Turning Hearts Best Download || [Deanne Blackhurst], Turning Hearts, Deanne Blackhurst, Turning Hearts Amanda knows there s a family out there that needs the gospel and she also knows she s the one who s supposed to bring it to them Her recurring dream makes it seem urgent the dream with the shiny gold frame and the vaguely familiar faces smiling down at her The dream in which her grandmother says You must find them You re the only one who can When Amanda gets toAmanda knows there s Turning Hearts Best Download || [Deanne Blackhurst] - Turning Hearts, Turning Hearts Amanda knows there s a family out there that needs the gospel and she also knows she s the one who s supposed to bring it to them Her recurring dream makes it seem urgent the dream with the shiny gold

  • Title: Turning Hearts
  • Author: Deanne Blackhurst
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback

Turning Hearts Best Download || [Deanne Blackhurst] Turning Hearts Best Download || [Deanne Blackhurst] - Turning Hearts, Turning Hearts Amanda knows there s a family out there that needs the gospel and she also knows she s the one who s supposed to bring it to them Her recurring dream makes it seem urgent the dream with the shiny gold

  • Turning Hearts Best Download || [Deanne Blackhurst]
    278 Deanne Blackhurst
Turning Hearts

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    Deanne Blackhurst Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Turning Hearts book, this is one of the most wanted Deanne Blackhurst author readers around the world.

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  1. Some traits run in families, and in the case of the Savage family, the writing gene is alive and well New novelist Deanne Blackhurst is the sister of celebrated author J Scott Savage, a.k.a Jeffrey Savage With Turning Hearts, Deanne follows in her brother s footsteps, although her LDS fiction drama is very different from Scott s latest works with the Far World fantasy series.In Turning Hearts, we read about a young woman named Amanda who is getting ready to marry Jake, the ideal guy But when she [...]

  2. Turning Hearts is the story about a woman who has had a dream that she is supposed to find someone and she is the only person who can do it So she calls off her wedding and decides to go on an LDS mission While I thought there could have been emotion in the beginning so we actually felt how torn she was between the man she loved and her decision to find the people in her dream, the real foundation of the story comes as she leaves on her mission The book is very realistic in how it depicts siste [...]

  3. quick read about a girl who forgoes her planned wedding to go on a mission and find the people in her reoccurring dream She has the normal trials with being a missionary adjusting to following rules, new companions, discouragement because of no success in finding investigators, but when she reaches the airport to return to Utah, and she still doesn t know if she was able to find the family that was waiting for her to share the gospel all is revealed The prostitute that they found when placing a [...]

  4. Amanda has a recurring dream about a family that only she can bring into the gospel In the dream, her grandmother tells her she must find this family So, a few weeks before her wedding, Amanda calls it off and soon finds herself in California serving a mission.I think this is probably a good portrayal of missionary experiences At the back of the book, it says Blackhurst spent over 10 years interviewing sister missionaries and listening to their experiences, and she also served a mission herself, [...]

  5. I thought the whole intro was raced through, so I was in complete agreement with Amanda that she didn t know what she was doing in the MTC I didn t really know why she was there either I m also not sure why the romance was so important, since the real story was about her finding the family from her dreams I think that an epilogue was in order, so we find out that she did manage to find a good guy after getting dumped on her mission not that I was surprised Otherwise the romance was only worth a [...]

  6. I was never a Sister Missionary, but I served in areas where there were Sister Missionaries, and I can attest that Sister missionaries do work very hard, and they do enjoy eating ice cream, as shown in Deanne s book I don t normally read books about sister missionaries as I am a guy, but I enjoyed reading this one, and I even caught myself shedding a few very masculine tears, as it brought back memories of long past missionary days It was a great read, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjo [...]

  7. Very well written story about a young woman who puts her wedding on hold while she goes on a mission Her parents are quite upset, her fiance is willing to wait 18 months after all, she waited two years for him , and her girlfriends are aghast, but Amanda sets out to find the answer to a disturbing dream she has had all of her life, to put a face to an empty frame on a family portrait wall This is basically the story of her 18 months mission, and it is uplifting, realistic, and has no easy answer [...]

  8. After a vision in which her grandmother tells her to find those who are missing, Sister Amanda Kelly breaks off her marriage a month before the day and goes on a mission I liked this book mostly because it relates daily life as a sister missionary the tracting, teaching, finding people, losing investigators, baptisms It reminded me of my time in Vegas before my visa came through The author did a great job depicting a sister s life.

