Besos de sangre Best Download || [Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera], Besos de sangre, Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera, Besos de sangre Si Buffy y Angel tuvieran una hija probablemente seria como Cat Crawfield una cazadora de vampiros con un poco de sangre vampira y mucha personalidad Cat se ha propuesto librar al mundo de las tenebrosas criaturas de la noche Pero cuando es capturada por Bones descubre que el maestro de vampiros tan temible como sexy tiene unas cuantas cosas que ense arle ConvertirSi Buffy y A Besos de sangre Best Download || [Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera] - Besos de sangre, Besos de sangre Si Buffy y Angel tuvieran una hija probablemente seria como Cat Crawfield una cazadora de vampiros con un poco de sangre vampira y mucha personalidad Cat se ha propuesto librar al mundo de las teneb

  • Title: Besos de sangre
  • Author: Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera
  • ISBN: 9788466641562
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback

Besos de sangre Best Download || [Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera] Besos de sangre Best Download || [Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera] - Besos de sangre, Besos de sangre Si Buffy y Angel tuvieran una hija probablemente seria como Cat Crawfield una cazadora de vampiros con un poco de sangre vampira y mucha personalidad Cat se ha propuesto librar al mundo de las teneb

  • Besos de sangre Best Download || [Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera]
    480 Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera
Besos de sangre

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  1. Jeaniene Frost Victoria Morera

    Jeaniene Frost is the New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of the Night Huntress series, the Night Prince series, the Broken Destiny series, and the upcoming Night Rebel series To date, foreign rights for her novels have sold to twenty different countries Jeaniene lives in Florida with her husband Matthew, who long ago accepted that she rarely cooks and always sleeps in on the weekends Aside from writing, Jeaniene enjoys reading, poetry, watching movies with her husband, exploring old cemeteries, spelunking and traveling by car Airplanes, children, and cook books frighten her.For information on Jeaniene s books, book trailers, deleted scenes, creature mythology, and , please visit jeanienefrost

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  2. Calling all Spikeaholics Warning Warning Sexual content abounds This book is the perfect fit to fill the Buffy sized hole in my heart.Cat is a part vamp part human, super strength, vampire slaying goddess with eyes that glow green when she gets riled up She has been slaying since the age of 16 Bones is her sleek and sexy, bleach blonde, British vampire sidekick who also slays vampires for kicks And for the bounty Together they form a kick ass team who love to heat things up on the dance floor an [...]

  3. 5 Hallo Kitten StarsFirst read 2 20 2014Reread 11 19 2015 Spoilers Is that a stake, Bones, or are you just happy with my new dress Cat Maybe he knew Maybe on some deep, deep level, he could sense I was evil I wish I hadn t been born this way I wish I hadn t been born at all CatMy God I love this series I loved this book the first time I read it and I love it now Night Huntress series is one of my all time favorites, and after years of reading it s still one of the best series I have ever read G [...]

  4. 5 I think I ve found my new favorite PNR UF SERIES STARST You re not a woman You re the Grim Reaper with red hair BONES If you run from me, I will chase you, and I ll find you Short summary Catherine Cat Crawfield is a 22 year old half human half vampire Ever since she was a little girl her mother, a human who was once date raped by a vampire and thus became pregnant with Catherine, has told her that all vampires are evil, demonic creatures that can t be trusted and that they all must be killed [...]

  5. This is one of THE ABSOLUTE BEST PNR UF series out there With one of the strongest long lasting couples Here s how I see Bones are you drooling yet

  6. I am ecstatic.a fabulicious new series Sexy vampires.what else could I ask for Cat Bones are now my favorite vampire couple Cat is a sexy, kick ass half human half vampire determined to kill vampires after all her mother was raped by an evil vampire, aka her father I m saying that I m a moody, insecure, narrow minded, jealous, borderline homicidal bitch, and I want you to promise me that you re okay with that, because it s who I am, and you re what I need Bones is a sexy ancient vampire, slayer [...]

  7. 2 7 18 ON SALE for 2.99 amzn 2x4Rxox3.5 starsGAH So here s the deal NIGHT HUNTRESS by Jeaniene Frost is one of the first UF series I ever read, so it holds a special place in my heart.That being said, there are aspects that haven t aged well At all Things that were cornball the first time I read them in 2007 are borderline stoopid in 2015 Things like I thawt I thaw a putty tat Okay, that was always stoopid How bout this Tell me why you registered for college I asked in amusement She nodded point [...]

