[PDF] Catspaw | by ✓ Joan D. Vinge, Catspaw, Joan D. Vinge, Catspaw Cat is a psion a telepathic half breed and a survivor A street punk and petty felon a rebel and a reluctant spy he has been a victim of experiences that would have driven a less resilient person insane Unfortunately he has paid a high price for survival his psi powers are burnt out a loss he carries like an unhealed wound Once kidnapped by the galactic combine CenCat is a psion a telep [PDF] Catspaw | by ✓ Joan D. Vinge - Catspaw, Catspaw Cat is a psion a telepathic half breed and a survivor A street punk and petty felon a rebel and a reluctant spy he has been a victim of experiences that would have driven a less resilient person ins

  • Title: Catspaw
  • Author: Joan D. Vinge
  • ISBN: 9780446513968
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Catspaw | by ✓ Joan D. Vinge [PDF] Catspaw | by ✓ Joan D. Vinge - Catspaw, Catspaw Cat is a psion a telepathic half breed and a survivor A street punk and petty felon a rebel and a reluctant spy he has been a victim of experiences that would have driven a less resilient person ins

  • [PDF] Catspaw | by ✓ Joan D. Vinge
    392 Joan D. Vinge

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  1. Joan D. Vinge

    Joan D Vinge born Joan Carol Dennison is an American science fiction author She is known for such works as her Hugo Award winning novel The Snow Queen and its sequels, her series about the telepath named Cat, and her Heaven s Chronicles books.

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  1. I read this a LONG time ago but would love to revisit it, I remember it was a huge favorite of mine at the time.

  2. Q Did they really know who I was My paranoia started doing the multiplication tables c Q I wondered what his problem was if he was on drugs, or if just being a taMing was enough to fuck him up this bad c

  3. Cat is trying to make something of the life he nearly lost in the previous book, and he s minding his business going to university when he s kidnapped But this time it s not by actual criminals These are some high powered world leaders who want to employ him as a bodyguard He agrees to protect Lady Elnear related to his very close friend, Jule taMing because someone is plotting to kill her and it s tough to assassinate someone with a telepathic bodyguard That said, not everyone is happy with thi [...]

  4. Maybe now I would read it with a critical eye as I m 16 years older than I was when I first took it home from my public library, I don t know This book started for me what became a lifelong love affair with the science fiction genre I also think that Cat, the main character, also counts as my first literary crush.After that first encounter, I reread it, and the book prior to and the two books that came after it, far times than I can remember I perhaps shouldn t be reviewing it at all as I m in [...]

  5. I picked this up on the strength of the Snow Queen, and got quite a bit into it before realizing it was a sequel I didn t much like it, but out of fairness, I ll bump it up a star Maybe with the first book there s a better sense of character and setting.Cat is a psion streetkid in a galaxy that hates psions Psychically crippled from his last job taking down a terrorist and running out of credits, he s offered a job as a bodyguard for Elnear taMing, a politician and corporate executive one step a [...]

  6. TW Rape Content realistic kyriarchy, some violence, an explosion, exploitation, child neglect, sex, Rating 4 starsRecommendation Fantastic cyberpunk with a smart mouth dark hero in a sprawling universe as he copes with his own trauma among the responsible oligarchy A must read for science fiction readers, especially if you re interested in rebellious survivors of oppressive social structures and highly recommended for those who like complex characters with growth amid a vividly concrete world Pr [...]

  7. So I liked the first book when I read it last week I didn t mean to read the second one so soon, but I was too lazy to grab my Kindle from downstairs so I started to leaf through Catspaw instead And I could not put it down.It s everything the first book was just and better More intrigue, politics, Cat Our hero is hired to prevent an assassination in one of the Combine families and is thrust between the world of elites and the one he came from, and these worlds don t meet smoothly.My copy is a [...]