  9. This deserves at least 3 1 2 stars I enjoyed this book a lot than I expected to I ve not been much of a LDS fiction fan until recentlyo many neatly wrapped up happy endings Sure, this one has a happy ending, but the journey there is well written I think the portrayal of Sister Missionaries is well done The characters are well written, not superficial I m hoping that Rainy can read this before she goes on her mission.

  10. have you watched the lds movie the errand of angels this book totally reminded me of it amanda has decided to call off her wedding and serve a mission she had never planned on serving a mission, but a recurring dream leaves her with the feeling that there are people depending on her i actually liked this book it s teaches you to trust in our father in heaven he knows what is going on in our lives he will forgive us and love us and always be there for us.

  11. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book The author, Deanne Blackhurst, lives in my ward and is a friend My visiting teachers gave me her book, which had just been published, for my birthday I read it out of obligation, but am so glad I did I loved reading about Amanda s missionary experiences, which were realistic The writing seemed a little weak as the book neared the conclusion, but, all in all, it s very worth while.

  12. New Author, great job I think it is a great book for those who are sister missionaries,past,present or preparing to go It is the story of a girl who calls off her marriage to go on a mission because she keeps having a dream that there is someone she needs to find a family that needs her to find them She learns alot about herself, and learns that faith will help her through anything It was a good story

  13. This book has strengthened my testimony so much It s the perfect book for anyone who is looking for spiritual upliftment I could read it again and again and again, it s that good The strength she has to serve her mission and to pull through everything that happens, and the faith she develops of her Heavenly Father and the relationship between the two of them is just so inspiring I absolutely love this book

  14. I loved this book I was shocked when I turned to the back and saw the author s picture, because I was sure that the author was twenty something with the way she captured Amanda s thoughts and feelings and painted her world It was one of the few novels I have read where I felt the Spirit touching my heart I look forward to reading from Deanne Blackhurst.

  15. This is an LDS missionary story I haven t been on a mission, so I don t know how much of it really happens I liked how one of the sisters pointed out that she felt it an honor to be serving with the young elders because they are spiritually close to the Lord There is also a good message about taking time to get to know people before judging.

  16. This book was somewhat predictable I don t think there s a single LDS book I ve read about a mission where someone doesn t get dumped but I liked the actual missionary stories It wasn t incredibly deep, but I liked the characterization and it had a good message.

  17. Not having served a mission myself, I can t really say weather or not this book portrayed it well As for my opinion, I thought it did because it showed some of the struggles of a missionary, and not just the easy parts Though it was predictable, I felt as though it was a good read.

  18. Not a typical LDS romance Really of a missionary, learning to listen to the spirit story focusing on one sistermissionary, but using stories gathered from severel I read it in one day and found it really enjoyable The ending was a but odd much for me but not too bad.

  19. A poignant journey of a woman who breaks off her engagement in order to serve as a missionary I enjoyed the story, but wanted character development and emotional connection.The ending was great Definitely an author to watch out for.

  20. Good Book suggested by Carol Packer Amanda know she must go on a mission she keeps having this dream Jake has just retuned from his mission and promies to wait He doesn t good book Good author

  21. This book took me a really long time to finish The things in it did remind me of my own mission in some ways But I read to escape reality not be reminded of it so it just wasn t my cup of tea It wasn t a horrible book or anything just not what I like to read.

  22. This was your typical LDS fiction There were things I liked and things I didn t I liked Amanda ok as a character but can t say that I loved her It was a quick and easy read but a one timer for me.

  23. A good story about a woman who feels she is supposed to find a family by going on a mission, so she cancels her wedding and goes The story is interesting, but not captivating Reads a little like someone giving a recap of their mission.

  24. This is a story of a young woman who calls off her wedding because she had a strong desire to go on a mission Her joy s and heartaches and how she grew as a person and a missionary I never went on a mission but it made me think of my daughter alot who is serving now.

  25. I loved reading Amanda s experiences being an LDS missionary I reflected on mine and my children s missions We meet different people and serve in different places, but the joys and sorrows are the same Jake sure didn t live up to my expectations

  26. Surprisingly liked it though there were a lot of things that bugged me too I loved that I could see parts of myself and the Sisters I served with in some of the players Did NOT like the main girl She was annoying and contradictory.

  27. I really liked this book It brought back a lot of memories of missionary work with both investigators and other missionaries Lessons of hope, perseverance, and trusting the Lord A great read

  28. This is an LDS book about a girl who holds off getting married to go on a mission I thought it was really good I think it could have added on at the end though after her mission.

  29. very realistic and still optimistic view of LDS missionary life and experiences Fun to walk down memory lane from my time serving in CA.

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