  8. 2.5 starsI feel a little torn about this book Can t say I didn t enjoy it in some way, but at the same time I can hardly say anything in its defense.What I liked 1 Spunky dialog 2 Dirty talk.3 Steamy hooking up Bones is a very generous, attentive and giving lover, if you know what I mean.What I didn t like 1 This is not urban fantasy, this is paranormal romance The majority of the book is dedicated to flirting, snogging, hooking up, and love confessions.2 Many complain that Bones is Spike rip of [...]

  9. The greatest thing you can learn from love is to be loved in return.BonesCatI have no words about this book I was aware that the series is addictive and really good but I didnt expect perfection and yes it was indeed perfect.The characters,the storyline and everything were so carefully developed and well written.Bones made me swoon so badly with his attitude arrogance and his conversations with Cat either left me giggling or laughing out loud You re not a woman, he said finally You re the Grim R [...]

  10. Solid 4 Stars It s about time I started this series I won t waste time writing a review for a book series that everyone but me seems to have read I adored Cat and Bones Their banter, chemistry, and humor was simply fabulous I now understand why so many readers consider them their favorite paranormal couple Even with the lame cliffhanger ending, which is no big deal considering the series is complete, Halfway to the Grave is a great start to what looks to be an awesome series.

  11. I m.Conflicted I ve been pondering for far too long regarding this book and how I feel about it In the beginning, I dug it I mean, I dug it Right I did I mean, yeah, the writing is shallow and quick, the characters are just shoved in your face and then taken away at the author s whim, but the dialogue and action are engaging, and it keeps you reading That s good, right Turns out, not always Like road trips They re awesome until someone blindfolds you and directs you right off a cliff That s what [...]

  12. Great book Lots of laugh out loud fun Best dialogue I ve read in a very long time Brilliant Sexy vampires and a kick ass heroine Do I need to point out that the paranormal genre is NOT my favorite It doesn t matter this author s writing style and fantastic sense of humor sucked me right in No need for me to write a review on this one since I am probably the last person on GR to finally read it, but I am posting a few of my favorite quotes Lucifer s bouncing balls, Kitten, not again Still makes m [...]

  13. 5 stars Vampire Romance Urban FantasyI know a review isn t really necessary for this book since there are already so many raves for it and lots of Cat and Bones fans, so I ll just use my review as a means for gushing over how much I loved it Bad ass half human half vampire Cat Crawfield, armed with her acerbic wit, bitchy attitude, flaming red hair, slut gear, thigh high leather boots, and silver knives, stakes, and bullets, slays vampires with a gusto that makes Buffy look like a girl scout She [...]

  14. EDIT I m adding a honorary star to the first two books in this series, just because Frost has been consistently awesome throughout.If you know me at all, you ll know about my teeny tiny obsession with a certain TV show, and one certain character in particular even if you don t know me, anyone who s read this book has probably guessed it, right So, let s see Platinum blonde hair check.Vampire check.Killer cheekbones check.English accent check.Eloquently employed British slang sodding, blimey, sha [...]

  15. On sale for 1.99 amzn 1vSsSq412 15 2014 SERIOUSLY Why d I wait so long to read this book I bought it a year ago but let it sit on my kindle Now, I m kicking myself because this whole year I could have been experiencing BONES Move over, Edward, there s a new vampire in town and he s sexy, British and has a sense of humor I laughed so hard while reading this book.Who knew vampires could be so humorous Lucifer s bouncing balls, Kitten, not again I am a nice young girl here to pick up your granddaug [...]

  16. Buddy read with Danae, Asya, Shelly, Mariana, Lea, Vicky Robin our official, cape wearing stalker starting Feb 13, 2015.DNF at 74%Thou art not dreaming dear friends, it happened again I m the freak who didn t like the book with a stellar average rating First of all, let me say that my rating for this book has nothing to do with the book itself and everything to do with what I expected it to be I had made some silly assumptions before reading this don t ask me where they came from, I have no idea [...]

  17. Welcome to the wonderful cliche world of vampires.Tbh I read this book for the funny title but it actually surprised me It had a great blend of supernatural and urban fantasy world building sexy, dark, romantic, witty, action filled plot, filled with fantastic characters So the plot deep raspy voice Its been years since Cat learned of her true despicable nature, and hundreds of people have died Some by bad luck Others by pure stupidity I mean really, why would you CHOSE to go to a club full of v [...]

  18. You re not a woman, he said finally You re the Grim Reaper with red hair HahahahahaCat is a feisty red haired heroine who usually kills someone first and introduce herself and ask questions later, i.e normally there is no one alive to ask him questions after she finishes Half vampire and half human an impossible, unheard of breed , Cat has one and only purpose in her 22 years of existence She has to kill as many vampires as possible Nobody told her that not all vampires are bad Nobody told her t [...]