  8. I am extremely picky about the rating of the content in a book and I am morally bias, both of which reflect the rating You have been warned.First of all, let me begin with the things I do like about Catspaw.I liked the way the author wrote The flow of words and switch between speaking and describing was sometimes a bit awkward to read, but it never felt forced The author also was pretty good at explaining the surrounding without overloading you Too often I m left with wanting to know about the [...]

  9. This is my favorite book.I ll say again Yes, if I had to pick one, I would say Catspaw is my favorite book For someone who reads as much as I do, that is quite a feat Ms Vinge should get a tiara or something, but I don t think she d get it if I tried to mail her one The best I can do is heap on the praise and hope that my recommendations will help other people enjoy the majesty that is her writing.Catspaw is the second book in the Cat series, so read Psion first Now Cat is a little older, trying [...]

  10. I think Cat, the main character was my first fictional love Sure, I had crushes on other characters, but Cat was such a complex character He felt alive and real There are so many main characters that do everything right and, if they don t, it s for drama or because the plot needed them to mess up But Cat is kind of a screw up And Vinge allows him to be that He gets things wrong, he gets embarrassed about, and the plot veers off its path to follow him.I think that s amazing.And Cat isn t the only [...]

  11. I chose to read this book because it seemed very cyberpunk, and I am interested in cyberpunk I have not read many cyberpunk books yet, but I would like to read some , because Catspaw did not disappoint.I decided quite early that Cat is a character I could grow to love He is confident, brave, loyal, compassionate at times, but he also has a healthy measure of faults Sometimes I thought I could probably do a much better job at not offending everyone I meet.Mikah was an amazing friend and I just li [...]

  12. I don t recall reading the first book but Catspaw gives enough back story to give me some understanding of Cat and to provide a very believable explanation for his malfunctioning telepathic ability Cat is something of an anti hero while at the same time capable of being very heroic His telepathic activity makes him disliked and distrusted perfectly understandable, who would want their personal thoughts open to anyone He s orphaned angry, hurt, closed and emotional screwed up He s killed a man to [...]

  13. Cat is half Psion and half human, an outcast who used to have telepathic powers until he lost them in a battle to the death Now he s been dragged into a dangerous game of high level corporate intrigue when he is kidnapped by the powerful taMing clan, given drugs that bring back his ability, and set as a bodyguard against assassins return return Cat doesn t want the job, but he is asked to help by a friend Before long, he s pulled deep into the web of lies, love and deceit that reaches beyond the [...]

  14. I picked this book up before realizing it was book 2 of a series, stopped midway to read Psion, then finished this last night at 5am In this addictive series, Vinge shows deep character growth for Cat Catspaw offers a Cat who is less angry and focused on carving out a life for himself But his awareness that the world is willing to grind him under a boot heel is never far from his thoughts There is political intrigue in this novel plots within plots, and Cat has to learn to navigate them to kee [...]

  15. Every once in a while I read a book where I totally believe the damage being done to the character Then I stop and think about it and realize that that person wouldn t be able to get out of bed after three chapters This was one of those books While I read it, I totally believed it and flinched for him but when I stopped to think, I realized he was so damaged he shouldn t be able to walk.I love reading books that convince me so totally of the scene that I forget about basic survival Though this b [...]

  16. Truthfully I had the biggest crush on the main character for years He s so well written He s not too good looking, has flaws aplenty, and is fighting to improve himself without being pretentious and snotty about it He is cornered and thrown into situations way over his head, but he keeps doggedly struggling towards a solution And if the solution is a bit dirty He doesn t spend chapter after chapter sulking or whining about how difficult it is Also, for a sci fi book, it wasn t too age It felt ve [...]

  17. Wow, do I love this book I m prejudiced, I admit The cover drew me in immediately the picture and the main character remind me so much of the lost love of my life it just kills me.One of my favorite themes, telepathy jam packed with interesting, complicated characters, an imaginative setting, and lots of action, make this a very enjoyable read There s nothing sweet or pretty about this book It s gritty and tough, with lots of side of the mouth dialog Plenty of kinky telepathic sex, too, although [...]

