[PDF] A Dama Negra | by ↠ Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado, A Dama Negra, Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado, A Dama Negra O ar estava frio quando a Dra Miranda Jones chegou a casa depois de uma longa semana de trabalho Mas o seu sangue gelou quando sentiu encostarem lhe uma faca ao pesco o Depois de roubaram tudo o que trazia os assaltantes desapareceram Profundamente abalada Miranda decide esquecer aquela experi ncia assustadora E para isso nada como aceitar o convite para ir a It liO ar estava frio [PDF] A Dama Negra | by ↠ Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado - A Dama Negra, A Dama Negra O ar estava frio quando a Dra Miranda Jones chegou a casa depois de uma longa semana de trabalho Mas o seu sangue gelou quando sentiu encostarem lhe uma faca ao pesco o Depois de roubaram tudo o que t

  • Title: A Dama Negra
  • Author: Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado
  • ISBN: 9789898032188
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Capa Mole

[PDF] A Dama Negra | by ↠ Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado [PDF] A Dama Negra | by ↠ Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado - A Dama Negra, A Dama Negra O ar estava frio quando a Dra Miranda Jones chegou a casa depois de uma longa semana de trabalho Mas o seu sangue gelou quando sentiu encostarem lhe uma faca ao pesco o Depois de roubaram tudo o que t

  • [PDF] A Dama Negra | by ↠ Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado
    322 Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado
A Dama Negra

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  1. Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado

    Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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  1. This book takes forever to get to the good stuff and once it gets there, the stuff is only so so It doesn t help that Ryan, the main guy, is a jerk nor that I figured out the main villain from the first time we meet him her.So a thin plot and a main guy I didn t like coupled with a heroine who was than a little bland but with moments of truly stupid naivet So yeah, not my favorite.That said, I stayed up late to finish the book even if I can t really tell you why view spoiler Particularly to get [...]

  2. ok be endim, bu ara arad m her ey vard bu kitapta Nora n n daha eski kitaplar bana her zaman ayr bir tat veriyor G z mden ka mas na inanam yorum ama imdi okumak baya iyi geldi.

  3. I haven t read a Nora Roberts book that I ve disliked as much as Homeport Okay, that s not true Daring to Dream was awful too Well, as awful as a book by Nora Roberts can be Readers with better taste than me love it but I thought Josh was spoiled and Margo was whiny and spoiled Together they were insufferable But this sort of thing is atypical of a Nora Roberts book She almost always excels at creating likable characters and I usually love them but not so much this time around Actually, not at a [...]

  4. Style and LanguageNora Roberts wrote with Homeport an enthralling and very absorbing novel, that I count to one of her best works ever Miranda is an expert of art and has the once in a lifetime opportunity to examine a bronze nobody thought would really exist The family s institute is famous and her mother very demanding when it comes to the institutes reputation Mother feelings aren t on her list and so Miranda has to do her job with a than 1000% profession and leaving her feelings aside But s [...]

  5. A suspense by Nora Gotta tell ya, not among my favs Although, it s Nora so it s still great, I stumbled a few times over the characters Miranda is a very complicated woman To the world she is a brilliant ice queen But, Ryan sees through her icy exterior to the troubled warm soulwhen he robs her.Yep, he s an art thief and a con man His is the character I had problems with He lies to her continuously I hate that His inner dialogue shows he s playing her, so when their romance heats up I keep wanti [...]

  6. I am not a romance fan but loved my first Nora Roberts novel that delved into the mystical Although Homeport turned out to be a crime mystery, it kept planted in romance and, like The Reef demonstrates why I would rather stick to her ethereal fare You would also think a romance authoress would weave inspiring liaisons I was disgusted in both these 1998 novels, that anyone would depict a woman accepting physical or verbal aggression Both of the male characters for whom she hoped readers would che [...]

  7. De um in cio pouco auspicioso passei a estar francamente entusiasmada O que era expect vel redundou em algo diferente e a surpresa acutilou a minha curiosidade Quando me deparo com escritores que escrevem d zias e d zias de livros sinto me como um cliente nas grandes superf cies, ou seja, com expectativas medianas Considero dif cil n o ca rem no erro, de a dada altura, banalizarem a escrita Quase sem tempo para qualquer aprofundamento, receio que instigados a produzirem mais e mais, acabem talve [...]