  19. 4 stars I recently got caught up in this awesome anime show Naruto so I lost a lot of my reading mojo but thankfully, my friend Rachel recommended this book to me and thinking that all I needed was a break from contemporary I picked it up Though the first quarter of the story was on the slow side, once the plot moved forward and the action and steamy scenes were showcased, I could not put this book down The spunky dialogue, the kickass main characters, and the author s ability to captivate me wi [...]

  20. Awesome F U N I loved this book I d rank it right up there with any of the BDB books Jeaniene Frost writes in a similar witty style as JR Ward does, which I love I swear I had a smile on my face for 90% of the book And it was HOT Not quite erotic, but plenty steamy I knew that I was in for some steamy reading when the hero Bones was trying to train the heroine Cat not to blush when he talked dirty to her Whew There was also tons of action with Cat as a kick ass, yet vulnerable, loveable heroine, [...]

  21. 1.99 on June 8, 2015 I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy paranormal romance and especially those new to the genre First Read Feb 2014Second Read Feb 2015Re read with Buddies Books and Baubles Group New thoughts still loved it just as much as before I had forgotten a lot of it Bones is still one of the best book boyfriends EVAH It was kind of an annoying plot device to end it the way it did view spoiler with Cat leaving Bones Not that there was any doubt he would find her But it was [...]

  22. 5 stars This is a book I read before I started reviewing and blogging, and it s oh so special to me Cat and Bones are my favorite PNR couple, and when I recently got myself into a horrifyingly bad book slump, I turned to them for help I ve read this book so many times I ve lost count, but I always find something new to appreciate I may have never noticed the first time around I am so very tempted to continue rereading the rest of this series, and switching to PNR books only for a while They are [...]

  23. Two and a half stars.If you love this, great I m happy you and Frost have found each other, and I wish you many hot and heavy installments But I suggest moving on to another review, because I m going to be very blunt I remain unimpressed by paranormal romance, and Frost s Halfway to the Grave seems a rather mediocre example of the genre I occasionally get tempted to try paranormal, searching for that one story to surprise me In this case, a number of friend reviews, particularly Mimi s review an [...]

  24. This is the story of two hipsters who rescued, yes re purposed, two dogs and ironically named them Cat and Bones.Freaking hipsters ruining everything Leave our doggies alone So, just kidding Obviously But, the dumb ass names are why I have never read this book series, even though it is totally in my wheelhouse I just couldn t handle the idea of a romantic lead being named Bones It s stupid, so I have held off all of these years But, recently I read one of those.5 books where there are short stor [...]

  25. Blimey That was bloody brilliant Thank you so much to my Street Corner Booker friend Lora for challenging me to start the Night Huntress series She anticipated I would love the series, but I bet she never guessed I d need a drool bib for Bones Whoaza I know this guy isn t real, but I still need to say IS.HERAL O Pass the laminator, I m updating my list XDThere is so much I enjoyed about Halfway to the Grave, where to start It s funny, sensitive, full of action, and bad a moments This paranormal [...]

  26. I started reading this book months ago, read the first two chapters and dropped it Don t ask why I don t even know myself I picked it up again and am wondering what the hell was wrong with me back then Halfway to the Grave was a solid UF read For me, UF is either a hit or miss with me I either love it or hate it and I think with the Night Huntress series, I never really gave it a chance because I dropped it all those months ago But sitting my ass down and reading it actually paid off in the end [...]

  27. If it weren t for the hero this book would be like any other vampire PNR, this poster boy for hot honeyness totally steals the show from page 1 The writing overall is quite good with strong characters but the best thing about it is the Brit speak Those one liners from the hero will either have you laughing your head off though I wonder if the Brit speak would be as funny for someone from the UK or melting in a little puddle of goo The series starts out with the heroine, Catherine, who s half vam [...]

  28. 4,5 Great Stars Kat is a half vampire that kills vampire in form of revenge against her father Yeah, you ll understand of this later.One night in a bar she meets Bones, a master vampire and vampire bounty hunter that makes her a deal she can t refuse he will help her in her vengeance and in return he will train her and she will work with him But vampires are dark creatures and soon they find themselves in a war against a powerful vampire and against their own feelings for each other There was a [...]

  29. Well,this was a fun ride I don t normally read paranormal UF books but I ve heard so many amazing things about this series and I just had to give it a try I don t like zombies or werewolves but I can manage with vampires, although I m not a big fan of them either Cat is a half vampire half human and she s definitely one of the most interesting female characters I ve had the fortune to read about this year She s feisty and funny, but also caring and smart I enjoyed reading from her POV Bones yeah [...]

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