  18. Scot recommended this to me after we found a copy in the used bookstore It s a little sci fi than I normally cotton to, but I still enjoyed it a lot The world was well constructed, had interesting rules, and an interesting idea about what the future of humanity will look like This book is very political with predominant themes of racism, religious fundamentalism, and ethics.My only real problem with the book was the repetition The protagonist is part of a race of creatures that are despised amo [...]

  19. After reading her Hugo Nebula winner, The Winter Queen a few years ago, I was very interested in reading of Vinge s work This one I found at a Friends of the Cedar Park Library book sale for a quarter It was worth far I really enjoyed the tale of Cat, the half human, half Hydran telepath who gets in way over his head when he takes a job to track an assassin It was part sci fi, part mystery, and the pace was great Cat was a flawed and fascinating hero Vinge did an excellent job of painting his [...]

  20. I can remember being fairly well sucked in by the cover of this one, because it s by Michael Whelan However, I didn t like it as much as I remembered liking it At the time I first read it, I was young enough to confuse people brought together by loneliness with romance Or something.Anyway, this contains some interesting ideas, and is a decent bridge between Psion and Dreamfall, but it s not that pleasant to read.

  21. This was a great read and an even better follow up to Psion Cat s new personality change took a bit of getting use to holy moley does this boy like his sex , but there s a lot of charm in his character that replaces the naiveness from his former self Unlike the first book which is clearly labelled as YA, this one is not, and should not be interpreted as such I know there s one book to this series written years later, but I m hesitant to read it considering how good this book was We shall see

  22. This is my favourite book I ve read it countless times and I enjoy it just as much whenever I found it out of sequence it s the second in a trilogy but it made enough sense that I fell in love with it Cat s a strong but vulnerable and often misguided and only sometimes well meaning protagonist He s very real and it s wonderful to watch him coming into his own and becoming a better person or at least a less jagged around the edges one Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again.

  23. This is the second book in the author s Cat series, and just as good as the first Cat is very human although technically he s only half human, and he acts reacts accordingly I was on the edge of my seat several times this story has a few twists and turns in it and once I started reading it was difficult to put down The characters are human and flawed which means they make mistakes which I always like in a story She world builds very well, this deals with politics and addiction, and religious fan [...]

  24. A lot mature than the first book in the series Psion Here we find Cat as a emotionally evolved individual, and a lot complex, which made the events he was embroiled in seem that much plausible for that reality There was some good techno babble mixed in, and the author recognized back in 1988 how much computers would matter to people and boldly intertwined that fact with the plot read Internet type networks, firewalls, access ports I particularly liked the lesson from this novel that unexpect [...]

  25. Okay, yes I have re read Joan Vinge s Catspawn What can I say For me it s a guaranteed good time I first picked it up in my undergrad days when, as an ardent young feminist, I would go to the local used book store Logos on Pacific Avenue and scan the shelves in SF speculative fiction, science fantasy, whatever for female authors.Vinge writes a good story with a concern for ethics, technology, relationship and what it means to be a good human without making it a grind Give me a year or twoI ll pr [...]

  26. This is one of my all time favorite books Cat is an orphan, and a mixed breed part human, part alien , and is trying to find a place where he can survive Vinge does an amazing job of conveying what it feels like to be a loner and an outcast with an unpleasant past, but a need to be somebody and do something worthwhile This isn t a fairytale it s based in a gritty and surprisingly realistic universe, and doesn t do happy endings Not exactly an upper of a book, but one that I read every year or tw [...]

  27. I m re reading some older science fiction lately couldn t pass this by Joan D Vinge is a wonderful, feminist cyberpunk author also an anthropologist There are 3 books in this series Psion Cat , Catspaw, Dreamfall Cat All worth the read frequently found in the Young Adults section of the library.Vinge creates interesting worlds people with interesting people who do interesting things what can you want, eh

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