  8. Klasik Nora kitab ,gene polisiyeyle a k ok g zel harmanlam.Ama bu seferkinde polisiye cidden yo un, zellikle kitab n ba Ryan gelene kadar s k c yd Miranda annesi taraf ndan bronz bir heykelin d nemini, zelliklerini renmesi i in talyaya a r l yor,alan nda en iyilerden biri k z m z ve heykeli inceleyip bir rapor halinde sunuyor,ancak ok ge meden heykelin sahte oldu u ortaya k nca k z m z n kariyeri tehlikeye giriyor.Bu arada kendisine ortakl k teklif eden Ryan boldariyle tan p,ondan ho lanmaya ba [...]

  9. I feel like I need to keep checking the book and the book page to make absolutely sure this was Nora Roberts I ve never disliked one of her books as much as I disliked this one The plot itself was intriguing and for the most part done well outside of my major issue with the book I liked the unusual view into the art world, and the build up of the central mystery I mostly liked the reveal of who was behind everything I thought I had the situation pegged after a somewhat out of left field revelati [...]

  10. Miranda Jones se me hac a caladita a esta mujer de White CollarBien, qu tenemos aqu No tiene sentido contar el argumento con o sin spoilers, porque la contratapa de este libro se encarga perfectamente de contar toda la historia As que qu pienso de ello Entretiene pero me deja fr a Miranda es linda y todo, vemos que en realidad es m s compleja de lo que aparenta ya que la indiferencia de sus padres y la relaci n con su hermano la tienen marcada Se complica al querer relacionarse y confiar en otra [...]

  11. N o sou muito f de Nora Roberts mas este sem d vida um dos melhores romances dela, tem tudo o que um bom leitor aprecia, romance, ac o, mist rio, crime, trai o s escolher

  12. This was one of my first Nora Roberts and I loved it the first time I read it and I still love it now, perhaps even now that I ve read it in English LOL I have to admit that I have a fondness for cat burgler art thief plot So what do I love about this book Basically everything I love Miranda and Ryan s chemistry and relationship They are so different and Ryan definitively makes Miranda happier Miranda is a great heroine strong, but at the same time, vulnerable Ms Roberts did a great job at writ [...]

  13. Me encanto Al inicio pense en que seria aburrido y no me gustar a pero me gusto muchisimo Es una novela con un trama llena de intriga, suspenso y romance Adem s te mantiene interesado con situaciones que no esperabas como los asesinatos y los robos Tambi n esta muy documentada y los protagonistas son increibles Ryan y Miranda han sido perfectos La forma en que se conocieron, el desenvolvimiento de su relaci n es adecuado Son tan diferentes pero aun asi se aman tanto Los he encontrado divertidos [...]

  14. Opini o no blog howtoliveathousandlivesspEste um romance misterioso e arrebatador, com uma abordagem ao mundo da arte fascinante, em que acompanhamos a vida dos artistas, agentes e galeristas, uma ode brilhante s obras de arte A a o alterna entre o Maine e Floren a, com descri es v vidas de ambos os locais A personagem principal, Miranda, uma mulher de car cter forte e independente, fruto da neglig ncia familiar e sentimental que sofreu Quando se apaixona por Ryan, um ladr o de arte impulsivo e [...]

  15. Particularly enjoyed this because I haven t read a ton of Nora Roberts books, but this had an element of intrigue not found in others I have digested Enjoyed the Italian scenery and spotted use of Italian phrasing Roberts also brought the Maine coast to life as a setting here.That the hero of the book was a thief came across as different, and that I honestly could not predict how it ended was fairly amazing Miranda Jones and Ryan Boldari made quite the couple I thought the difficult mother daugh [...]

  16. A cada p gina fiquei mais e mais embrenhada na hist ria.Apesar da sua profiss o n o oficial , Ryan apresenta se como uma pessoa honesta dentro dos poss veis e com bom cora o Tem a fam lia mais maravilhosa e com os epis dios mais c micos e calorosos do livro Miranda, por seu lado, contrasta com esta fam lia, sendo muito cientifica e exata.Deste modo a hist ria tem o seu equil brio, o seu crime t pico dos livros da Nora e a hist ria de amor com as personagens a equilibrarem se em todos os aspectos [...]

