago She has worked as a prostitute, and Chris has rationalized his behavior but cle [...]

  13. This play is about the men in Anna Christie s life mainly her long lost father and her new found lover, but also about all males From scene one, Anna is annoyed at the men she s had to deal with and tar them all with the same brush they re odious and the bane of her very existence She does, however, fall in love with Matt, an Irish sailor, which causes a conflict to erupt with her father, also a sailor He doesn t want the life of a sailor s wife for his daughter As Anna learns to forgive her fat [...]

  14. ALL SPOILERS A woman reconnects with her estranged, seaman father because she is seeking some rest She has an unknown illness and reluctantly boards with him on his barge and comes to enjoy it, even meeting and falling in love with an Irish sailor It all comes to a head when the Irishman proposes and Anna refuses spilling the details of her past When her father left her to be raised with her cousins on the farm the youngest son began to rape her and to escape it she turned to prostitution How co [...]

  15. After an illness Anna Christie seeks refuge with her father whom she has not seen in 15 years Both them have deceived the other with the lives they led while apart Old Chris is a coal barge captain and Anna has led a hard life getting by as she could I was struck by the disrespect Anna showed her father who wanted only the best and to believe the best about his daughter Along comes Mat whom they rescue from the waters on one of their voyages Mat almost immediately professes his love for Anna muc [...]

  16. Anna Christie grew up away from her family with distant cousins on a farm in Minnesota After an illness, she returns to the sea to see the father she hasn t seen since her childhood She wants to let him know the idyllic childhood in Minnesota that he envisioned for her wasn t the reality In truth, she grew up as little than a slave for these cousins and was ultimately abused leading her down a less than desirable life path With all of this baggage, how much will Anna reveal to her father and th [...]

  17. This play made debut at the end of 1921 and I imagine that back then most people thought that how hard it was for poor father and love stuck man to learn so shocking true about woman they loved and thought to be young innocent lady And it wouldn t be hard to find nowadays people, I believe, who will gladly judge Anna Christie and see her father and boyfriend as forgiving souls Anna Christie, in my humble opinion, didn t deserve Mat Burke and at the end when they got back together made me angry a [...]

  18. The character Anna Christie is the only thing approaching some life For all his macho bluster O Neill was surprisingly good in writing female characters However Anna Christie s Swede father Chris and her beau are stock characters the bumbling, good hearted but thick immigrant and the hot headed, a hole young buck Burke I was mostly hoping that Anna would push Burke over the edge of the barge during the whole play.The plot is kinda hokey and depends on the stereotypes of the male characters to ap [...]

  19. Didn t enjoy one of main characters, Chris Anna s father , is written with his strong, Swedish dialect, making it difficult and annoying to read i.e ven ay gat money for pay passage home as passenger den ay forgat and ay spend all money Ven ay tank again, it s too late I don t know vhy but dat s vay with most sailor fallar Dat ole davil sea make dem crazy fools I work long time as yanitor Yust short time ago ay got dis yob a little bit of written dialect is fine to read but this is over the top, [...]

  20. December of Drama 2015, day 25 A heavy burdenThe holy wayI can escape anythingBut loving youAlways Dreary Moon, by Big Black DeltaAlright, so I still haven t read The Iceman Cometh That ll be my first non Shakespeare selection next year, okay This was a heavy choice all the same, and in many ways seems to pre figure O Neill s later stuff Hard drinking, dysfunctional family, irreconcilable differences The conflict plays out in a way that seems nicely reflective of the absurd way life itself tends [...]

  21. Another mediocre play which follows the theme of society and fallen women Anna Christie moves in with her father on a coal barge and falls in love with a sailor, Matt, who unfortunately doesn t get along with her father The two men struggle for who has control over Anna until she is disgusted with the whole buisness and reveals she was a prostitute before living with her father The revalation has a shocking effect on the two men in her life, but the ending is happy But frankly it would have been [...]

  22. This Eugene O Neill play, written in the 40 s contains many ideas from that time In fact one of the main hinge points of the play concerns the thoughts about women who have fallen However, the play makes sense, is interesting, powerful, enjoyable and with its moments of humor I enjoyed it.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms Wesley s Wars and To Whom It May Concern

  23. This is an early work of Eugene O Neill It won the 1922 Pulitzer Prize for drama It is about the reunion after 20 years of a seafaring father and his daughter, and a terrible secret that will test their mettle The role of Anna Christie was made famous in film by Greta Garbo Jude Law appeared as Matt Burke in the latest revival of the play in Broadway.

  24. A Young Girl on the SeaI didn t know of this O Neill play It s interesting to see how he wrote earlier in his career The plot s simple and rather predictable, still it s got some historical significance I got to see how a dishonorable women was treated before WWI and that forgiveness from men was hard to earn.

  25. Depressing, and somewhat difficult to read, what with the dialects Swedish, Irish It s a tale of reluctant, begrudging redemption Had some good banter in places, and a couple beefy monologues Glad I read it, likely won t read it again.I will, however, read Eugene O Neill plays Next up Ice Man Cometh Prediction of the same, lol

  26. O Neill, masterful as always I was lucky enough to experience it by listening to a recording of LA Theater Works performance with Stacy Keach and Allison Elliot Both are fantastic and I d love to see a video of the performance.

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