  17. Adorei N o h muito que possa dizer sobre NR, adoro tudo o que ela escreve eheh A Dama Negra um livro super interessante e misterioso, que nos faz ficar apaixonados pela protagonista desde as primeiras p ginas e por um certo ladr o respons vel por muitas gargalhadas timo para quem gosta de mist rio, romance e quer rir durante 409 p ginas

  18. At this point, I was figuring I d just finish off what strip covers I had left on the shelf Lo and behold The last one on the shelf is by Nora Roberts Yummo And, as usual, I was not let down Fast paced, fun, smart characters, interesting backdrop the worlds of art authentication and theivery , steamy sex, some murder for good measure Nothing amazing but definitely good, solid Roberts.

  19. 4 but it s a bit of stretch, I actually really liked the book But I have a HUGE problem with okay finish and I feel like I lost the tip of my nose This one was better, but still a little But I think the beginning was a little slow to grab me so I couldn t rate it any higher because of it similar to Hot Ice with regards to thieves and art.

  20. Estuvo entretenido pero no m s No me pareci inolvidable ni mucho menos, para pasar el rato nada m s Prefiero otros de Nora.

  21. Muhte emA k,Macera,Polisiye harmanl bir film seyretmi kadar i erisine al verdi beniBa larda biraz dura an gibi gelse de ki karizmatik Ryan Boldari ve ailesi i in i ine girince ak p gitti kitap eviri bas m harika idiO ne anlat m g c Nora Roberts in kad n kahramanlar n biraz problemli bulsam da ok be endimRomandaki kad n kahraman m z Dr.Miranda Jones sanat alan nda bir uzman bu aileden geliyor.Babas bir arkeleog annesi sanat tarihi uzman A abeyi Andrew ile bir sanat enstit s n y netiyor kili ili k [...]

  22. An ok Nora book When I first read this book, Borders bookstore was doing quite well in 1999 I didn t buy this book, instead I went to this store and read it I believe it took me two visits to Borders to finish it I liked the story plot and the hero heroine I just forgot the title and the author Been searching for than a decade and presto it s an ebook now.Now granted I read this book when I was 19 yo currently 36 so a lot of it is still foggy Heck I couldn t even remember the author But I remem [...]

  23. I recently re listened to this book by Nora Roberts It was a good stand alone story about the Jones of Jones Point, Maine The story opens with Miranda being mugged and then traveled to Florence to authenticate a statue From the very beginning it was easy to see that there was tension in her family With a debacle over the notes and sent back home in disgrace, she went to work at the Art Museum with her brother Ryan Boldari wooed her as no one had ever done With burglary and disgrace coming out o [...]

  24. A good read, as usual from Roberts I was a bit disappointed with the who in who done it just another nutter, in my humble opinion Then again, sane people with sound minds probably aren t the ones doing the kinds of things you write a book like this about I doubt I d read this one again, but it was good Definitely worth a read I enjoyed how deep Roberts delved into the psyche of the main character, and how deeply she takes the reader into the protagonist s family situation It did take longer than [...]

  25. Emprestaram me este calhama o Como tenho ideia de que os livros n o v m ter comigo por acaso, fiz me empreitada, avisando logo que se n o me interessasse minimamente, o largaria Mas acabei por l lo at ao fim, mais que n o fosse, queria saber quem era afinal o assassino Bastante previs vel, devo dizer, mas tamb m fala sobre hist ria da arte e da cultura italiana que eu admiro bastante, algumas paisagens rurais e mar timas dos EUA que gostei de conhecer e algum sexo pelo meio bastante convencional [...]

  26. The first book I ve ever read of Nora Roberts and I must say, also my ultimate favourite I love the sexy male lead character, he may be a bad boy but he has a good heart Not to mention oh so sexy

  27. A bit of a disappointment I like Nora Roberts but this one the plot was rushed Normally when the conclusion comes you see look back and have an oh duh moment this time it was out of left field, and I can t be bothered to care about the characters for longer then the length of the page.

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